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Casey James has been working on his debut album since moving to Nashville, Tennessee in the Fall of 2010, from his home in Fort Worth, Texas.  Casey's impressive guitar playing and his uniquely soulful voice, caught the attention of Sony Nashville executive Gary Overton while still on the Idol Tour in the summer of 2010.  Mr. Overton flew to New York to see Casey in action, there was a meeting between the two, and on August 17, 2010, Casey James was signed to the BNA label of Sony Nashville Records!  He has been writing with many known and award winning writers since moving there, and has come up with an impressive list of song writing credits to his name.  He has unveiled 20 of those songs since he started touring and playing radio gigs in early 2011.  He's opened for some really big names in the Country Music Industry, with Sugarland and Blake Shelton being at the top of that list!  
UPDATE:  Casey now has a new home in Ft. Worth Tx. and spends time there when he can.  From what I understand he also still has an apartment in Nashville when he's there on business or doing a show.
He has also opened for Alan Jackson and Taylor Swift on her "RED" Tour in the latter part of 2013.

Below you will find a list of videos captured by fans at various shows.  There are 20+ of his original songs he's written, or co-written.  I've also included the collaborations of all the songs I'm aware of to date.   As he unveils a new song, a new video will be added, along with writing credits if they are available. 
UPDATE:  I'm now including all new songs Casey is unveiling, whether written by him or not.  With all the touring he has done over the last year, he just hasn't had the time to write like he used to.

Note:  To date (10/5/12) the only song from the album that Casey has not performed live, is "Miss Your Fire".   Some believe it has personal meaning to him and why he don't sing it publicly.  We  don't know anything for sure, but  maybe one day we will.

"Tough Love"
Writers- Casey James /???


 "I'm Working On It"
Writers-Bob DiPiero / Brandon Kinney / Daniel Tashian

"Ya Need Some Texas"
Writers-Casey & Kristian Bush

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"
Writers- Casey, Terry McBride & Brice Long

"Show Me A Bridge"
Writers- Casey James

"I Lied"
Writers- Casey James

"She's Money"
Writers- Casey & Jaron Johnston

"Hold On"
Writers- Casey & Kristian Bush

"So Sweet"
Writers- Casey, Patrick Davis & Dallas Davidson

"Bulletproof "
Writers- Casey, Delbert McClinton & Big Al Anderson

"Shine Your Shoes"
Writers- Casey James

"Why I'm Feeling Blue"
Writers- Casey & ?

Writers- Casey / Scooter Carusoe

Writers- Casey, Brad & Brett Warren (Warren Brothers)

"Til My Guitar
Writers- Casey, Gary Nicholson & John Randall

"Done Made Up My Mind"
Writers- Casey, Tony Martin & Mark Nestler

"Crazy Tonight"
Writers- Casey, David Lee Murphy & Brett James

"Never Walk Away"
Writers- Casey & Natalie Hemby

"The Good Life"
Writers- Casey / Scooter Carusoe

"Untitled"....He is letting us name this one!!!  I like "Love The Way You Miss Me"(UPDATE) He named it
"Love the way you miss me"-Writers- Casey / Brice Long / Terry McBride

Early in 2012 while we were all chomping at the bit to get Casey's CD in all our hands, Sony released several "Live Rehearsals" of some of the songs off Casey's album. complaints here, check these videos out, they are excellent!!

Crying on a Suitcase  (new single * released 6-18-12)

The Good Life

So Sweet


Love The Way You Miss Me

In early January, 2013, Casey and the Band did their first show of the year in Denver CO. at the Grizzly Rose.  We got the surprise of our life when Casey debuted 7 new and unheard songs for us!!  Seven!!  I was in video heaven, listening to these over and over, and picking out favorites, & learning the lyrics.  At this time, I do not know if Casey was in on the writing of any of these songs, but they are all really good.  I'm posting all 7 below for all to hear!  So relax and listen to Casey sing his love songs like no one else.  :)

"Run Away"


"Woman's Touch"

"Falling too Hard"

"That Girl"

"Breaking through the Blue"

"She's My Girl"

"Can't Give Up"

Many Thanks to CaseyJamesVevo-clwesson-spinnyjb-msverucas-poisonivyred-kathy11-poluska-jordanpolino111459-bullbirmingham -michincolo for generously sharing their excellent videos! GSJordon