Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The ACM Awards & Fan Jam live in Las Vegas this weekend & new Casey Pictures!!

Hey yall!!  Who's excited for this BIG weekend and all the Casey love coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas!!!???  It's gonna be one great BIG party!!!  As most of you know, but I'll remind you again.....Casey has been invited to be a part of the very 1st  American Country Music (ACM) Fan Jam, taking place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center,in Las Vegas on Sunday evening, April 3rd, starting at 8pm live ET/ delayed PT on the CBS Network!!  For tickets and more information click "Here"

Not only is Casey a part of this phenomenal,  inaugural event, but he is also performing Live on Friday, April 1st, in downtown Vegas at the ACM Weekend on Fremont Street Experience!!!  It will feature newcomer category nominees, special guests and headliner, Sara Evans!!  All the free music will be taking place on 2 stages downtown, and Casey will be on Stage 1 at 7:00pm!  The next day, will also feature a host of new and upcoming artists, with Ronny Dunn finishing off the night as Saturday's headliner!!

As it turns out, I am so very fortunate to be able to be a part of  this whole event!! (at the last minute I might add)  I was not expecting to go to this at all, and suddenly fate stepped in, and made things fall into place, so I could!!  So, I'm going to try to be on the front of the stage at the Fremont Street Live Shows, so I can get some nice photos, and hopefully videos of Casey performing!!  I plan on using mostly my phone this time, because I can immediately post the pics and video to Twitter and Facebook!!  Giving those of you at home a sense of what it's like to be there!!  I am thinking about making 2 different signs so Casey can see them, since he seems to like the signs, and enjoys them from the stage!!!  I'm turning into a real fangirl!!!  The only thing left to do is Squeeeeeeeee!!!!  :-D

Up next, I'm sorry this is a bit late, but I finally got it together and I have a couple of Fan Pics and a recap from Kansas City, Mo. last Friday, and.......some unbelievable shots from the show!!  Many thanks to my friend LaPaula for all her awesome shots!!

The 1st one is Karen and Casey.  Thanks for the conference call, and your wonderful recap!!  Next is Linda (L) Casey and Karen.  Great pics!!

And here is Karen's very interesting and detailed recap from her eyes!!  Enjoy!

Just got back from Kansas City. I met ncountrygirl and artistatheart as soon as we got to the hotel, two beautiful souls I might add. The doors were to open at 5:30 but Casey was still in soundcheck so the line grew and we were finally allowed to enter at around 6:00. I got to give LDG-lildrummergirl (LaDonna) those hugs I promised, met Amber, Jen Lloyd and Kellie James and had visited with Kraina (Kathy) outside while we were waiting. By the time I found our reserved table and got me and my scooter (for my cast) settled, it was 6:20. I knew I needed to call Shari for the audio-cast at 6:30. I wanted so badly to get Casey to come on and say hi to his twitter family. We spotted him in the back playing pool and since I was immobile, my friend Linda went back to take some pictures and she asked his manager, Todd, if Casey could come to the table to talk on the phone. Please forgive us, Shari, but we did a little name-dropping. Linda told him that I was on the phone with you and could not get around because of my cast. She asked Casey if he would come say hi, at least, and he said “Absolutely”. By that time they were whisking him up to perform so I was a little disappointed. After his set, he started signing autographs and taking pictures. So I asked Linda if she would take the Christmas card I had designed for Glenda’s card exchange up to have him sign it. She went up and got in the back of the line and Todd spotted her and told her how sorry he was that Casey could not make it to our table while I was on the conference call but that he would make sure that Casey came to see me. We sat another couple of hours and I had given up all hope of getting that hug. The crowd was shoulder to shoulder and out of nowhere, through the crowd, appears Todd and Casey, right up to our table. I gave him the biggest hug and told him how much I loved him, sobbing like a baby..and I couldn’t thank Todd enough. We chatted a minute and Casey commented on my cast and signed my card with “Thank you so much and get well soon”. We got our pictures and by that time, the people around us started realizing who he was so everyone was wanting pictures. The price of fame must be overwhelming. You’ve heard this over and over…he is younger looking and more beautiful in person than any picture can capture. He is as sweet and humble as you would imagine. I will never EVER forget that meeting. Thank you, Shari. If Linda had not mentioned your name, it may have never happened.

Ok, thats all I have right now.....yall don't forget about the ACM Awards this Sunday Night!!  If you can't watch it live.....set those DVR's, cause you don't want to miss this!!!  :)

Until next time.....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Casey James from Kansas City!

I don't know how I missed this last night, but somehow I did!!  It's videos from Kansas City, Mo. on Friday night!  Taken from the front of the stage!!  The sound is superb and the quality of the video is awesome!!!  These are very nice videos!!

"Done Made Up My Mind"

"Til My Guitar Gets Tired"


Many thanks to Jewel for her GREAT videos!!!! TY TY TY TY TY!!

More of her awesome videos coming soon.....so check back!!!

And here's 2 more of Jewel's fantastic videos!!!!  Thanks so much girl!!!!

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"

"Bulletproof "

More coming soon.....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Videos from Kansas City now up!

New Updates Below:

Wooooo Hooooo!!!!  What a night it was last night in Kansas City, Mo.!!  Casey's set was on fire and the fans were grooving and moving to the beat!!!!  Casey went on at 7:30 last night, with 30 minutes to play instead of the usual 25, and so, he had time for one more song, that we hadn't heard from him before!!  It's a cover of the old Vince Gill favorite, "Liza Jane", but of course with the Caseyness added to it!!  It was a rip-roaring time for the fans, that's for sure!!

The first videos have been added to youtube, and the first one up is "Bulletproof ", and that was the perfect song for the setting, beings it was a bar.  That song was written to sing in a bar, or better yet, a honky tonk!!  Because that song definitely has a honky-tonk feel!!  Great way to loosen up the crowd!!!

Next up is his 'sexy' song.....and a favorite with the ladies, I'm sure!  "Let's Don't Call It A Night"....yep, I can hear this song on the radio.....right now!!  It's those love songs that Casey just makes ladies all over, weak in the knees with.....yep.....

Great Big Thanks going out to our girl Ladonna (pnknut2) for these awesome videos!!!

As the day progresses I'll add video and pics as they come in, so yall check back.....there's more to come!!

Hey yall....sorry it took me so long!!  I had to go to town and it took longer than I thought it would!  I have some more fan pics for ya, and two more videos and some nice shots from the stage!!  Here we go!!

 Amber, Casey and LaDonna  They were being silly, and the look on Casey's face.....priceless!!
Thanks Amber for this fun shot!!

Thanks Amber for this awesome smiling shot of Casey!!  He really looks so happy in this pic!!

Thanks to Crazy Nikki for this great picture!!!  Nice hair shot!!!

Big 'ole Thanks again to Amber for this video of "Drive"!!!  And Casey announces something in the beginning....listen..... :)

I'm gonna head out and try to find more videos!   If I can't find any tonight, well, I'll try again tomorrow!!!  But before I go....Many thanks to Jewel for this breathtaking capture.....

Now that my friends......is No Words.....Only Love

Until next time.......

Friday, March 25, 2011

Casey James celebrates Craig Morgans Birthday tonight in Kansas City, Mo.

Well, sorry guys, this little gig just caught me off guard!!  I heard about this about a week or two ago, but forgot to come back and post the info about it till now!!!   So.....I apologize for that!!  So, if you live in or around the Kansas City, Mo. area and would love to see Casey tonight, he's opening for Craig Morgan at  "THE WHISKEY TANGO" nightclub!!  This is a radio event sponsored by Q104.  The website says it starts at 7:30, and looks like the doors open at 5:30/6:00.  So if you want and can....this is a great place to g0 see him!!  For more information click the link above!!

There is at least 6 or 7  people going that are big Casey fans!  So we will probably be seeing some pictures and/or video later on tonight!  So, I'll be back later with updates......yall check back!!!

Just got word there is a conference call tonight!  But in order to access it you need to go to the  Casey James Blog  and log in!!  If your interested click on the link above and the directions should be there!!  Thanks Shari for setting this up!

More later.....

This new interview came through twitter just a little bit ago.....Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter for catching up with Casey after the American Idol show in LA last night!!!  When asked questions about the release of his debut album, Casey had this to say....

THR: If it were up to you, when would the record come out? 
James: When it's right. I know a lot of people are anxious to hear it, and I could have absolutely had a record out by now, but you know what? I want it to be deserving of the fans that put me in this position. I want it to be worth their money. I want to be able to look back on it and be proud of it. So if it takes me another six months, then OK. But it's going to be really soon. There's something going to radio, so start listening out for my stuff.

THR: Word is you’ve written every song on the album, what has been inspiring you lyrically?
James: I'm at an interesting place in my life. Everything is great, but I'm also in a new place where I'm alone a lot -- just me and the dogs. So you pull from that, from all the good and the bad of your experiences in life. It's writing like I've always done but now I'm lucky enough to be working with some amazing songwriters that live in Nashville. They really know the craft and they help me. I might be a word away, and they’ll say, "Well, why don't you try this?" And I go, "Yep, that's it! Thank you!" So it's really a privilege and it just helps my game.

Read all the awesome questions and answers  "HERE"

As you know there was a conference call tonight, and I listened in.....and...it was the BEST one I think I've ever heard!!  Very clear through the whole concert!!  And here is the audio here for anyone who might have missed it>>>  "Audio"
Big thanks to Shari, Karen, Linda, Marie, and anybody else who helped pull this together!!!   It was awesome!!!

I only have a few pictures, and they are a fan with Casey!!  I just love these!!  These pictures are courtesy of LaDonna D. and she even has captions!!   Thanks a bunch girl!!!

Here's your HUGS!!!! :D

Here's my last hug after he signed the drum stick which his drummer Nir threw out in the audience and I got it!!! ;)

One more!!!

And there's her pretty face!!!!  Thanks alot LaDonna, (@LDG_lildrumgirl) these are some fun shots!!!

Ok, yall.....that's all I've got for tonight.....with promises of many many more to come tomorrow!!!  Can't wait to see what all comes in then!!!

Until then........

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Casey James on Idol?? New video, and new shows coming up!

Hey everybody!  I've been recooping for a few days after all this Caseyness for the past month!!  My back is still hurting!!  But it's time to get back on it again and get some more news out to yall!!
I was watching Idol tonight and on twitter rating the contestants, when this tweet came through....

NO WAY!! Look who just walked in our door..... @CaseyEJames!! What the what?! Total surprise!!

And with it, came this very different picture of Casey.....

Exactly what was he doing in this picture, is my burning question???  His hands are in his pockets, he's wearing a coat and a scarf....which I might add he looks so very nice in..... and it looks  to me as if he could be chewing.....maybe eating??  I just have never seen this look, and I'm a bit curious!!  And my next question is......why is he backstage at American Idol???  We all watched, tweeting and asking them to show Casey on one of the cameras, and of course, they didn't. :(  So....this much we know....Sugarland is gonna be on Idol tomorrow night, but......was told that Sugarland is actually taping their part of the show, tonight!  So....the question still remains.....why is Casey at American Idol, with Sugarland and nobody's talking??  I think.....and this is just my opinion only.....it's possible that Casey may be Sugarlands special guest singing with them!!  And maybe the point is....to show the Idol contestants that they do not have to win to have a good career.  And of course, then they would tell them that Casey has been opening for them for the whole month of March.  Or....maybe they want to make a point to American Idol producers what a huge mistake they made by dissing Casey last year....and we know they did (with a diva attitude there)!!  I don't know what's going on, but we will know tomorrow night for sure, why Casey was in LA tonight!  We are hoping that he will be singing!!

Speaking of Sugarland and Casey......Sugarland Music  posted the cutest video ever!!  It seems Kristian and Jennifer are a bit nervous about appearing on Idol and so.....they go to an expert.....Casey James!   Watch, as Casey tells them how to shake off the nerves and do their thing!!  lol.... too funny!!!  :D

This next information just came in a little bit ago!!  For those of you who live in and around Indiana.....there's a Casey James Treat for you coming up!!!   Casey is part of the "Best Buy Country Music Expo"  this year!!  Looks like it's sponsered by WFMS 95.5 radio.  It's located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, on April 30th & May 1st.  It doesn't say which day Casey will be performing, but if I find out, I will post it here for you!!  So if your in the area and looking for a fun family day, don't miss it!!  More info below or click the link above for more information!

Gold Circle Reserved Seats can be purchased for $70 both days or $35 for one day.  Gold Circle Reserved Seating will be on sale Friday, March 25th at 10am to the general public . Tickets are available through ISF box office and ticketmaster.com , or by phone at 1-800-745-3000

I think it may be time for some Mr. Pretty.....let me see.....(going thru my pics).....here we go.... 
This lovely photo was captured at the North Charleston show, just a few days ago! thanks to Matt Auclair for this very nice shot!

Looks like Sony is finally getting on board about letting Casey's fans know, at least a little of what he's doing!!  They posted this awesome little video of Casey and the band, rehearsing at Soundcheck Studios in Nashville!!  Thank you very much Sony!!!  And the song he is practicing, although a little teaser, we all know it's "Drive".  So....I'm just wondering.....this is twice they have showcased this song.....is it possible, that this is Sony's choice for a single??  could be.....it's fine by me, it would be a favorite with all the Nascar fans, I bet!!  And of course Casey's fans would love it!!!  It doesn't matter to us what song is released, as long as we get one!!!  Right??  Anyway......here ya go....

And last but certainly not least.....Casey is going to Las Vegas!!!!  Yep, he's going to be part of the FREE entertainment at Fremont Street in downtown Vegas on April 1st at 7:00 pm AND.....he is going to be part of the Fan Jam on April 3rd, hosted by none other than....you guessed it....Sugarland!!  The Fan Jam will be going on at the Mandalay Bay at the same time the 46th annual ACM show is going on just across the street at the MGM Grand.  So if you havn't gotten your tickets to this awesome event, here is all the information you will need!!  Casey James twice in one weekend!!!  Wow!!!!  Get yourself there if you can!!!  It's gonna be loads of fun!!!

ACM Awards-Fremont St. Experience Lineup Announced- Country Music Fever

Ok yall, I'm a bit tired, think "I'll call it a night"....lol....

Good night all....until next time.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Casey James' photo

Look what Casey tweeted just a little while ago!!!!

Casey James' photo

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Video fom Casey and Kristian in Sioux City Iowa!!

UPDATE:  Another video of  "HOLD ON" by Casey and Kristian last night in Sioux City, taken a little closer to the stage and the words are clearer.

Thanks to hodgenjb for this awesome capture!

Let me tell you....Casey knows how to close out a show!!!  News of this song, which was witten just YESTERDAY by Casey and Kristian, was performed before the live audience just a few hours after writing it!!!  It was so new, that someone had to hold up a yellow note pad with the words on it, for them to sing it!!!   This is so good for his career....stuff like this just don't usually happen.....  So here it is..... "Hold On"....

HUGE Thanks to ptlallday1 (@everydayisa10 on twitter) for this awesome capture!!!!
And....here's the rest of the show from her!  She was able to edit the song of Casey
and Kritian into a single video.  She videoed the entire show!!  Thanks girl! :)

Here are some new photos above from the show last night!!  Courtesy of Sioux City Journal! Thanks to them!!

And....how adorable is this???  Casey was in his own little Star Wars World, if only for a few minutes!!! :D

Thanks for the top two shots going out to Sugarland Music!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Review from Sioux City, Ia. tonight & pics of Casey & Kristian

Earlier this week, Bruce Miller, of the Sioux City Journal, had done a nice article on Casey, which I've already posted.  And tonight, he had some remarkable things to say about Casey and his set!!  For the whole story click on the link below:

Bruce Miller's Review


These 2 shots were tweeted late tonight and it's Casey and Kristian when they did their song they had wrote together yesterday, named "Hold On"!!  Many thanks to Callan07 for these awesome shots from the front of the sugarpit!!  We have reports that the song is an awesome song, a slow ballad is what people are saying and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!   We actually do have someone with a video of the song, but she couldn't get it to load tonight!  So she will have it in the morning, or afternoon.  We'll have it sometime tomorrow anyway!!  I'm very anxious to hear it, as are many many others!!

Kristian Bush joins Casey James onstage in Sioux City Iowa, new song, and more!

UPDATE from Sioux City, Iowa!!

Awesome update from Sioux City!!!  Kristian Bush just came out on stage and did a duet with a Casey, during his set, that they wrote TODAY!!!!  OMG!!!!  I cannot believe this!!!  And from what we're hearing the song was Amazing!!  And...I think we have a couple of videos of it!!!  Will be searching and looking for that!!!  What a wonderful surprise for all of Casey's Fans

Here are the tweets from where this wonderful surprise came!!!  This is so exciting!!

@ just duetted w/ Kristian on a song they wrote today... never know what's gonna happen if you come for the opening act, tweeps!

Kristian Bush just came out &sang with Casey James. I think i just died a little. It was beautfiful.

everydayisa10 CB

New song ":hold on"casey and kristian sat at end of stage casey sang bothplayed guitar casey read words off paper was baeutiful

And now, the first picture of Casey and Kristian singing their song... "Hold On" from a sitting position on the stage!!

  Thank you so much @iamMalorie

Well, tonight is the last night Casey will be on tour with Sugarland, on this leg of the tour, anyway.  On July 25th and July 26th he'll be in Los Angeles, Cal. for 2 more shows on the Incredible Machine Tour!  Very little information has come through from the Bloomington show last night, but there are lots of comments on Facebook and twitter that his set was well received and made alot more fans!!  Even husbands and boyfriends are loving what they're hearing from this newcomer!!  Here are a couple of pictures from last nights show.  At this time, we still don't have any video from the last 2 shows, but I'm still looking! :) Stuff is coming in now!!

Thanks to Cathrine Schmidt for her very nice 'smilie' shot of Casey signing!!

Here are a few from the concert of Casey, from B104 radio station and Buck Stevens 

And here's one from a fan, who was actually pulled over the rail to join Casey in a picture.  She got this shot before she was pulled over.
Thanks to Jen Lloyd for this most different view of Casey!!!  :)

Once again, saved the best for last.....This is one of the better 'Casey Hair' shots I think I've ever seen!!  And I love the scarf....very nice effect on him!!

 Thank you Jen Lloyd for this fantastic shot!!

Thank you so much to Linda Gail Vaughn for these absolutely 2 killer shots of Casey in Bloomington, Illinois.

Ok, yall, I'm outta here for awhile, and I will  be back if more information surfaces!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots of Grand Rapids stuff and Casey James is in Bloomington, Illinois tonight!

Wow!!   Talk about media attention!!!  Casey is certainly getting plenty of that!!!  The show last night in Grand Rapids, Mi. was over the top awesome from what we're hearing!!!  At this time I am still tracking down FAN photos from Grand Rapids!  But we do have two AWESOME shots by the media!!  Check one of them out now......
Casey was looking good with that hair wet!!

Thanks to Julie Magee Boehr for this awesome shot from Grand Rapids last night!
The Sioux City Journal did a nice article on Casey in advance of their show tomorrow night!    Casey tells them he was thrown back into 'reality' after American Idol and had this to say:

“It was back to taking care of business and deciding what to do next,” he says by phone from the road. “It was up to me to decide what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.”

He says he was contacted and many record companies were interested in him, but only one felt right.....  Casey said Sony Nashville was the one.

“Country music was where I fit. When I was growing up, it was what I listened to. It made sense.”

Casey goes on to say that becoming an artist was much more difficult than what people think.  He goes on to say....
“We’ve got a good chunk of the songs written, but I want to be sure they’re the right ones.”

“I’ve been blessed with the ability to write and to get to work with a bunch of writers from Nashville,” he says. “I really want this CD to be good.”

To read the whole awesome story by Bruce R Miller, click on the link below!

"Casey James explores 'life' after Idol

One of Casey's big fans from the area, was at the show in Grand Rapids last night and has done a complete recap for us!!!  Love these!!!!  If you want to read all about Jennifer's Casey Adventure, click  "HERE"

I am just so excited for Casey, about all this attention!!!  I knew it would happen and I couldn't be more proud of him or for him!! 

And then, this new information came to me last night, but I was too tired to post it.  So I will do it now!!  But the BIG news is.....CASEY is Writing with KRISTIAN BUSH, of Sugarland!!!  It was nearly covered up by a Sugarland interview with Sugarland's Kristian Bush.  But it was found, and if you want to read the whole story leading up to what Kristian says to Pantagraph.com ....click  "HERE"    That is so awesome to hear about!!!!  Can you imagine the collaboration they are going to create together???   I can't wait to hear it!!!!!  And I can assure you, I'm about 95% sure that will land on somebody's album!!!  And I just thought of something earlier and don't know the answer to this question.  So I'll just put it out there and if anyone knows the answer to the question, just comment and let me know.  My question:  If two singers are writing together, who gets to record it, if it's great material??  How does that work??  Does it belong to the person who asked for the writing session, with of course roylties going to the other for a co-write??  I had never thought of this before and now I have to know the answer!! lol....

Ok, there was another picture taken last night that is so awesome, some have been quoted as saying 'this needs to come with a warning attached'!! LOL!!!  I think this shows the people what he is so passionate about.....his Music!!!!

BIG Thank you's to Bruce Miller for this off the charts awesome photo!!!!

The Grand Rapids Press's Lorilee Craker had nothing but praise for our own Casey James, as she had a very nice article about the whole show, which is a fantastic read!!  But here is what she said about Casey:
Opening the show was Casey James, the dude who should have won “American Idol” last year, but instead came in third and scored a country music deal and a nice gig opening for Sugarland. James, a bluesy throwback to the ’70s, delivered an enjoyable but too-short set of juke-joint piano numbers with blazing guitars, a slow-dancer called “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night,” and the radio-ready “Drive,” perfect for the open road on a warm country night. It sounds like a future hit to me.  For the full story click>>>  "HERE"

E-mail the author of this story: yourlife@grpress.com

And....since she was kind enough to leave her email, whoever can, send an email and thank her for all the kind words about our sweet boy from Texas who blew her socks off!!!  :)  I am!!!

Ok, I'm still trying to find video from Grand Rapids last night, so if you know how I can get my hands on one, please email me at  redbird49tex@gmail.com  and let me know!!!  Thanks yall!!!

And.....before I forget AGAIN..... Here are the names of Casey's Band Members and what instrument they play!!

David LaBruyere-Bass

Nir Zidkyahu-Drums

Billy Nobel-Keyboards

I will be back later if I find videos and pics.....until then..........

I found Videos....finally!!  It's been a few days, but these were worth the wait!!  Very up close and the sound is superb!!!  Big 'ole thanks to jlloy5 for these great videos!!!

Casey James tears it up in Grand Rapids, Michigan tonight....and more....

UPDATE:  This just came in, after I had already posted, and I wanted yall to see this awesome Awesome video!!!  "Interview Live w/ Party Paul"  a DJ from Thunder 94.5 radio in Grand Rapids!!  LOVE this interview!!!  :D

Thanks to Josh Sikkema

Hey everybody!!  It's Thursday, and Casey played the 1st of 3 shows this weekend, finishing up this leg of the Incredible Machine Tour with Sugarland and Little Big Town.  He will also be with Sugarland again in Los Angeles, California at the Greek Center on July 25th and 26th, 2011.

Tomorrow he will be at Bloomington, Illinois at the US Cellular Coliseum, and Saturday he will be at Tyson Event Center in Sioux City, Iowa.  I hope lots of Casey fans get out and represent well!! :)

Tomorrow we will be finding new stuff coming out of the show tonight in Grand Rapids, MI.  At least 2 people I know of on twitter were there.  And I'm sure there were other Casey fans there, that I'm not aware of, and I just hope they share all their videos and pictures!!!  Looking forward to them, because.....Casey started his set with a different song tonight!!  It's one he sang back in May of 2010 when he was at his Homecoming.  It's an old Fleetwood Mac song  called "I need your love so bad".  It was performed at the Wildflower Festival in Richardson, Texas, but I think there was only a piece of the song actually videoed by someone.  Here is the partial video of it here:

Thanks to debarndt for this great video.

And while I was there finding the above video, the same person also posted this original Casey James song, so many of us are 'in love' with, called "Shine Your Shoes"  He really tears it up in the Texas show....gives me chills..... :)

Casey's latest interview is by "The Weekender", boasting that they are the best free read, (and I tend to agree) in Sioux City!  They titled their interview "Casey James: The 'other' country Idol".  I really like these people!!  In it, Casey talks about his hair being his 'calling card' and weather he will cut it or not.  He also says he's 'testing' songs on the road, something that a few of us fans had already figured he might be doing.  He goes on to say that the fans will get a hand in helping him pick the songs that will land on the release of his CD, due out in the Fall.  He says he could have done it quicker and put out a decent album.....but he wants to put out a great album!!   A man after my own heart.....I just love the way he thinks!! :)  So you heard it from the horses mouth, as they say.....lets keep those tweets going to @CaseyEJames to let him know which songs we absolutely have to have on this album!!!  Read the whole story  "Here"

The other day I spoke of Casey singing at the Freemont Street Experience on April 1st as part of the 46th annual ACM Awards show from Las Vegas.  Well, it looks as if he is  going to be there LIVE on the 3rd to perform LIVE.  I'm still not totally sure if he will sing live or if they will have tape of him singing live at Fremont Street.  If you want to read all about it, here is the link below!

Casey part of the 46th annual ACM show in Las Vegas~4-1 thru 4-3

After you click the link, scroll down to where it says "ACM Fan Jam Talent Announced" and click on that and it will bring up the whole story about it.
It airs LIVE at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 8:00 PM live ET/delayed PT on the CBS TV Network.

So be ready to watch it live or set your DVR's so you won't miss our boy performing with the 'big boys and girls'!!!  This is such a great opportunity for him to showcase his talents to not only the US and abroad but also to his peers!!  They will all be calling him up wanting him to go on tour with them!!  lol...

I don't know what it is about this particular picture, (I have alot of them) but this one just speaks to my heart, for some reason.  Is it because he's concentrating diligently on all his chords he's playing on his guitar??  But if we didn't know he had a guitar in his hand....what would this picture say to you??  Looks like he may be in deep thought about something. Anyone??

 Thanks to CharmeS for her breathtaking capture!

Also, in other news, it seems that a Philadelphia Radio station is inviting Casey to their 92.5 XTU Anniversary Celebration!!  How awesome is this!!!  Read all about it  Here at their site

It's about time Casey's north eastern fans got a chance to see him live!!!

Ok, yall....I will be looking for Grand Rapids pictures and videos to post for yall tomorrow, so if you have some you'd like to share, please send them to redbird49tex@gmail.com   Thanks!!

Until next time.....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Casey James at Grand Rapids, MI tonight......

Hey everybody!  Well, it looks like Casey is about to do the last 3 tour dates on this leg of the Incredible Machine Tour with Sugarland!  He'll be in Grand Rapids, MI tonight at the Van Andel Arena.  He goes on at 7:30.  I sure hope Casey decides to unleash another 'new' song on the Grand Rapids crowd!  I am so looking forward to hearing more of his new stuff!!

I am hoping more fans decide to tweet or stay in contact with the other fans by some means.  It's always so fun to 'watch' all the fun taking place with the fans as it happens!!

I have a very detailed recap from the Jacksonville show the other day and it's done by the Casey E James Fan Club creator, Mickey Fay.  And I'm here to tell you she leaves nothing to the imagination!!  You know exactly what happens from start to finish!!!  I love that kind of recaps!!  So, if any of you would like to read about her awesome experience click >>>>>>> "HERE"

At a site called Jacksonville.com there were some awesome shots of Casey from the Jacksonville show!!  But....the thing is....we can look all we want but they have them protected against people taking them....shucks!!!  So....we can all take a look at them, but we can't touch them!   If you would like to take a look, click on the link below!

Jacksonville.com-Casey Pictures

Casey was interviewed by the Sioux City Journal in advance of their show Sat:

Thanks to Carman W for her excellent shot at Little Rock, Ark.

Bruce Miller from the Sioux City Journal recently spoke with Casey James for an upcoming interview. Miller had this to say that he  posted on his facebook:  
Talked with Casey James (the third place “American Idol” finisher) and he says he’s not cutting his hair — just yet. Fans expect him to look the same. So when he comes out with a new country CD this fall, they’ll feel right at home. Look for the full story in Friday’s A&E section in the Journal.
       Casey has been trying out new music in a six song set, opening for Sugarland on select dates of the  Country band's North American Tour.

The Fall??  I certainly hope not, because all the big stars usually put their new albums out in the fall.  It's just a bad time because a lot of albums are dropping at that time.  And we didn't want to wait that long.....do we?  What happened to early summer??  Oh well, I guess we just have to accept whatever happens, because there's nothing we can do about it!  I guess they want to make sure the 1st single has enough time on the charts before dropping the album.  I personally think that first single is going to skyrocket to #1 and then they have to release another single.  The one thing we can look forward to in the not too distant future is that first single.  When it is released, then I'd say usually about a month later, the new video for that single will be released to Country Music Television (CMT) and Great American Country (GAC).  And that will bring alot of work for us fans!  Both have a Top 20 Weekly Countdown and we'll need to vote for Casey's video to get it to #1 on their countdowns!!  That's always so much fun, because it lasts for months, if we have a lot of fans voting with us.

I have already posted this video, but I'm posting it agian...just because.... :-)  This is quickly becoming my favorite song....I know, I keep changing my mind don't I??? :)  Here it is, from right on the front of the stage and to the left!! Different angle....I like it!!!!

"Bulletproof" at Jacksonville, Florida

Great big thanks to luvscaseyjames for this great video!!

And since I'm at it, I think I'll post all of the other songs from different venues!!  Here we go!!

"Drive" at N. Charleston

Thanks to BobbysBest2011 for this great video!

"Long Tall Texan" from Greenville, S.C.

Big thanks to CharmeSDesign1 for her incredible video!!

"Done Made Up My Mind" in Little Rock, Arkansas

Thanks to amcaro10 for this nice close up video!!

Well, it's a shame, I can't find anything from Tulsa.....although we had fans there, I believe they were pretty far back in the arena.  So I know they didn't get any videos that I'm aware of.  So I'll just stop here, because we have no more videos from different venues, well, because he hasn't played any more venues yet....lol....  I'm beginning to think I'm tired, and this was a silly idea, because he hasn't got enough videos yet to do this!!  What was I thinking??  (*slaps self on head*)  Anyway.....guess I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm just so excited for his tour and stuff!!

I think I better go to bed before I do something else silly....lol....Good Night All.....or Good morning.....however you wanna look at it!  :-)

until next time......

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More from Jacksonville.....

I was looking around on YouTube, and came across another video from Jacksonville!  I don't recognize the name attached to the video, and although it starts out as a mass of blur....it quickly clears up and every word is heard!  I actually heard some of the words to this song, that I had not ever been able to figure out, so far!!  It sounds great and theres a very cool surprise at the end, that I had not heard from the fans before!!  To watch and listen as he makes an announcement at the end of the video!!

"Till My Guitar Gets Tired of Playing the Blues"

Big thanks to shellbelle93 for this audio perfect and clear video!!

Sugarland's week in review, March 10-13 takes you backstage to meet their tour partners!!  Check out this cool video of Casey and his bandmates talking about their thoughts on this great opportunity!

"Casey & Bandmates being introduced to the public"

Ok, new pictures from Jacksonville!!  And....this Casey James move now has an unofficial name.....It's called the "shoulder rolly".  Alot of us are finding this a very attractive move on the singers part!!  What do you think??  Comment and let me know how many of you love this!!

Thanks tademo for this awesome shot!   Perfect timing of this capture!!  We love it!

Thanks again to tademo for this great shot!  Nice look on his face!

Ok....I saw a comment about this picture showing off Casey's day old stubble.....so for all those who adore that look.....here ya go.....this is for you!!

Thanks to Eileen L for this terrific shot taken at the Tulsa show!!

Ok, yall, to close out this post, I'm leaving you with this very precious photo of Casey and his sweet momma, Debra.....at Little Rock.  Thanks to Carmen W for this beautiful capture!!

Thanks to everyone who have been so gracious and generous with all their beautiful pictures!!

Probably taking a little break tomorrow....

Until next time.........

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Casey James at Jacksonville, Florida, Updated with New Material!

Here we go, the first videos I could find from Jacksonville, FL. last night!!  Rock on Casey!!!

"Drive"....I am liking this song more, every time I hear it!!  Whoo Hooo  Nascar....ya need a theme song???
Thanks to luvcaseyjames for this great video of our guy!!

Yes!!  This next song has that straight out of a Honky Tonk feel....loving it!!!!!  "Bulletproof"     I just wanna get up and dance when I hear it!!!  But instead I sit and do the head bobbing thing!!  lol....

Thanks again to luvcaseyjames for this great video!!

This next video is that bluesy, sensual, I can't stop singing it, "Let's Don't Call It A Night"  Watch as he walks away from the mic playing his guitar and looks out and the screams begin and he starts grinning.....cutest thing ever!!

Big thanks to poisonivyred for her awesome video!!


Yay!!!!  Casey just tweeted from  the show!!!

"Jacksonville rocks! Y'all are a great crowd! And thanks so much for bringing the signs. Sure makes me proud to have such great fans!"

A fan posted a picture,but I'm gonna hold out for something better, this one is a bit blue, and blurry!
Check back soon!!  More coming!!

The Jacksonville Show was very good, and lots and lots of audience appreciation for Casey!!!  The fans are all excited that he indeed was feeling much better and stayed after the show to meet each and every one of them!!!  I will have it all tomorrow....I just can't look at this screen much longer....my eyes are killing me!

So until tomorrow.......


Ok, it's Sunday now, and I'm going to post some pictures that have come in from last nights show in Jacksonville, Fl. 
So, Casey was wearing his hair back in a pony and wearing the blue and white checkered shirt we've seen before!  It's a nice look on him!!
The fans were obviously digging this new Casey James material as they 'rocked' right along with Casey for his entire set!!!  Someone said they thought he was getting better with each show....and I can see that happening.  The band is relatively new and as they play together, they will seam together, knowing each others actions, and blend beautifully!!  I'm just so proud to be a Casey fan right now!!

Big thanks to Mickey for these gorgeous shots of Casey at the Jacksonville show!!

I'll be back in a little bit, hopefully with some fan pictures!


Ok, here's the fan pictures, only 2 but it's better than nothing I guess!  From L to R: Cindy, Mickey, Darla and Sara.  And don't these ladies look like the happiest of Casey Fans??  Thanks Cindy for sharing your group shot with us!

And that beautiful lady below is somebody I love and respect all the way across the country!  That is Micky Fay with Casey.  She is the creator of the original Casey James Cougar Club on Facebook, and recently changed the name to The Casey E James Fan Club on Facebook!!  So if you're not a member, please join up, you'll never meet a greater bunch of gals and guys supporting Casey's career!!  Here's the link>>>>>>  "Here"

Thanks Mickey, for this great shot of you and Casey in Jacksonville!!

Ok, yall...I'm outta here for a while....my eyes are starting to bother me, from doing this too long, so I may not be on till late tomorrow!!

Until next time......