Thursday, May 31, 2012


Well, today is the day....that Casey James told us all a while back..... that he was gonna SLEEP ALL DAY!!!!  I truly hope he gets to.  He's worked so hard this past year, I don't even know how he's still going like an Energizer Bunny!!  :D   Anyway.....


The 30th birthday for some reason, was my hardest, then the 50th was pretty tough too....anyway what I'm trying to say is.....your not getting older, your just getting better!!  We all hope your birthday is a fun and memorable one!!  We all love you and your music!!  It  makes a light shine in all of us.  We are your Fans....a lot of us have been with you since the beginning, and we'll never stray from that.....never.  We're here for the long haul, so bring it on, we are ready to go the distance with you!!  :)

Here is a video of some of us, and we give it to you, with love from all of us....for your 30th Birthday!!

Many thanks to Ana and her helpers for creating this beautiful video!! :)

Much Love and Big Hugs......Your Fans....

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's almost time for CMA Fest!! Here is Casey James' Schedule!!

Hey everybody!!  I'm getting ready for my week long va-ca in Music City USA....Nashville, Tennessee!!!  I'm so excited for this season, because Casey is everywhere!!!  And we are gonna all get a little taste of what he goes thru on a single day at the Fest!!  I hope I can keep up!!  :)  We are going to literally follow Casey around for 3 days!!  Oooo Emmmm Geeeee!!!  I might need a few prayers to go with those hopes of keeping up!!!!  :)  Here is Casey's schedule, as far as I know, which is subject to change, starting on Thursday.  Now, theres a Parade to kick off the CMA fest on Wednesday, June 6th in downtown.  I'm not sure where the parade starts and stops, but just look for the people!!  Haha!!  Thats what I'm gonna do.  And in the meantime, if anyone finds out the route they will take, can ya let me know, so I can post it for everybody!?  Thanks!!  Schedule below....

  • THURSDAY - JUNE 7TH...  Casey will be at Fan Fair Hall  located at the Nashville Convention Center at 601 Commerce Street from 11:00am to 12:00pm at the CMA Booth.  If you registered and won a pass to see Casey, congratulations!!  The registration is now closed.  They are doing this on the lottery system starting this year.  So you may or may not get in to see him.
    Casey will be at the Opry Originals Store located at 300 Broadway #A at 3:30 pm signing for the fans!!!   
    5:00 pm
    Casey will be a co-host of the 4th annual "Guitars of the Stars" Auction and Benefit.  There are numerous guitars donated by country stars, including Casey.  It's located at 4th Avenue & Broadway, at the Buckle Stage.  

  • FRIDAY - JUNE 8TH... Casey will be performing in the Plaza outside, at the Country Music Hall of Fame  located at 222 5th Ave. South at 12:30 pm.  You will have to have purchased Casey's CD through their online store to get a pass for a M&G.  I just found out you can no longer order from the online store.  But according to the event page on Facebook, CMA Fest 2012 - Casey James, beginning 6/1/12  at  9:30 am you can buy the CD with the pass from the Museum Store!!  :)  Also....The Lodge will host some of your favorite Country artists and HGTV/DIY Network talent, including Casey James.   Go to to enter for your chance to see them at  TheLodge!  (I'm sorry, but I think the registration is over) Casey will be there at 5:00pm.  The Lodge is located in Fan Alley on Broadway between 3rd & 4th Avenue.
  • SATURDAY - JUNE 9TH... Casey will be performing at the Riverfront Stage about 12:30 pm. It's located at the end of Broadway on 1st Avenue. You want to get to the park early if you have a 4 day pass, because 4 day passes get in first, and we want a good place to park ourselves in front of Casey. :)   I believe the gates open at 9:00 am.   Immediately after that, at about  1:00 pm (this is subject to change) there is a Casey James Fan Gathering at the Big Shotz bar located at 115 2nd Avenue...North of Broadway, and hosted by Val Jean and Kevin Nixa, from Nixa Country Radio who have been big supporters of Casey!  There is no word weather or not Casey will stop by, but his manager knows about maybe....we can hope!!  And for the last appearance on Saturday, Casey will be part of the Fan Social from 3 to 6 pm at the Limelight, located at 201 Woodland Street. This just in!!!  A FREE CMA after hours Event where you can catch Casey James and Kristen Kelley at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville located at 4th and Broadway from 11:00 pm to 2:00 am!!  Now 3 hours of Casey James....Thats what I'm talking about!!!!  :D
Thats the whole schedule that I know of right now.  It's also posted on Casey's Official Website as well.  Ok, I'll check in again before I leave on Monday, I want to also put Bucky's appearances here before I leave.

Be back soon.....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Casey to Co-Host "Guitars of the Stars Benefit Auction" during CMA Fest in Nashville!!

Hey yall....Just found out Casey is going to co-host a Benefit Auction!!!  I will not miss that!!!    Nashville Country Club has the full story!!  Read on.....

One-Of-A-Kind Guitars Up For Bids At 4th Annual 'Guitars of the Stars Benefit Auction'  2012-05-25
The Fourth Annual Guitars of the Stars Benefit Auction is giving country fans the opportunity to purchase one-of-a-kind guitars inspired and autographed by everyone from the Opry’s newest member to the Coal Miner’s Daughter. The event is scheduled for Thurs., June 7, 5 p.m. at The CMA Music Fest Buckle Stage at 4th Ave. and Broadway in downtown Nashville.  The event is open to the public, and all proceeds from the auction will benefit the Opry Trust Fund which assists members of the country music community in need.
Among the stars confirmed to contribute guitars they’ve autographed as inspired by their current singles or signature songs, hobbies, and individual styles are Dierks Bentley, Charlie Daniels, Hunter Hayes, Merle Haggard, Casey James, Loretta Lynn, The Band Perry, Kellie Pickler, and Keith Urban. In honor of the group’s latest smash, Opry member group Rascal Flatts has contributed a banjo to the event. Guitar art was provided by Nashville visual artists Lucie Rice, Amanda Sears, and Cindy Wunsch.
In addition to providing one of the guitars for auction, country newcomer, 19 Recordings/BNA Records artist, and American Idol Season 9 alumni Casey James is set to co-host the auction and perform for the auction crowd. 650 AM-WSM radio and GAC television personality Bill Cody will join James as host.
The Opry Trust Fund has for more than 40 years assisted members of the country music community in need of help with medical bills, living expenses, utilities, rent, and food.

I'll be posting Casey's full CMA schedule as soon as I am 100% sure it is correct!!  See ya soon!!  :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Casey James to perform at CMA Music Fest.....and more news!!

Hey yall!!  I've taken off for a few days to just regroup and get ready for CMA Fest!!  It's almost here!!  How many of you are preparing to make your way to Nashville, Tn. for this 5 day event??  (Yes, I count Wed. because of the kick off parade)  If you have not heard about it yet and you want in on all the action that is taking place the second week in June, click  HERE  to get your tickets now, before they are sold out!!  You can see at the top of the page the word TICKETS, just click there and get a 4 day pass, and have the best time of your life in Music City!!  If you just need a single ticket, they sell them too!  Casey is scheduled to be at the Riverfront Stage and at the Country Music Hall of Fame in the Plaza.  Also he will be in the Autograph sessions.  Not sure on the time of them, and will get back here and announce that soon.  Also on the page, you can find out anything you might want to know about the fest, like the lineup of all the artists, activities going on, how to get around the fest, welcome packages, a place to register to  win Meet and Greets from your favorite artists, and a customized schedule made by YOU!!  It's loads of fun with many different things to do and see and hear during the day and then at night, at LP Field, the BIG shows blow you away, they are so awesome!!  So come on....what are ya waiting on?!?!  :)

A website called The Music Junkyard  has a nice little review about Casey's new single, "Crying On A Suitcase", in their New Music Roundup section!  The writer doesn't sound, at first, like he is going to have anything nice to say about Casey.....   "Lately, when I hear the words former American Idol contestant before I’m introduced to a new artist, I quickly tune out."

Then he turned it around and said  THIS.......
I love it when these people have these awesome things to say about our Casey!!  We've been promoting him for a while now, and it's always so good to see things like this happening to him!!

Recently Casey tweeted us some news that's on his official page.....he said.... "Hey Yall, I'm playing Bamajam 2012, and they gave me a link that enters you for a chance to win tickets. And   Here it is.....So yall run on over and get signed up if you plan on going to BamaJam 2012 on June 15th!!  Ya just might get in FREE!!!  And who doesn't love free!!??!!

Here's a picture of mine that I just played around with a little....and I think it looks so cool!!  But it seems to be a little blurry....the original isn't, so I don't know why this one is....


For those NASCAR fans out there, and music fans alike, Casey will be playing the "Food Lion Speed Street Festival" in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, May 26th at 8:00pm with one of my all time favorite singers, Clay Walker!!!  He will join Walker on the Miller Lite Stage!!  Also on a different stage is  going to be Justin Moore, so if anybody is going, check it all out HERE

Here is a cute interview from Bluefield, WV the other day, and this girl has the sweetest drawl to her accent!!  I thought WE Texans had a Southern drawl, but hers is very cute.  Oh and one of the cute guys she's interviewing is our own Casey James....with his hat on backwards!!  Haha!!!  I haven't ever gotten to see that!!  But I have now!!  Click HERE to watch the video. (It didn't have an embedded link...sorry). 

The show scheduled for May 25th in Savannah, Ga. at the Desperado's Saloon and Dance Hall is  CANCELLED!!  Don't have a clue why, but it was cancelled by the Venue.  Don't panic, Casey's not sick again!!  He's had his fair share of illness in the last 2 years to last a lifetime....bless his heart!! 

Here's a very cool video from the Wichita Rib Fest in Wichita, Ks. a few days back.  He incorporates 2 songs....Long Tall Texan and The Apartment Song.  And it sounds GREAT!!  You can tell they are having some fun!!!  Casey's even kicking his legs a bit!!  Love it!!!!  :D  Big thanks to Brook Nicole.

WOW!!!  I love this picture!!!  It's one of those with the hat backwards, and  Chris Bejna worked it over with instagram!!  Thanks!!  I have to agree..... That is a sweet smile!!! 

Yall please remember to keep voting for Casey's singles on CMT.... CMT Pure 12 Pack.....  It's no longer on GAC, but the video for Crying on a Suitcase soon will be. 
And give that local radio station a buzz too, to request Let's Don't Call It A Night.  I'm not sure how many radio stations would have "Crying on a Suitcase", but you never know, go ahead and ask, if ya want to.  I believe the official release date of it is, June 18th. 


With that.....I'm outta here.....Talk to yall soon!!  If you need to ask questions about anything to do with the CMA Festival, just comment here or send me an email to  or ask me on Facebook or twitter, and I'll get back with ya!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


To all my readers who are mothers of beautiful children or beautiful animals.....this is YOUR day!!!  Make sure you get to give all the orders today!!!  Make sure to get breakfast in bed.....have one of your kids work out for your laundry and mop the floors!!  And all day long you will be supervising while you lounge on the couch with a glass of wine.... (it's 5 o'clock  And at the end of your long day, your hubby will draw you a nice hot bath and after soaking for an hour....he'll tuck you in as you fall asleep....after a long hard day...LoL!!   It's your day Mom....enjoy......

Friday, May 11, 2012

Casey James in the Twin Cities & performance at Toby Keith's "I love this bar"


Before I get to the show stuff I have for yall, I wanted to post this video of Casey's interview with the ABC Chanel 5 Twin Cities Live hosts!!  This interview is quite funny....and even Casey says this hasn't been talked about in a while....then ends with a great song!!  I had to just put the link, because the embedded code wouldn't work for some reason.  Anyway....enjoy.....I dare ya not to laugh out loud!!  :D

Casey's Interview with ABC Channel 5 TwinCitiesLive

I also wanted to mention this awesome honor that came Casey's way

Casey Is The CMT Listen Up Featured Artist For May
NASHVILLE – Singer/songwriter Casey James jumped at the chance to lend a track to The 2012 Warrior Games highlight video. Presented by Deloitte and hosted by the U.S. Olympic Committee, The Warrior Games are a competition for wounded and ill veterans and service members.

“The Good Life,” the lead song from Casey’s self-titled debut album, provides the soundtrack for The 2012 Warrior Games highlight video which was shown at the closing dinner this past weekend for all the athletes who participated in this year’s Warrior Games.

To watch the inspirational video go to:
During the month of May, Casey is the featured CMT Listen Up artist with five live performances featured at .

Casey’s self-titled album debuted at Number 2 on the Billboard Country Album Chart upon its release a few weeks ago and he co-wrote 9 of the 11 tracks on the album including the single. The album garnered a 3 Star review from USA Today and Entertainment Weekly gave the album a B+ saying “A fusion of blues and contemporary country, his subtle grit and frequent guitar solos make the songs shine.” 

Wasn't that just awesome!!!!  I teared up a little just reading that piece and then the water works started when I watched the video.....oh goodness.....what a great honor for Casey!!  I'm just so proud for him and his family!!  :)

And here is a sample of the crowd.....

And some of Casey and the band.....

Thanks to Donna C & Cyndee H. for their awesome shots!


Polk Salad Annie


 So Sweet

 Let's Don't Call it a Night

Thanks to Cyndee H. and Donna C. for their videos above!!!  :)

Ok, thats all I have for now....when some videos come thru tomorrow, I'll get 'em posted.  But for now....2 back to back posts has really drained I'm resting for a bit.....see yall later....

:)   :)    :)    :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Casey James at Peoples On Court in Des Moines Iowa

Casey and his awesome band were in Des Moines Iowa last night, and played a full set to a more than happy crowd!  There were some long time fans there, but more importantly there were more 1st timers there to see Casey live!!  Donna C. was kind enough to share her recap of the show with me, and all her videos and pictures!!
It seems Peoples on Court is not your traditional country bar....not in the least.  It was nestled on the 3rd floor of an old building in a quaint downtown area, not far from the Well's Fargo Arena, where he played in February of this year and also on the American Idol Tour!!  How cool is that!?!?
And  was an intimate setting with a smaller crowd than usual, and when Casey came on, they all rushed the stage!!  :)    What they lacked in quantity, they certainly made up for in enthusiasm!!  They really enjoyed Casey!!
Thanks for the shout out about Caseymania,  to some of the new fans, Donna!!  She said Casey was casual, in a great mood and seemed very relaxed and right at home!  He was sporting his Star Wars T Shirt and those Blue tennis shoes that I am not fond  (*ducking now*) lol!!

I just realized that Casey's setlists are documented on a site called  I've heard of it before, but didn't know Casey's were kept there.  So if you ever wonder if a song was played at a certain show, well, the answer is closer than ya think!!  Thanks to Jen for doing that for us!!  You can also follow them on twitter Here
Ok, here are all 12  songs from last night in the order they were sang....

The Good Life
Crying on a Suitcase
She's Money 

Love the Way you Miss Me 
Let's Don't call it a Night 
Working on It 
So Sweet 
So High
Why I'm Feeling Blue
Long Tall Texan
Apartment Song 

Here are some pictures and videos thanks to Donna C!!  Enjoy!!

The Good Life

Crying on a Suitcase

She's Money

Love the Way you Miss Me

Let's Don't Call it a Night

Working On It

So Sweet

So High

Why I'm Feeling Blue

And here now are a few pics from this fun filled night in Des Moines, Iowa!!!  Wow, wish I'd been there, sounds like everybody had lots of fun!!


 Bus Casey & band were in

The Casey James Hat

"The" McPherson

Thats about all I got for now yall....there's another show tonight in Minneapolis and I'll do a report on it when I get some information on it!!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Casey James in Rockwall, Texas!!!

Hey everybody!!  Hope yall are doing well on this Monday evening!  As you all may very well know, there were 4 back to back Texas shows, and I only got to go to one of them..... :(  Stuff happens and gets in the way sometimes, so Rockwall was the only show I got to make it to.  So I'm gonna do a recap of that show for yall!!

Ok, my sister, Janet was going with me to this show, and I live 2 hours from her, and she lives about 45 minutes or more from Rockwall.  So I got there about 5, finished getting ready, make-up, clothes on and in a jiffy we were ready to hit the road!  So after several attempts to get my useless Android to give me directions to Southern Junction from the middle of the cow pasture that is my sisters home, I finally gave up and threw it in my purse.  Now, the embarrassing thing is this.....Back in the day, in 1986-87 when I was driving a sand and gravel truck all around the metroplex, one of my steady hauls was a run from down by Seven Points in Kaufman County to Rockwall, to a very well established concrete company.  And I had been to the Southern Junction a couple of times, back in the day.  But I was coming on I 30 from Dallas not from a cow pasture by Grand Saline!!  So, as much as I wanted to believe I could 'figure it out'.....I knew I couldn't.  So we stopped and finally asked directions.....the first time....then again a little further down the road.  I have to tell you, I'm almost as bad as a man about asking for directions since I've gotten spoiled to my GPS on my iPhone!!!   My *stolen iPhone*!!!  Waaaaaaa  :-0  aaaaaa!!!  My iPhone would not have let me down!!   Anybody want to buy a gently used HTC Android Aspire (I think...)  Send me a's for!!!

So we finally get there and get taken to our table, which was as good a spot as I could've asked for!!  Right by the stage!!  And behind us was a whole table full of Casey fans!!  So we all greet each other and I introduce my sister and we order something to drink and visit for a little bit.

L-R Sylvia,Carman,Rhonda,Donna,Glenda and Amber

Janet and Glenda (and no, I wasn't smoking, but there was an ashtray at the table) :)

Ok, so we're visiting and catching up and then someone said "Hey, there's Casey's Dad...."  So I went over and introduced myself and gave him a hug, and told him how much his awesome son meant to so many of us.  And that I blog about him.  He knew Caseymania, and hollered at his wife that I was the one who did the blog and she was so glad to meet me!  Said she was a reader, and kept up with it.  That made me feel so good!!  I'm so glad I finally got to meet them.  But I didn't get my picture with them, but Kathy T. (thanks) did get a picture of the two of them. :)

And they are Beau and LaQuita.  Good to meet yall!!  :)

From what I understand they live in McKinney, not far from Rockwall.

And while I was just walking around, I look up and there's 3 of Casey's band members at the bar!  And once again Kathy was at her picture taking, which is what you'll see her doing at every Casey show.....but....for some reason the pictures weren't wanting to take correctly!!  And since we were there, I wanted in the picture, since I can't remember to ever get my picture with Casey!!  Geeeeeezzzz.  More about that later!!  But I talked to Blaine, Justin, and Dino while Kathy was trying to get her camera to work.  So my sis ends up taking the pic....but no good, and this time, I'm thinking....'ok, they are surely gonna hate us before the night is over.....'  but presto!!!  Finally it worked and took a good pic of all of us!!

So there's Kathy,Dino,Justin,Glenda and Blaine  (Thanks Kathy)

I actually like that picture, I don't look like a cow too much!!  LoL!!  I have to be honest with yall....ever since I quit smoking....almost 3 1/2 months ago......(*taking a bow*) food tastes so good.....soooooo good....mmmm and sweets taste better than I ever imagined they could.  So I've put on a few lbs. and trying hard to not eat extra food.  I don't know if I'm replacing the smoking with the food, or just eating it cuz it tastes so much better.....either way, its adding lbs. to me.  But I need to stop it and start walking or hopping or running or something!!  Geeezzzzz  blogging sure is a lazy job.....

So anyway, back to the show.... I was so excited when they came on the stage and the security guard said we could go to the front of the stage!!  Yay!!  I haven't gotten to do that in a long time!!  So he starts off with The Good Life, and honestly I don't know what song came next and so on and so forth, but he sang the usual ones, and just as he and the band started playing the music for Crying on a Suitcase he said......and the next single!!!!!  I was so excited!!!!!   I knew it was time for another one, actually I figured they would release one sooner, but after "Let's Don't Call It A Night" peaked, a couple weeks passed and then peaked again, and I think it make it at it's highest at #20.  So thats probably why they waited.  Thats not bad at all for a debut of a new artist!!  But I think  "Suitcase" is gonna do something BIG!!  I do.....I think it's really gonna catch on and people are gonna LOVE it!!!!

So I noticed the set list, and it's about 12 or 14 songs I think, and I had my eye on it.....I was gonna snatch it at the end of the show......  (hehehe)  So Casey is playing the Apt. Song, I think and he's playing the yellow looking guitar and suddenly someting went.....*ping*.....and it was the string off of his guitar, and it was right in front of my hand nearly.  So I just reached over and picked it up and started rolling it up to lay it down.  Then when the song was over, he said, "I was playing that song with 5 strings!!"  So I got his attention and told him here it is....and did he want it back, and he said .... "No, you can keep it"  real I did.
So as the show is going on, I still had my eye on that set list, and Sylvia, who was behind me, said .... "Hand me that set list...can ya reach it?"  So I said "sure"....reached out and before I gave it to her, I thought....."ok, the set list or the guitar string.....haha!!...which do I really want?"   Naaawwwww.....  I wasn't about to take that set list.....I already had a string, so I gladly gave it to her.  :)  But now I wish I had it, cuz I don't know which songs were sung and in what order!!  Haha!!

I managed to get some really good pictures of him and the band!!!  But I can't put 'em all on here, but if you want to see is the link to mine on Facebook..... Click HERE

I only got one video and I'm so glad I did!!!  I decided to get Polk Salad Annie!!!  It's quickly becoming a fan favorite!!!  Especially since he and the band have decided this is their 'introduce the band' song!!!  The video I got was over 12 minutes and I cut it off before they were actually finished!!  But I was so blown away by the solo of each of his band members!!!  These guys are not just talented..... they are like him, but playing a different instrument....know what I mean???  they are every bit as talented in the instrument THEY play as Casey is on guitars!!!  I know my jaw literally dropped when they were doing their solo's......they are just AMAZING!!!!!!  Ok, here is the video!!

So after the show, Casey hung out and signed autographs and hugged people and talked....he was so sweet, but I didn't get a pic this time....too busy yacking at him.....geeeezzzzzzz  where's my brain??  But I did get to talk to and get pictures with 3 of the band.  I talked to David, but didn't get a picture with him!!  I told them all that they literally WOWed me!!!!!  They are absolutely the perfect fit for Casey!!! 
The show was so fun and my sister came away....a Casey fan!!!  This was her first show....I didn't say that, did I???   Yep, she loved it!!!  It was a great night!!!!   :)

Ok, I'm gonna go for now, I'll be back with more news.....


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Casey James in Marshall, Tx!!

From the sounds of things, the Marshall show went very well!!  As most of you know by now, I had to cancel at the last minute because my dog was bitten several times by a copperhead snake and her throat and head were swelled badly!!  And I just didn't feel right leaving her I missed my first show, and I wasn't going to Texarkana, but a few of the Texas gals did, from what I understand.  But I will  be at Rockwall tomorrow and then at Waco on Sunday!  :)  It's gonna be fun!!
Anyway, seems Casey brought the house down at Charlies Back Yard Bar!!  He did a long set with all these songs!!

The Good Life
Crying on a Suitcase
She's Money
Love the Way you Miss me
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Working On It
So Sweet

So High
Why I'm Feelin' Blue
Long Tall Texan

Apartment Song
Polk Salad Annie

Done Made Up My Mind (what??? wooo hooo)

Wow!!  A 15 song set?!?!?!?!  What a fantastic show it must have been!!  Carman W. was kind enough to hook us up with some very nice photos, and at least one video.  And it's the one we haven't heard him do in quite some time!!!  Yep.....Done Made up my Mind!!   Love that song!!!!  It's got that end of the set quality, no holding back, everything is out there.....and the whole band is just flat out playing with everything in their hearts!!!  It's great to see a band like Casey has.....I saw on a report some time ago that they all play as if they all have ESP about each other...All knowing what each of the others were gonna do!!  I just LOVED that description!!  And it pretty well fits them too, because they are *tight*, as they say in the business!!  :) are a few pics from the Marshall show and a video!!  Enjoy!

Did anybody notice anything different about Casey??   Hmmm???  Ok, I'll tell ya......yep, he's got himself a little shorter 'do' going on!!  It's not a lot shorter, but just a nice trim job!!  He looks nice.....

Ok, here's the Video, compliments to Ms Carman!!  Thanks a bunch!!  

Done Made Up My Mind

So how'd ya like that??!!??  Wasn't that just awesome!!!!???  And my favorite little new thing was at about 1:05 I's not much.....just a new breath he's taking at that particular moment!!  Haha!!  I just like harm done....right?!  :)  Maybe I'm the only one who heard it.....  :-0

By the way....  Brandy is fine, for any of those who may be wondering.  She is snapping right back!!  She's a healthy girl, pretty much, so she'll be ok.  And, one of my male dogs, Brody, got bit on his chin last night.....but all he had was a little swelling, and a lot of drooling!  But he's ok.  I think the 2 boys have been bit so many times they are just immune anymore.  They don't cry or anything.  The only way I know they've been bitten is they are drooling and some swelling usually around their mouth.  We are just swarmed by these snakes this year!!  Since April my next door neighbor has killed 8 copperheads!!  Thats nearly all we have around here, but they are poisonous, and I'm just terrified of them!!  I'm terrified of ANYsnakes!!  I keep warning my husband, I'm moving outta here, I'm leaving.....these snakes are too close for comfort!!!  I saw one climbing on my door facing the other afternoon, when I opened the front door to let my girl dog out.....and he was slithering up the door facing on the outside somehow!!  I just know my face was way too close to his slinky body!!!  And how in the world did he get up that high....and just stick to the wood???  If they can do that, I'm afraid they can come in a small crack in a door or something....... *shuddering*...... ewww

I have to stop it!!!!  I'm really freaked out right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And looking around....8-0

Alright, I'm outta here, and heading to bed soon so I can be fresh for my Rockwall show!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Upcoming shows updated and back to back Texas shows coming up!)

Hey everybody!!  If you'll look on the left sidebar you will notice there are quite a few shows!!  I would say somebody is working their tail off getting shows set up for Casey!!  What a great Booking Agent!!  Thank you, whoever you are!!  We are all so excited to see so many new shows coming up throughout the year!!  And with them being all over the country, hopefully everyone who wants to see him, will get to!!  The more people who see and hear him sing and play, the more fans he gets!!  I want him to start getting niminations on all these Awards shows they have now!!!  New artist nomination please!!!!!!  "Are ya getting all this CMA and ACM's????"  Casey is so deserving of that title, he's worked so long and hard for this new music!!!

So, I'm gonna be gone for a few days, roadtripping around the state following Casey James and his Awesome  Band!!!  I'm only going to get to make 3 of them, I can't make the Texarkana show.... :(  wish I could....but it's not happening.  But will be making the Marshall, Rockwall and Waco shows!!  I'm getting excited!!!!  If you are going to any of these shows, please leave me a comment and let me know!!   And we'll see ya there!!  I'm taking my sister & hubby ( her daughter was gonna come, but hubby wants to go, & so niece backed  So, there ya go....and that could very possibly change again before I get to the show....just saying!!  :)  lol....

Be back soon, got some pictures for yall!!  But gotta cook supper right quick and will be back after while!!  :)


Ok, here are a few pictures from the show at Cadillac Ranch the other night!!  I must say, there are some really great emotional pictures!!  Big thanks going out to Sandy S for her beautiful shots!!!

I have something really scary to tell yall....

OMG!!!  Just after we finished our supper, it was just about getting dark and I hadn't turned on the front porch light yet,  and then I heard the familiar sound coming from my female boxer tied off in the front yard!!!!!   She just had a run in with a darn snake!!!!  I knew it....I know the sound she makes when she does, and sure enough when we threw open the door she was staring him down!!!  But it was too late, he had already bitten her under the chin on her throat!!!  I didn't know that at this minute, but just a few minutes later I knew it!!  Then my hubby tells me to keep my eyes on it if it tries to get away!   So he's running for the 22, my dog won't come to me, but she's moved away from the snake and hubby runs up and I point to where he is, and after plugging my ears he did manage to shoot the snake and then buried him.  My dog nearly broke her tie out she jumped back so quick from the sound!!  Poor baby.....So I'm in the house looking over my dog, to see where she was bitten, then I pulled her neck up and she cried out in pain, then I checked everywhere else and just to make sure, I pulled up a little on her neck and once again, she yelled out in pain.  omg....I felt so horrible, but I had to find out where she was bitten.  I only saw one little spot of blood.  So we watched her a few minutes and as time went by she began acting out of character.  She was mulling around with her head down, moving slowly from one place to the other.  Then I saw her slowly moving down the hallway and after a couple minutes I followered her back to check on her, and she was just standing there with her head down.  When I got her to look at me, her eyes looked almost like she was very sleepy, and I had her come back to the living room where we could see her, and she moved over to where my husband was sitting turned around and fell to the floor, limp as a dishrag!!  I absolutely lost my mind for a few minutes!!  We pulled her up got a blanket wrapped her in it, I grabbed the phone trying to find an Emergency Vet.  After trying 2, with no success, we flew out the door, me in my pajamas, grabbed my purse and keys and literally ran to the truck and took off, not knowing exactly where we were gonna take her, but figured we'd figure it out along the way, she may be dieing and we had no time to waste!!  So.....I'm freaking shaking all over trying to figure out what to do, crying and driving!!!  finally I pulled over and told hubby to take over driving and i would find a hospital!  Our usual vet was in surgery and couldnt't see her, but finally told us we could go to a night emergency clinic where the staff were on duty all night.  so we drove as fast as we safely could, but it did no good.....the cop pulled us over anyway!!  Now we're wasting even more time!!  OMG!!!  I don't believe this!!  I'm grabbing the insurance while he's getting his license out.  He immediately tells us we were going 67 in a 50!!  And I'm trying to explain through the tears what was happening, and he was smarting off to us, telling me to shut up....Well!!!  The nerve of that guy!!!  I guess he thought we were lying until he heard me crying out loud now, and he took his flashlight and looked in the back and she barely raised her head with my help and he saw how bad she was, and he said....."I can't do this.....just drive careful, and I hope your puppy will be ok"!!  I wanted to kiss that cop right then!!  So off we went after a 5 minute delay.  We get up there and get her in there and it's obvious she was bitten in the throat!  She had a huge knot under her jaw....looked so bad!!  So we get her in and she is acting like she's doing better, it had been almost an hour, and she was breathing better and walking around a little.  So they fixed her up with the medicine and a couple of shots and we came back home.  She has been laying down since.  Dr. said she would be alright and that her falling down was probably due to the shock and the full effect of the venom entering her system.  It almost knocked her out.  Poor baby.....thats my little angel.  I know a lot of you are animal lovers as we are, and I'm sorry we had to kill the snake, but he is poisonous, especially to humans, and I don't want to be bitten by one.  It's bad enough that my animals have to suffer from their bites....and I just wish there was something else I could do, and if yall know of any way I can get rid of these snakes, please let me know.
So, Brandy will be ok, Dr. says to keep giving her the meds and she'll be fine.  I thank God she is ok.  :)  That could have been so bad.
I just checked on her and the swelling is so horrible!  It's not going down at all!!  That worries me so much!!  It's a huge ball under her neck....bless her heart.   I gotta stop or I'm gonna start crying again.  Ok.......

I'll be back in a few days and tell yall all about the Casey Roadtrips and give a full report, along with pictures!!

Yall have a good one....  :)