Saturday, April 27, 2013

CMA fest is coming up in June & new show for Casey James

It's that time of year again, almost CMA fest time!  All the fun starts on June 6th and goes thru the 9th in Downtown Nashville!   I thought I saw where Casey and Bucky were going to be playing but that was last year.....sorry if I confused bad!! 
There are some major major changes to the fan fair hall where the fans will get autographs! There is so much more and the place is so much bigger!  If you don't have a 4 day pass, you can get a  4 day Fan Fair Pass at the new AT&T U verse for only $25.  Or a 1 day pass for $10.  Here is the link to check all of this out!  Click HERE.

Here is a picture of the new place!!  Beautiful huh??  I can't wait to see the inside!!!  It seems like it's going to be a lot easier to see the artist of your choice, because only 10% of them are ticketed.  So most of them you just get in the line for whoever you want to see.  Or thats how I understood it, anyway.  You can read all about it at the link above.

Casey has a new show coming up later this year, on October 7th in Lancaster, Ohio, at the Fairfield County Fair.  So if you live in the area, or feel like a roadtrip, then let Casey and the band entertain you!  He's there with the Henningsens as well, the new family group with some mad harmony skills!  Sounds like a great show, so yall don't miss it!!!

I wanted to apologize for not mentioning that Blaine Crews also was married the same weekend as
B.C. and Pattie.  He married his long time love Hannah Ray Linn, a TV news anchor woman from Harlingen, Texas.  The couple were married April 14th in Harlingen with family and friends.  After the wedding festivities they couple hopped aboard a Cruise ship for a tropical honeymoon cruise!  I wish them forever wedded bliss and may God bless their lives as they begin their journey as husband & wife.  :)

And since this is a blog about Casey James, it would be nice to have a picture of him!  Can somebody tell me who this belongs to??  I found it on twitter, but forgot to track down the owner.  And he looks a bit tired, as if he's telling the picture taker...."Enough".... does anyone else see that??

And I'm just posting this one (owned by Stills by BJ) because I love it!!

I also wanted to say, that I pray for peace and comfort for the family, friends and fans of George (Possum) Jones, as he passed away early yesterday morning.  Country music has lost a true legend.  May he rest in peace, forever more.

Ok, yall, I'll be back soon.  Maybe I'll do shorter posts.... it's not nearly as time consuming.

Until then.....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm back! Lots going on with Casey James, & family.

Hey yall....I'm sorry I haven't been on here in a while.  It just seemed like everything was snowballing down on me and I couldn't catch a break.  Well, I'm climbing out of the rubble and am doing better.  I am not going to have a lot of time in the future, like I've had in the past, because I'm starting an old business back up again and I'm gonna be busy.  That's mostly what I've been doing these last few weeks after coming back from the ACM Fan Jam  in Vegas.  It was a real good time, as always, but Casey wasn't there.... :-(  Oh is.....what it is.  We had a great time, but I got only a few pics on Cyndee's camera, and now I can't find the memory pics from me.  My camera on my phone went out just days before the show....that's par for the course....just my dumb luck, I guess.
Anyway, my hubby and I are bringing our Ice Cream Truck (yea, the kind with music) 'Big Daddy' back to life and we are gonna start the business back up after 10 years!  He's just about at retirement age, so he's gonna retire and we are gonna do the ice cream business together, for a while, then I'll probably kick him out, cuz as much as I love that man....he can get on my last nerve!  Haha!!  So we don't wanna spend too much time together!  :)
I'll let yall know how it goes, we are pretty excited, and it's a lot of fun and good $$$ to be made when ya know what your doing and I got quite bit of experience.  It's just one more place I can spread the Casey love!!  :)

Ok, I'm gonna start by saying....Casey James WOW'ED EVERYONE on American Idol and at home watching!!  He did so very good debuting 'The Good Life'!   Everyone loved it, and they all loved him!  He brought each one of the contestants on the show a special gift from their home town!  They were all very thankful to him for that!  And he did it cuz he knows how homesick he was, on the show.  He's such a sweetheart....

So, in case you missed is Casey and the band's performance on American Idol on April 4th!!

Casey James debuts 'Good Life' on A I

And here are a couple of pictures from his time there....

I love the one where Keith Urban is holding Casey's guitar giving lessons to Ryan about how to hold one!!  Hahaaa....

Our good friend Ana put together one of the coolest videos I've ever seen!!  And it's perfect for what the song is saying!!  I love it!!  Thanks so much Ana....

The Good Life (Lyrics & photos)

Here's a great new article!!  I love this!!  Thanks to Mary Colurso at

Click HERE

Last but not least, Billy Cole, better known as B.C. James and the lovely Pattie Walters became husband and wife in a church ceremony Saturday the 13th of April!  I have a picture that surfaced on twitter or facebook, and I don't know who it belongs to, so thank you to whoever owns it!!  This is one beautiful couple!!    Pattie has 3 daughters who will be joining them on their journey together.  I wish them all the best life has to offer!!!!  :)  May God bless them always!!

Oh, and I almost forgot!!  Casey and Debra James performed the wedding song, which was.... "So Sweet"!  It sounded so awesome!!  There was a video floating around facebook, but I don't know where it is now.  :(

I've just updated the upcoming concerts tonight, so everything is up to date as far as I know.

Yall remember to request Casey's new single, "The Good Life" at your local radio station every day!!  We should be getting a video for it very soon!  So take care yall....I'll be back soon....

Until then .....