Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kristian Bush joins Casey James onstage in Sioux City Iowa, new song, and more!

UPDATE from Sioux City, Iowa!!

Awesome update from Sioux City!!!  Kristian Bush just came out on stage and did a duet with a Casey, during his set, that they wrote TODAY!!!!  OMG!!!!  I cannot believe this!!!  And from what we're hearing the song was Amazing!!  And...I think we have a couple of videos of it!!!  Will be searching and looking for that!!!  What a wonderful surprise for all of Casey's Fans

Here are the tweets from where this wonderful surprise came!!!  This is so exciting!!

@ just duetted w/ Kristian on a song they wrote today... never know what's gonna happen if you come for the opening act, tweeps!

Kristian Bush just came out &sang with Casey James. I think i just died a little. It was beautfiful.

everydayisa10 CB

New song ":hold on"casey and kristian sat at end of stage casey sang bothplayed guitar casey read words off paper was baeutiful

And now, the first picture of Casey and Kristian singing their song... "Hold On" from a sitting position on the stage!!

  Thank you so much @iamMalorie

Well, tonight is the last night Casey will be on tour with Sugarland, on this leg of the tour, anyway.  On July 25th and July 26th he'll be in Los Angeles, Cal. for 2 more shows on the Incredible Machine Tour!  Very little information has come through from the Bloomington show last night, but there are lots of comments on Facebook and twitter that his set was well received and made alot more fans!!  Even husbands and boyfriends are loving what they're hearing from this newcomer!!  Here are a couple of pictures from last nights show.  At this time, we still don't have any video from the last 2 shows, but I'm still looking! :) Stuff is coming in now!!

Thanks to Cathrine Schmidt for her very nice 'smilie' shot of Casey signing!!

Here are a few from the concert of Casey, from B104 radio station and Buck Stevens 

And here's one from a fan, who was actually pulled over the rail to join Casey in a picture.  She got this shot before she was pulled over.
Thanks to Jen Lloyd for this most different view of Casey!!!  :)

Once again, saved the best for last.....This is one of the better 'Casey Hair' shots I think I've ever seen!!  And I love the scarf....very nice effect on him!!

 Thank you Jen Lloyd for this fantastic shot!!

Thank you so much to Linda Gail Vaughn for these absolutely 2 killer shots of Casey in Bloomington, Illinois.

Ok, yall, I'm outta here for awhile, and I will  be back if more information surfaces!!

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  1. Thank you for all of the great pics and information Glenda. I especially love the pic of him signing. What a beautiful smile he has. Happy Days.