Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Casey, Fans & Families!!

Well, it's that time of year again.....Christmas is on it's way and a new year begins!!  This has been a whirlwind year, that has seen us go from fans of Casey James, to big time supporters of Casey James!!  The last few months of 2010, none of us still had  gotten to hear anything substantial from Casey.  Then, I believe early in 2011, we got the word that Casey was opening for Sugarland in early 2011!!  We were so ecstatic!!  Soon we would all be planning roadtrips with other Casey fans, trying to figure out what to take him as a gift....and WHEN would it be our turn to see him LIVE as a recording artist....and what his new music would sound like!!  As 2011 rolled on, so did Casey, with more new music than we could've ever imagined!  There have been 18 originals performed for us at various radio stations and clubs and bars across the country for months now.....and one of them became Casey's first Country single released to radio on August 15th 2011!!  We have all been eagerly supporting him in every way possible, from requesting his song at our local radio stations, to traveling 100's and sometimes 1000's of miles to be there in person!!  It has been a very busy year for Casey and all his fans!!  And as 2011 comes to a close, we can look back on this year as one of the most productive and awe inspiring years, as many of us have devoted a lot of time and effort into doing what we can to help get Casey heard, and have fully succeeded!!  He has inspired so many of us, in so many ways, it's unbelievable!!  His humble and grateful soul seems to just shine through, making all of us want to be a better person!  And therefore making a new saying be born....."Goodness is Contagious"!!
I believe it was Marie who came up with that, and I thank her, because it is so appropriately true!!  He helped me want to write again, and I am so thankful to him for that!  :)

Now that 2012 is upon us, my wish, is that every person has a wonderful, beautiful Christmas....and may all your dreams come true!  2012 promises to be an awesome year, beginning with Casey's CD release in March, which we are all patiently awaiting!!!!  (Yeaaaa, right?!?!) LoL!!   Well, let's just say, we're doing the best we can!!  :)

I'm headed to East Texas again, to spend the holidays with my sister and family!  It's always so peaceful down there.....and I will be thinking about whats to come, and enjoying this time of year!   

Thank you all for keeping me coming back again and again to write on this blog, because it's you..... that keeps me going, and wanting to write about Casey!!

I wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!   I love yall!!!  I'll take off now, and leave you with Casey's Christmas song!!  (*throwing kisses*)

Please Come Home for Christmas

Until next year.......

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Casey James' last two shows of 2011

Hey everybody!!  Wow....I sometimes forget how busy it gets this time of year!!!  Christmas shopping, getting cards ready to send out, cooking all get overwhelming at times....but I love it!    Real quick I wanted to let everyone know that my boxer Brandy, is doing great!  The meds are still working and we have to keep her calm most of the time, but she didn't get pneumonia, which was our biggest fear!!   She has coughed a little from time to time, but not bad.  I'm just so relieved that the worst of it is over.  Thank you to each and every one of you who said a prayer or thought good thoughts for her during this is so appreciated!!

Well, as for Casey looks as if he's completed his last two shows of 2011.  The first of the two was last night, at Cotton Eyed Joe's, one of the best clubs in Knoxville, Tn. where Casey was the headliner.   It was a benefit show sponsored by radio 107.7 WIVK in Knoxville.

Casey said his heart was about to explode with happiness at seeing people sing his songs back to him!!  Ohhhh....thats so sweet!!  :)  He also said the album was 100% finished now....seems there had to be some last minute tweaking!  :)  Well....I tell you what.....I can't wait to get several copies of that album in my paws....cuz everybody I know is getting one....whether they want it or not.....I'm giving his album out to family and friends, and most strangers right off the street!!  I know one is going to be phenomenal!!!  It's his heart and soul.....thats exactly what he called it.....some time ago now.  I will probably shed more than a few tears at first listen.  We ought to hold 'listening parties' with other fans, who are close to us.   Nawwww, I'm not going to be able to wait to hear it.....I'm putting it in my truck CD player as soon as I get the paper ripped off of it! :)
Getting back to the show now.....Casey sang an enthusiastic 12 song acoustic set, where he seemed playful and talkative with the crowd.  Here, in order they were sang, is the set list.

The Good Life
She's $Money$
Let's Don't Call it a Night

Polk Salad Annie
Love the way you Miss me
So High
Small Town Saturday Night
Everybody Thinks that Your still Mine
Please Come Home for Christmas
He Stole Our Love Away
Crazy Tonight
Ok, I have to prepare you for this next photo.....because I'm here to tell mouth fell open and I thought I was gonna fall over......this picture is absolutely beautiful!!!!  Thank you so very much to Lisa P. for this awesome portrait-like photo!! go along with this breathtaking picture, Lisa has also shared her videos with us as well.  I don't have the whole show, but she has 5, so far.  There may be more later.

She's $Money$

The Good Life

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Polk Salad Annie

Love the Way You miss Me

Oh my goodness gracious!!!!  What a wonderful bunch of videos!!!   Thank YOU Lisa!!!  They are crystal clear and I'm loving these little changes he seems to be doing to some of these original songs!!!   And.....just a darn minute here!!!   Did I see a little move or two that looked similar to dancing???  Did I??   There was some feet movement I saw on, I believe on "Polk Salad Annie".....that I really really liked!!!  LoL!!!  Casey needs to stand up like this more often at these acoustic shows, he seems to get into the music better standing up.....he moves his body around more, and he stomps his feet....he moves his feet in what looks like 'almost' sort moves......he needs to just cut loose & let us see what he can do!!!  LoL!!  :)
Speaking of dancing.....has anyone seen the Geico Gecko commercial, doing his rendition of 'Texas Dancing'??
  I still just laugh so hard, I nearly cry....every time I see it!!!  He's out on the dance floor with all those huge boots all around him, just tearing it up!!!  Line himself!!!!   That little guy can flat out cut a rug!!!  LoL!!!   Gotta love the Gecko!!  :)

When more photo's and videos come thru, I'll update and post more.  But for now, that's all I have.

The second show, and officially the last of 2011, which was tonight, was at Knuckleheads Roadhouse in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Casey, along with fellow country artist, Chris Cagle, were part of radio station US106.1's Rising Star Series.  Cagle has been around awhile, but after some absence, he is back, with a new single, hoping to jump start his career.    And....the show was FREE!! 

Casey took the stage at about 8:00pm tonight and did an impressive 10 song acoustic set.

She's Money
Let's Don't Call It A Night

Polk Salad Annie
Love The Way You Miss Me
So High

Small Town Saturday Night
Everybody Thinks Your Still Mine

Please Come Home For Christmas
Crazy Tonight

There is only one photo at the radio station's FB page.  So.....I'm hoping they took more, or somebody there will share with all of us.  I don't even know if any fans that I know, were there tonight.  But time will tell....we may see some pictures and video by tomorrow.  I will update if I find any.  Thanks to US 106.1 for this photo.

Casey and Chris Cagle backstage

  Ok, yall....thats all I have for's time to let the dogs out!!  I'll be back!!  :)

More new videos!!  Thanks Lisa!!!

Please Come Home For Christmas

He Stole Our Love Away

So High

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Casey James is Grand Marshal for XTU Philly Radio.....

Earlier today Casey got to be part of the 12th Annual 92.5 XTU radio station's Toy Truck Parade!!  He was the Grand Marshal!!   It is a charity to benefit C.A.P.E. which is a local child abuse prevention  organization.  The parade went through the streets of Philadelphia, passing by a bunch of happy folks, I'm sure!!  After the parade, Casey did an acoustic show for all the people who gathered!

Here are the songs he sang, in the order they were sang!  (Yay!!!  A Christmas song!!)  :)  :)  :)

The Good Life
Let's Don't Call it a Night

Polk Salad Annie
Love the Way you Miss Me
Please Come Home for Christmas

Here is the only video as of yet!!  Hopefully more will come through later on!  Here is the Christmas song, caught and posted on Twitter......Thank you Joanie Smith!!

Please Come Home For Christmas

Fans came through with some really nice photos as well!!

 Big Thanks to Laura B. for the above photos!

Thanks to Diane (@hpsquares) for her awesome shots!
Thanks to radio station XTU for this great side shot!

Wow!!  What a bunch of great photos!!!!  I think the colder weather agrees with Casey!!!  :)

Ok, really quick, before I go, I just wanted to mention that Casey's painting "Colors" that was being bid on, on SOLD!!!  And I just know he was 'thrilled' at how high the bids went, because every penny of   $2705.00 is going to a Dallas Childrens Charity......    Way to go Casey fans!!!  I'm so thrilled about this, I just wish I could find out who got it!!!  That would be nice to know.....then I could congratulate them!!  But congrats anyway, just in case the owner of the painting is reading this!!  :-0  :-) 

Yall take care.....until next time!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

WBEE yesterday in Rochester & Saddle Ridge in Pittsburgh tonight!

Casey certainly is busy these days!!  I am finding it difficult to keep up, thats for sure!!  Sometimes I just post stuff on the **CASEYMANIA** Facebook  page, instead of writing it up here.   So let's get right to it!!

 Well, it seems Casey is more than a music artist, he might very well be referred to as the next Picasso!!  lol  Casey was asked to paint a picture to the theme...."Your Favorite Love Song".  Ok, let's see where this goes!  Casey did not choose one of his own, but one by Amos Lee.  :)  We all know he is one of Casey's favorite artists.  So.....Casey submitted a painting of his visual idea of the song "Colors".  You can listen to it  HERE..... and I have to say, I had not heard it before, but it is beautiful!!  Take a moment to listen to the song that inspired Casey's artwork!!  At this moment it is up on Ebay, being auctioned off to the highest bidder!!  And the proceeds go to benefit the Collin County Children's Advocacy Center ( in Plano, Texas. So get your bid in if you want this one of a kind piece of art!!  Right now the bid is up to $465, and there is 1 day and 19 hours (Dec.10th @ 10:08:19 PST) before bidding closes.  I'd sure like to know who gets this!!

Yesterday Casey was in Rochester N.Y. for a chat with the afternoon crew at WBEE  92.5 radio station.  DJ, Billy Kidd had a list of fan questions ready for Casey and he answered some!  He said he'd eat 1000 beets to get that first #1 single!!  Haha!!  coming from someone who loves food, and beets are the only food he DON'T like......I'd say that's dedication!!   He also talked about his Star Wars addiction and admitted that he was a huge fan!!   He even has a Luke Skywalker costume in his closet......haha.....who knew??!  He also talked about his music, what he'd been doing this past year, and that 'tv show'...... Then he went on to do the song for them thats climbing the charts!!  Check it out below!!  Thanks to the radio station for posting it!   :)

The other day, Casey dropped in on Hazel Smith, for a segment of "Southern Fried Flicks" and some good food and lots of chatting!!  There is a very nice writeup by Hazel in this weeks Country Weekly magazine!!  Check it out at the CJBlog right HERE.

Ok, Casey is in Pittsburg tonight, so I'll be back in a little while with a full write up of the show!!


Well, this was certainly a rowdy and ready crowd!  It was a tailgating party of folks, at Saddle Ridge, who were enjoying Casey's music before the Steeler's Football game!!  It was for radio station  Froggy 94.9 "Hoppy Hour"!   lol.... There was a conference call, but I was tied up and didn't get to listen in!  :(  I actually tried to call in and catch the last of it, but.....he had just finished the last song.  I did hold on long enough for Casey to say "Hello" to all the conference callers!!  That was a nice surprise!!  Thanks to Lori....aka @Lstylist on twitter, for that and the call!  The Casey James Blog (TCJB) has recordings of the entire show, so click the link when you want to go there and listen to the show!
Before the show started, he was at the radio station for an interview, and talked a lot about different things, and that too, is on  TCJB, recorded.  The radio station did a really cool thing by making a video of the Christmas Song, "Please Be Home For Christmas", he sang while there!!  They said it would be up later, so I'll keep checking back to see if it's up yet, so I can post it here!

Casey sang a short 6 song set, including:

The Good Life
Shine your Shoes
Let's Don't Call It A Night

Love the Way you Miss Me
Why I'm Feeling Blue


After the show, he did a meet and greet with the fans!  I'm always glad to hear he met with the fans, because it's heartbreaking when he can't.  And yall know I'm saying that from experience.  It couldn't be helped, and I understand that, but it still don't make it any easier.  I just hope he can get his health under worries me and many other fans when he's sick.  And nearly every time he is sick, he wears his hair back either in the pony tail or the very cool 'man bun'!!  Little does he know, when he's feeling like crap, we're thinking how good that 'man bun' looks!!  :D   only joking!!!  lol...... No seriously, when he's sick, or feeling bad, I think we all feel it..... that's just who Casey James fans are...... wonderful, loving people who really care....

Still not much in the way of pictures or videos yet, but these two were tweeted....from the radio station!  The 1st one is David who is a DJ there.  Nice.....

Ok yall, that's all I have until some video shows up.  When it does, I'll update and post them here for you!!   I am especially anxious to hear the Christmas Song, done in the Froggy Studio!!!   Be back later........yall check back for more!!!   :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Playing catch up now....

Hey Yall!!  Sorry I haven't updated since my update about my trip.  I've been fighting being depressed about my Boxer girl....Brandy.  I had to take her to the Vet yesterday to stay at least 5 days and have the heart worm treatment.  It just killed me to leave her there, not knowing what this is going to do to her!  I've done everything I was told to do, but I'm still extremely worried.  She has had 2 treatments already, and when we were there today, she looked great!  That releived me somewhat, but she has 3 more days and it could take it's toll on her lungs at any time!  So I'm saying prayers for my baby to come back home, healthy again!  I know a lot of you understand the connection with a pet.  These days our animals have become family members and I love 'em like I would a child.  I hope that don't sound crazy, but it's true.  I just couldn't stop weeping yesterday when I had to leave her there!  It was a very sad moment for me.  So that's what's going on with me, and why I can't seem to get started on a post, I'm afraid I won't be able to write.  But I pushed forward and told myself that it would help me, if I would.  So far, so good!  If yall can, just remember my little angel in your good thoughts or prayers, and I will appreciate it so much.....

Now, let me see if I can get an informational post done for yall.   I know I missed writing up 2 shows, but The Casey James Blog does a fine job of it, and if you missed the write-up of the Springfield, Mo. or Raleigh NC shows, just click the link above and find it on the right side of the page.

Casey told us some really exciting news while on stage at the show in Kansas City on Thursday night!!   He said the day before, he had finally finished and mastered the album....meaning the album is completely finished and ready to go to press.  Mastering is the last piece to finishing an album, and I can say, Casey's smile was all the way across his sweet face when he said it,  as it meant the end to all those long days & nights in the studio!!  But with the great news came some not so great he went on to say the album had been pushed back to March.  :(  There were more than a few "Ooooohhhh Nooooooo's" and Casey was quick to mention that we had been anticipating a February release.   There are many reasons why an album's release gets pushed back, and I won't go into them here, but just know, it's for a good reason.   Let's just be happy in the fact that finally, he may get some very much needed R&R, since the hardest part is done now. 

On Saturday, December 3rd, I was surprised by a message from a friend telling me Casey was on CMT right then, co-hosting Southern Fried Flicks with that sweet Hazel Smith!!  I love her!!!  And now Casey is sitting in her kitchen eating and talking about his life and career in between commercials and the movie 'Sweet Home Alabama!!  Even my hubby was excited to see him!!  Once when I was out of the room, he yelled.....There's that 'curly headed Casey again'!!
  Just the way he said it, made me LoL!!  Casey was just as comfortable as could be, except for when Hazel called him beautiful or gorgeous or handsome!!  But he seemed to be comfortable except for a little embarrassment!!  :D  And of all things, Hazel had the only food Casey has admitted to NOT liking......Beets!!   Hmmmm, I just wonder how she knew to have beets there!!  Or was it just an amazing coincidence??  He traded them off for some Lima beans!!  And I bet every bit of it was some good viddles right there!!  I just wanted to jump through the screen and pull up a chair myself!!  :)  Check below for all the segments he was in.  :)

Thanks to TCJB for these clips!

Was that the most adorable clips ever?!?!  I just loved them all!!  I just wish there would have been more!!  :)

Here are just a few more pictures from the Kansas City show.....just because I don't think I posted enough!!  :)


 I love this shot of Casey & Bucky!
Cyndee,Jen,Ashley,LaDonna,Glenda (All waiting for the show to start)
 Thanks to Cyndee, LaPaula and Donna for all the above pictures!!

A new show has been added to Casey's schedule, in Knoxville, Tn.!!  Radio station 107.7 WIVK is sponsoring a Charity that will be held at the Cotton Eyed Joe's on December 13th!!   This Concert is benefiting the daughter (Savannah).... of fellow artist, Keith Burns, who was once with the group Trick Pony.  She is suffering from a rare form of leukemia.  Tickets are only $5 at the door & the show starts at 8:30.  This is a fairly large venue, holding 1675 people with standing room all around the stage!  There is also seating available!  Ok, Casey fans, with good planning, one could be on the front of that stage!!   It's just a few days away!!  Hope lots of fans get to go out to see Casey and support a great cause!!

On Friday, Casey's video for LDCIAN made it's debut on GAC in the #11 spot!!!!!  Great job Casey fans!!!!  You did it!!!!!  Let's keep that momentum up!!!  Please remember to cast your 1 vote per day every day and try to get friends and family to help out, since it only takes a second to do it!!  Just send the link to 'em from your smart phone, if ya have one!!  Or link it to them on FB or twitter!  I, for one, would love to see it make it all the way to #1, and I know I'm not alone in this!!!  Can you just imagine the smile on Happy Casey's face if that happened!?!  I have the link to vote on the sidebar on the left.  Click HERE now to place your vote!!  :)

Casey's single is still climbing the charts!!  It came in at #36 on Mediabase charts and #34 with a bullet on the Hot Country charts!!  It is one of the top songs in listener feedback and has been out for 16 weeks!!  So let's just keep filling out those radio song surveys and calling that local radio station and requesting it!!  Also, let's remember to request on the Mediabase request forms, which you'll find at the top of the page, under "Support"  All these things we are doing is working so great for the success of this song!!  And I know Casey would be ecstatic to finally have his first record in the Top 10 of the Country Charts!!  So let's keep it up, we are doing a great job so far!!  :)

Ok, yall....I need to go for now.....  I got my Christmas Cards today, and will be working on them for the next couple of days.  It's colder than a well-diggers booty down here in Texas, and I couldn't be happier!!!  I love the cold weather!!!  :)

Have a good week, I'll be back soon......until then.......

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Journey to see Casey and Bucky in Kansas City, Mo.!

First off, I wanna say that this is a very wonderful, loving bunch of people associated with anything Casey and Bucky!!  I've met so many of the fans from both artists, and my heart is so full of love for all of them!!  It was so good to get to meet some for the 1st time, and know that another friendship was made!

I left Dallas Love Field on Wednesday at 4:30pm heading out to Kansas City, Missouri for a show I had anticipated for almost 2 years now!!  I was finally getting to see Bucky and Casey on the same stage, and I was ecstatic!!!  I was also really excited to meet some new people who are fans of one or the other, or both.
I got into KC about 6 pm and caught a shuttle to Harrah's where I'd be meeting Cyndee, Jesse, & Sherry.  We would be meeting others, the next day.  The hotel staff wouldn't let me in the room, because it was in Cyndee's name, so I just checked my bags with the Bellman and went on to the Casino to see how the penny machines were playing.  I only had about $40 bucks I could spare, so I made it last till they got there.  I didn't win, but the machines let me play some, anyway.   It was a good way to kill some time.  And fun!
About 10:30 they got there, and me and Cyndee played hide and seek on the Casino floor!!  I finally found her, and as she was looking around (for me) I yelled to the right of her about 20ft. away....."Stop!!"  "Don't take another step!!"  Then, in front of everybody, there was a reunion right there on the casino floor!!  :D  Lot's of hugging and laughing going on!!  It was awesome to see my friend again!!  :)

We played on a couple machines together and she ended up doing pretty good on it!  Took some money out.....thats better than I did!!  Oh well, it's all in fun anyway, if ya win......great!!  If ya lose.....oh well.....thats the way it goes sometimes! :)
A little later, got to meet Jess and Sherry.....very sweet girls indeed!!  Enjoyed their company!! :)
Then it was time to head to the only place open and grab a bite to eat before turning in for the night and TRY to get some sleep!  When I'm excited, it is hard for me to sleep!  I keep waking

Ok, it's the next day.....THE DAY I get to see my boys together!!!!!  We left Harrahs and checked in at the hotel close to the Beaumont Club.  We ate some food and dilly dallied around till time to get ready for the show.  We got ready and headed down there just in time to stand outside in the f*r*e*e*z*i*n*g windy night air for what seemed like 2 hours, but I think it was close to about an hour.  Then we were IN!!!  Yay.....warm air!!  We did'nt look anywhere but at the front of that stage and then we were there....right on the front!!  Earlier when we were outside, as I was walking up, I heard my name called real loud.....looked around there was one of my Bucky fan friends right on the front of the line!!  That wasn't unusual, LaPaula is always nearly the 1st in line at any Bucky show!!  :)  It was good seeing her again, and I figured since she lived there, that she would be there!!  So glad she was!!  Then I met Ladonna and her daughter, and saw Jen again!  What sweet little angels they are!!  There were Casey (and Bucky) girls everywhere!!

As we were on the front of the stage, we were all visiting and getting our camera's ready, so I reached in my purse, grabbed the bad boy camera and went to turn it on...... and it was already ON.... :(  The battery was dead.....DEAD!!  I couldn't believe it.....and after a few choice cuss words....I realized there's nothing cussing will do about said......ok, not freaking out......I still have my phone, I can do videos and pics on!!!  No I thought!!  It was charged up problem!!  After taking 5 pictures and 2 was dead.....Dead I tell ya!!!!  What on God's green earth did I do to deserve these catastrophic events on what is my most important show night ever!!!??  *shaking head*  I couldn't believe it.....but I still refused to let it bring me down where I couldn't enjoy the show.....I rose above it, and vowed to have a great time.....regardless!!   Now I had absolutely NO way to take pics or videos...... somebody said it was suppose to happen, so I could enjoy the show!!  :)  That made me smile......ok, I get it now.....So glad everybody around me took videos and pictures!!

James Wesley started off, then Casey, then Bucky and Gloriana last.  They each took turns singing one song, then going to the next artist until all had sang 4 songs each.  Then at the end of the show, they ALL sang together on the Johnny Cash tune....."Folsom Prison Blues" and it was a lot of fun! 

Thanks to Cyndee for her great shots!

Thanks to LaPaula for all her great photos!

Donna C and I at the show! Such a sweet gal!!

Thanks to Donna C for her shots!

I have to throw this one in, just because it is so hilarious!!!  If we laugh at ourselves, it just makes life better!!  It looks like Bucky and I were singing a duet!!!!   So hilarious!!!!  Actually we were laughing!!!  Or I was laughing and he was talking!!  LOL!!!  I'm not exactly sure!!  And I can't wait to print this out and show it to him next time I see him!!!  He's gonna crack up laughing.....I just know it!!!  Hahahaha!  :)

 And after all the laughing and yacking was done......I  decided to take a serious picture.....but he was still laughing!!!  LoL!!!

Thanks Cyndee for these two pics!!

One of the funniest things Bucky said to Casey was this......  Casey had just finished playing DRIVE and the audience was really applauding and clapping, then Bucky said......"Casey, ya play guitar much?"  I know it don't look too funny written out, you'd just have to hear it....and I think maybe somebody got video of him saying it!!  I hope anyway!!  And Bucky also said something.....but I can't remember what he said in the beginning, but it ended on "there was 25 people in front row singing every word to your songs!"  He was talking about Casey's songs!  He really liked Casey....telling me he was GOOD!!!  That made me feel good!!!  He paid a lot of attention to Casey!  I just wish Rocky (Bucky's Twin) would have been there!!  That would have been cool!!!

After Casey mentioned his motorcycle accident, and said he still rode, but don't tell his momma, Bucky invited him out to his place outside of Nashville to go riding on dirt bikes and Four Wheelers!!!  I was thrilled at hearing that, cuz thats all I've ever wanted...... was for them to know each other.....and now they do!!!  I sure hope Casey takes Bucky up on that offer, he will have a great time!!!
 We then headed out to find some food!!  After that, we went back to our hotel, got into some comfy clothes and poured ourselves a drink, opened a package of cookies, went to the beautiful lobby with leather sofa's, and in front of a fireplace.....sat down and totally relaxed for about 3 hours!!  Just chatting and watching that beautiful fire....(you see, I don't have a fireplace....but I LOVE them)  It was so awesome!!     It was a fantastic trip!!!  Even though Casey was feeling really bad, and couldn't come out and visit with us, I think Bucky made up for it because he spent so much extra time with me.  I appreciated him going to find Casey to take just the one picture, if he would.  He went in the room where Casey was seen last,  to ask him to do it, but Casey was already gone.....  :(   He came back, apologized to me, saying that Casey was already gone,  then hugged me, because he knew I wanted the picture so much!!!    He didn't have to do that, but he did....and I thank him for it. My other sweetie.....

Here are some videos from the show.....I don't have all of Casey's or Bucky's yet, but maybe they'll show up soon!   :)

Casey~Love the way you miss me

Bucky~It's good to be us

In all my excitement I haven't said a lot about the other artists!!!    Along with Bucky and Casey were the group "Gloriana" and newcomer "James Wesley"!!  Gloriana was a 4 person group in the beginning, but recently one of their group members, (Cheyenne, I think) dropped out, for unknown reasons to me, so they are now a 3 person group, but they were very good, I enjoyed them!   And, James Wesley is a towering gorgeous guy with this deep toned voice that just melts ya where ya stand!   His song "Real" is just a really great song, and I hope it does well!!    I know he and Casey have been close (their singles) together on the charts!  :)  I just loved all of them!!!  And at the end of the show, they all sang the Johnny Cash tune, "Folsom Prison Blues!!!"  And they did it quite well, to not have any rehearsal time on it.....they just 'winged it' as we know Casey says!!  LoL!!   But here is the video of them all having a great time singing and closing the show on this sing-a-long song!!!

Thanks to cmb7869 for this great video!!

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"

Thanks to cmb7869 for this video, and the rest of them.

A Different World~Bucky Covington

Gloriana~ Take You Home With Me

James Wesley~ Real

Ok, yall.....if I find more videos I will post them!  I couldn't find but 2 of Casey's but I'm sure the other 2 are out there somewhere!!  :)  Enjoy some other videos from the other artists!!  Everyone was very talented!!  :)
It was a GREAT experience all in all, and I will never forget it!!!!!  Thanks to all the sweet people for getting me through this!!!  And it was awesome to meet all the new people!!  

Talk to yall soon......until then.....