Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Video released for Casey James, pics, videos, and much more....

I think my internet is back on....I certainly hope so, because I'm blogging anyway!!!  Wow!!!  Where do I begin??  The last couple weeks has been a very very busy time for Casey and the boys!!  I'm talking 8 shows in 9 days, & in too many states to count!!  I would have fell out 4 shows ago.....but Casey seems to thrive on it!!  Oh yea, he gets tired like everybody else, but I think he may have a little super human ability there somewhere, cuz he can keep going and going!!  :-D

Anyway, if you'd like to look back on everything that happened since I've been gone, go see my friend Jenn at Casey James Weekly Highlights  because so much happened,  there is no way I could catch up.  So pay her a visit, she does a fantastic job of keeping up with everything Casey James!

Anyway, while I was gone, Casey and the guys were running around in Florida, Indiana, North Carolina on a Yacht, no less....Georgia & stopped off at the Opry, cuz they were in the area (lol) ...... oh..... and the new video for Crying on a Suitcase was officially released on 8/27!!!   And you can buy yours on iTunes right now!!!   And I'll post it below in a minute.  I finally heard the song on the radio for the 1st time, on my Waco, Tx. station TODAY!!!  It was played at about 6:36pm.!!!  I was so thrilled!!!  I immediately called them up and thanked them for playing it!!  And told them that I would love to hear BOTH of Casey's songs on the radio, and they said they would be playing both!!  That is the best news.....finally.... a country station in my area, is getting behind our Tx boy!!
And now....I give to you..... Casey James in ....

"Crying on a Suitcase" 

Real quick I wanted to give yall the air times on for this awesome new video!  You can also click the link above any other day to find the times it airs.  Just type Casey's name in the search box and scroll down a little.

Upcoming video airtimes for "Casey James" for Thursday August 30
Approx. Air Time* Title Artist
06:27 AM Crying On A Suitcase Casey James
12:34 AM Crying On A Suitcase Casey James
11:40 PM Crying On A Suitcase Casey James
*All times are Eastern(ET)

And one more kinda big thing happened.....he debuted for the first time LIVE, another song from his album, "Tough Love"!!!  And from what I could tell, the crowd was really digging it!!!  Listen for yourself and see....this is a great song, and he sounded beautiful with the rock edge going on!!!

Tough Love (thanks to luvscaseyjames)

Casey sent us all one of the sweetest 'yellow notes' I've ever seen.  See for yourself....

I wonder how many other artists connect with their fans in this way?!  I'm guessing not many.... he really is a sweetie, with a big 'ole heart full o' love.... makes me just wanna just squeeze him right now.... :-)

And.... couple days ago I was up late and on twitter, and Casey tweeted this.... mmm so sweet.

Casey James Blessed for the things in his career....

Wednesday night was the first of 3 shows this week.  He was in Walla Walla, Washington, and I don't have anything on the show just yet, but probably something will come in pretty soon.  Dino posted this on Facebook yesterday:

This week's schedule:

08/29 Casey James at the Walla Walla County Fairgrounds in Walla Walla, WA
09/01 Casey James at Center Stage on the Waterfront in Rockford, IL
09/02 Casey James at the Daniel Boone Pioneer festival in Winchester Kentucky

Thanks for all of your support and hope to see you at a show soon!

Casey sure knows how to pick 'em don't he??  It seems like all his bandmates are like him, really humble and kind and just good people with big 'ole loving hearts!  Nothing better.....

 Here are a few random pics, before I head out of here!!  All these were taken in the last couple weeks and in different places....enjoy!!

The first 2 were taken at the N.C. show by Pam W. Gotta love the Casey Laugh!!  Thanks girl!

This one was in Indiana by Melinda T. thanks!!

 Kenneth Hawkins from Indiana State Fair

Thanks to Dino V. for tweeting this pic while at the Jacksonville FL. show!

Here are a few screencaps from the video....  Casey is such a good actor, I had to take a few screencaps,  he was so very good as he portrayed the guy who lost his love to an airplane.....  lol .....  plus....can you find the silhouette and actual plane taking off in the video??  I can also hear a plane somewhere in the video....can you??  Just a little fun trivia to see how sharp yall are!!  Leave me a comment if ya know!    :-D  Hahahaaa!!  Enjoy.....

Ok, my peeps, I gotta go fix some breakfast for my hard working hubby, yall have a great day, and keep the people of New Orleans and the surrounding areas who were in the path of Isaac,  in your prayers and good thoughts....these people have been through a lot, and they really need a break.  

Take care....I'll see yall soon....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The premiere of Casey James' new video for 2nd single "Crying on a Suitcase"

You read that right, it's here, and I might add, this one snuck up on me!!  Just a message a couple days ago that it would be soon.  But you know how those things are.....soon could be in 5 minutes or 5 days....who knows, so I just say ok, I'll see it when it gets here!!  And let me tell you what.....the wait was well worth it, because Casey done a fantastic acting job in this one!!!  The story line was very believable!  Well what am I jabbering about.....yall need to go see this now!!  Just click the link and put in your email, (if it asks) and by doing that you are agreeing to them sending you their newsletter.  Then just get ready to be wowed!!!    And don't forget to click on the full screen icon at the bottom, you wanna see this as big as you can!!  :)  Here's my favorite part of the video and a little teaser for those of you just now seeing it.....nice huh?? 
Thanks Sandy for the screencap below....

Casey James "Crying on a Suitcase" Video Premiere"

Casey talks with "Keeping it Country" and taking on a dramatic role in his newly released video for his 2nd Chart topper, "Crying on a Suitcase!!  Read what he says HERE!

HERE is what "The Examiner" had to say about Casey's new video, and his acting!!

A couple days ago, Casey's first single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night", celebrated it's first year anniversary, being released on August 15th.  Wish I knew how to find out how many have sold since that day.  I know it had a good first week.  If anyone knows how many total copies have been sold, let me know in the comments here or drop me an email.

As many of you know, Casey and the boys were all on vacation this week, and I only know where one of 'em went.....Blaine.....down to South Padre Island to see and visit his family!  I took off too, I had no idea what was going  But I dreamed I was on a sandy beach in Galveston, and a flood came and washed the beach away....hmmmm, hasn't that already happened?!?!   I think I was enjoying myself until I had to leave.  Or was I washed away.....  hmmmm  I hope not..... Oh well....

Anyway, tomorrow starts another grueling  bunch of long journeys, starting on the 17th in Richland, Rhode Island, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Lapeer Michigan.  Then they skip one day and they are back in Nashville at the Opry on the 21st again!!  Click the link to find tickets.  They must really love Casey at the Opry!  I'd love to be a fly on the wall and listen in on their conversations backstage....or better yet, be invisible and stand right beside 'em and watch 'em make conversation!!  Haaaaa  wouldn't that be fun!?!?  With my luck, that would be the day Casey also choose to be invisible and I wouldn't be able to see him!!  Hahahaaa!!

There was a very nice little article on the Nashville Gab page about Casey the other day stating that he very well may be the nicest guy in country music!!   Yay!!  Everybody else is finally figuring this out!!!  Most of us have known this for a long time now.  But click the link and see what I mean..... HERE

I can't read the name on this picture, but I take it that it belongs to them, so thank ya!

Here is another very cool photo, that Lisa & Pam come up with the other cute.....the many faces of Casey James!!  Thank ya girls.... love it!!  Yall don't know just how bad I want to caption these.....but I won't!!  :)

The new show coming up on the 23rd, next Thursday sponsored by radio station Kat Country, should be a pretty good experience since it's aboard a Yacht named Ragin' Mistress!!  Wow, I would like to know what spurred the owner to name her that!!  hehe....
I've already added this show to the sidebar of Upcoming Shows, so if you would like to know more about it, click on the link in the sidebar.

Well, I think thats about it for now.... Yall get to as many shows as possible this weekend, cuz I can bet with all the rest they've had, they are all going to put on some great high energy shows!!  Have fun, and I'll see yall soon!!

Until then.....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New interviews, videos, and pictures of Casey James and his really awesome band!!

Crying on a Suitcase is moving on the charts, and ended up at the #30 spot moving up 3 spaces to break the Top 30!!!  Keep those requests going in Casey Fans, it's working!!! 

Remember Casey's co-star in his new video? Leah Harmon @Leah_Eliz  tweeted, "yep @TKMcKamy did @caseyejames's vid too. Saw the 1st cut on Tuesday. It's Amazing. Get excited!" We are, Leah!! Thanks!
You bet we're getting excited!!!!!  It won't be too long now and we'll get to see it!!!!  :)

Here is a video interview, (which I always like better) from Decatur's show last weekend.  It's a short but sweet video, and I really just love the 'man bun'.....where are you Drew?? aussie friend who loves the man bun on Casey....., here it is!!!  LoL!!!  Actually there are quite a few who are fond of this doo on Casey, and I like this shorter beard with this man bun.  It looks great.  But if his beard gets any's just not my taste, I guess., NewsCenter17, StormCenter17, Central Illinois News-

We have some people glad to share pictures and videos, and I'll post a few here for yall now....Enjoy!!!  And Thank you!!

Thanks to Chris B for her artistic touch to this photo!  :)

Thanks to Pam & Lisa for this emotionally packed shot!! 

 Thanks to BosJerseyGirl for this awesome much emotion....

Thanks to Gail V. for this awesome shot!!

Casey James hangs out at the WMZQ Studio  (Pictures)

So Sweet .... in Belpre, Ohio (Thanks to Lisa P)

Crying on a Suitcase~Belpre, Ohio~Thanks to pjwood67

Photos from Country Kickin' Cancer Benefit in Salem, Ohio
(Thanks to Lori Crowl for all she did for this benefit)

Casey and the Band in Belpre, Ohio (Pictures)
(Thanks to Pam and Lisa for these great shots!)

Awesome Article!!

Casey James - Life in Lansing

I've got a couple more videos to try and find and I'll put them on as soon as I can!!  :)

Until then....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Casey James...singing in an Airport? Interviews & other news

Casey's new single is holding it's own in the country music scene!  This week it came in at an impressive #32 on the Mediabase Charts!!  :)  This info comes in from a new site, and friend of mine, she calls the  "Casey James Weekly Highlights" .  So click the link and check out her new page, I think yall will like it!  She also has info of where " Crying on a Suitcase" came in on other countdowns for the week!

Well, I had no idea that Casey had an ongoing fascination with the disappearance of Amelia Earhart!!  Casey says...."it's just one of those things, that I've always wondered about ya know?"  Read the rest of the story

I wanted to also mention, that theres a show listed on the sidebar in the UPCOMING Shows section in Albany NY, for Alive @ 5.....and it is NOT happening.  There seems to have been a mixup in the scheduling and Casey was put in by accident.  So....sorry all those Albany NY fans.....  :(   Casey will get to yall soon, I'm sure.  :)

Casey is just popping up in so many different places, and this time it's on a Cricket Wireless Commercial.  It's not his face, but I do believe every Casey fan will recognize that voice when they hear it!!   Click HERE to hear the clip!

Casey is on "Celebrity Spotlight" and is interviewed by Nancy Jay.  Check out this cute video!!

All Access has the scoop on what's happening with  Casey and  'Airports?'  Of course we all know his new single title is "Crying on a Suitcase", and that it's about a guy, a girl, and an 'airport'.  Well, Casey was chosen to be a part of a month long campaign  US Airways is sponsoring, called "30 Days for DC".  The airline is celebrating their new expanded Service from Reagan International to Washington DC Airports.  And US Airlines was kind enough to tweet us some pictures of Casey performing!
And what a great place to sing his new single...."Crying on a Suitcase"!!  Haha!!  Perfect!!!  :D  Thanks US Airways!!

Casey will be in Salem, Ohio tonight for a Cancer Benefit, which we all know is close to his heart,  because his momma is a survivor and he lost his Paw Paw to it last year.  So if you're in the area, go see Casey and support a great cause!!   For more information check it out HERE

Thats all I have for right now, I'll be back with more soon!!   :D

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