Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hilarious Halloween Pics....

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!

Although many of you celebrated last night, today is actually Halloween, so I will post accordingly! :)  There was some partying going on last night around the country, and Fort Worth, Texas was no exception!  Casey's hair stylist, Gino, became a photographer for the evening at the party he was attending!  Well, I'm here to tell you, if he ever gets bored with hair (probably not...) he would be a great photographer!!  I'll post a couple of the shots he got!
Check out this couple......look familiar?'s Casey and a Crazed Fan!!!  That's what Gino called it....a crazy fan....ok, now I know....we're all crazy! :) Ha ha!  Don't they look the part?!  Gotta love it!!!!!
  And here's Gino with lots of blonde hair!!  All joking aside....I actually like it.....please don't slay me Gino!! :)
Thanks so much Gino for sharing your Halloween Party Pics!!  They're great!!!

The Key's Lounge was also a Party scene in Ft. Worth last night!  When I got off work, I mozzied on over to have a drink and check out all the costumes!  It was a blast, even though I was only there about an hour and a half, there was great fun going on!!  Here's a picture of the Hippies, and you might recognize a couple faces in this picture!  Yep, it's Dawna and Doug, who are big Casey fans!!

Thanks to the Key's Lounge on Facebook for posting this cool shot!!

Ok now.....I had almost forgot about this video!  This is perfect for Halloween!!  Remember......there's a short clip of the Ford Fiesta commercial at the beginning, then it's the Awesome Mustang Commercial, starring......Casey James....and the others!  Enjoy!!

"Casey and the Vampires"

Theres a shot of Casey, taken from that video that still, to this day, is one of the sexiest I've ever seen of him!  I usually don't say that word.....well, because "It's all about the music", but sometimes, more times than I care to share.....there comes that photo that is just mesmerizing!  And this is just one of them>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And this one's not bad either......a little blurry, but I can see past that.....;)

 He could very well play the part of a vampire and pull it off as good as any!!  Hmmm....maybe someday we'll get to see him on the silver screen.....who knows!?!

Well, yall have a great Halloween....if your celebrating today!  And remember.....always be safe with your 'young uns' and check their can do that by eating it first.....Hahahaha!!!  It's a good thing I don't have little ones, cause I can hardly contain myself when I smell Halloween candy!!! 
Yall have fun, see ya later.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Casey Fans Christmas Card Exchange 2010 & other news and pictures....

Well....hello again yall!!  Yep, I'm back for the 2nd day in a row!!  I told all of you yesterday, I'd be back in a couple days because I had to work Friday and Saturday.....but.....the boss called and said to take the day off because......well.....because I really don't know.  It had something to do with the money or something.....anyway, here I am again!!

After yesterday's new pictures of Casey, supplied to us by his hair stylist, Gino (thanks again sweetie) I feel like anything I say today, won't even remotely compare.....but I'm going to try anyway!!

I wanted to remind everybody again about the "Christmas Card Exchange".  This is so much fun to do, and you get Cards from all over the world, that is......when we can get our international fans on board!  I haven't received but a handful of people wanting in on it, and I know we have more Casey fans than that!  This is something so fun, and if you ever do it once, you'll want to repeat it year after year!!  Just send me an email  to  and tell me you would love to be in on the Christmas Card Exchange, and include your mailing address and I will send you a confirmation email letting you know that I received your request and you will be put on the list!   December the 1st is the deadline to get your name and address to me, and at that time I will send out to each person on the list a copy of the list and check your name and address to make sure everything is right.  If it is, you don't have to do anything, but if it is wrong, please email me back and make corrections.  As soon as you get the list, you can start sending out your cards to everyone on the list and you'll start recieving all of yours!  It's so fun to go to the mailbox and wonder where in  the world you got a card from that day!!  It's amazing fun!!  I'm asking also, that everybody get creative and make your card, your own.  You can actually make your own cards at several places, but I like  You can do all kinds of neat stuff with their card maker!!  And if you want to, you can include a favorite picture of yourself and Casey or just Casey or just's all up to you, however you want to do it!  And if you just want to send out traditional Christmas Cards, then that's ok too!!  It's just cool when everybody throws in their own little touch!!  So get those emails to me Casey Fans, this is going to be a blast!!
It seems Debra was also snapping pictures while Casey was home for a few days!  Remember I told yall that Casey raked his PaPaw's yard?  Well.......seems Momma James got a picture of it!  Check this out!!

That boy just cannot take a bad way!!!  He even looks awesome raking the lawn!!

Here is another that is just too sweet......

Ha ha ha!!  I'm just trying to figure out exactly what he's doing here.....holding a tree limb for sure, but why is he bent over like that, and what's that in his hand?!  Any ideas yall?
PaPaw looks good in Red!  What a sweet looking man.....yall keep praying for him now, ok?

Great Big Thanks going out to Debra for these awesome shots!  Thank you so much!! seems Caseymania has once again been nominated for "Best Fansite"!!  I'm so honored, and thank yall so much for the 3rd place a little while back!  But someone has my name's almost does start with a 'J'......but the last name is Jordon not Jackson....hahaha!  If yall would like to cast your vote every 20 minutes (haha) here's the link>>>>>> "Faxo's Best Fan Site"

Thanks so much for this!!  I just love yall for it!!!

I'll be back in a little bit........

Well, it looks like everybody is getting ready for Halloween!  I hate to say it, but I just don't get into it anymore.  I have no little kids, I live 10 miles out in the middle of nowhere.....(close to bfe) there's not a snowballs chance in hell a kid is gonna come knocking at my door after dark.....ain't happening.  :D
So....I just don't do all the decorating and stuff like I used to.  I dressed up every Halloween and took my boy trick or treating till he was was always so fun!!  I think I might have had more fun than him, cause I actually got away with trick or treating & getting candy and the whole 9 yards!!  I know, I kinda feel bad about it.....not!!  Hahahaha!!  Thats just me, I don't want to grow up, I might get old....hehehe!!
The last time I wore a costume, I was 41 and I was invited to a Adult Halloween Party.  So I went as a Gypsy!  Back then, I had the abs to rock that low riding skirt, crop top, and all!  I actually had fun with it.  I hadn't done it in like 10 years, so it was good to dress up again.....but I sure did miss the trick or treating friends thought I was nuts when I said, "Aren't we going trick or treating, where's your candy bags?"    They were like......ummm No.....we are NOT going trick or treating......are you serious???  ummm you're how old?!!!!  Ha ha ha!!  They actually thought I was serious for a minute!!

And for those of you who *L*O*V*E Halloween.......I'll leave you with this gorgeous but scary Vampire......HAPPY HOOOOWWWLLOWEEEENNNN!!!!!!

 I probably will be working tomorrow night, so yall have a fantastic Halloween, be careful while out and about with your kidos, and I'll catch yall in a couple days!
Until next time......

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Casey James gets his hair cut......and other news

Hey everybody!  Hope everyone has been having a good day!  Mine was wonderful!  I just got off the phone with none other than Casey's momma!  She is just so sweet, I love talking to her!  She's been going 90 miles an hour for quite a while now, and I wish with all my heart she wasn't having to go through all she's going through.  Her job is very busy all day and then she has to check on her ailing father after she gets off.  To be honest with you, I don't know how she does it!  It blows my mind, the strength of this woman!  I have so much respect for her!  She hangs on and never gives up, and keeps chugging along!  Sometimes, a busy life is good to keep your mind off the things that would be breaking you down if you weren't totally busy all the time!  And lord knows she has enough on her plate right now to take down anybody!  Yall keep her and the whole James family in your prayers that they have strength to carry on through Papaws illness.  And also that God have mercy on him and keep his pain at a minimal.  Debra told me that his pain level was manageable at this time, and I was so relieved to hear that!  So all the prayer warriors out there, yall keep it up, he's doing ok for now.
As most of you know, Casey has been in Fort Worth the last few days to visit with family.  He got to spend 2 1/2 days visiting with PaPaw!  And he even raked his yard for him!  There's just so much love in that family my heart is always warmed by something or another with them.....hmmmm  It also confirms that Casey is still Casey.....the same person that drove to Denver to audition for AI last he calls himself......he's still......'just some dude'.  I know in my heart that Casey will never get above his raising.  Now....I think that is a southern term, and for those who may not know, it means, like having a big head about his success and conceited, or above the way he was as a child growing up in Fort Worth.   We all know he is not that way, and he tries to still conduct himself as a 'normal' individual.  His life is anything but normal now, but it's good to know he will stay grounded and never act as if he's better than anyone else, regardless of how popular he becomes in the next few years!

Another thing Casey did while at home in Fort Worth, was to visit his hair stylist, Gino.  Yep, he got a haircut!  But don't worry,  Gino knows what he's doing with Casey's mane, he's the one who suggested he grow it out in the first place.  He has also maintained it since the beginning.  Although someone in Nashville (I'm assuming someone with BNA) had suggested he get his hair cut there in Nashville, Casey adamantly refused, saying his hair stylist was Gino, in Texas.  Just another testament to the loyalty of Casey to the people in his life!  While there getting his mane cut and his beard trimmed up, Gino did us all a huge favor and decided to click away with his camera.  He proceeded to post those pictures on his facebook page and gave me permission to use them here!!  So....without further ado......

Casey, as he looked walking into Gino's Salon.....


And..... Casey, after Gino worked on him!  Why didn't he take his hat off, I ask??  The only difference I can see is cool shades and a shorter, shaped up beard.  Still, he looks handsome as ever....



And last.....but certainly not least.....Casey and my new favorite stylist.....Gino!  Thanks a bunch for the photos Gino....your the best!! it's time for me to eat crow!!!  I posted a couple days ago that Billy had actually moved to Nashville with Casey.  Well.....(mumbling now....) that's not exactly true..... I was informed by Debra earlier that Billy is NOT in Nashville yet, but they are hoping he will be soon.  So, we all can stop congratulating him now for something that hasn't happened yet!  :)  :D  lol!!
I bet he was thinking.....'where do these people get their information?'  I totally apologize for posting something that was not a fact.  But I guess that could happen to anybody, but it still don't make me feel any better!  At least everything I'm posting tonight is the (*raising right hand now*) 'whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God'!!  :D

Gino was also gracious enough to give us a little information about Casey.  He was there in Gino's shop about 3 hours, visiting and getting his grooming on!! :)  When he left the shop he was headed back to Nashville, to resume life as a recording artist!  He also said that Casey was doing his first Photo Shoot for BNA on Tuesday!!  Yall know what that means, right??  It probably means that they are beginning to start marketing him, getting his face out there and advertise him as BNA's newest artist!!  So yall start looking for new shots to be popping up soon!!!  I can't wait to see them!!  If he's already hired a publicist, he/she will be working on getting him in magazines and TV shows and such.  It won't be long now!  I so wish we could hear his first single off the album before the end of the year..... but I think his label is not rushing into anything, so probably not.  But I'm crossing my fingers anyway!!  I think they want to get this first album as perfect as they can get it!  At this time Casey is still writing, and with some very 'known' writers is all I can say and probably listening to lots of songs to possibly put on the album.  I just want Casey to be with his first album, because there's never going to be another 1st album.  And if it takes longer than I can bare.....then so be it.....we'll just have to wait a little longer!  But I have a feeling that the wait is going to be well worth it!!!

The other day, one of Casey's fans from Australia sent me a picture I had never seen!  She said it was floating around the web.....well, it never floated into my view.....I most definitely would have remembered this shot!!  Take a look......

Is that a great picture or what??  I know I have never seen that, but it does look like it could be from when he was on AI.  The bad thing is......she didn't know who the original owner of the shot is, so I'll remedy that, the way I always do......

A great big THANK YOU to Drew from 'down under' for sending me this beautiful shot!  And thanks to Anonymous for taking this picture!!  If it's yours, please come forward!

Well, tomorrow I have to go back to work for a couple of days, but I'll be back probably Sunday if not before!  Take care yall.....

Until next time......

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey y'all! I decided not to do a post today, I ended up being too busy to actually get to it! So meet me back here tomorrow night and I should have a new post ready! Oh, before I go, just wanted to let y'all know I'm going to see Bucky Covington in The Colony, Texas on November 6th! I totally intend to talk to him about Casey too!! Talk to y'all later!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lots to talk about.....and Casey James comes home?

Wow....I'm gone from here a couple days and there's all kinds of Casey news buzzing around!  I had to work an extra day, so sorry it took me so long to get back!  But I'm back now, and I've got my work cut out for me.  So yall just kick back and relax.....there's all kinds of stuff going on!!

It appears that Casey James has come home to check on and visit with his ailing grandfather.....lovingly donned as "Paw Paw"..... a name which most southerners are accustomed to, but I have seen comments that were pretty funny concerning the term.  I recently learned of "Paw Paw's" condition.  It appears the elder James has been diagnosed with cancer that has spread to his bones, and the outlook is not good.  Many fans, including myself, have been praying for him and all of the James family and will continue to do so.  It's all we can do..... and we ask God for mercy and that he not be in pain, as we also ask for strength for the whole family during this difficult time in their lives.  Death is a part of life, as much as we hate has to be, there's no way around it, but we don't have to like it.

I came across this article in the "Weatherford Democrat" newspaperIt's Debra's story of how she, herself, beat breast cancer and is now doing her part to raise awareness about this horrible disease!  Just click the link above to read her story!  I've wanted to know about this for a long time, thank you Debra, for sharing your touching story with everyone!  What a strong woman she is.....I have so much respect for her!

I  got another bit of news that is so awesome to hear!!  It appears that Billy either 'has' or 'is' moving to Nashville with Casey!!!!!!!  Do yall know what that means???  I am more than sure it means he will be the Bass player in the newly signed "Casey James Band"!!!  I am so thrilled with this news, as we've all been sooooo wishing that Billy and Jacy would get to be in Casey's band.....and it sure does look like it might be happening!!  Why else would Billy move out there??  See where I'm going with this???  Ok, if I'm wrong about this whole thing, I'll be eating crow, but for now, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!!  :D

There's a song of Casey's that's just being raved about and raved about and I'm on board with every raver!!!  I've already posted it once, but I just HAVE to post it again!!  The song is "She", a Casey James original, with backup harmony vocals by none other than his precious momma, Debra.  I know I've said it before and I'll say it again.....there's just something special about those family harmonies!!  Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!  Thanks so much to CLWesson for this gorgeous video complete with awesome shots of Casey and the family!  Enjoy......


I think I'll post a picture or two.....never get tired of doing that!!  :)

Thank you daydreaminmeme for this beautiful creation!

 Thanks to missleahg for this beautiful Seattle shot!

I have this article that was posted in the "Nashville Gab", that caused quite a stir and there's a few things said by the writer that just didn't sit well with Casey's multitude of fans!  For the most part, it was not meant to be a negative review......I don't I said, there were some things that I even frowned on.....and even a comment that was totally uncalled for and horribly rude, and the person obviously knew nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, about Casey James!!!......but, I'll just post the whole thing it and then be prepared to be blown away by the droves of Casey James Fans ready to go to bat for him!!  :D  Their comments are below the article!

Casey James good for country music?

Casey James is the latest in a somewhat long line of American Idol alum to announce that he's going to pin his career hopes and dreams on country music.  Unlike some of the others - those who shall remain nameless - I actually think Casey might be a good fit and may be doing it because he actually likes the music and not just because it was the first genre that he was offered a record contract in.  My only request is that he cut that hair...we already have a Bucky Covington.
That being said, I've heard some people ho and hum about his decision to go country.  Heck, I may have even hoed and hummed in the past (after all, it's my job to be cynical), but one thing is certain, Casey James may actually be good for country music in ways other than just his sexy looks and decent voice.
It's no secret that some country artists have made fun of people who use the popular television show to short-cut their way to fame and fortune, but let's face it, how many of those stars wouldn't have gave it a shot when they were just starting out if it had been available to them.  I have a feeling there would have been more than a few stars who would have loved to have been able to cut out the years and years and years of heartache and struggling and went straight to a record contract and being appreciated for their talent.  Okay, I doubt any of those stars would give up the experience and memories that years of struggling gave them, but when they were starting out I just wonder how many of them would have taken the quick route if they had the chance.
Now I can't say that Casey James will ever be successful in country music - a genre that is stuffed full to the brim with highly talented people who are scrambling to be discovered and appreciated - but I can tell you that he has one thing going for him that many of the other talents out there don't....InstaFans.
Yes, those American Idol fans.
I have to say that in the two and a half years I've been doing this there's one thing I've learned very, very well - that country music fans are a bunch of nuts....but in an absolutely wonderful and fun way!  Country fans are passionate, outspoken, loyal, fun, totally crazy, and will defend their favorite artist like a mama bear defending her young.  I've been at the receiving end of country fans who weren't happy with something I had said and let me tell you, it can be inspiring and scary all at the same time.  Why do you think I've only ever posted one or two pictures of myself on the site?  I don't want to meet any angry Carrie Underwood fan in a dark alley anytime soon and have them actually recognize me.   
But all that said about country fans, I've come across one thing in this universe that can rival even the most devoted country music fan and that's an American Idol fan.  Combine the two and you've got yourself one powerful combination that all we can do is hope they use their powers for good.  Something I've noticed in those American Idol alum who get record deals is that not every genre's fans follow them into the real world, but those who go country seem to bring a huge portion of their American Idol fans with them, whether their American Idol fans are country fans or not.
In comes Casey James.  Casey James has fans.  Casey James has a lot of fans.  Casey James has a lot of fans who weren't country music fans but he's bringing them along with him for the ride anyway.
Here's an email I got last night from a CJ fan....
Hi, I found a link to your site from countryweekly. It's nice. Countryweekly did a poll on twitter If you could only follow one person who would that be? Casey James won. He's in Nashville working on his first album, signed to Sony BNA after winning 3rd place on American Idol. When he announced he was going into country music a lot of his fans were kinda shocked. But we pretty much swang with the punches and began following all the country music news. Now I had been listening to some on the radio and I recognized a Keith Urban song when he sang it on tv for the competion. But other times I was lost. Anyway I am going to follow you and hope that you can find anything related to Casey to tweet. His name on twitter is @CaseyEJames. Even a sighting that he was at a restaurant, or who he was seen with has caused a stir in twitterland. Thanks for reading this.
Yes, this is a gal who wasn't a fan of country music but likes her some Casey James so she's giving  country music a chance.  Most people who give country a chance find that they love it.  This gal didn't know zip about country music but found that she could recognize a Keith Urban song on the radio because he sang it on American Idol.  This is a gal who is going to listen to country radio in the hopes of hearing a Casey song, who has been reading Country Weekly in the hopes of a Casey mention, who found my site because she was hoping to catch even the slightest inkling of a Casey James post.
In my book that's a good thing.
So how long before that Casey James passion turns into a Carrie Underwood love, a Toby Keith appreciation, a Keith Urban album purchase, a Sugarland concert attendance?  Oh sure, this reader may never garner an appreciation for anything other than the easy-on-the-eyes Casey James, but what about the hundreds, thousands, or even millions of fans Casey's picked up and is bringing with him from his run on American Idol?
Casey James' album may never go anywhere and he may soon disappear into that wasteland of has-beens, but I think his contribution and the contribution of others like him can't be denied - a fan is a valuable commodity to all of country music no matter where they may have originated from and I want to say one thing to all of them....welcome to the country club.
And in honor of the Casey James fans who may find this by Googling, here's a video of their quarry...

Video by twistdfrk

And here are the Comments:

The smartest thing he's doing is putting a band around him like Daughtry. He's also a pretty strong guitarist so he's not just some singer. Should be interesting.
Idols is sometimes seen as a short cut, but that certainly doesn't apply to everyone on the show. You don't learn how to play the guitar like Casey does, by just strumming a few cords over weekends, it takes time and lots of dedication to the craft, and indeed Casey has been a working musician for 10 years, and he is an amazing musician.
Record labels, executives and radio stations are overly concerned with boxing artists into genres these days, but at the end of the day the people who buys the music are sometimes just looking for good music regardless of the genre. Many artists can comfortably stretch themselves over more then one genre which is exactly what Casey can do. But Casey's biggest appeal is the simplicity, originality and authentic sound of his music. Casey doesn't need bells, whistles or tricks and that is very refreshing. He connects with the music emotionally in a honest manner that captures you and makes you feel the music. For example many people who where not fans, where memorized by Casey's Jealous Guy performance. That is what fans connect with the most, the honesty of the music, and it doesn't matter what the genre is, sometimes we just want good music whether it is pop, rock or country.
It is true that a lot of us are not country fans, as someone else above has mentioned some of us are not even American so we don't know country music, and perhaps some of us will never be fans of country music. But Casey will certainly add something original and honest to country music.
Oh grumpiestoldman.... you do stand up to your username. Casey can't sing and relies on his looks alone? Wow, did not see this coming! Do not refer to fans like we are mindless bunch who only follows after Casey cos he gives us the hots or cos we like his hair and all that crap I keep seeing on overly zealous haters. Yes, we do admit we are starting to "school" ourselves with country music since Casey delve into it. Does exploring a new genre disturb you much? I'm not particularly defending Casey, but his supporters who are NOT dumb as you see it. I may know more about music than you do, sir olde grumpy so you can now walk away slowly (yes please pickup the net, don't 4get to bring it with you)
I think we need a big butterfly net to gather up all the people who commented here and put them away in a safe place.
The guy can't sing, and is getting along on his scraggy looks alone. Another opportunist trying to cash in by clogging up our country airwaves with pseudo-country.
Funny how all these brand new country fans commented on this blog for the first time. Do you think maybe a fan club linked here?
Oh boy where do I start. You may not have meant to but you've engaged us Casey fan's in a tiff. Casey is no mediocre talent but a full blow star in the making...I have a hard time believing that you have ever been on youtube to investigate your subject before you write these things. Even so sick he could barely stand Casey brought it on the show and on tour. It's not a chose for him, he just is a musical being. I'm a long time country listener and have lived through decades of changes in the genre. Some I liked and some I didn't. And like Barbara Mandrell, "I was country when country wasn't cool". But I remember seeing Alan Jackson on cmt for the first time. He was unknown at the time. Same with Trace Adkins, Maranda Lambert,and Sugarland to name a few. They are all different but are huge in the business. May not the typical country sound, I could see they were going to be big stars and I was right. They have something undeniable about them. Star quality on top of talent. Do you remember Carrie Underwood's first video "Jesus take the Wheel? Anyone could see that she was going to be huge, even though she seemed very uncomfortable. All these are pretty people but that is not why they achieved their success. To sell a product you have to have something valuable to consumers and this label knows they have hit the motherload with Casey. This is not a charitable gester on their part. This is big business. He has fans all over the world who are waiting anxiously to hear, buy, and see him perform his music. And it's less about his AI performances and more about the one's out there on the internet that allow him to cut loose and be himself. That's when his talent shines. AI is a great opportunity but without the talent and longevity it only provides many with their 15 mins of fame and maybe a few tv appearances. Casey was right when he said that if he could just get to hollywood week so viewers could see him do what he loves that he could prove his place in the music world. His biggest challenge in my mind will be putting down his guitars long enough to have a life outside of his passion, which is obviously music,music,music...
IDK. I'm a CJ fan from AI, and was disappointed he went country, but I guess blues doesn't sell. I don't really see a difference in his background and other "gone country" singers who have gospel or pop backgrounds, but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I will see what he puts out before buying.
Besides his beautiful hair,prettiest i've seen on a man and he's masculine enough to wear his hair however he wants. i'll tell you, the ladies love it though. and his beautiful family , Casey James has a beautiful soul. He's not going to 'fade' into anything because he is awesomely versatile and talented. . He doesn't put on music like people put on fakeness or makeup that can be washed away. he has a long history of music growing in his heart and soul. He's got Character. He was the music before American Idol and he will be the music long after he is gone. Anyone who loves Casey James is getting the best end of the musical deal. He wants his fans to love music, to feel it, live and breath it and to learn more about it and listen to non mainstream musicians that are awesomely talented but nobody hears much about. the gems, pearls that enrich life and spirit. That is what i Love about Casey James. and i am ready to buy whatever he creates. i have everything so far. he has not disappointed me yet. Will he be good for Country is not even a question. HE'S GOOD. He's better than good. and he will bring freshness to anything his musical soul touches.. that's my feeling!
Although I had never seen American Idol, once I saw his brand on YouTube, I just knew what we had here. Just listen. Be it bluesycountryrock or whatever, I'll find it and buy it.
I was a tad dismayed when I found out Casey was signed to a country label, but if anyone can convert me, It's Casey. I honestly don't care at this point what genre he records and performs in...I'm just anxious for his CD to come out.
I love all these comments! Yes Casey has a lot of loyal fans already, but he's gonna have even more once he gets his music out there. All the media will love his genuine humble attitude too. I've been a fan of various musicians, but I've never been as excited about one as much as I am about Casey James!!
My favorite week of Casey was country week!
We sure do love our Casey James. He is unlike any other. He is so genuine and true to himself. His guitar skills are amazing and he has a beautiful voice all his own. He is in a class by himself. I will be a Casey James fan forever!!! :)
If you know Casey's story, his whole life has been a country song. I can't wait to hear what he's bringing us with his CD and first solo tour. I, too, have learned alot about music from Casey - my favorite "find" being Jonny Lang. I was already a long time country fan. By the way, I thought the Bucky comment was funny because I've thought the same thing! Pretty sure you were just comparing their hair and not them in general. Long hair, short hair, no hair - I'm a Casey fan and can't wait for what's to come.
I certainly hope that Nashville welcomes Casey and it sounds like from feedback that I've seen from him that they are. I don't think there is as much negativity as there used to be towards a cross-over sound, though I'm sure there will be some. So much of it is more pop. I just saw Loretta Lynn on a GAC special saying that she loves the new stuff. Now that is an endorsement! Because Casey will be fresh and different, I do think it will be a little challenging for him to find exactly the right sound for him to make it as big as we all want him to be. Mainstream radio is very fickle. To really be big, I think "they" have to accept him moreso than his peers.
I've been a country fan for many years and there have been times when I've liked what was on radio more than others. I love that myspace turned me on to so much music that I never would have heard because folks signed up as friends of artists that I enjoy. I'm sorry that myspace has kind of fallen out of favor as FB or twitter don't really showcase music as well. I hope Casey comes in along the lines of Keith Urban who definitely has his own sound, but one that appeals to masses (though his latest stuff has not been my favorite). Keith also has similar humility.
Casey made the right move to country, but I think he is more blues/rock. It's gonna be tough to find the right material to stay true to himself and still be marketable. With the right co-writers, management, etc., I think he'll do great. I, among many, can't wait to hear what he comes up with and I'm sure I'll be a life time fan, regardless of his success in mainstream.
I have been a music fan of Rock, R&B, and Country for many years. What I have always like about Casey E. James is that he is by no means your typical "Country Singer". His versatile style comes out loud and clear with every song he does. He absolutely had me hooked from day one. I just can't think of anyone who can give me Rock, R&B and Country all rolled up in one! I have never been so exhilarated about a musician and his music as I am with him. I will buy every song he does. His hair I love and I must admit a was a bit upset about the "Bucky" remark! There is a big difference between the two of them!
MOST DEFINITELY. Ive always listened to everything, any and every type of music. Country being my favorite. The first time I heard Casey James sing I knew he was a one of a kind artist. Besides his amazing, and extremely unique voice, his guitar skills are out of this world. He will go far. NO doubt in my mind. I will buy any album Casey ever puts out, multiple copies. He will always have me as a forever fan.
Well let me try this again,Casey is his own person ,long hair and all, witch is "beautiful" and such a sweetheart.He is so very tallented, and he will GO FAR!!!Casey has worked very hard to get where he is now.He deserves the best because Casey is the best. Cant wait for his albums, videos on TV, concerts, fame and fortune, Casey deserves it all, hes defently earned it and Casey will get it all. Love that Casey James along with a million or 2 other fans. Linda
I can hardly wait to hear Casey's first recordings coming out of Nashville, seeing him on tour, and seeing him at the various country awards shows and venues. His deep family roots in country, his long years as a working musician, his incredible knowledge of old school country and other genres, his creativity and originality, and, above all, his no-nonsense honesty as a musician, all add up to this: he is great for country!!!!!
Based on the comments, I'm happy to see that Casey fans are very open-minded. Nice to see I'm not alone as well - I'm not from US so country music is a new and different animal for me. But this Casey James love is probably unconditional, that my ears are open to hearing any country serving he offers.

Thanks so much for this article. Much needed. Was not a country fan, but because of Casey I find myself liking more of it. Casey has so much talent.It can't be helped it's in his DNA. His Momma and family are very talented. Casey has said his Dad was teaching Billy how to play guitar and also wanted to learn.So his Dad taught him to play. He is oozing with music abilities from both sides of the family.Just let him loose and he will blow everyone away.And just to let everyone know. "HE'S HAIR IS HIS CROWN AND GLORY". Always a fan no matter what he sangs.

I HAVE always been a fan of country music. I believe Casey will fit right in, and bring a few surprises. As others have said, I was never a constant watcher of AI, nor did I ever vote for a contestant, until I heard Casey James sing. My appreciation of Casey has only grown since his homecoming and AI9 Summer Tour set. Every interview he has given has shown him to be a kind, decent, generous, and SMART person. His love of music exudes from his interviews. He is magic on stage. He has brought me back to loving music again. I hadn't been to a concert in more years than I care to think about, but I did go to the AI9 Tour just to see Casey. Now I am heading to a John Mellencamp show in March and am planning my CMA Fest trip for June. Casey's fans know it is "all about the music" with him, and most of us are way past the "good looking guy" thing. I am anxiously awaiting his first CD and tour. I'll be there!
Thank you for taking the time to discuss Casey in your blog. I'll be following you on Twitter as well!
I was not a huge country music fan until Casey came along. He is an amazing artist. I think he will definitely be good for country music. Can't wait for his first CD!
Your question, Is Casey James Good for Country Music? Absolutely--YES! He is bringing over legions of his fans to this genre. I personally like country. But now, I will be reading the mags, following sites (such as yours) and tuning into country channels like CMT and GAC.
Over last summer, Casey gave his fans "homework assignments"..artist's names (mostly blues & country) of people who influenced him. He wanted us fans to understand him and his sound. So already we were being schooled and exposed to the country genre.
Contrary to your comment that Casey's "album may never go anywhere"--I believe IT WILL GO somewhere, and all the world will soon know who Casey James is. And they will Love Him. The above comments are eloquently written and I recognize them as fellow CJ fans for life. We Are protective of him, we Do support him and we Are behind Casey James 100% whichever way his career goes.
Thank you.
BTW, thank you for featuring Casey in your blog.
Even though AI was Casey's entry point to national attention, it has not been a "shortcut to fame and fortune". Casey has supported himself as a musician for 10+ years and I don't get any sense that he's about fame -- he just wants a shot at being heard by people who are interested in his music. That's as pure a motivation as anyone could want. I'm a blues fan/Casey fan who will be listening to more country music, mainly because Casey has pointed out some country artists he admires. I've checked them out and found music I respect and enjoy, which I would not otherwise have done. There are lots of people who can say the same. How could that be anything but good for country music?
Casey James is a throwback to the "good ole days"... He's a southern gentleman and Christian who grew up listening to "everything" musically... His traditions run deep from the influences of some amazing Southern rockers, R+B, blues and many other genres. His family is amazingly talented - from him Mom to his brother B.C. James and others.
He's risen from the school of hard knocks, poverty and a near death experience to sing and play for the "pure love of music". He sings from his soul and his spirit radiates on every beat. His guitars are literally beaten bloody on some songs while Casey immerses himself so deeply into the performance - that it's an out of body experience (for him and the fans).
I've never voted for anyone on AI or any other show - never been to any AI performances before... but when I saw Casey that changed. He was especially amazing when I saw him at Keys during his HomeComing appearance. The energy that he radiates from his soul is off the charts. It is really evident when you see / hear him in person.
He is truly a very beautiful soul and tries to treat everyone with respect and honesty. Every part of him is endearing and when the country fans see and hear him - they will be flocking to him to get more of that southern delivery.
May 14, 2010 - Keys Lounge - Casey James Home Coming-Video that I shot of Casey below...(2 others at site)
"Satisfied" by Ian Moore
Yes, Casey will be excellent for country music. He has a southern rocker, blues,country ...his own kind of vibe! He can go from a tender ballad that will have you sniffling to a song with such great guitar leads it will blow your hair back! He is the whole package. The real deal. Country Music might have chosen him, but he chose them right back. I really don't think Sony was the only label ready to ink him. He chose country because it is such a wide open space to do the kind of music he wants to do, not because it was a quick ride to fame. I truly believe with all my heart he is not about the fame. He is about music! I have been a fan from day one. I am not someone who has ever watched Idol before last season. But I can tell you this...Casey James is the complete package. Pull up a chair and take a'll be hooked too!
I'm also new to country music thanks to Casey James. I love the emotion and story-telling in the lyrics of the country songs, not to mention how attractive and real the musicians are.
Thanks for the great article about Casey - I absolutely can't wait for his album!
You have to admit, though, that no matter how much road work Casey has done, he will always be the guy who got a record deal because of American Idol and that is what will always be brought up when people talk about him. Carrie Underwood is one of the hugest names in country music right now, but whenever something is written about her it is brought up that she was on American Idol. It's also a fact that there will be people out there who will criticize those who get their big break from the TV show. It's unfortunate but that's the way it is. And I meant no disrespect saying Casey has a decent voice, it was just wording. If I had gushed about Casey's voice then I would have gotten the haters griping at me.
I have been a country music fan, really a fan of many different types of music! I love music and love to play my drums!!! :) My parents listened to many types of music while I was growing up but, country was the one they listened to most. I am so happy for Casey James!!! He unlike many of the others from American Idol...has PAID his dues...for 10 plus years!! This is not a short cut for him! This is a long time coming for him! He has worked his butt off in smoked filled bars, crowds where people cared more about a football game or who they were gonna take home that night! This is long overdue for him!!!!!! He is a very talented artist! He can sing and has a voice very different from the other artist out there today! Oh and yea, he can blow up a guitar like CRAZY!!! I see him up on stage playing with Keith and Brad...blowing up the guitars! I say LOOK OUT Country, cause here comes one of the BEST artist in a long time....he can defiantly hang with the best of them and he WILL trust me!! He has a genuine honest heart as BIG as Texas and he loves music and the way it makes people feel...the emotions it brings out! The way it moves peoples heart and souls!! I know that feeling he is talking about...I have that feeling too...I am just a drummer though..He also loves his fans and his fans love him and support him 100% no matter if they liked country music before or not..they are going to stick around for the long haul!! Oh and one more thing...he doesn't need to cut his hair but if he did...I have seen pics of it short and he still looks good babeeee!!! :) Most importantly...he sounds great!!!
Was not a Country fan at all until Casey arrived on the scene. He is country and a whole lot more and I found out there is more to Country Music than I had thought. Do I love all country music? No, but it is a genre that's speaks to a person's heart and soul with passion. Casey has already done an immense service to the Country genre. And I think he will be happy no matter where his career goes as long as he can just play music.
Also, have to say I find his voice more than 'decent', his guitar skills impressive (he blew me away on Idols tour), and as an added bonus, he's absolutely gorgeous.
I am now a fan of Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band, Kenny Chesney and many others because of Casey James' decision to go country. I probably never would have listened otherwise. I think Casey will find success in country music. I know I'll be buying his music.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Half of a computer screen, and still I managed to update!

Hey yall!  Well, my computer screen is only about half here, actually it's a little more than a half a screen, and I thought.....ok, I will make the page only half, and I'll be able to update that's what I'm doing!  It's not too bad, but that horrible crack on the right side just keeps staring at me.....poor baby......I keep nearly killing it!!  I think I found a place online that I can actually buy the screen myself and I found a guy who will put it in for me, for a little less than it cost last time.  And I don't have to send it off anywhere!  So yall just bear with me, till I get this thing going full page again! 
I tried to update with my iphone, but....I haven't figured out everything I need to know about that thing yet! :)  So, I'm using it right now to listen to Bybee D James' full album!  I decided to just get her whole album, because I like all the songs, and she'll make a few bucks from it.  I have to admit though, I had not listened to all of the songs all the way through, just a couple of them.  I just listened to Gabriel's Wheels all the way through and was blown away!!  That song is awesome!  What a great message it has!

The other day I came across a really cool picture of Casey playing pool!  I believe Gino Melendez had it on his Facebook snagged it, and I'll post it here for all of you!!  I know some of you are not on Facebook and wouldn't see it otherwise, so here it is!!  
Big Thanks to Gino for this really cool shot of Casey taking a shot during his favorite pastime!

Well....seems there's yet another way to keep the buzz going about Casey!  It's another voting thing and I found this on Facebook, so lets see if we can all help keep Casey's name going by voting for him in several on>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

From one of the twitters, Its time to vote for @Caseyejames for the Peoples choice awards. Here is the link: Write him in!!!! Lots of categories Best Musician, Song, Country Artist - so let's get votin...

It's time to voice your choice to determine this year's nominees. The top five will become the official nominees of People's Choice Award 2011! Plus, if you're logged in as a member, you'll be automatically entered to win a trip to this year's show. Vote now!
That's so awesome!!  Let's do our part to help out!!

There's also another place we can all vote to keep Casey's name out there!  It's at Faxo, where he's been nominated for American Idol of the Month!  You can vote every 20 minutes all night and all day, if you want to!  Let's all do all we can to keep his name buzzing around the internet!!  Click the link below>>>>>>>>

For some reason, every once in a while I'll click that thing that seperates the page, and I can't get it off, so.....where it says read more......just click on it and finish reading!  ugh.....I hate it when I do that!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hey y'all! I'm going to try to do something, so bear with me while.I experiment here....
There is a voting thing going on at Dallas reality stars and Casey is doing quite well, being the only male left in the voting page! So I thought I'd try and help out by putting the link here and get the word out so more can help him win this thing!! So... Here is the link... That is, if it works! I'm trying to do this on my phone, because well....I'm a klutz and busted the screen on my laptop AGAIN!! I jut got it fixed a couple months ago!! So, here is the link to vote for Casey! You can vote once per hour, so let's all get on board The Casey Train and help him win!! Thanks

Ok, now I'll see if the link worked! Hope so!!

I don't think the link is working and I don't know how to make it work on this phone! Only thing I can think of right now, is to copy and paste it into your browser and get there that way! I'm taking off to see about getting my computer fixed in a little bit. Be back later!

Just a couple things.....I'm still tired..... I am again.  I'm still tired from last week.....I hope I get my energy back soon!  I could go to sleep sitting here, right now.....(yawn.....)....but I can't!  Stuff to do!!  
Hey.....I came across something very awesome last night!!!   There's another Casey song that has surfaced!!  Yes!!!  And he wrote it!!  The name of it is  "She"..... love the title.....very different!  ok, I had to wait till someone posted it on YouTube because I'm still not understanding how those M4 or MP3's or whatever they!!   But.....Someone posted it on there, so I saved it to my favorites and I have it here, for!!!  Give it a listen......


Thanks Maria for making this cool video!!
I'm gonna be listening to this over and over......because it's new to me!!!!  I just LOVE it!!!!  Yall let me know what ya think of it!!
From what I gather.....this song was recorded in a radio station.....KNON....about a year a go this month, with Momma James singing backup harmonies with him!  There's just something to be said about the sound of family's undeniably beautiful every time I hear it!

Picture time>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I just love his smile in this picture!  I captured this from the "Don't Stop" Video.  It's just a little bit blurry, but not much.  I needed to set my camera on a different setting, and after I posted this picture......I figured out what I needed to do!  I had my mm set too high, so I lowered it, in hopes of getting better pictures now!! :)

Ok, who has not seen this very cool article by my friend Cheryl Clark??  This is an article Cheryl sent in to Nashville Music Guide and they printed it!  He's donned as the "King of Cool".....So Awesome!!  They also posted one of the most famous pictures of Casey to'll see.......check it out   "Here"