Monday, November 29, 2010

Casey James home for the Holidays....

Hey yall!!  I'm posting this at the last minute before I go to bed, so it's probably going to be short and sweet!!  Well as the title says, Casey was home in Ft. Worth for the holidays!  I don't know where he was most of the time, but I'm sure he was enjoying his family with most of it! 
Some friends and I went out last night in downtown Ft. Worth to a little club called "Mambo's".  It was so much fun, the music was great, the people were jolly and it was a great time!  During that time, I got an alert on my phone, and couldn't hardly wait to tell everyone that Casey now has an official Facebook page started by Sony Nashville.  So I'm more than sure they will be maintaining the page, so leaving messages directly to him probably won't be seen by him.  But they will be posting upcoming tour schedule and news about him on it!  I hope they post the tour schedule on there, they may not, but I'm hoping they will.  Surely they will let us know what he's doing from time to time, so make sure you LIKE the page so you will get notifications when they post.  Here is the Link:

Casey James Band on Facebook

As I was waking up this morning and drinking my first cup of coffee, I got some really cool information!!  Last night while we were partying in Ft. Worth, Casey was over in Grapevine, Tx. at a place called "The Back Porch Grill and Tavern" and  setting in with a group called "Dixie Rex"!!  I sure wish I could have known he was there, that would have been awesome to see!  And somebody posted some pictures....and I'll post them here, but not real sure who the owner is, hopefully I got it right!!
Casey in Grapvine,Tx. 11-28-10

Thanks alot to Maryanne Conti for these fabulous shots in Grapvine last night!!

Wow....he looks really well rested and happy to be playing and back in Texas!!  I hope that's why he's smiling so big anyway!!!  :)  He looks really good!  And I'm so glad he got to come home and visit with family and just hang out for a few days!  He deserves the rest!

AND......just a little bit ago, I got a message from a friend who said Casey was at the Key's Lounge at that moment.....11:30pm.  And of course......I couldn't get up and run up there......
I understand Mace Maben was playing tonight and Casey loves Mace!  If you'll remember he is one of Casey's blues guitar playing friends who was battling cancer and it looks as if he's getting better and better!  So glad to hear that and that Casey got to spend some time with him as well!!  Sorry I didn't get to run up there and see him, but I just couldn't get up there.....not this late, anyway!  Maybe next time!!  Hopefully there will be some Casey at the Key's pictures somewhere tomorrow.....keep your fingers crossed!!

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I'll talk to yall soon, take care, I'll be back for one more reminder to get in on the Christmas card exchange!  Take care everyone......until next time......

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving is over and now the REAL craziness starts!

Hey yall!  I sure hope everybody had a fantastic Thanksgiving and got plenty to eat and drink!  I didn't partake of any spirits but had some real yummy  viddles!!  I spent the day with one of my sisters and all  of her kids and all of their spouses and boyfriends and kids and some exes, a couple friends and some guitar pickers!   I think that just about does it on the headcount!  And all of this took place in a trailer house in the country!!  Now if that don't sound redneck....I don't know what does!!!  HaHa!!  There was just a whole slew of us!!  My niece offered me a taste of the Bud Lime beer she was drinking and I thought it was going to be great, because I love a slice of lime off in a bottle of dark Shiner Bock.  So I different could it taste??  So I took me a big swig of it....and almost had to spit it out!!!!  Ahhhhh that stuff was nasty...... ugh!!  So, that was it for me and alcoholic beverages for the day.  I was driving an hour and a half back home so I couldn't take any chances by  drinking and driving......don't do that.  If I get to a club early enough, I will usually have a couple and sip for a while then start drinking water or soda.  Anyway, the bottom line is......I don't drink and drive.....right afterwards!  I hope all of you were safe in your travels and had a great time with family and friends.
Thats what Thanksgiving is all about.....being thankful.....for everything that's good in your life.  Me.......I'm just thankful to wake up every morning!! Ha ha!!  And a whole lot more......I'm thankful Debra James urged her son to go to Denver to audition.  If she hadn't done that....then I wouldn't be writing on a blog, and I would not have met all these beautiful people that have come into my life because of him.  It's still breathtaking how far we've all come with Casey since that day in Denver!  I'm very grateful and thankful!!! always, I'm thankful for my family and my wonderful husband for always being there for matter what!

And's on to Christmas!!!  I do love Christmas!!   It's my favorite time of year!  I love the weather, the spirit of Christmas, the decorations, buying gifts, wearing snuggies, eating divinity candy, drinking eggnog, singing Christmas carols and watching "Rudolf" and "Frostie" for the 150th time!!  And who could ever get tired of Christmas Cookies and all the other goodies that are stuffed in our faces!!  It's just a joyous time of year and I love looking back on the year to see what I've accomplished or what good deeds I've done that will make me smile!

Speaking of things that make me smile..... it's that time of year for sending out Cards.....and The Christmas Card Exchange deadline is sneaking up on us!  The deadline to get your email to me is December the 1st!  If you would like to take part in it, just send and email to:  

At this time there is only 21 people involved.  So get your emails in, I'd love to have more than that our first year to do this!  Just send the email asking to be included and I will send you a confirmation email letting you know that you are on the list!  Then on December 2nd I will send out the full list of all the names and addresses so everyone can get busy!  I would like for each of you to go over the list, find your name and address and make sure I have everything correct.  If there's a mistake, please let me know, ASAP so I can get out a correction email to everybody.   Thanks to each and every one of you who joined in, this is always so fun to do!

The other day I was lucky enough to run across a video that I had not seen of Casey!!  Can you imagine my shock when I watched it and realized...." did I miss this one?"  But somehow I did, and someone posted it on Facebook.  It's a little bit of this and little bit that.....some homecoming stuff, some interviews, and some playing at a bar !  It's just awesome, so I'll post it here for those of you who may not have been fortunate enough to come across it!!   Enjoy!!!

Casey James' Homecoming and other cool stuff
Thanks a bunch to  bhyden1 for this awesome creation!

Here is a fantastic picture of Casey back during the summer!!  I call that, the best guitar face I've ever seen!!
Thanks to Machka for this great shot from Deluth, Georgia

Oh gosh.....I can't just stop on is another one....
Thanks to hannabeck for this pretty shot of Casey!

I'm gonna go to bed this is about all I can do for tonight!  Yall come back again.....I'll be reminding yall about the Christmas Card Exchange again!  Take care yall.....until next time......

Monday, November 22, 2010

Casey James resurfaces.....with good news for the fans!

Howdy everybody!!  Yep, you read it right....Casey has resurfaced after some time away from twitter where he kept his fans in the know while on the American Idol Tour this summer!  As most of you know, Casey was signed with Sony Nashville in August before the tour was even over!  His fans were elated at this fantastic news and have been standing by ready and willing to support him when his first single is released!  The fans have been very good at keeping his name buzzing during this dry spell from Twitter.  He has been working nonstop since he went to Nashville in September on his Album which is set to be released sometime near the beginning of next summer!  But we will get a single and a video a while before that!  He has been doing a lot of writing with some of the best writers in Nashville, so as to put out the very best Album that he can make!  That's why Casey and his label are taking their time putting this record together, because they want it to be their very best work and for it to debut at #1 on the Charts when the Album drops.  And it will.....I have faith in Casey James' ability as a musician to put out an album that will sweep over America and bring him in a multitude of new fans, not associated with American Idol.  And then take him and the Casey James Band to heights not even Casey can imagine!!  Or his big brother Billy, who is going to be his bassist in the Casey James Band!!  We were so thrilled to find out his big brother will be moving to Nashville to join Casey in a matter of weeks!!  Congratulations to him, he seems to be on cloud 9 about the fantastic news!!  And Casey is beside himself from what his yellow note said!

Last night at about 9 or 10 (not sure about the time) Casey James broke his long time twitter silence with a much anticipated tweet, by merely saying........"Yellow note in progress. :)"

Everybody who has been following Casey knows exactly what that means......we are fixing to hear from Casey!! :)  Needless to say, it was a twittertastic frenzy!!!  Everyone was so excited to be hearing from him!!!  And word spread fast and people were talking about it everywhere!  So shortly, Casey posts the all important "Yellow Note!!"

Is that sweet or what??  What a great guy!  I think he's trying to tell us something with his endings to these tweets.  First it was  "No words....only love"  and now it's  Much Love and only a few words".  Hmmmm....I don't know about everybody else, but what I get is this.... He's saying even if there are NO words or ONLY A FEW WORDS, don't give up on him.....he cares immensely for his fans, and he will be back.....not to worry!  I'm sure twitter overwhelms him with literally thousands of questions coming through almost at the same time and he can't possibly answer all of them.  It probably makes him feel bad that he can't get to every person.  That's just my personal opinion, I have not talked to Casey about this, just the feeling I get about the whole situation.  So even though he doesn't tweet you personally, this yellow note says it all.....he is grateful to all of us who have supported him all this time!  And he did say he would start checking in more frequently, so hopefully he can.  But I won't be upset if he doesn't find the time to tweet, not at all, because I know he'll be back when he does find the time.  :)

In other news, the Ft. Worth Star Telegram has an article about the Texas finalists on American Idol and guess who they chose to talk about first....but of course.....Casey!  Check it's the link!>>>>>>>>>>>>"Ft. Worth Star Telegram Article"

I wanted to mention that a CJCC fan has put together a beautiful memoir of Casey on Tour last summer!  You can order it through "Picaboo" and  "HERE" is the link to view and buy it!  Thanks Gloria for all your hard work on this project!  There is a discount code you can apply at the time of purchase but I'm not so sure it is valid right now, but from what I understand if you just wait a little bit, another code will come along to buy this book, then you can get a big discount right off the top!  Correct me if I'm wrong, Gloria!

Since Casey has been in Nashville writing and getting music ready for his first album, I keep going back to this original song and hope that it makes the cut!  It's one of my most favorites of his original music.  I love the bluesy, southern rock, and down on the bayou feel this song has!

"SWAMP" by Casey James and Crossover

And one more of my favorites of the original music.....I love them all, but if I have to pick two, these are the ones I find myself coming back to the most.  And this song is most definitely leaning more toward the southern rock, and everything about the song is just awesome!!

"Road to Coming Home" by Casey James and Crossover

I want to remind everybody who is interested, time is running out to join in on the Christmas Card Exchange!  At this moment there are 21 people joining in and was hoping for a few more.  If you would like to be involved, send me an email to....  The deadline for joining in is December 1st.  I will be sending out the list on the 2nd of Dec. and when I do, I need everyone to check their own name and address for mistakes, and if there is one, please contact me ASAP so I can get it corrected and send out a correction email to everyone!  Thanks to everybody who is participating!!  It's alot of fun!!

Ok, yall, gotta get this posted, so I'll leave you with this beautiful shot of Casey during the tour.  I'm sorry but don't know who this belongs to, but thank you in advance, it's a beautiful picture!

Take care everybody, I'll be back in a few days......until next time......

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ho Hummm.....Let's talk about Groups!

Hello again yall!  I thought if I stayed gone a few days there would be a bunch of Casey news to share with ya, but no.... After the media craze in Nashville during the CMA's everything just came to a screeching halt.  I guess that's to be expected though.  All the artists and writers go back to their usual routines after the big events just like us normal folks do after something big and exciting in our lives.  So I think I'll take this time to talk about a few of the 'groups' in Country Music that have grabbed my attention more than once.
But first.....I want to repost a beautiful and very well put together video of a montage of Casey pictures pre-Idol, during Idol and after.  All of it is set to his music from different occasions.  So settle in......grab you some coffee or whatever your choice of drink is....and be prepared to be *WoWed*!!  Even if you've already seen it again and is just beautiful!!  Brings tears to my eyes every time!  I want to extend a hearty Thank You to my friend Jan for her awesome work on this 15 minute tribute to our Casey!!  I know for a fact it was not easy to do, but she worked on it until she had it perfect!  Thank you so much girl.....Yall Enjoy.....

Beautiful Casey Montage of Pictures and Music

As I mentioned above....I want to turn some of you on to some really good musicians in Country Music that you may or may not have ever heard of.  Some are new some are not, but they are very good in my personal opinion and they are groups, the same thing Casey is going to be in.  So when next years Awards come around, these are the people who will be in similar categories with him if he's nominated for something.  I don't want to use the word 'competition'.....but in a way it is the ones he'll be competing against in his category.  

Up first is a group from Denton, Texas by the name of "The Eli Young Band".  They are all young men, around Casey's age and younger.  Their sound is so different from anybody's I ever heard.  The lead singer has a very natural  sound to his voice,with a beautiful falsetto  almost like a pop sound, but it flows so effortlessly and sounds great with every song he sings.  I love all of their songs, but this particular song just grabs me at the beginning and holds on and I have chills most of the way through it.  It is just the most beautiful melody and the lyrics are so will find yourself wanting to know what happens next....
So, give it a listen.....and let me know what you think.  Here is...."Guinevere"

"Guinevere" by Eli Young Band

And while I'm on their page, I'll go ahead and paste a link to another of their songs that is my favorite!  I used to listen to this one on a radio station that played Texas musicians and they were not even signed with a label yet, and that's how I heard about them.  Next thing I know....they were playing on the bigger radio stations!  I knew they had been signed when I heard this song on the big Dallas stations!

"Always the Love Songs" by Eli Young Band 

Next up.... a group that I discovered in February of this year at a theater/bar in Birmingham Alabama.  They were opening for Bucky!  Thats the reason I was there.  So they stepped out on the stage, and immediately I loved their look!  They were  'pretty' people!  The main singers were a female lead singer and her two younger brothers.........and they called themselves.........."The Band Perry," Kimberly, Reid, and Neil Perry.  These kids are going places and they are going fast!  They have a bit of a rock/bluegrass/pop/country sound!  I love their sound!  I had never heard of them and just assumed they were a house band, or a local band.  They were neither, they were from Greenville, Tn. and they had just signed their record deal earlier and were out doing their radio tour!  At that time, I had not heard their song on the radio, but after that show, it wasn't long at all till I heard their first single.  I was yelling and telling my husband....there's that group of kids we saw in Alabama....the Band Perry!  He listened for a second, and said "It sure is"!!  I recognized the song they were singing, cause they sung it there at the show I saw!  So here is their first single from their self titled debut album......

"Hip to My Heart" by The Band Perry 

And here is their 2nd single that was released, and this one is headed for #1 if it's not already there!  I was keeping up with it for awhile, but got busy and didn't get to check where they were on the billboard countdown.  They were at #8, I think, last I heard.  But I love this song and I think America loves it too!!

"If I Die Young" by The Band Perry

This next group needs no introduction, they've been around a while and dominating the Country Charts and taking home the highest awards for many years in a row!   And they are known as....Rascal Flatts!!  Most people, no matter what music they listen to, have heard of Rascal Flatts, they are just huge!  Here is one of their earlier hits, and a very cool movie soundtrack... "Cars"!!

"Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flatts

Just watching that video makes me want to go watch the movie again!!!!  Love it!!!

And this next one is the first single off of their album called "Unstoppable".  This song is co-written by an Idol alumn.....yall know who it is???  It's Chris Sligh from season 6!  He co-wrote this beautiful tear jerker of a song and RF took it to #1 and put his name out there!  The song is....."Here Comes Goodbye" and I cry every time....every time.... Its just one of those songs that touches the depths of your soul

"Here Comes Goodbye" by Rascal Flatts

This next group has just grown by leaps and bounds in the last 3 years!  They have probably the weirdest name of any of the Country Groups....and this trio is known as....Lady Antebellum.  They are the Vocal Group of the Year, so The Casey James Band has their work cut out for them if they are going to beat out these three!  But I have faith and I believe they will!!  This song, "Need You Now" was the most played song on the radio ever in the history of radio!  So here it is now.....

"Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum

This next group came on the country scene a couple years ago and has taken the Country Music scene by storm!  They have a bluegrass/country/ type sound with some very good acoustic guitar picking and some awesome vocals and harmonies!  And their music is getting recognized more every day!  It's the "Zac Brown Band" and here is their 1st chart topper...."Chicken Fried".

"Chicken Fried" by The Zac Brown Band

And last but not least, a group thats been around a few years, but I know very little about.  I like their sound but they never really made me sit up and listen till I heard their newest song...."Little White Church"  I really like this song better than any of their others.

"The Little White Church" by Little Big Town

There are more groups in Nashville singing Country Music, but these are just a few of my favorites and Casey's Band will be up against these artists in the Vocal Group Catagories....I know, I already said that didn't I??  I'm bad about repeating me!  :)

Anyway, I'm gonna take off for tonight and be looking for more news to post, and until then, yall have a safe and happy week, and I'll be back soon!  I'll leave ya with a nice shot of Casey sometime during the show! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Casey was spotted at the CMA's!

Hello everybody!  I'm still reeling from the CMA Show the other night!!  Wow....I have to say that was the BEST show I've ever watched, and I've watched many of them through the years!!!  It had so many different 'feels' to the show!!  Country music in the present music of the future and country music from the past!!  I loved all of it!!  There was something there for everyone, even some non-country fans found some performances and artists that they liked!!  That's so awesome to me!!  And we have Casey James to thank for that!!  They might not have ever experienced it had it not been for him signing with Sony Nashville!!
I know I watched every single second of the show and couldn't find Casey in the audience even though I was looking over every persons shoulder trying to find him!  One fan actually thought she saw him and had her husband rewind it to make sure.....sadly it wasn't him.... :(   But our trusty fans didn't give up, and eventually it paid off!!  He was finally spotted in a screencap during Brad Paisley's acceptance speech and here it is!!!  You can see Casey at the bottom left of the picture where the red arrow is:

That, in my opinion is Casey!  Many thanks to CaroLaughs for finding this!!

I just came across the actual video where Casey was sighted in the audience at about 2:43 as Brad was giving his emotional acceptance speech!!

Brad's Acceptance Speech with Casey at about 2:43 

It's actually a little past that but keep watching!  And many thanks going
out to knmtexas for posting this!


There was also another interview or two out there with Casey and as always he's so humble and sweet!

I think I've already posted this one, but I'm gonna post it again.....just because....and maybe I didn't....oh well....

New Country 95.7 interview with Casey
Thanks to NewCountry957 for this interview

And now another interview while he was out and about in the media frenzy in Nashville!  He just keeps on getting sweeter all the time....what a great guy!

B 93 interview from Nashville

Thanks to nxdnick for this Casey interview

Ok, as most of you know, Brad Paisley got the Entertainer of the Year award!!  That is the biggest honor in Country Music and it was Brad's first win and I have to say.....for a guy who knows not how to ever be serious and loves cutting up and joking around all the yall seen from his hosting humor.....he really had me crying like a baby..... from the song "This is Country Music" all the way to his win.....I've never seen Brad so just touched my heart.  Especially what he said about his grandpa telling him if he got a guitar he would never be precious is that?!  So, in honor of Brad making it to the top......this one's for him!!   Good job and congratulations to him!!
While I'm at it, I also just wanted to say congratulaions to all the winners at the CMA's!!  Every winner was deserving of the award!!  Next year we will hopefully see Casey on that stage!!  And.....receiving an award of his own!!  I, for one, certainly hope so!!  I would love to see The Casey James Band get "Best New Vocal Group".....yea....don't that sound good?!?! :)

"This is Country Music" by Brad Paisley
Thanks to knmtexas for this beautiful tribute to Country Music by Brad Paisley

Some of you may not understand what Brad was doing with this song, but he was honoring all the greats of Country Music, past and present!  The video in the background would show the artist who sang the song of the line he was singing at the moment, in the song.  And at the end, when he was naming the songs off, one by one, the artist who sang it was in the screen behind emotional....loved it!  And at the very end when he did that little guitar lick.....and the screen showed two people.....the lick he did was created by the late great Buck Owens lead guitar player.....also the late, Don Rich, and thats who you saw behind him...   He was the one on the left and one of the greatest guitarists ever in my opinion!
This song sums it up about what Country Music is all about.....and I thank Brad for this's definitely a keeper!!

Ok, yall.....I have to work this weekend, so I'll be back in a couple days, yall take care!

Until next time......

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CMA Show Tonight!! Will we see Casey??

This is it!!!  CMA night!!  I'm starting this before the show and I'll finish it after the show!!  Just wanted to get started on the new media stuff from today since I haven't had time to get over here to start this!!  Here we go!!

"Casey talking with WTQR DJ Angie"

From what I understand Casey James was in the house last night for the BMI Country Awards show!  Go Casey!!  He is pictured here with Shane Tallant from Fox 17's Tennessee Mornings.  It won't be long before we'll be seeing him accepting one of these awards!!!  Can't come soon enough for me!!

I'll be back later with more.......

Here is another podcast from 102.5 Boston's Country station and Casey is interviewed by Lori Grande!  I don't think she watched AI very much.....jus' sayin'.... :)

Boston's 102.5 interview with Casey
Just scroll down to Casey's name and click on the right side.

Ok, Brad Paisley won the Entertainer of the Year.....the biggest award in Country Music!!!  He got so emotional he had me bawling like a baby.....
I'm going to talk about the Awards tomorrow, but Miranda and Blake did real good this year!!!

And no.....I don't think anyone spotted Casey....I know I didn't and I've asked around and no one saw him..... :(  Oh well, he will be on that red carpet next year!!  I really expected to see him tonight, but I guess they only have so much time to talk with them, and there are alot of artists to talk to in that hour.

Until tomorrow.....night all.....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Media frenzy with Casey James....CMA Awards Show airs tomorrow!

Hello everybody!!  Well, like yesterday, today has also been a media frenzy, starring our own Casey James!!  He's still talking and I'm loving everything he's saying!  So is a multitude of his fans!!  One fan made her way to Nashville and tweeted that she had met Casey, and he was sooooo nice!!!  I don't have permission to use her name, just know she's a dedicated Casey follower!!  I was very happy for her that she found him and was able to talk to him, since she didn't get that opportunity at the Knoxville show when the tour stopped in that city!    She is on her way home as I'm writing and had said earlier that she would give more details later at home!  So we're all waiting patiently for her full report!!  Congrats on the Casey meeting know who you are!!

Now.....check this out....Casey said he "would" be at the CMA Awards Show!!!  I knew it all along, but didn't have any particular proof of it, so I had to always say...."probably".... But not anymore.....check out this video as he is speaking with ABC Action News, and he tells (jokingly of course) how he is planning on attending the biggest show in Country Music tomorrow night!!  Yall are gonna love this.....Casey's joking side of his cute personality!! :)  And he talks about going back on Idol for a performance and when his album will allegedly be out!!  All good stuff for sure!!!!!!!!

Casey Interview in Nashville

And yet another radio interview right here!

Casey Interview with 107.9 WIRK

I'm sure there will be more interviews and sightings tomorrow, lets hope he stops and talks to them!!  And poses for pics, since we need more new ones around here!!!  I cannot wait to see what he's wearing tomorrow at the CMA Awards Show!!!!  It's gotta be good, knowing him like we do.....I wonder......who will Casey be wearing on the red carpet???

Don't forget about the CMA AWARDS SHOW!!!!   IT STARTS AT 6PM CT ON ABC.....(I'm pretty sure abc will air the red carpet, if not, CMT will air it live, just tune in to CMT... the country music channel.  For me, I'm on Dish Network, and I don't know if all Dish Network customers have the same channel #'s but CMT for me is 166 and GAC (Great American Country) is 167, so side by side they lay!!  I thought GAC would have something to do with the CMA Awards, but I havn't heard anything.  I'll check around and see if I can find out any more and I'll edit and come back and put it here if Ido find something!!

I'll leave yall with a nice cool shot of our Casey!!  Hope he looks this good tomorrow night!!  I'm looking forward to it!!!

Casey James is back in the news, just in time for the CMA Awards Show!!!

Hey everybody!!  Casey James is back in the news again!!  I couldn't be happier!!  As many of you know, this is CMA week in Nashville, so radio station people from all over flog into Nashville to cover the Awards show set to air live on ABC Wednesday night, November 10th at 7CT!!  Casey has already done several interviews with different radio stations and I have them all right here.....right now!!  So lets get on with it....ok?
The first one is from B104.7 and it's just audio, but oh so good!!  Listen>>>

Casey interview with B104.7~audio only 

The next one is from 99.9 Kiss Country, also audio only and Casey talks about his music and how he fits into the country genre.  The DJ also jokes with Casey about his gorgeous hair!!  Too funny!!  Give it a listen>>>

Casey's interview with 99.9 KISS Country

This next interview is a guy and gal named Bear and Charli out of Green Bay, WI from Y100 Country WNCY 100.3 and Casey talks about breaking into the business and they ask the good questions!!  And they talk about the fans asking them about Casey's music!  You can tell they really like Casey!  Good interview!

Casey's interview with 100.3 WNCY  

Now we have a video from WTQR in Nashville and the first thing you'll notice is Casey's shorter doo!!  I won't say anything bad about it, but I hope it grows back fast, I do like the longer locks better!  And I don't care for the wet look on him either, he looks really good with just the natural dry waves about shoulder my personal opinion.  But he's still Casey James and the new doo has nothing whatsoever to do with his beautiful voice and his mad skills on the guitar!!!  But....what I didn't care for in the video was the DJ mentioning......a-gain......the shirt episode and Kara!  But hopefully this drama won't follow him after he releases his first album and people start seeing Casey for the multi-talented artist that he is, and not some fly by night pretty boy looking for a short cut to fame!!  We all know that is NOT who he is, but others don't know that, but will find that out about him in the future!!  He seems so excited to be doing what he loves!  And I have to say, I'm glad he's taking his time with the album and getting it exactly the way he wants it before releasing it to the public!!

Video of Casey and WTQR DJ's in Nashville

Thanks to Jeffropertv for this video.

And now.....some new pictures of Casey....with his shorter but still lovely hair!!  He's a doll, no matter what, but I've noticed alot of people are not taking to his new shorter locks.  Thats's just hair, and it will grow quickly!  I think I dislike the wet look more than the shortness of his hair, but thats just my opinion.  I just like his hair dry and shoulder length, and it will get there again.  Lets all be patient! :)

Ok yall.....that's all I've got for tonight!  Yall don't forget about the Christmas Card Exchange!  Send me an email to if you would like in on it!

Also I know I mentioned it above, but remember to tune in on Wed. Nov. 10 for the 44th Annual CMA Awards honoring Country Music's very best in the business!!  I'm not sure about the Red Carpet time, but we definitely want to watch that too, as Casey will surely grace it!!  It will be his first time, can all of you imagine how excited he will be?!  I will check tomorrow for more info on the Red Carpet and when it starts, but if I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure GAC and CMT video channels also do the Red Carpet, interviewing artists as they arrive!  It's all so very exciting!!  

Take care yall.....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bucky Recap and he talks to me about Casey James!!

Hey everybody....I'm baaaack!!  Wow......what a great time I've had since yesterday!!  As most of you know, I went to see my other Idol boy Bucky Covington yesterday, over at The Colony, Texas which is by Dallas.  And as usual, he was awesome!  I'll start at the beginning:

I picked my friend Laura up at the Love Field Airport in Dallas about 2:00pm.  We headed straight to the Hotel to put all our stuff up, freshened up and headed down to the festival where Bucky was performing.  We were running a little usual.....and got there about 4:30.  The show was to start at 5, so we went straight to the merchandise table to see Terra (Bucky's sister-in-law) and get our Meet and Greet Passes.  She grabbed them and said hurry, the M&G has already started!   We said "Where?"  She said right on the other side of the bus.....about 15 steps away!  :)  So we go over and within 5 minutes Bucky was saying...."Well hello Glenda, how've you been?" and held his arms out for a hug!  He does hug good too....I might add!  :)  Then he always asks me..."How long did it take you get here?"  He gets tickled at me sometimes, depending on what I had to do to get there and how long it took.  This time was a quick roadtrip, only about 75 or 80 miles....maybe a little further, so I just said "Oh, a couple hours."  So we talked a few minutes about this and that, I wished him and Rocky a happy birthday.....(it's the 8th.....Monday) told him I got him a 6 pack a Shiner Bock beer (made in Shiner, Tx) but couldn't bring it in because of where we were.  So I had also bought him a couple books and gave them to him after the show.  (I had left the presents in the truck)  I also congratulated him on his recent engagement to his gorgeous girlfriend Katherine, wished them well, and told him to give her a hug for me and my best wishes, and he said he would.  Then we got 2 pictures together, one on my phone and one on my camera and they both turned out good!  So, I told him we'd talk more after the show, because Laura still had to visit with him and they were needing him to do sound check like real soon!  So we left and went and got something to drink and headed to the front of the stage to stake out our spot right on the front!  I was surprised because no one was up close they were like 20 feet back in their lawn chairs, and I thought....oh no....I hope nobody comes up to me and tells me not to stand there.....because I'll have to tell them, yes I do.....make me leave..... :D  if it was a security guard or something I would back off, but just somebody in the way!!  The stage was high enough that we were not blocking anyone's view, so we just planted ourselves and got ready to ROCK!!!   Laura and I were the only 2 people standing right up front for about 20 minutes and before we knew it, there was a huge crowd all around!!  I know for a fact that Bucky likes his fans as close to the stage as they can get without being on it with!!  So the show starts and I didn't bounce around as much as I usually do, because I was afraid the vertigo would get worse and I wouldn't be able to drive I just bounced a little bit by getting on my toes and bouncing that way!  Usually I'm jumping up and down every time he does.....and believe me.....he jumps alot....and likes it when the people jump with him!  You learn these things when you've followed them as long as I have him!  Just think, before long, a bunch of us will know all these little inside things about Casey!!!  I've got some cool stuff to tell you about what Bucky said about Casey.....but for now, let me finish this!  Anyway.....his show had changed just a little since I had seen him last, in June at CMA fest.  There was a new drummer, named Mitch and a new lead guitarist named Bo.  And they played with him like they had always been with him, playing all his songs so well!!
Bucky is a live wire onstage and is quite funny as well!!  I think I laughed at him more this time than I'd ever before.....he's just hilarious onstage.....always doing or saying something funny!  I got a bunch of videos to prove that!  I haven't uploaded all of them, but I got some of them, and the Band Intro videos which are always a hoot!!  I did notice that the ones I got on my phone were a bit distorted....but you can still enjoy them!  I think it might have been because I was right on those speakers!  Anyway, I'll post the videos now and then finish up the recap.  enjoy!

"Hold A Woman" Bucky's bluesy sexy song 
 Note: from 1:26 to 2:02 you can't hear anything because I had my finger on the speaker....sorry...

"Drinking in the Country"
a new one and I accidentally stopped it...but there's a little bit of it....and I like it!!

I accidentally hit the Publish if your reading this please come back later and read the rest, I'm still working on it!

"Hands to Yourself" the beginning of the Band intros.....
this is hilarious!! It starts here and goes through the whole band intros!

Band intros continued.....
Scott Saunders (keyboards) and Steve Cook (Bass) check out the old bass Steve's playin' Billy I hope you see this!

Band intros continued.....
This is hilarious after the drummer is finished Bucky's pretending to sing the song and says something funny about a guy in the audience...Mitch-drummer and Bo- lead guitar

Band intros finished and end to "Hands to Yourself"

This is also funny....Bucky forgets to intro his brother....LOL!!  Ducky Medlock on rhythm guitar and Rocky Covington on Percussion...can yall tell Rocky and Bucky apart yet??

"Evil Knievel"
I can still not tell you what the words to this song are....except raised on bar-b-que, Jesus....and a couple other cool song though!!

"Gotta Be Somebody"

I love his version of this song!

"The Wall" The Buckified
Bucky gets the crowd into this one!!  Very fun song!!

Ok, yall.....first I want to apologize for the quality of the sound, I was just too close to get a clear sound, but hopefully yall can understand most of them!  And you can at least see them very good!  Also in one of the Band intros you will see Bucky up close to me and he's pulling on something on the front of the guitar....when you see that.....he was pulling a broken guitar string off and out of his way and he was pulling it fast and hard and when he shoved it out of his way my hand was right there and I got it....I rolled it up with one hand while still extended because people were reaching over me trying to get it!!  They didn't......jus sayin' videoing all at the same about multi-tasking!!  :)  And also speaking of keepsakes.....when the lead guitar player came in front of me I mouthed the words, "Can I have your pick?"  and when he was done he pitched it to me and I grabbed it without dropping it!!  Usually I drop them and have to go to the ground elbowing and hollering....."It's mine....It's mine"!!  LoL!!  So ya see, being close to the stage has it's disadvantages.....(sound).

So the show is over and Laura and I went to the truck to get the gifts for them, and we come back and find all of the band members one at a time, except the drummer, Mitch.....he was nowhere to be found.....and they all took pictures with us and hugged us and thanked us for coming!  And we said....Oh.....but THANK YOU for finally making it back to Texas!!  They always want to come to Texas, but he isn't received as well here as he is on the east coast and midwestern states....go figure.....he is from North Carolina.....that might have something to do with it!  Ya think???

So we're waiting by the bus and only 4 or 5 people are there and this one teenage girl turns to Laura and I and very 'matter of factly' said....."He's not coming out".....  Laura and I looked at each other and said......."Oh yea.....just be patient.....he's playing a game right now"!  Ha ha!  I bet she was wondering who we were and how we knew!!  Terra....Rocky's wife had told Laura.  So about 10 minutes later Bucky comes out and is signing and visiting with the few that were there and we waited to be last so we could have more time with him!  So he comes over and hugs us and I said, "So Bucky....have ya met Casey yet?"  Without even saying his last name....and Bucky knew exactly who I was talking about....he said, "No, not yet, but I want to!!"  Well, I told him I run a site for him and he said "Oh Really?? Have you met him" and I said yea.....5 times.....I mean yea.....I have seen him 5 times and met him in Dallas once and hugged him"!  He said Cool!!!  Then I went on to tell him what a great guy he was and how likable he was and went on to suggest that he look him up and invite him out to the farm (Bucky's house) to ride 4 wheelers and dirt bikes and play some music by the brick fire thing (still can't remember what it's called....duh) with Casey!!  He said he sure would try to look him up!!!  I told him since he was the new kid in town, Bucky could show him some fun stuff to do on his off day(s), rather than work 24/7!!  He was in agreement with me!!  So.....yall keep your fingers crossed he'll find Casey and they can hook up and hang out together!!

Here are a few pictures of me and the band members!  I hope yall have enjoyed my Bucky recap and come away with a whole new feeling about him!!  He's quite a good guy too!!

My favorite stage shot....

                                                  Me and Bucky at Meet and Greet!

                                                                  Me and Ducky

                                                                        Me and Bo

                                     Me and Rocky in the fedora I got him for his birthday!

                                                      Me and Bucky....after the show

Yall leave me some comments and let me know how ya liked the videos and such.....I'll be back with the latest Casey news as soon as there's something to post!!  

Oh yea, I almost forgot!!  I told Bucky I was gonna turn all my Casey fans onto his music by putting the videos on my site.....and he said....."Good.....maybe I can get some extra fans out of it!"  and laughed like he does!  He's so full of it!! :)

Until then.......

Friday, November 5, 2010

News is slow these days.....jus' sayin'

Hey my computer back, and still there's just not much news going on out there!  The weather is so perfect in Texas.....just wish it would stay in the 60's and 70's all year round!  I'm so comfortable right now! :)

Well, it looks as though another James family member was getting their hair styled by the 'now famous' Gino in Ft. Worth!  Seems Billy needed a trim as well as Casey the other day!  So Gino....being the good person he is.....graces his facebook page with the photos he got of BC while he was there!  And....the first thing I noticed was not that his hair is growing out.....but that he seems more buff theses days.... maybe doing a little working out....maybe??  There were several other people who thought the same thing.  Anyway, here's the pics that Gino took....

Poor Gino was having allergy problems that day and his little eye looks lazy.....but he assured us it's just allergies!!  Hope he's feeling better now!  Thanks so much, Gino, for these excellent shots!!

Ok, well, I'm going to run up to Dallas over the weekend, and see my other boy, Bucky!!!  Got my Meet and Greet on Monday!!!  So I'm good to go, just gotta pack a bag and get some gas!!  I've invited alot of people to come to the FREE show, and alot had made plans, but slowly but surely seems like most of them had things that came up that kept them from coming!  Dang it anyway!!  Oh well, he'll be back in a year or two!!  Ha ha!!  Thats about all  the sooner he gets to Texas....not often!!  

I'm going to try to post a video I got of him earlier this year, and most of you might be surprised to find out that Bucky "rocks" a "Pink Floyd" tune!!!  Southern Rock style!!  So if it will it is:

When I get back from my show on Sunday, I will try to set down and do a total recap for yall!!  This will have to do until I can get to another Casey show!!  I hope Casey and Bucky meet soon, I just know Bucky would really like Casey's personality!!  I'm gonna urge him to look him up and invite him out to his farm, and show him a little hospitality, since Casey's the new kid in town!!  They got the 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, ponds, and a brick thing they use like a fireplace outside.  I can't think of what they're called, but you can roast marshmallows and weiners and such on it!  It's like an open fire, but more safe, I think.  Anyway, Casey would have alot of fun with Bucky and his group out there!  I think the 'Kings of Leon' guys live down the road from him.....maybe they could all hook up and play some music by the fire!    And what I'd give to be a fly on the wall for that one!!  Ha ha ha!!  Well, I guess I can wish can't I?? :)

Here's another one of my favorite Casey shots.....just because......

It's the only shot I've ever seen his hair blow dried out straight.....and it still looks awesome!!  Great hair.....just can never look matter what! :)

Ok, yall....I'm heading out for now, I'll be back on Sunday and let yall know what Bucky said about Casey!!  I'll have some pics and videos for ya too!!  See ya then......take care.......

Here's a little 'sumtin' special for yall.....A photo shoot done at AI that I didn't know about till I saw it!!!!  Cool huh???  Sometimes I wish it would stop though..... :)  Later!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey y'all, I wanted to come by and let y'all know my computer is in the shop getting yet another screen put on it!  this is getting old fast!! So I'm just on my phone, and I can't do a full post with my phone cause I can't figure out how to post some stuff
I don't even know how to get my bold lettering back...I think I might could post a link but I can't post pictures, can't figure it out! So y'all check back Thursday sometime and I'll try to have something awesome to talk about!!

Ok, we're getting some participation in the Casey Christmas Card Exchange but I wish more would do this! We only have about 15 doing it right now, and at this time you'll spend about 7 or 8 bucks on postage! Small price for so much enjoyment!!! If any of you would like to join in just send me an email to....
With your address telling me you want in and I will send you a confirmation email telling you I've added you to the list!!

Ok, I'll be back with y'all in a couple days!! Take care everybody, and remember to keep the James family in your prayers!
Until next time.... smile...(make people wonder what you've been up to) 