Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a sad day for me...virus...again

Ok y'all, I was working on a really nice post with lots of reading and links to what's going on since news broke yesterday about Casey's new single!! People have nothing bad to say about it!!! Except the trolls, of course! Don't pay them any mind, they're just looking for attention! Anyway, about an hour into my work on the post, suddenly everything just shut down on my laptop, like it did before! I knew immediate what it was! So once again I'm on my phone typing this to y'all, so you know what's up! I'm so sorry, I'm gonna miss all the excitement of writing about all this!!! It just breaks my heart... :(
I'm gonna try to get the virus or Trojans, whatever they are, off as quickly as possible and get back to what I love the most!! Writing about Caseys career!!

I will be back soon as I can y'all, and until then I'll just be on facebook and twitter!

Take care everybody!

Until next time.....

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Single headed to radio this week for Casey James!! IMPORTANT UPDATE!!

Attention:  New update.....Casey's new single will be played on Philadelphia's Country station, WXTU, at 6:10ET....5:10CT!!!  This is a historic moment for Casey, hope everyone can take part in this!!!  Some of the fans are gathering on 'The Casey E James Fan Club' on Facebook, to listen together!!  Please show your support for Casey and stream this station and hear his song the first time on the radio!!  Click>>>>>>>>"HERE"

Here is a picture of the radio station's copy of Casey's single....looky!!! >>> Click  HERE 

And here is a recording of the whole thing, if you somehow missed it!! click>>>> HERE

This is the news we've all been waiting for, for so many months now.....Casey's first single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night", is headed to radio this week!!!  He surprised us all late last night/early this morning with a tweet, that indeed his first single was about to hit the radio airwaves!!

That is the stuff that turns this gal into a teary eyed's another one of the firsts that I love so!  I can only imagine how he is feeling right now....from his words it's apparent it was an emotional message for him as well!!  Here's what USA Today/Idol Chatter had to say about Casey's debut single:

More than 14 months after his season of American Idol ended, 2010 third-place finisher Casey James is ready to release some music. Casey has been telling audiences that Let's Don't Call It a Night will be his first single. The track goes for radio adds on August 15.
Casey wrote the song with Brice Long and Terry McBride. Long co-write Gary Alan's No. 1 country hit Nothing on But the Radio and Randy Houser's debut single, Anything Goes. McBride, who fronted the country trio McBride & the Ride, has co-written several hits for Brooks & Dunn, including Play Something Country and the If You See Him/If You See Her "tri-et" with Reba McEntire. McBride also co-write Josh Gracin's 2005 single Stay With Me (Brass Bed).
Here are the lyrics to the song's chorus:
Baby let's don't call it a night          
Love the way you're holdin' me tight
When you're next to me
There's no place I'd rather be
Everything is feelin' so right
So baby let's don't call it a night

It's our job now, as fans, to get this song played on the radio as many times as's all about the spins.  The more it's played, the closer he gets to a #1 song!!  Sounds simple enough, right??  Wrong.....  It's our job to make sure we get his song played without alienating the DJ's.  Requesting too much can have adverse effects!  I think it's alright to request once a day.  And if you think about it, if there are 100 different people requesting it once a day, at that same station, thats alot of requests for this song, and you've only requested once, not alienating the DJ at all.  Just because we request a song, does not mean it will get played.  If it is not on the playlist, the DJ's have to go through a series of paperwork, to take one song off and put another on.  We want that DJ to love Casey's song enough to want to put it on!!  Believe me, those DJ's learn your voice, and if you bother him/her a lot, or are rude to them, then you may fail.  And by all means.....never call a DJ back and tell them, they didn't play your request!!!  They really don't like that!!   After it's on the playlist, it's a lot easier to get it played!  The more requests for the song, the more likely it is to get played!

Also, a lot of the country radio stations do a little contest of sorts, with new releases, and they call them all kinds of things...."cat fights", "dog fights", "country rumbles", "download or delete"......and many more.  The DJ will play one new single, then the other new single.  You call in to the # he gives you, and vote for your favorite!!  You never know who Casey is going to be up against in these little games, so voting for him is very important.  The winner will then go up against a new song the next day, and so on, and so forth.  You don't have to be listening to your radio station on a radio, you can always 'stream' it, or listen online.....just like a lot of us do with Nixa Country.  If you don't know how to find it, here is a Radio Locator List  to find yours.  Identify your local radio station, go to their website, and read up on all the different things they do, like the above mentioned.  Those new single contests are always on at the same time on your station, usually in the afternoon, or evening, and will give a toll free number to call and vote for your favorite!  It's so much fun to see how it plays out, and usually.....the DJ puts a few of the fans on air with their answer!!
If, by some chance, your local radio stations does not do this sort of thing, you can always broaden your listening to other stations, stream them, and play along.  Radio stations love it when people stream their stations from other locations anyway!

Ok, I'm going to be back in a little while....break time for me!  I will be back to update on this post, about the Greek Theater show, and other news soon!

I'm sorry yall.....once again....this blogger logged out somehow losing all my work, and I'm just too tired to do it all over......3 hours or more worth......of my back killing me while I'm trying to get something out to yall.  Sorry, guess it is not happening tonight, I'm so upset.....

And I had so much to say..... :(

Monday, July 25, 2011

More from the Cal. State Fair, a new show added, plus much more!

There's still so much that happened yesterday, I decided to just do a new post!  We have new pictures, a video with some dancing girls while Casey's singing, and tweets, a yellow note, and.....oh yea.....That Single he talked about!!!!

First off, here's a few really nice shots of Casey!

Thanks to Marie L. for her beautiful shot before the show!

Thanks to Cicil Aniston for this cute shot!
Thanks to Debra for this one, taken during the sound check.

And's the video of Casey announcing to the crowd his new single....then he performs it!

Thanks to Polina for her awesome video, and catching this historic moment for his fans!

Here are a couple of the tweets that came through about what the crowd was thinking about Casey!!

@jcareyarts:  You were amazing last night in Sacramento. Thanks for always being so patient & accommodating to all of us :)

  Loving the show in Sacramento!

And the most important tweet of the day, came before he took the stage!  He just HAD to get our hopes up, and then he delivered!!  Yep, he sent us a much anticipated yellow note!!!

That was the best news we could have gotten....literally!!  We have all been waiting on a single, which he said would be out by October at Billy Bobs, and 23 days later he gets to share it's release information!!  It's coming out the middle of August!!!  I'll be posting here on Caseymania, information about calling your radio stations, when, and how often.  By the way, it's a good idea to go ahead and call your local station, any time of day or night, but the night DJ's tend to be more able to talk a bit to you about it.  Just let them know the single is coming out, and you would love to hear it on that station....(say the name of the station).  Don't act too overly fan-girly, and never say the word "Street Team" no no.....for some reason, they don't like the street teaming efforts, and tend to ignore your requests.  What is a Street Team, you ask????  We'll be talking about that later on.  Just let them know you saw him at a show, really liked his music, and would like to hear it!  Thats about all we can do, is let them know he has fans awaiting his music.

A new show has been added to Casey's ever dwindling schedule.....On 8/29/11 he will be in Alexandria, Kentucky, at the Alexandria Fairgrounds opening for "Lonestar" and fellow AI alumni, "Danny Gokey"!  I've added it to the sidebar with all his other shows. 

That should be one great show right there!!  Would love to make that one, as I love Lonestar, have for years!!  And just haven't heard a lot of Danny's music, but what I have heard, is very good!  I like him!! 
So if any fans are planning on going to that show....(Danna?) please let me know, so I can make arrangements to get pictures and videos from you, if you'd like to share, and....if someone would be so kind as to do a conference call, that would be great!!!  You can email me at with anything you'd like to share!!

Casey was once again opening for Sugarland tonight, this time at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Ca.  He will again open for them tomorrow night at the same venue.  There's not a lot of information on the show tonight, but if something come through, I will update for yall!!  There was a conference call, but I didn't get to listen in..... :(    But I understand Shari, from The Casey James Blog has recorded it, and it will be posted on her site.  I will get it from her when she does.

And one more very cool thing, before I head out for the night!!  My friend, Sheryl Clark, who is an amazing writer, has outdone herself time and time again!!  Maybe some of you didn't see it when it was printed back in September of last year, but she has an article on Casey in the Southwest Blues Magazine!!!  She is awesome!!!  Click the link below, and read this very detailed review!!

"Southwest Blues Magazine Article by Sheryl Clark"

Wheeewwww!!  I am so exhausted....I think this melting heat in Texas is just taking it out of me.....don't know how much more I can take....I wanna live in Alaska....or at least have a summer home there.....I'd live there every summer!!   That's the first thing I'm buying when I win the lottery!!  :)

Until next time.....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Casey James to play the California State Fair tonight....and more.....BIG NEWS!!!

Our trusty little fans, Diane and Marie are there at the California State Fair, and have already seen Casey do a sound check!!  They will keep us informed as soon as they can.  For those who can't be there, there is a conference call, thanks to Shari, and one of the fans there!   
In just a few hours, Casey will take the stage at 8:00pm PDT and the number to call to get in on the live call is: 

1-712-432-0075 then enter the code:  654945#

If you would like to also join the live chat room then click the link and join in!

Here's a couple of shots of the sound check!  Thanks girls!

In other news....there's a new interview! And I love this DJ, she is pretty hilarious, and obviously a huge fan, herself!!  She's Susan Brown of my 92.5 radio station!

"I TRIED to get an in-person interview with Casey but that pesky restraining order keeps getting in the way!  Shucks!  So, instead we got him on the PHONE to talk about his show at the California State Fair this Sunday, July 24th, his upcoming album, and whether he remembers sneaking me into the party last year…?"

See what I mean??  Click HERE to hear that very cute and quite funny phone interview!!

As of now, we still don't have anything from the La Jolla, Ca. show.  It was a show he opened for Sugarland, so his set probably only contained 5 or 6 songs, since he doesn't have as much time, when he opens for them!  But if something at all comes through, I will put it in a new post!

Ok, thats all I have for right now..... I will update with new material when it comes in!!

Here's a nice picture of Casey, from a few shows back. 
Thanks to Jenn Johnston and Cyndee for this awesome edited shot!!  That could be an album
Ok, it's official!!!!  Casey just announced at his show at the California State Fair, that the new single is......

"Let's Don't Call It A Night!!"

He said we could start requesting it next week, that it would be out in about 2 to 3 weeks time!!!  This is so exciting I can hardly contain myself!!!!  Finally, we get to help him have his first hit single!!!!  We are going to have to be doing a few things every day to assure that he gets his rightful place in the Billboard countdowns!!  Very soon too, we will get a new video for the song, in which we will need to vote for daily to get him in the Top 20 Countdown every week, at CMT and GAC.
This is so very exciting!!!!!  More coming soon....

As the show started tonight, some of our girls were there to get pictures, videos, and do a conference call.  I listened in until my phone died.... :(  Then toward the end, someone on twitter asked if I was listening, that I needed to listen, they've gone to get somebody....ok, I'm curious now, so I called back in after a little charge time, and within seconds I heard this one man saying some things, (found out later it was Billy, the Keyboard guy) and then I heard Casey saying Hello?  I was suppose to say Hi to somebody!  Thats what I thought I heard, but maybe not.  Somebody said he said...."hope yall enjoyed the show tonight" and thanked us....then he was gone.  I tried to say Hi, but I don't know if he heard me or not.  Anyway, thanks to Diane, who made that happen for us!!!  It was awesome!!!!  :)  this night was just filled with surprises!!!
And here is the finished recording of the whole concert, for those who were not able to listen in, and it's pretty clear!!  Thanks Shari, Marie and Diane!!  Just click below!

Casey's Concert at the California State Fair

Here are the songs he did, in order they were sang.

Long Tall Texan

Need Some Texas>>>He informed the crowd that Kristian Bush had written this with him!! :)

She's Money
I Lied

LETS DON'T CALL IT A NIGHT>>>>>New Single!!!!!!
So Sweet
Drowning on Dry Land
Use Me

Green Light Girl
Til' My Guitar
Shine Your Shoes
Too Sweet For Me
Done Made Up My Mind

ENCORE~~With his Mom, Debra joining him for the duet of....
Why I'm Feeling Blue

The crowd seemed to be lapping up everything Casey gave them!!  He was getting great responses from the crowd, and even had a little group of dancing girls up front....and I mean little they cute are they???  Even the kids can't stay still around his music!!!  lol!!!
 Thanks to @rjnelson785 for this adorable picture!!!

Here are a couple of Casey, but this is all I have for now.  I will put more on tomorrow afternoon, when the girls get them uploaded.  And that goes for videos too!!  Tomorrow evening probably....I've got to be gone for awhile tomorrow.  So nothing until I get back.

Thanks to kriscoachman and tinamwills for their shots of Casey tonight!!


Ok yall....I'm out of here for tonight!!  I'm extremely tired and my back hurts....I'll be back tomorrow night with new check back!!

Until then.....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Casey James at Kodiak Jacks in Petaluma, California!

UPDATED with new videos & pictures!

Casey James kicked off his 1st of 6 shows in California tonight!  Kodiak Jacks, in Petaluma, California, was the place to be, as Casey played 20 songs to a very enthusiastic crowd!!  Some of our twitter girls were there, keeping us updated, and there was a conference call to listen in on!  It was a great show, no doubt, and Casey made some arrangement changes to some of his songs we already know and love!!  He is said to have took "Let's Don't Call It A Night", and gave it a 'funky vibe'!  Ok, I can't wait to hear that version!!  And then with "Drive", he really changed it up and gave it some Blues!!!  What??  Ok, this is gonna be good!!!  :)  At the time of this post, no videos are ready yet, but will be by tomorrow, and I will update this post for you as they come in!!  

Here is the set list and the order in which the songs were performed.

These next 16 songs were with the band:

And this is the actual Set List given to @deesquared777 and signed!!  She must still be doing a happy dance!!!  This one is unique because usually they don't have that many notes on them, but this one is awesome.....with lots of little marks here and there, that only he and the band members know the meaning of.....

Thanks to @deesquared777 for this very cool picture!

Long Tall Texan
Need Some Texas
She's Money
I Lied
Let's Don't Call It A Night
So Sweet
Drowning On Dry Land
Use Me
Green Light Girl
Need Your Love So Bad
Til My Guitar
Shine Your Shoes
Too Sweet For Me
Done Made Up My Mind

The next 4 songs were his encore, and performed by himself with only his acoustic guitar.

Blue Sky
If You Could Only See
Small Town Saturday

Oh my goodness, what an awesome set of songs!!  He never ceases to amaze me!!  I absolutely love "Tonic's" 1997 hit song, "If You Could Only See" has a very special place in my heart, as it was a favorite of someone very special to me, who is no longer with me, so when I heard Casey had sang it....I was overwhelmed with emotion, to say the least!!
And the reason I didn't hear it on the conference call, was because I lost my connection, and just didn't try to get back in.  Now I wish I had. :(  But I can look forward to the video!!  And I can only imagine how beautifully he sings it!!

Here's a couple of the tweets that came through!

by deesquared777
Diane Dailey

Monday, July 18, 2011

More from the Canada show, some redneck fun, and more....

Hey everybody!  Sorry I got a little behind, but I forgot I had to do an outdoor event on Saturday and I didn't get home until about 11:30pm, so I didn't get to do any posting yesterday!  But I sure did have fun!!!  I know that probably the event I went to is mostly a southern thing, but I can't help but love it!!  I'm talking about Muddin'!!  It's trucks with big tires and hot rod engines and a long wide mud pit!  And the trucks run through the pit to see how far they can make it, before the mud stops them in their tracks!  And if your lucky, you make it all the way through it!   That don't happen very often though, because there were about 30 trucks or so, and only 2 made it through all the way and came out on the other side!!!  I got lots of videos and pictures, and after I get finished talking about Casey, then I'll post a video or two and a picture at the bottom!!  And the most exciting part is, my (step) Son has a truck and he did very good yesterday!!!

There was not just a whole lot of pictures and talk coming out of Canada.  But at least one fan, @barbiecanada,  did supply us with some pictures and feedback about what the people around her were saying!  She was directly in front of the pit or 'Sugarpit' as Sugarland likes to call it....which made for some close up shots.  It's always difficult to get really excellent shots at a concert unless you have a very expensive camera like a professional photographer has.  But hers are not bad, they are pretty good considering all the lighting everywhere!!  They are better than the ones my camera!!

Thanks to @barbiecanada for her shots!

She said that the audience of about 9000 were cheering wildly after each performance!!  That's so good to hear!!!!  She said she heard comment such as, "Who is this guy?"....."Whats the name of his Album"....and "Wow, he's really good, I'm so impressed!"  And there were a couple more tweets that had the same reaction....

Cassieriabko: I just got to hug Casey James!!! Best moment ever!!!

vistadeck@CaseyEJames opened for Sugarland here in #yyc Calgary last night, my highlight was when his band brought genuine blues to the Saddledome

Oh my goodness!!!  I'm so glad to hear that last statement, coming from a relatively new fan, and that it was a hightlight of their night!!!!   Woo Hoo!!!  More people love the blues than what we know!!!!   Wouldn't it be just awesome if Casey alone, could bring the popularity of the Blues back to mainstream????  I would love that!!!!  But I know it is a longshot....  but as long as he keeps it in his shows, more and more people are going to be introduced to it, who may have never heard the blues.....the younger folks, ya know?!

The Calgary Sun, although little was said about Casey, seemed to like what they saw and heard as well.....

Opener Casey James had his work cut out for him playing to a smaller crowd unfamiliar with his music.

Judging by the loud cheers at the end of his 40-minute set, the 29-year-old American Idol finalist managed to win over new fans.

Ok, that was short but sweet!!!   But any media attention at all, is better than nothing!!  So thanks to the Calgary Sun!!

The Calgary Herald also had a review, and it was a little more lengthy than the other.  Here's what Eric Volmers had to say about Casey:

Casey James, a pretty-boy Texan, opened the show with reasonably good songs, but muffled acoustics that made him sound like he was being piped in from another planet.

Even for an opening act, the stage presentation was underwhelming. Which was too bad. Because, for an American Idol cast-off, his rock, R&B and blues hybrid is far more soulful than it has any right to be.

Well, he wasn't sugary nice about Casey....but ok, I guess.  I would've liked a little more positive comments though.  But all in all it wasn't bad.  Like I said before, as long as he's getting media attention, it's all good!!  :)

Casey had a longer set this time around, than he had in his first few opening shows for Sugarland!!  He had a 40 minute set and performed 9 songs, in this order:


Need Some Texas
She's Money
I Lied
Let's Don't Call it a Night

Drowning on Dry land
So Sweet
Done Made Up My Mind

There's still not really anything on the other Canada show, so I'll wait and see if something comes up.

One of the fans, Carol M.  posted this on Facebook, and I think it's a wonderful idea at Casey's shows, especially the ones that he's opening for someone else!!  Here is what she came up with:

Was thinking that maybe all of Casey's twitter and fan club fans might start wearing blue glow stick necklaces to his evening concerts so that he can look into the mostly dark crowd and see who is specifically there to see him. It would also help us to identify each other for those who don't have a Casey shirt yet. Plus they only cost a dollar so everyone can afford them. What do y'all think?

I think it's a great idea!!!  That way he could see us better!!!  Thank you Carol for this awesome suggestion!!  I'm definitely going to do it!!  Who's with me?!

We only have a couple days left on the poll at the top of the page!  Make sure you get your votes in for your 3 favorite songs before the deadline on Tuesday!

Now, here's a video of my boy's run in the Muddin' event!!  He took 2nd place and we are so proud of him!  Now how we have fun down south....and is a redneck thing....there....I said it!!!  But it's a lot of fun, and the people are very friendly and fun as well!!  The girl beside me took a bite of a burger from her boyfriend and it had a big hot jalapeno in the bite and you will laugh at her as she is realizing her mouth is on fire!!  LOL!!  Enjoy!!


And here is a picture I got at the very beginning!  I thought it looked very cool with the mud flying like that!   I don't know who this is, but I just thought the picture looked very cool!!!  I got a lot of video & pictures if yall would like to see more, let me know!

Ok, I'm outta here, yall have a great day!!

Until next time.....

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casey James opens for Sugarland again, this time in Calgary Canada....

Casey's Canadian fans no longer had to wait for him to come to their neck 'o the woods....tonight he once again opened for Sugarland on their Incredible Machine Tour!!!  It all took place at the Scotiabank, Saddledome, and Casey's set began at 7:30!!  Not a lot has come through tonight, but tomorrow is another day!!!  There has been a few nice photos and some tweets!!!  Obviously people who had not heard Casey's music were busy tweeting about it!!  Here's what a few of them said:

: Thank you #Texas for sending @caseyejames to Calgary

Lisa Wilton:  American Idol finalist Casey James put a pretty solid show opening for Sugarland tonight. I’m impressed. #yyc

: Casey James! You rocked @calgarystampede! Great warm up for @Sugarlandmusic!

Wow!!  That's some really positive feedback from the crowd!!!  I'm so glad to see that!!  Hopefully all those who saw him perform tonight, are loving them some Casey music now!!!!!  How could they not....right???

Ok, here are some really nice shots and I thought they were from tonights show, but.....they may not be.   But I'm going to go ahead and leave 'em cuz they are just so darn good!!   And from the looks of them, somebody was in the SugarPitt!! :)

Thanks to Heather Brooks and Ana for all these great shots! :)


There'll be more photos tomorrow, and if these are the wrong ones, well at least they are good ones....and I hadn't seen them covering my  %$#  here!!  :)

After it was all over tonight, guess what happened???  Any guesses???   Ok, I'll 

tell ya.....Casey tweeted!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yes he did!!!!  Here's what he said about our northern neighbors!!!

Casey Everett James
Alberta, Alberta. :) Good times. Just played a great gig. Thanks for having me out! Stampede was a blast. I'm off to sleep.

I'm so glad to hear he's getting some rest....I just left him a supportive tweet and went on my way, so he could get some shut-eye.  I know that traveling is hard on him....  Bless his heart.....

Ok, folks....thats it for tonight!!!!  I think that'll hold yall over till we can find some videos out there!!!

Yall take care now......

until tomorrow.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What are your 3 favorite original Casey James Songs? and more....


As you can see, I've added a poll to the left sidebar at the top.  For some reason the question is posted twice....and I don't know how to get it off....oh well....!!  It's not important anyway.  The thing is, I want as many fans as possible to  vote and let your voice be heard!  Feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this post telling me which are your favorites, or just what ever you want to say!  If you are new to the site, and don't already know this, there is a tab above that says Casey's on that and all videos of his original music are listed there if you need to listen, or if you just Want to's fine by me!! :)

The other day our boy Casey was mentioned in the Rolling Stone Magazine!!!  Can you believe it???  That is a good sign!!!  The article is about "American Idol, Winners and Losers" and where they are now!!  As long as it's positive, it's ALL good!!!!!!!  And in this piece, he's obviously the winner!!! :)

The Winners and Losers of 'American Idol'

Where Are They Now?

Casey James and Michael Lynche
Micelotta / PictureGroup for FOX (James), Becker / PictureGroup for FOX (Lynche)
29 of 35

Casey James and Michael Lynche

Who? Season Nine's third- and fourth-place finishers: James is a little bit country; Lynche is a little bit rock ’n’ soul.
Peak James went on to open for Sugarland on the March leg of the band’s 2011 tour; Lynche laid low after finishing the Idol national tour.
Low: A smooth ride for James so far but the opposite for Lynche, who was briefly disqualified from Idol after his dad revealed to a newspaper that his son made it into the final 24.
Currently: James signed with Sony Music Nashville and has a debut album due out this year. Lynche is still missing in action.

I don't remember that little scandal associated with Michael Lynche!!  Wonder how I missed that?!  :) 

Here's a nice photo for ya, from Waaaaaayyyy back when!!!   If you know where this picture was taken leave me a comment and let me know!!   I know.....I just wanna know if yall know......hehehe!!!   Awwww tired Casey.....

I'll be back tomorrow and edit this post with a Fan Orchestrated project that you can get in on!!  It sounds like a lot of fun!!  And sweet.....

I'll tell yall all about it tomorrow!!

Talk to yall later.....

Until then.....

EDIT: Here's the information about the project I was telling you about!  Read on....

One of Casey's biggest fan's, Cindy Hodges has come up with a great idea as a gift item for Casey from his fans!!  I'm just going to copy and paste her message to me, right here!  If you have any questions, or concerns, you can contact Cindy on twitter at @sweetshadows17  or by email, which she has included below.  Thanks to Cindy for putting together this awesome gift idea!!  Please join in, if you can do so!!

Casey James fans, guys & gals.... Please send in a story of how Casey has inspired you in any way.  Send stories to :   I am putting all stories into a book & will be sending it through mail to him via the Millsap,Tx. address.I am needing stories ASAP & also will be asking the stories to be in no later than end of November, in order to give me time to get all stories into Book & sent to Casey. I'm looking at Casey receiving this book from his fans by Christmas. Thanks Glenda for posting about this Book,  I too believe it's an wonderful idea & also believe Casey would enjoy reading the stories that will be from his fans. He has inspired all of us in some way or another. I think Casey needs to know that he hasn't just had great success in his musical career but also has done so much for his fans as well as other organizations. Thanks a MILLION! Love Ya! (Hugs)

Thank you Cindy, for putting this together, I know it's going to be quite a task!!   But so much love and appreciation will be in that Book, I just know Casey will love it, and be humbled by how much he has affected so many lives in such a positive way!!  I know he's had a huge impact on my life!!

Ok yall....I'm outta here for tonight!!  I'll be back soon with lots of Casey concert news!!  He has a long run of shows coming up, starting the 15th on Friday!  He'll be in Canada, so I sure hope all our fans there get to go see him live!!  If anybody reading this goes to a show, you can let me know you have pics or videos, and I'll be happy to post them for the other fans to see and hear!!  You can email me at with anything you may like to share!!  Thanks everyone....

Until next time.....