Friday, June 29, 2012

New Show added....a very nice review, and Pictures!

Well, it looks like the shows just keep adding on to Casey's ever growing schedule!!  The newest one is at a yearly Festival in Rockford, Illinois called "On The Water" festival, and Casey is performing on September 1st.  Also performing during that weekend is a multi-talented well known  musician, Leon Russell!!  He was a session musician after moving to LA and has been known to hang out with the likes of Willie Nelson!!  A true legend in his own time, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.  I really hope Casey gets to meet this man if he hasn't already.  But Casey performs on the 1st and Leon is there on the probably not.  :(  Casey would love to jam with him!!  And another group called the BoDeans will open this yearly event, followed by Casey and Leon Russell.

You can see all these bands at the 29th annual OTW Festival with only a festival admission pass that may be purchased online at  A three day pass costs $15, kids under the age of eight get in for free with a paying adult.  The On the Waterfront Festival is Illinois' largest street festival.  Held over Labor Day weekend, organizers say the event attracts over 200,000 people annually to the streets of the downtown River District in Rockford. Festival dates for 2012 are August 31st - September 2nd.  Click HERE for more information.

Yesterday, Casey played at a small venue for the Florida Association of Broadcasters.  It wasn't on his schedule, but somehow some fans found out.  Julie Roberts confesses to being a new fan and tweeted this picture of Casey performing in Miami Beach, Florida.  Here is what she tweeted...... 

"Well @CaseyEJames has a new fan.  Thanks for entertaining at FAB in Miami.  A Texas boy is always welcome to Florida."

Thanks to our resident detectives....Cyndee and Pamela for their excellent work on this case!!  LoL!!!!  :)

 Thanks to 93.7 K Country radio

Michele Ross, had not seen Casey's live show before, and I just couldn't resist posting her beautiful review of it here for all of you to read!!  She has some gorgeous pictures too!!  It was actually done a few weeks ago, and I'm just now finding it..... (go figure....right ?!?  :-/ )  So if you've already read it, just pretend like you didn't, so I don't cry..... :(  LoL!!  :)  Click on the link below!

Casey James Review

Below are a few shots from CMA Fest a few weeks ago....

Thanks to rjnelson for this nice close up!

 Big Thanks to ...Delores F. for this sweet shot!

Up on his toes....Thanks to rjnelson for this cool shot!
PS: Did anybody else notice the orbs in the photo....looks like some country music spirits of the past came to hear Casey perform that day too!!  :)

Thank You Delores F. so much!!

Casey getting down at Margaritaville's in Nashville
Thank to Lisa P. for this awesome shot!!

Tonight Casey will be doing a show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse, located at 200 N. Harbor Drive.  It doesn't say what time the show starts, but I'm sure if you get there early, when they open the doors, you should be in good shape!!

Ok, I'm outta here yall.....take care, and send me anything you would like posted....Thanks!!  :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In the news.....

According to USA Today, Kellie Clarkson is dominating the Idol airwaves these days, but Casey James is not far behind her, with his newly released 2nd single impacting now!!  It parted the curtain at #54 and just a few days later it is now at #44 with a bullet on the Hot Country Songs Chart!!!!  Last week when it debuted, it was the #1 most ADDED song!!!!  Here we's happening!!!  :) 

Check and see if your station is one of the first to add it!!   To request it you can go to the tab at the top of the page called "SUPPORT CASEY"..... click on that and look for your station or just work 'em all, I do.  Whatever you want to do is perfectly fine.

Casey has a show coming up in Belpre, Ohio on August the 3rd, and he personally invites YOU to come see HERE to hear this sweet message!!    :)

This is the most awesome thing ever!!!   Drive is certainly getting some attention, considering it's not a single!!  This group of people decided to turn it into a line dancing song!!!  This is so cool, the dance they do to it.....amazing!!!  Thanks to mycountrycat and The Radical Roadrunners dance group.  :)  Love it!!

The other day Casey played at the State Historic Theater in Elizabethtown, Ky. and I guess the history of the beautiful place took over Casey's soul.....because before long he was head long into a down home Blues tune called "Georgia"......wooooo hoooo....... check him out when he gets lost in his blues!!!!!  It's been too long!!!  Big thanks to Gail V. for sharing this very cool video with us!!!

And before I go, I wanted to share a video with you that Blaine, (the best drummer in the world) posted himself just yesterday I think!!  It is so hilarious!!  It just shows us what drummers do when they have too much time on their hands.......LOL!!!!

And while we're on the subject of Blaine, radio station Y108 Pittsburgh had good things to say about Casey's (and ours) drummer, doing a little piece, calling it Have Drummer Will Travel.....
it's interesting because most artists bring a guitar player to these jams, but since Casey doesn't need that..... well, you get the idea.....  :)

Ok, yall....try and stay cool while the hot weather is upon us, and I'll see ya soon.....

Until next time....

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sounds like Crying on a Suitcase is off to a great start!!

According to CMT News, Casey James' new single "Crying on a Suitcase" is already racing ahead of the competition, coming in at a very impressive #54 on the Billboard charts on it's debut on Monday!!  That is so exciting!!!  And now I can't wait to see where it lands on the charts each week!!!  :)  I thought I read somewhere...(and now I can't find it), that it's already down to #46.  Don't quote me on that, and I'll try to find out where I seen it.  But it really seems to be taking off!!  If you would like to read where some of Country's other artists came in, click HERE.

I  found this on Facebook, and well.....I just had to share.  It's the cutest thing ever.....and I WANT ONE!!!   Check it out.......  :) Thanks Casey!!

Casey's new single came in at #5 on the Pure 12 pack Countdown on CMT this week....what am I hasn't even been a week yet!!!  It was just released on Monday!!  I'd say that song is off to a VERY good start!!!  Way to go Casey Fans!!!   High 5 yall!!!

Thats all I have for now....Later.....

Friday, June 22, 2012

Casey James performs for CRB Execs

Casey James, 19/Columbia artist and former American Idol contestant, performed for a gathering of industry executives and Country Radio Broadcasters board members at The Rutledge on Wednesday, June 20. James appeared in conjunction with the June 20-22 CRB board and CRS agenda committee meetings, held at the downtown Renaissance Hotel to help plan Country Radio Seminar 2013. CRS 2013 is held Feb. 27 - March 1, 2013.
About Country Radio Seminar:
Country Radio Seminar is an annual convention designed to educate and promote the exchange of ideas and business practices in the Country music industry, with specific emphasis on issues relevant to Country radio. CRS 2013 will be held Feb. 27 � March 1, 2013, in downtown Nashville, Tenn., at the Nashville Convention Center. Visit for more information. Country Radio Seminar is a property of Country Radio Broadcasters.

A few articles, reviews, pictures and mentions of the talented Casey James!!

There was a great article I read the other day, and I just felt it fitting to put it here.  I'm gonna try to put more articles out, so yall can see how the media and others are responding to Casey James and his music.  They are responding well, very well!!
The first one is from "The Commercial Appeal", a Memphis, Tn. entertainment type website, and the writer is Mark Jordan.  I just love the way the piece came together.  You can read it through, just click the link below....

Casey James trod hard path to arrive at Snowden Grove

There's a short, but  nice little review from radio station WYRK staffers with some good pictures from the recent Taste of Country 2012

As most of you know the CMT Music Awards Show took place on Wednesday, June 6th, the night before CMA Fest launched on Thursday, the 7th.  Casey was set to do a short snippet of a song as they were going to commercial, and he did, and it's the next single....."Crying on a Suitcase!!"  Some of our photograher type fans were there live and in got at least 1 picture that was clear!!  :)
Then below you'll find Casey as he walked the Red Carpet, and looked oh so dapper in his deep maroon jacket lavender shirt and black denim jeans. 

Thanks Cyndee!!

If you would like to see some of the others who were in attendance that night, click HERE
Oh, another thing..... Casey was chosen as one of the best dressed on the red carpet!!  And I totally agree, he looked very good!!!

This is a cute, and very informative little friendly rivalry between 2 of the largest cities  in Texas,  Dallas and Houston.  And what makes it even more interesting, is Casey James is mentioned!!  Read HERE to see all the bragging rights of both cities and which has the best and most!!  :)

Country Music Rocks did a very nice interview with Casey while at the CMA fest, and he told them that "he loves everything about Country Music".   Read more HERE.

"The Boot" reports that Casey James says....."Tour dates are a dream come true"..... "It's been non-stop, it's been great!"  Read all about it HERE.

Oh, and before I go, just wanted to point out that I have updated the UPCOMING SHOWS on the left sidebar.  All the shows that I know of are there.  So feel free to use this page to find an upcoming show that you yourself can get to!!  :-)

Ok, yall, thats about it for now.....I'll be back soon.....


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Casey James gets 50 Adds on release day of "Crying on a Suitcase"!!!

Yep, you read it right..... 50 Adds.....and as of right now, it's 53!!  Yes!!!  I really feel this one is gonna do extremely well on the charts, now that Casey is getting his name out there!!  Granted, "Let's Don't Call It A Night" did very good for a debut single, making it to the Top 20.  I just think this one is gonna really take off and do even better for him, so lets call these stations, or use the Mediabase Charts I have under the "Support Casey" tab above and lets get some spins going!!  Check out the picture below,

And here are the list of 50 stations who have added it!!  Can you find yours??

CASEY JAMES - Crying On A Suitcase


 If you didn't see your station, don't worry, just keep calling your local station or emailing the DJ's or even better, the Program Director, or tweeting them, to get their attention.  I did just that today when I tweeted one of the DJ's at one of my local stations, and got a return tweet saying she had seen that and a steady climb was better than a one hit wonder!!  I think she's on board!!  Some of you know what a hard time we've had getting our DFW stations to play Casey's debut single, and the problem is that they are both top ranked stations and choose to play the Top 20 most of the time.  But I think this one is gonna change their minds!!  I'm looking forward to hearing it very soon on my local station!!  :)   Here we go!!!!

Check out this Add on the log in page of All Access!!!!

I read yesterday that Sony Nashville has retired the BNA label and transferred those artist to their Columbia label.  So Casey's label is 19/Columbia now instead of 19/BNA.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 3 of CMA fest and the release of Casey's 2nd single

Before I get on to the recap, I wanted to point out that tomorrow is the release date for Casey's next single, "Crying on a Suitcase". Sony had this Press Release about it, so please purchase it as many times as you can afford and gift them to people.  I will get the sidebar updated so you can just click there and buy the single!  Here we go, the 2nd single coming out, lets all get behind this single like we did  with "Let's Don't Call It A Night" and help Casey get his first #1!!  Remember to call and try to get through to your local radio stations and request it for him and use the Mediabase Forms to request as well.  You can find those forms at the top of the page beneath the picture under the word "Support"  Thanks yall.....  :)

Well, it's Saturday and the last day we saw Casey, he was done after this.   But this was gonna prove to be more than I could handle.  We got up at 6am to get ready to wait in line for the Riverfront Gates to open.  We wanted to get a good place as far up front as possible.  But somehow others had some special privileges I didn't know about, so many people scurried in before us!!  So we got about to the 3rd concrete setting places and parked ourselves there!  It was a whole bunch of fun, hanging out with the Casey sisters and brothers again!  The sun was beating down pretty hard on us by the time he came on at 12:30pm and I was having to put sun screen on a couple times.  But we were all so excited, it was time for Casey!!  Here are some pictures, thanks to Cyndee our favorite photographer!!  A couple belong to Delores F. as well...thanks girls!

Casey and Dino 

Some of the Fans

                                                  What a mischievous 

Take that....Brad Paisley!!  LoL!!!!

Look what I found....Robyn, Me and Anthea....I think we might be having fun...ya think?? lol

Peace and love till next time!!  :)

Haha!!  I love to caption pictures, hope yall don't mind....I just couldn't resist!!

So Casey is finished and leaving the stage and we are all getting ourselves packed up and leaving to go to the next thing, which was the Fan Party at Big Shotz, the same place we had it last year.  So we just all walk in the shade, finally, to the bar, only a couple of blocks away.  We were told that Casey's manager knew about this gathering but couldn't confirm that he could make it.  But when we got there, people were lining up and I thought, did he make it here??  Well, no...he didn't but something good was there....Casey's Merchandise, and lots of it!!  Everybody was on that stuff like a bee on a flower!!  I got a Casey handbag, and a coozy!!  And of course, they were in Casey's favorite color, Blue!!  So we all get together for a group picture and it came out like this.... I LOVE IT!!!!!  Everybody looks so awesome!!!

Thanks to Rhonda for this awesome shot!

I don't know every single person's name so I will just say that this is part of Casey's strong Fan Base!!

Then it was time for the Fan Social and the doors opened at 2:00pm, but by this time I was famished and so was Laura, and was very tired, from being in the sun so long.  So some went on to the Fan Social and some didn't.  I can't seem to find out anything about it.  I can't even find any pictures.  So it might have been a closed type of socializing with the artists.  But here is a link to explain how it all worked, and what some might have experienced while there.

The Fan Social

Laura and I ate dinner with our friends and then it was time to go to the room for some much needed rest.....remember I'm not a morning 6 came early for me!  The plan was to go get some rest and get up and go to Margaritaville's for a late night show from Casey!!  We were all about doing that, but we fell asleep....and missed the whole thing.  I really wanted to see that show too!!  But I was much too exhausted and so was Laura.  Hopefully we can do more next year!!
But.....I did find some goodies from that live show, and they said Casey was ON FIRE!!!!!!  Look below!!!

Thanks Rhonda, for these 2 awesome shots above!!

Polk Salad Annie
Thanks Carman!

I'm looking for more videos, but everybody must have been very whipped by this time of night!!  Casey even looked exhausted!!  But he seems to put on the best shows when he's tired out of his mind!!  I will look around for more videos but there may not be any, since this was the last performance.....but boy what a performance it was!!!!  I love all the changes he keeps doing to this song!!!  He's just amazing, and keeps getting better and better!!  :)

Ok, yall, thats all of what went on with Casey in Nashville, for 3 days, and it was the end of my running around for at least a day....well nearly.  I stayed in bed all day Sunday, and got up to go have a last dinner with all my friends who were going home.  I don't like good-bys, so I will always see ya later!!

I'll be back in a day or two to start posting other things!

Until then.....

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 2 at CMA Fest....

Hello again.... Day two begins, and since we were up late the night before, we slept in....totally missing the show at the Plaza of the Country Music Hall of Fame!  But from what I gather, the show was very good!!  Here are some videos from it!  Thanks to Carman for these great videos!

She's Money

The Good Life

A video  from the Country Music Hall of Fame.... (Casey is in it)

Working On It

Thanks to Cyndee for these photos....very nice....

HGTV and DIY TV put together a 'Lodge' to have Country  Music Artist and stars of the two cable channels to perform and have interviews.  It was a really neat place, but it was not real cool inside, but it was neat, the way they put it together so quickly. 
Casey put on a fantastic show, he and Blaine!!  The room was pretty much crowded too, and everyone was enjoying what they were watching as Casey performed for the fans.  And new fans were made that day for sure!!  I heard somebody say "He's really good!" 
This was one of those shows that had to be won, to get into, and I had won and brought my friend with me.  Here are pictures.  Sorry they are not the greatest.... :(

Here's a bunch of us who were at the Lodge performance.  Wish we could've gotten everyone in this.  You can see the Lodge behind us.
From L to R.... Gail, Nancy, Cyndee, Regina, Rhonda, Carman, Laura, and me behind her.  That is some Happy Ladies right there!!  Oh and I got to meet Nan Kelly from GAC at the side door!!  She is so sweet!!

Ok, this is all for the 2nd day of CMA fest, more coming tomorrow......

Casey James and CMA Fest was a HIT for so many!!

Hey yall!!  Sorry, I've been lagging a bit about getting things posted, I just have been so exhausted, it was hard to get moving on things again!  I'm not gonna do the usual long drawn out recap on one page, and in one day, I'll just do one day at a time, so I can get a good recap of each day.  If anyone has pictures they would like to share, please do so at my Facebook page or send an email to, or you can send it to my twitter @CEJTxGal or @Caseymaniablog.

First of all, I did not get to attend every function with Casey in it.  I just felt it hard to keep up.  It might have been because I was busy doing Bucky and Rocky Covington stuff too.... lol!!  But the best thing was that the weather was beautiful all week long, 80's every day!!  Then Saturday it was pretty darn hot!!  Anyway, there was just so much to do and not enough time to do it in for this old gal!  We wore out pretty quick, and my friend with me, was very slow moving .... so we didn't get to see ALL of what Casey was doing, but some of the most important anyway. I have just a random bunch of photos that I will try to get on here from day to day.  Some are mine, some are not.

It all started on Thursday.... and I didn't win a ticket in to get his autograph at Fan Fair Hall, so that was out.  Then we got to the Opry Originals about 3:35 and there was a looooonnngggg  line, and he was signing.  He wasn't performing, so we decided to ditch it and go get a bite to eat before the "Guitars of the Stars" Auction, which started about 5 pm!  I was excited about that, because Casey was co-hosting with Bill Cody!  So it starts and Bill and Casey come out and Casey plays us a song...."Drive"!!  Then he just talks and jokes around and kept us laughing at him!!  He seemed very comfortable on the stage too!!  And Bill couldn't say enough great things about Casey as an artist and Casey the Guitarist!!  And since this was all about guitars, you know Casey was all over that!!  The guitars (and 1 Banjo) were going for some really good prices.  And since Casey also had a Guitar, I couldn't wait to see what his brought!  I would have loved to have bought it, but it wasn't possible.  But it sold to a lady from Pennsylvania for $2400!!
I tried to upload the video, to no avail.... :(  But I did get some pictures.... and Cyndee got a video.....Thanks girl!!  :)

Some of the guitars came with extra things, like Opry Show Tickets and other things.  Casey's was signed and pictures taken right there on the stage!!  That was one happy lady!!  And....before I forget, there was a big surprise during the Auction!!  The Band Perry had donated a beautiful guitar and out of the blue, The Band Perry stepped out from backstage and walked out onto the stage!!!  I was very excited to see that cause I just love them  and their music!  They're like Casey, young, with fresh new country sounds!!

After that was over, we headed on over to the LP Field to see the Best Lineup of the 4 day Concerts!!

There were many of my favorites....Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band, and others!  Here are a few of the pictures I got!

This is the end of Day 1 and I'll be back tomorrow night to give you the details from Day 2.

Until then......