Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New Videos!

Today was a good day!  We got notice that 4 new videos were put on #CountryNowTV on #YouTube!  Before each song, Casey talked a little about how the song came about and then sang it, just him and his guitar.  Great big thanks to @CountryNowTV on twitter for posting these awesome videos for us!  We are so hungry for any Casey news, this was perfect!

"She's Money"


"Never Walk Away"

"Light Years" (NEW)

Ahhhhh.....  I'm here to tell you right now.....nobody sings a love song like Casey James!!  Nobody!!  He has this uncanny ability to bring you right into the music and lyrics with him...and make you think he's singing just for you.  That is an artist my artist with God given talent.  He was born to do this.... and I for one am so glad God chose him.

Ok, back to earth....  Now, I have shared this on the Facebook page for  **CASEYMANIA**
but not here on the blog.  There is a new show coming up February 27th in Albuquerque, N.M. at the Isleta Casino.  You can purchase tickets at the  Isleta Casino Boxoffice!!  (At the time of this post, the show is not listed yet, so check back.)  He will be opening for the amazing Joe Nichols!!  The number to call about tickets is 1-877-475-3827

Well, I can't get the picture to post here so I'll just leave it alone.  Anyway, I'm going to the Albuquerque show with a friend.  It's been since October since I've seen him, so it'll be good to catch his 'live' show again and get me one of those awesome hugs!  If anyone else is going to that show, would you let me know??  You can post a comment or tell me on FB Caseymania, or even on my personal FB page.

Well, it's late, so I gotta run, take care yall!!  :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Changes to Caseymania!

Hey yall!  I'm getting ready for Casey's 2014 Tour Schedule to be released to the public very soon so I'm getting things ready around here, cleaning some house, if ya will.... I want to thank 'bosjerseygirl' for her awesome photo of Casey James that is now the lead photo!  It is just beautiful, so I moved the lettering around so we could see all of his face without words all over it... lol... And green really looks good on Casey!  Theres a little bit of news, not much since Casey has been off for the winter.  But, we did find out that Casey is being sponsored this year on his tour by @LMCTruck, a magazine about....well you guessed it....trucks!  :-)

So a great big thanks to them!  If you are on Twitter, they are @LMCTruck & you can thank them for sponsoring Casey!

Here are a few nice pix done by the fans!  Thanks yall!!

This is Casey's new doo!  He got it cut the latter part of October last year!

I'll be back soon, just doing a little trial run to see how it looks.  Yall feel free to leave me a comment and let me know if you like the new design.

Be back soon....tootles....  :-)