Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New shows in Texas and Iowa, the Milwaukee show, and more!

Hey yall!  How goes it?!  Well it looks like Casey has jumped back on the work wagon and performed his first show of 2012, in Milwaukee, Wi. on the 21st as part of the WMIL's Class of 2012 Concert.  It was held inside the Potawatomi Casino, at their Northern Lights Theater.  This was a guitar pull type of setup along with other artists.  And Casey had somebody with him this time!   Fort Worth drummer, Blaine Crews joined Casey on stage to back him as he performed 4 very recognizable songs...... and yet 2 of them were changed up somewhat!  No two Casey shows are alike...... just sayin'.... :)  Taking turns one at a time with the other performers, Casey performed these songs in this order:

The Good Life
Let's Don't Call It A Night
She's Money

Thanks to @mattiesgirl08 for all the beautiful photos in this post!

I wanna say, "She's Money" had a little different groove, as it was slowed down as he came into the beginning of the song!  After he played the intro, he said, "That was pretty"....... I love it.... :)   And "Drive" was also given a new, and very cool intro before pounding the strings of the guitar into submission!!  If that guitar could talk.....oh my..... I can hear it now....."ok....OK.....enough already!!"  lol......And having Blaine on drums made this original really come alive!!  And, did I mention that it had just a slight slower tempo??  Not a lot.....but enough to notice!  check out all of the videos below.....
"The Good Life"

Thanks to @mattiesgirl08 for her wonderful video!

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"

Thanks to CD7010 for this awesome video!

"She's Money"

Thanks to @Mattiesgirl08 for this awesome video!


Thanks to CD7010 again for this video!

Earlier this weekend we got the exciting news we had all been waiting for.....that Casey's album was due to be released on March 20th!!  Sony's official press release about Casey's new album was posted on Monday....see it below.....


NASHVILLE, TN – 19 Recordings / BNA Records’ Casey James will release his self-titled debut album March 20. “I’m excited to be releasing my debut album,” shares Casey. “I’m thankful that I had the freedom to make the record that represents me as a musician and singer-songwriter.”
Casey continues, “I played eleven years of hard gigs in every bar and restaurant in North Texas and not many people even knew my name. That being said, I’m very thankful to American Idol for the opportunities the show gave me. I could’ve released a record right when the season was over, but I wanted to make an album deserving of all the fans that put me in this position. I feel like I’ve done that. And it feels good.”
To say that Casey had a hand in creating his debut album would be an understatement. The Cool, TX native co-wrote nine of the eleven songs on the album, played both the electric and acoustic guitar throughout, and co-produced the entire album with Chris Lindsey. The last track on the CD, “Miss Your Fire,” was written and co-produced by Casey, Chris and Aimee Mayo.
1. The Good Life (Casey James/Scooter Carusoe)
2. Crying On A Suitcase (Lee Thomas Miller/Tom Shapiro/Neil Thrasher)
3. Let’s Don’t Call It A Night (Casey James/Brice Long/Terry McBride)
4. Drive (Casey James/Brad Warren/Brett Warren)
5. Love The Way You Miss Me (Casey James/Brice Long/Terry McBride)
6. Undone (Casey James/Scooter Carusoe)
7. So Sweet (Casey James/Dallas Davidson/Patrick Davis)
8. She’s Money (Casey James/Jaren Johnston)
9. Tough Love (Casey James/Brett James/David Lee Murphy)
10. Workin’ On It (Bob DiPiero/Brandon Kinney/Daniel Tashian)
11. Miss Your Fire (Casey James/Chris Lindsey/Aimee Mayo)
“Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” Casey’s debut single from Casey James is currently climbing the country airplay charts. Fans can purchase “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” on iTunes at The video for the song can be seen on
For more information on Casey James visit

Well....if thats not enough good news, Casey has 2 more new shows lined up!  We had gotten unofficial word the other day about Billy Bob's Texas and now their website has Casey's show on their calendar of March shows!!  He will be appearing there on March 23rd, hopefully to a full house of family,friends, and fans....  :)   This show comes only 3 days after the release of his album, so he should have copies of it there at his merchandise table, along with T-shirts and pictures for fans!  And.....another thing I was thinking about.....I wonder if this could be the CD release party?!?!  I don't know, but I certainly hope so!!  Tickets go on sale January 30th at 10:00am to the general public, and they are $16 for reserved and $12 for General Admission.  You can buy them in person at BB's boxoffice, online at BB's website, or ticketmaster or other places that sell tickets online.  And, you can order by phone @ 817-624-7117.  I hope to see a lot of you out there!!  :)

Another show was added, this one in Des Moines Iowa, on February 4th.   Casey is doing a concert following the Iowa Energy's Basketball game. 
All this takes place at the Wells Fargo Arena
You can purchase tickets to the game, which is also the concert ticket by going HERE..... or you can call the box office at (515) 564-8550.  The tickets are priced from $8 to $20. 
Hope a lot of Iowa fans get to go out and see Casey!!

Ok everybody....I gotta scoot on out of here.  On Thursday I will be driving to Nashville with my friend Laura, to witness the debut of Casey James on the Opry Stage!!  I couldn't be more excited!  And so are about 50 or more other fans who are making the trip to see this historical event!!  You only debut one many fans, like myself, believe it is worth the drive or plane ticket to see it live!!  I have a pretty good seat, to the left of the stage so I hope I can bring back tons of nice photos....(I still have my boy's Canon camera....shhhhhh)  lol.....and THIS time the camera will be charged!!  lol!!
I will be back with a full recap of the whole experience, so yall come on back in a few days!  I'll be back in Texas next Monday, and I will start on it asap!  Also....I'm almost a non-smoker!!  I've been on the Chantix medication now for 5 days, and I have to say....I think it's working!  Not quite as fast as I wish it would, but only 3 cigarettes a phenominal for me!!  I appreciate everybody's love and support during this is difficult....I can't is ..... but I want it to work...... so very soon.....I'm laying them down....for good...... :) after being bound by them for 39 years!  

Until next time......

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Track List released of Casey James' debut album!

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!  I never dreamed we would get to see Casey's track list of his new album before it dropped!!!  I am so excited!!  Brian Mansfield with USA Today broke the news earlier today!  So many of the ones we all love are on 4 new tracks none of us have heard!!  I'm very anxious now to hear the whole album!!!  Here is the story.....I'll just paste it below!

Casey James co-wrote all but two of the 11 songs on his self-titled album, which comes out March 20.
The third-place finisher on American Idol's ninth season teamed with several A-list Nashville writers like Terry McBride and Brice Long (the team that wrote single Let's Don't Call It a Night, as well as Love the Way You Miss Me), and Brad and Brett Warren, who co-wrote Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup and Dierks Bentley's Feel That Fire, as well as the bluesy Drive on Casey's album.
Casey co-produced the album with Chris Lindsey. The final track, Miss Your Fire, also includes Lindsey's wife, songwriter Aimee Mayo, as a co-writer and co-producer. Mayo, whose country hits include Lonestar's Amazed and Martina McBride's This One's for the Girls, also co-wrote Adam Lambert's Sleepwalker and Kellie Pickler's Red High Heels, along with several other of her tunes.
Casey plays electric and acoustic guitar throughout his album, which features lots of the slide playing that his fans had been hoping for. Pat Buchanan, Ilya Toshinsky and B. James Lowry also played guitar on the album, with Dan Dugmore playing pedal steel.
Here's the full list, with songwriting credits:
  1. The Good Life (Casey James/Scooter Carusoe)
  2. Crying On A Suitcase (Lee Thomas Miller/Tom Shapiro/Neil Thrasher)
  3. Let's Don't Call It A Night (Casey James/Brice Long/Terry McBride)
  4. Drive (Casey James/Brad Warren/Brett Warren)
  5. Love The Way You Miss Me (Casey James/Brice Long/Terry McBride)
  6. Undone (Casey James/Scooter Carusoe)
  7. So Sweet (Casey James/Dallas Davidson/Patrick Davis)
  8. She's Money (Casey James/Jaren Johnston
  9. Tough Love (Casey James/Brett James/David Lee Murphy)
  10. Workin' On It (Bob DiPiero/Brandon Kinney/Daniel Tashian)
  11. Miss Your Fire (Casey James/Chris Lindsey/Aimee Mayo)
See photos of: Casey James
Thanks to Brian Mansfield and USA today for the article.

Thanks to Chris Benja for this beautiful creation!!

Country Weekly has a poll going on, and they want to know "Who is the Next Male Artist destined for Stardom?"  I couldn't be happier to say that Casey made the list of hopefuls!!  So click HERE to vote for Casey!  Anything we can do to get and keep his name on peoples lips....let's do this!!!  :)

And....Casey's video for LDCIAN came in 1st place this week on CMT's Pure 12-Pack!!!!!  If we all put our heads in it, we can acomplish anything!!  Way to go Fans!!!  Casey is just so darned blessed to have such wonderful and dedicated people supporting him!!  :)  Click the link above to see it and go ahead and vote while you're there!!  :)

Ok, yall....I have some more things I have to do tonight, so good night to all.....I'll be back when there's breaking Casey News!!!  :)

Until then......

Friday, January 20, 2012

Casey James talks about his Opry debut..... plus more!

Well, I'm back, but my computer is still not wanting to behave itself.  But I'm gonna try to get through this post, if possible! 

Just a couple days ago, The Casey James Blog got a chance to talk with Casey on the phone, and he shed some light on all those fans coming to see him and how he's feeling about stepping out on that stage at the Grand 'Ole Opry for the first time.  Here's the conversation....

TCJB: How did you feel when you heard you’d be making your debut – before your first record even came out?
Casey:  I was excited! I am very happy and proud to have been asked. At the same time I have to say that I am a little sad that my Paw Paw isn’t around to be there.
TCJB: Did you know that dozens and dozens of fans are making a special pilgrimage just to be there for your debut? What does it mean to have such loyal, dedicated fans who want to be there to share in all your big moments?
Casey: Actually, yes I do know about it. I like to stop by Twitter and catch up with what people are talking about and I love that so many of my fans are making the trip. It’s very touching to me to know they are as excited about this as I am. Their support is the only reason that I have gotten to this point, they deserve to be there as much as I do.
TCJB: You’ve been playing live for a dozen years, so you probably don’t get nervous. But do you think you’ll have any butterflies before you step out onto the circle?
Casey: As of right now I have been back and forth about it. I never do have nerves, but then again this is the Opry.
Thanks to TCJB for posting their interview with Casey.

I am so glad he lurks around on twitter finding out what we're talking about!  I need to be tweeting a lot more often than I do, and I will..... I Will.......I'm gonna get right on that!  :)
I also loved his response about being on that Opry stage for the 1st time.....and I can see now, how bittersweet it's gonna be, without his Paw Paw there.  :(   I think I read somewhere that his momma is going, but I don't know about any of the rest of the family.  I hope they all get to come out to see this once in a lifetime moment.

It has not been confirmed yet, but Casey is coming back to Billy Bobs in Fort Worth!!!   I don't have anything yet that's official for you because I couldn't find anything, but I'm just going by the word of a friend.  And I am so glad to hear this, because it's 3 days after the release of his new album, on March 23rd!!!  Maybe it's the CD release party!!!   :)   :)  I only hope it is!!!!!!   I will post the official announcement as soon as I find it!!

Earlier I saw that a fan (thanks Ana) had posted this piece from about past American Idols and what they looked like before Idol, and wouldn't ya know....our Casey made the cut!!  It's a school picture, and he looks maybe 12...ish??  But has that blonde hair, and get this...... it's straight as a board!!  I was shocked when I saw that!!  But anyway, click on the link below to check out Casey and other American Idols, and see who you can pick out!!  :)  I only managed to figure out about 3 of them....see if you can do better!  :)

'American Idols.....Before They Were Stars

Ok yall....I gotta get out of here now......don't forget, on the sidebar you'll find the links to GAC Top 20 Countdown, CMT 12-Pack and Top 20 Countdown.  Feel free to click on the permanant links on the left to vote for Casey's video!'s at #31 this week, so keep calling those DJ's and asking to hear Casey's single!!!

Have a good one everybody.....I'll be back soon.....

Until then.....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Casey James double debut's coming up soon, plus more......

Hey everybody!!  Hope everyone is having a safe and happy beginning to the new year!!  Casey is definitely having some very happy beginnings, with 2 debuts on the horizon for him!!  First, most of us already know by now, that Casey is making his debut at the Grand 'Ole Opry in Nashville, Tn.!  That is coming up in 8 days, on January 27th.  I am going to this monumental event doing the happy dance all the way!!  I knew this day was coming when I found out he signed with Sony Nashville Records back in August of 2010.  I couldn't be happier that so many fans are getting to be a part of something that will mean so much to Casey and his family!!  More later about this......
Moving on, the other debut is one that we have awaited since Casey signed his record deal!  And yes, it has taken quite some time, and a lot of us were impatient at times.....but patience is a virtue.....and now the wait is almost over!!  Casey's most anticipated album, which is self titled, is due to drop on March 20th!!!!  It has been a long time coming, and to quote Casey, this album is "from my heart and soul".  I cannot wait to hear his 'heart and soul'..... I just know it's going to be a fantastic album!!  And it only took a year and 7 months!!  LoL!!  To be honest with you, even if it took 3 years, as long as it's exactly as Casey wanted it, then I'm all in!!   I will keep yall updated as the date nears, if any new developments come up.  One thing has been mentioned.....some of the fans, who live in other parts of the world, were curious to know if they were going to be able to buy the album, since they live out of the country.  I don't know the answer to that at this time, but I am working on it!  Stay tuned worldly Casey fans!!  :)  I will find out as soon as I can, and let you know! :)

And now, back to the other debut.....the good folks at The Casey James Blog just never cease to amaze me.....they have compiled a list of every fan who is going to Nashville to see Casey debut at the Opry, so we can all get together before the show, to meet, eat and visit!  This meeting is scheduled to take place at 4:00pm on Fri. 1-27-12 at Margaritaville's located very near the Opry at 322 Broadway Street in downtown Nashville. 
Listed below is a list of all the fans who will be attending.  If you are planning to go and you are not on the list, please go HERE, to the Facebook Event Page, so you can be added.

Cindy Hodges & Pati Lackey
Darla Straube
Gail Vaughn
Nancy Atwood
Cyndee Hoialmen
Sara McCandless
Deb Adams
Shelia Chenevert
Yvonne Liest-Crestwell & 1
Lisa Perkins & 2
Rhonda Nelson
Robyn Lankford & her Mom
Tracy Scott & her daughter
Mindy Dotson & friend
Kath Williams & husband
Wanda & Taylor Moore
ValJean & Kevin Nixa
Amber Caro
Glenda Jordon
Laura Hoover
Carol Mathews
Anthea & John brownrigg
Jeanette Wiggins
Carman Wesson & husband
DeeDee Wilson
Diana Embry
Debra Nilsen
Ines Alexander
Cecil Anison
Sharron Grissett & 1
Artist_at _Heart
Susan Derksen
Regina Roberts
Cindy Clark +3
Chrissa Danielle
Bybee D James (invited, not confirmed)

If you haven't purchased your Tickets yet, click HERE to get yours.  If you cannot attend, but would like to be able to hear the whole show that night, you can Live Stream the show from radio station 650 am WSM.....  Click HERE.    And....if you have a Smartphone, you can grab an App  HERE to listen live!
So hopefully this will help all those who want to be a part of this, but cannot make it to Nashville.

On Tuesday, Gino, Casey's sweet little hairdresser,  posted us this gorgeous picture of he and Casey and said it was taken earlier.  Looks like he's rocking that full beard again!  He looks like a mountain man with all that hair on him!  LoL!!  What a transformation from the way he looks here, to his stage look!  Well, one things for sure.....he can certainly come and go as he pleases with that look, and go unnoticed by the public. 
And it looks like Gino is really slimming down!  He's been telling us on Facebook about losing weight, and now I can really see it!  Congrats to you Gino!!  He told us Casey had his CD with him and had shared one song with him.  Gino had a capital lettered, one word description....."INCREDIBLE"!!!   Oooooohhhhhh....... now I am even more antsy to hear that album!!!!!! 
Geeeeeeezzzzz isn't it March 20th yet??

Thanks again to Gino for this awesome picture!

I had more to talk about, but my computer is having some issues right now..... so I have to have a little chat with it.....I'll be back tomorrow with more..... :)

Until then......  :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

More recent news about Casey James!

Hey yall...well, here I am, back again!  My neck is killing me, so this just might have to be a short update.
First off, GAC aired their Top 20 Countdown tonight and Casey's video came in at an impressive #15!!  I'm excited about that!!  Let's all keep voting once a day, so the video keeps on moving down to the #1 spot, I would love to see it there!
A popular country music website, The Boot did a piece called "Country Music in 2012: The 10 stories we can't wait to tell".....and in that article is a little bit about Casey!  He is one of the 'hearthrobs' expected to be 'Big' in 2012!!  I always think it is so great when I see him listed alongside other country music stars!  I believe they are right....and they know a star when they see one!! ;)  Click the link above for the full story.

Great big thanks going out to Ana because she put a fantastic video together of ALL of Casey's performances on American Idol, Season 9!!  It is awesome!!  If you're a new fan, this is a wonderful introduction to Casey.  If you're like me, and been a supporter since day 1, it is a walk down memory lane, and how we all come to know this awesome young man!!  So make sure you take time to watch this!!  It's a bit long....but sooooo worth every second!!  Enjoy!!  Thanks again Ana, for all your hard work putting this together for Casey's fans!  :)
Now don't forget to put your headphones on and maximize the screen, and get ready to be *wowed*!!  :)  Oh and, if you're like me, grab some tissue'll need it!!  :)

And now that we're all caught up on Casey during Idol, let's get on to some recent news!

KILT radio in Houston, posted this on their website:

(Photos) 20 Things you didn't know about Casey James.  Well, I'm sorry to bust their bubble, but I knew every single one of them!  But I have gone over and over Casey information for 2 years it's no wonder I knew them all.  And I know a bunch more people that knew them all too, so pretty sure we all made an A+!!  But....if you are the casual fan, you may not have known any of these Casey Facts!!  Either way, it's a fun way to learn about him and get to see pictures of him at the same time!  Win-Win!!

Well it looks like Blake and Reba are back for a 2nd time co-hosting the ACM Awards Show in Las Vegas!!  And.....the ACM Fan Jam is back with new hosts.....The Zac Brown Band!!  Yay!!  It all takes place on April 1st!  As of post time, it is not known if Casey will be invited back again this year, but as soon as I know, I'll let yall know, then I'll buy my ticket to fly to Vegas!!!  And then a ticket to the show!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Vegas Baby!!!  I love Vegas!!!  It's like a second home to me, and I think I may have lived there in another life!! :)  Who knows?!  I just know I feel very comfortable there!!    Anyway, click the link above, for more information about the show!

I have to go for now, but will be back with more Casey news as soon as more comes in....

Until then.....

Friday, January 13, 2012

New Shows, plus much more for Casey James!

Hey everybody!!  I'm finally back, after a long, not so relaxing vacation!  I didn't go anywhere but back and forth to Lowe's and Home Debot!  My hubby and I have been working hard on some renovations we did ourselves!  I've learned a lot in the last few weeks, enough to know I'm glad I don't do that for a living!!  Geeeeezzzzz!!  Thought we would never get done!!  And we still lack a few things, but we got most of it behind us anyway!  So sorry about the long absence, but it had to be done, and now I'm back, and playing catch up!!  So here we go!

Casey's 2012 Concert Schedule is already starting to fill up, and we're just a couple weeks into the new year!  But I have a feeling it's gonna get a whole lot more fuller before long!!  Casey is getting more and more attention and his 1st single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night" is moving on up the charts, coming in at #30 this week on the Billboard Chart!!  More and more larger market radio stations across the country are adding it to their playlist, and it's getting more and more spins!!  :)

On January 21st Casey will be part of WMIL 106.1's Class of 2012 concert at Northern Lights Theater, located inside Potawatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  It is described as 'an up close acoustic concert' on their website.  It's the same kind Casey has been doing across the country, with other emerging artists.  He is joined by Laura Bell Bundy, Edens Edge, Jana Kramer, The Lost Trailers and Kip Moore.

For more information click the above link.

On January 27th, Casey makes his debut appearance at The Grand Ole' Opry in Nashville, Tn.!!  He will be appearing at the historic Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville!!  The show has different priced tickets and the show starts at 7:00pm.  Casey's fans know this is a 'first' and many of us will be there as he takes the stage for the 1st time!  I just know this is going to be a very emotional step in his career, and sure he will be overwhelmed with the act of actually 'being' on that stage where so many legends have stood before!  I'm pretty sure there will be a few tears shed in the audience....and 'yours truely'.....will most likely be one of 'em!  :)  For more information and tickets click HERE.
Also, I want to mention that there will be dinner at Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at 4:00pm, about a block from the Opry for all Casey's fans to get together and visit and meet one another before the show.  If you would like to participate, (please do!!) there is an Event page on Facebook, and you can click HERE and click on the word "Going", so we can get an acurate number for the restaurant.  After that, there will be a Group Picture in front of the Ryman Auditorium.  So if you haven't gotten your tickets, click above and get yours, because tickets are going fast!!  See yall there!!  :)

His next show is in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 7th at Green Valley Ranch at their Ovation room.  Other artists also performing are Jarrod Neimann and Brent Anderson.  Radio station 102.7 KCYE is holding their 6th annual Fan Jam, and tickets have to be won from the radio station.  All the information on how to win tickets is on their Facebook Page.  Good Luck!!

On February 11th, Casey will be in Angel Fire, NM.  Radio station 93.3 JAKE FM is holding a 3 day skiing/concert event from Feb. 9-12 at the Angel Fire Resort.   His show is on Friday and starts at 7:00pm.  For information on tickets, click on the radio station link above!

On February 12th Casey is going up in the north eastern part of the  country to Cranston, Rhode Island!  Radio station WCTK 98.1 Cat Country is holding it's 4th Annual Cat Country Snowball at Rhodes on the Pawtuxet.  This event will benefit the American Heart Association!  Joining Casey will be Joe Nichols and Gloriana!  All the information about tickets and times is on the link above.

On February 13th Casey will be part of radio station WWYZ 92.5's Concert for Kids, benefiting Casey's favorite charity, St. Judes Children's Hospital!  It will take place in Southington, CT. at the Cadillac Ranch.  Tickets go on sale at the venue at 4:00pm today, or you can also get them at the radio stations website.  Click either of the links above.

On February 15th Casey is doing a rescheduled show in Akron, Ohio.  He had to cancel the show a few weeks back, when he was too ill to perform.  Radio station WQMX 94.9 is sponsoring this Casey James concert at The Tangiers.  So if you were a ticket holder for the original show which included Kip Moore and Eric Paslay, you are in luck, as you can exchange that original ticket for a ticket to see Casey.  For all the information on how to do HERE.  There will also be additional tickets sold if you didn't get to attend the first time.

On February 21st Casey will be in Nashville, Tn. at the Exit/In for 'Country Music Is Love' (CMIL)'s 3rd annual acoustic concert.  All the proceeds go to City of Hope.  He was the first one to be announced, but the CMIL people just had to have a little fun with the fans, so they gave hints on Twitter as to who their first artist was.  I think a lot of Casey's fans were on it pretty quick, as to who it was, after a couple hints!!  For more information and tickets, click HERE.

Wheeewwww!!!  Man, I tell ya.....I got a little bit behind!!  I didn't think I was ever getting through with all those new shows!!  But I was happy to do it!!!  It's so awesome to see Casey playing so many of these awesome benefits!!  It's all part of his radio tour!!

I was gonna talk about a few more things, but I've spent so much time on ALL these shows, I think I'm gonna have to wait till tomorrow!!  But I do want to say this one last thing.....
Casey tweeted us a picture of himself the other day, while he was still home, here in Texas, along with these words..... 
No shave January :) 
Hmmmm.....ya think???  LoL!!!  Ok, no haters, but the beard look is not my favorite on Casey....or the toboggan either......but ya know what???  If he was trying to go incognito......he might have succeeded!!  :)  But he's still a cutie, no matter what he's sporting!! Haha!!

I kinda like that old organ with the crooked key, in the back......(just sayin.....)  :D

Ok, yall....I'm outta here for tonight!!  I'm getting tired.....but I'll be back tomorrow with more news!!

Until then........

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year Everybody!! I'm a bit late........ sorry......

Hey everybody!!  Sorry I haven't been around in a while, but I've been busy as a beaver the last couple of weeks, and I have a few more days to go before I can sit down and do some real blogging!!   We are doing some much needed renovations to our house, and it's never ending, it seems.  I've got sore muscles on top of sore muscles.....geeezzzz.....this stuff is hard on an ole' gal!!  :)  But it needs to get done, so until I can really sit down and get some decent information out to yall, I'll be a makeshift contractor!!  lol......  It will only be a few more days, then I can relax a little! 
I hope yall had a great Christmas and New Year!!  Mine was good, with family and food and spirits!!  :)   And now it's time to get down to business with all the work I have left to do in my house.  There hasn't been but very little Casey info anyway.  I'm sure he's been in Fort Worth just kicking back and enjoying his time off.  We all know what a busy year he's had!!  And in a little over 2 months, we should have a CD in our hands!!!  I, for one cannot wait!!!!  What a great day that will be for all of us who have waited so patiently for the heart of this music man!!
I hope Casey does a lot of this, in the new year!!!  :)  (Such a c*u*t*i*e....) Thanks Robyn L. for this very cool shot!!

Let's all remember to keep requesting his single at your local radio station and voting for the video on CMT Top 20 Countdown and GAC Top 20 Countdown , and  CMT Pure 12 Pack.

There is one thing I want to share with yall ..... since this news just broke a day or two ago!!  Seems Casey has given himself the ultimate Christmas gift!!  While at home for his holiday break, he made his way to the Crysler / Jeep / Dodge Dealership in McKinney, Tx. just north of Dallas, and bought himself a brand new Dodge Truck!!  Woo Hoo!!!  And if thats it behind them in the picture, it certainly is a black beauty!!  Check it out below!!  :)

Haha!!!  The full on beard again!!!  That tells me he's been relaxing!!  And I'm so thrilled to hear he has finally bought himself a new vehicle!  I'm pretty sure that Mercury Mountaineer has seen it's better day!! :-D Congratulations to Casey, and I hope he enjoys his new truck for many years to come!!

Ok, yall, gotta run, got stuff to do.....putting in a new pantry tomorrow, so have to clean out the old one!!  I'll be back real soon yall.....have a safe week, and come on back in a few days, and we'll talk Casey!!!!  :)

Until then......