Friday, March 18, 2011

Casey James tears it up in Grand Rapids, Michigan tonight....and more....

UPDATE:  This just came in, after I had already posted, and I wanted yall to see this awesome Awesome video!!!  "Interview Live w/ Party Paul"  a DJ from Thunder 94.5 radio in Grand Rapids!!  LOVE this interview!!!  :D

Thanks to Josh Sikkema

Hey everybody!!  It's Thursday, and Casey played the 1st of 3 shows this weekend, finishing up this leg of the Incredible Machine Tour with Sugarland and Little Big Town.  He will also be with Sugarland again in Los Angeles, California at the Greek Center on July 25th and 26th, 2011.

Tomorrow he will be at Bloomington, Illinois at the US Cellular Coliseum, and Saturday he will be at Tyson Event Center in Sioux City, Iowa.  I hope lots of Casey fans get out and represent well!! :)

Tomorrow we will be finding new stuff coming out of the show tonight in Grand Rapids, MI.  At least 2 people I know of on twitter were there.  And I'm sure there were other Casey fans there, that I'm not aware of, and I just hope they share all their videos and pictures!!!  Looking forward to them, because.....Casey started his set with a different song tonight!!  It's one he sang back in May of 2010 when he was at his Homecoming.  It's an old Fleetwood Mac song  called "I need your love so bad".  It was performed at the Wildflower Festival in Richardson, Texas, but I think there was only a piece of the song actually videoed by someone.  Here is the partial video of it here:

Thanks to debarndt for this great video.

And while I was there finding the above video, the same person also posted this original Casey James song, so many of us are 'in love' with, called "Shine Your Shoes"  He really tears it up in the Texas me chills..... :)

Casey's latest interview is by "The Weekender", boasting that they are the best free read, (and I tend to agree) in Sioux City!  They titled their interview "Casey James: The 'other' country Idol".  I really like these people!!  In it, Casey talks about his hair being his 'calling card' and weather he will cut it or not.  He also says he's 'testing' songs on the road, something that a few of us fans had already figured he might be doing.  He goes on to say that the fans will get a hand in helping him pick the songs that will land on the release of his CD, due out in the Fall.  He says he could have done it quicker and put out a decent album.....but he wants to put out a great album!!   A man after my own heart.....I just love the way he thinks!! :)  So you heard it from the horses mouth, as they say.....lets keep those tweets going to @CaseyEJames to let him know which songs we absolutely have to have on this album!!!  Read the whole story  "Here"

The other day I spoke of Casey singing at the Freemont Street Experience on April 1st as part of the 46th annual ACM Awards show from Las Vegas.  Well, it looks as if he is  going to be there LIVE on the 3rd to perform LIVE.  I'm still not totally sure if he will sing live or if they will have tape of him singing live at Fremont Street.  If you want to read all about it, here is the link below!

Casey part of the 46th annual ACM show in Las Vegas~4-1 thru 4-3

After you click the link, scroll down to where it says "ACM Fan Jam Talent Announced" and click on that and it will bring up the whole story about it.
It airs LIVE at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 3, 2011 at 8:00 PM live ET/delayed PT on the CBS TV Network.

So be ready to watch it live or set your DVR's so you won't miss our boy performing with the 'big boys and girls'!!!  This is such a great opportunity for him to showcase his talents to not only the US and abroad but also to his peers!!  They will all be calling him up wanting him to go on tour with them!!  lol...

I don't know what it is about this particular picture, (I have alot of them) but this one just speaks to my heart, for some reason.  Is it because he's concentrating diligently on all his chords he's playing on his guitar??  But if we didn't know he had a guitar in his hand....what would this picture say to you??  Looks like he may be in deep thought about something. Anyone??

 Thanks to CharmeS for her breathtaking capture!

Also, in other news, it seems that a Philadelphia Radio station is inviting Casey to their 92.5 XTU Anniversary Celebration!!  How awesome is this!!!  Read all about it  Here at their site

It's about time Casey's north eastern fans got a chance to see him live!!!

Ok, yall....I will be looking for Grand Rapids pictures and videos to post for yall tomorrow, so if you have some you'd like to share, please send them to   Thanks!!

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  1. From March 17, 2011. Looks like Casey is NOT going to be appearing in Bloomington IL as scheduled. :(
    "He says that after the interview and that cup of coffee, he's going to sit down and finish off the song he's writing with one of the "Incredible Machine Tour's" opening acts, Casey James (off the bill by the time of Friday's Coliseum show)."
    I had hoped to get tickets but they sold out in minutes. And now the announcement is no Casey. Yikes! Actually glad I'm not going to be there after all. Would love to know why he's skipping my town though. :(

  2. What??? I haven't heard about this!!! Oh no!!! I'm so sorry!!! I'll start digging around and try to find out what's up! Is that link up there about it? I'll check!! Thanks for the sorry you don't get to see him..... :(

    I read the interview, and that guy Nate was on the bill before Casey, and Casey took his place, so.....he will be there! I think they just made a mistake! So try not to worry about it, and come read Caseymania or get on Facebook or twitter and find out if there's anything buzzing about it. I think they just got it wrong!! Don't worry, ok?

  3. Sorry, that guys name was MATT, not nate!

  4. Wow!! I really need to finish reading people's comments before running off to find out if something is true or false!! I feel like an idiot now!! lmao!! Sorry you weren't getting to go in the first place. Hopefully you'll get to go in the future!!

  5. Carolyn collins @jesssmomMarch 18, 2011 at 3:00 PM

    Casey tweeted last night. thanking grand rapids and said now we're off to Bloomington. he did not say he would not be there. wonder where this little bit came from. hope its WRONG . we really enjoyed the grand rapids show. i wrote a piece of how i felt about the whole thing on the casey fan club site and in Shari Gellers comment. its pretty long but if you want to read it Glenda. we were there but i don't have a fancy phone or camera. and i couldn't hold my camera still enough..shaking. all pics came out blurry. Glenda, i know how you must treasure every pic you have of and with him. he is a true blessing. a little bit of heaven on this earth. if we ever needed Casiness, we need it now, with all that's going on in the world. we need that uplifting energy to keep us strong so we can do some good. thanks, dear Glenda, for posting all this beautiful stuff and supporting this young man who is so worthy of the support. i do not believe i have EVER met anyone nicer in my 61 years! LOVE YOU CASEY E. JAMES

  6. thanks so much for the info! no wonder i think the local paper is trash! nothing like not fact checking before they publish. it just didn't make any sense whatsoever that he'd be at all the other venues but skip this one w/o any news out about where he'd be going instead. so i'm guessing Casey is only a few miles from my house at this very moment. WOW!! now i'm sad again that i wasn't able to get tickets :( hope someone from Bloomington area is a fan and posts pictures. Casey was the only reason i even wanted to go to this concert. (sorry Sugarland but...?)

  7. Awwww thanks Carolyn!!! Your a sweetheart!!! Where that information came from that was WRONG, was from article, that said Casey would be off the tour by Friday! But they didn't even have Casey listed, they had that MATT NATHANSON, and I'm pretty sure that he was suppose to be in the spot where Casey is, early on. And Casey took his place!! So, all of that pandamonia was put to rest about him NOT being in Bloomington tonight!! He's there!!
    Thanks girl, for being a reader!!

  8. you guys are the best!!! i found tickets on Craigslist for the original price so i'm going after all, all because of you guys here!!! can't thank you enough! hoping i won't be too shaky to take at least a few good pictures. still actually don't even want to stay for the rest of the that bad?
    thanks again for all your help!!

  9. Casey was fantastic in Bloomington tonight (3/18). And he's absolutely the best when it comes to meeting his fans...seems so genuine, perhaps because he is?
    Sadly I was hideously shaky with my camera the setting on who the h&%# knows what setting? How pathetic I am. I only got a few half way decent pictures.
    Anyway, want to thank you again for the info that corrected the crappy local paper...I'll be calling them Monday to tell them how pathetic their columnist is. ugh!

  10. Oh Wow!!! ytlc, I'm sooooo glad you got to go!!!!! Did you post any pictures anywhere? Are you on twitter or on Facebook?? I would love to see some of the pictures for possible posting!! I'm so glad you got to see him!!! Thats wonderful!!! Sorry it took me so long to see your comment, I've been so busy posting other stuff I didn't get back here until today!!! You tell that local paper Casey's fans knows whats up....tell them next time, they need to check Caseymania before making false statements to the public!!! :D :D lol....

    On twitter I'm @CEJTxGal

    On facebook I'm my name... Glenda Vaughn Jordon

    Contact me!!

    Thanks girl!!!