Thursday, July 26, 2012

Casey James has a near full concert schedule, new interviews, pics and more!

Hey everybody, I'm back and my internet is fixed for now.  So I'm going to get this posted before something happens again!!  I can tell you right now....."Crying on a Suitcase" is doing great this week ..... it rolled in at an impressive #37 with a bullet, up three from last week!!  If it keeps up at this pace, It'll be in the Top 10 before we know it!!  :)  So please, keep requesting the single at your local radio station.  If you can't get through, just keep will.  And for those who would like to request but not by phone, you can email your local DJ and ask for it, or email the Program Director and request it, or you can click HERE and request from the Mediabase request forms.  Just put in your name and the code and check Casey's song, but if it's not there, there's also a place to write in your request at the bottom.  I'm sorry to sound like a broken record, but I just want to remind everybody how imperative it is to get those requests's what helps to get it played so more people can hear it!!  ;)

This past weekend was a whirlwind of shows....and it looks like it's gonna be the same way most weekends till the latter part of the year.  Casey is busier than ever, and chances are, he'll be playing a show near you sometime soon!  Check the sidebar for Upcoming Shows to find one you can get to and show your gratitude for his awesome music!!

I found some videos from last weekends shows, and on the first one, listen close to what he says in the very first part of the video.....he tries to keep a straight face, but ultimately breaks out in laughter!!  Haha!!!

So Sweet   (Thanks to luvcaseyjames for this awesome video)

Love the way you miss Me (thanks to luvcaseyjames)

Crying on a Suitcase (thanks to luvcaseyjames)

Also at the 3 shows last weekend, covering  Ft. Wayne, IN, Angelica NY and Twin Lakes MI.  there were lots of pictures coming in and here are just a few of the random shots.

Thanks to Diane Gruner for these breathtaking shots!

Thanks to Cyndee for these from Ft. Wayne
'gotta love the man bun'....

The Country Thunder Stage (thanks to anonymous) 

Woo Hoooo!!!  Those are some nice shots!  Casey has some very talented fans out there!!  Thanks to all who shared all of them with us!!

Casey has had a couple of interviews lately and they are very good!!  The second one, I think has been posted before, but I don't remember it.  So here it is again.

About a week ago, we got the word that Casey was filming the video for "Crying on a Suitcase", and that was why he was growing the beard.  (It was getting bigger & darker & we were puzzled)  It was for the beginning part of the video, I think...???  Anyway, from what I gather the theme was to be a torn man, looking a bit unkept because of the loss of a woman.  In this video he is playing a weathered guitar as well, that sounds the way..... and the man who owns the guitar (for real) did several videos of Casey jamming on his Kelton Swade 1957 AVR-S guitar.  I wish I knew what all that meant, but the only thing I understand is the date.... lol....and thats pretty much antique at 55 years old..... I'm gonna google that soon....
When you click on it to watch, make sure you click on the you tube at the bottom, and let it take you to the YouTube page, then on the right sidebar you will see a few more of the videos he did of Casey jamming out.  It's just so soothing and real to just listen and watch him in a most relaxed atmosphere, playing lick after lick with runs and riffs.... Casey in his element.....ahhhhh.....nothing better..... I just love it!! 
We have word the video is finished, but no date of release has been set as yet.

A haaa.....Thanks to sweet Jen L. we now have a playlist with all these videos on it, in one place.....Enjoy.....and click HERE.  And thanks so much to Kelton Swade for sharing!!

Obviously Casey has a new Road Manager (I think?) and this one is a guy named Mark.  And from what the fans are saying this is a pretty cool guy.  Well, look at this, and tell me how cool he is......LOL!!!!   I love this guy already!!!!!   This is his comedic view of Casey and the band's recent obsession with sushi!!!   OMG!!!!!!!   that is too funny!!!!!

 I hope he updates us every week like this!!!  :)

Ok, yall....I'm outta here, my neck is killing me..... later taters ....... I'll be back later..... :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"This Song Just Screams Video!"

Word on the Twitter Street came out a few days ago that the filming of Casey's video for "Crying On A Suitcase" was scheduled for Tuesday, July 17. How did we figure that out, you're probably wondering? Detective work, my friends. And a little bit of luck that included a random post from the very pretty woman who is co-starring in the video with Casey!

Leah Harmon @Leah_Eliz tweeted, "woo @CaseyEJames! Excited to shoot the music video for this climbing song with #TKMcKamy and @TaillightTV on Tuesday!" It turns out that TK McKamy is the director of the video and that he's directed such goodies as Glorianna's, "I Kissed You," which also tells a good story! See it here:

The production company in charge of the video is Taillight TV. "Taillight is a full service production company based in Nashville that develops music videos, tv programming and events, commercials, and viral content," they say in their Twitter description.  The company contracts several directors including Mr. McKamy.

After reading Leah's enthusiastic post, a couple fans did a quick Twitter message follow up!  @CoolCJfan sent a note to the director and production company, "I'm so excited about this!! This song just screams video! :) Can't wait to see it!!"  Taillight TV answered her with, "We can't wait for you to see it either!"   Then @Mich_in_Colo sent the director a note. "Maybe @TKMcKamy will give @CaseyEJames fans a little teaser from the set of the COAS video shoot tomorrow??!!??!!??!! Just sayin' .... :-D .." and he answered her with, "You're kinda awesome. We'll see what we can do! .  :)"

I'm putting my money on Awesome Mich in Colorado, with a little help from her friends to pull that off!! @rockendog sent a note to @Leah_Eliz: "Fans R so excited about the making of @CaseyEJames video Crying on a Suitcase; we'd love to see a lil teaser if that's possible, thanx," to which Leah replied, "Look for a few behind the scenes pics tmrw! (Tuesday)

On Tuesday, Taillight tweeted, "Walking on the set like it's game day. Love this ..." and posted a composite behind the scenes picture of Casey and company.  And then Leah said, "Another day at the office with @tkmckamy and @caseyejames, making some video magic."  She followed up with an outdoors picture where she explained, "Sometimes we have to build fake rooms on front lawns."  Wouldn't you all just love to be there to watch the progress?!

You can well imagine that fans are enthusiastically watching the progression of messages!  @PJWood67 asks the question many are thinking!  @Leah_Eliz "Thanks for sharing pics from @CaseyEJames' #cryingonasuitcasevideo." (That's hash-tag Twitter speech for those of you who don't Tweet :) "Just need to know, does he make it to the airport on time? ;)"

In the meantime, Casey has been growing a much talked about full and dark beard which, in a radio interview last week in Fort Wayne,  he made clear is for the storyline of the video. With filming in progress, it just may be disappearing soon as he indicated in the interview that a clean shaven guy would be heading for the airport in hopes of catching the woman he let get away.

- Posted by Cyndee


Monday, July 9, 2012

Casey James hits Top from shows last weekend, plus much more... read that right!!  I read the Mediabase report and was so very excited!!!  So that means he has moved up 3 spots since last week!!  Now we have to remember to call every day to your local radio station and request it!  Day shift is better, but anytime is fine!  Just whenever you can get a DJ on the other end, tell them you would love to hear the new song from Casey James.....COAS.  If they say they don't have it, ask when they will, and then ask if they have "Let's Don't Call It A Night" and if so can they play that one!!  Just getting his voice on that radio is the end result your looking for!!  :)  Just keep up the good work, we are a seriously dedicated bunch, that doesn't sway easily, and we've proved that over and over again!  Let's keep our eye on the prize, which is helping see that Casey gets his 1st Top 10 hit!!  :D

Casey and the band were doing some serious traveling over the weekend.  They started off with the Myrtle Beach show, then on to Columus Ohio, then to Prospect, Pa.  And they did it all in this shiny little beauty!!!

This was from the Bluestone in Columbus, Ohio!  Thanks to Rhonda N.

Hahaha!!  Can you say "Having too much fun"!!!
Blaine is suppose to be in this picture, he must of left before I could post!!

Here are a few more from Prospect, PA. and Columbus, Ohio  Thanks to 
Laura P. for generously sharing her pics!

Yall know that Casey has the uncanny ability to surprise us over and over again.....well, this weekend he dealt out a doozy!  It's been some time since he has played the song "Blue Sky".....and this time he chose to do it as an encore, by himself....just him and his white Strat.....this, is breathtaking.  I challenge you to not feel a tear come to your eye or get chills from the raw emotion he delivers with this performance!  This is good....this is very good.....

Big Thanks to lgv54 for sharing this beautiful video.
BLUE SKY everybody ok?  I tell ya what.....he NEVER ceases to AMAZE  me!!!!

And I ran across this and thought.....this is a great idea......a montage of Caseyness.... from Prospect, PA.  It's a bit hard on the bass, but still it's a great video.  You will hear partials of  "She's Money".... "Let's don't call it a Night" .... and "Working On It".  Big thanks to psu2010amo for posting this on YouTube!

Wow, lots of good stuff going on last weekend.  And I have a couple more things from the weekend.  Country music radio station Y108 had Casey in the Studio and they had a really serious moment and then a very funny moment.  They are both awesome!!  Just click the link and read, then scroll down a little and you'll see the recorded piece.  Just click on that.  I'll post both of them below..... Enjoy!!

Casey James heartbroken after motorcycle crash

Mysterious Creature Chases Casey James

I'm still laughing at the last one!!  I'll never be able to look at a "Chalupa" the same way again!!!  Hahahaha!!!  :D

Casey has a new show that just popped up a little while ago.  This one is in Gettysburg, Pa. on September 9th at 6:30 PM ET at the York Fair Radio Stage.  WGTY 107.7 Radio is the sponsor on this one.  I can't see how to purchase tickets on the page yet, but I'm sure they'll post it.  Anyway, HERE is the link, to check out all the lineup at the York Fair.

Ok, folks, I think I'm outta here.....I'm gonna go set outside and enjoy this cloudy weather thats just about to pour rain from the heavens....

Until next time....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Casey James in Ohio tonight, a new interview, and more....

Tonight, Casey and his incredibly talented band do a show in Columbus, Ohio, and in a very interesting venue, I might add.  Seems Bluestone has quite an impresive history!  Thanks to Cyndee who digs up stuff all the time (thanks girl) we now have a tour through the Bluestone ! Click the link and check it out!  And here's a picture of it!   Now that's a really nice venue!! Hmmmm,  I think I feel some *b*l*u*e*s* coming on tonight!!!  (fingers crossed)!!

Blaine took a picture and one look and we all knew.....yep, the Casey James name is on the Drums now!  Isn't that suppose to mean you've made it or something?!?!  (joking)

I'm pretty sure he's past that now!!  :) 

And while I'm at it, here's the box they came in!!  The comment  from Donna C. associated with the picture said.... "just a good vibe jumping off of here"!!  I have to totally agree!!  :)

While at the CMA fest last month, Casey was super busy going here and there Playing, or autographing or interviewing....and while doing so, this gal, Ashlie, from Better tv, caught up with Casey long enough to do this awesome video/interview on him.....
Casey and the band did a show yesterday in Myrtle Beach, SC.  And I have to say, I've only been to Myrtle Beach once, but it was absolutely beautiful!!  And I just fell in love with the city!!  So if you haven't and ever get a chance, so see this beautiful city.  Below is a couple of pictures from fans.  One is the scene where Casey & band played, the second....well, the second is the beautiful South Carolina coast line!!  (Sorry yall, I had to take the video off, there were errors.)
Well, if you witness a Live Casey James show and would like to share your experience, feel free to email me a copy of your written recap and pictures to  Thanks everybody!!  :)
See ya soon....until then....

Monday, July 2, 2012

Casey James honored by McPherson, new show and much more!!

Hey everybody!!  Hope  summer is exciting and fun so far!!  At least Texas is not as hot as it was last year.....not YET anyway!!  LoL!!
Casey is crisscrossing the U.S. so much, he probably can't keep up with the weather or even where he is from day to day, till he gets there!!!  He is one busy guy!!  And with "Crying on a Suitcase" taking off now, it's only gonna get busier!  It was up to #43 with a bullet over the weekend, so thats looking really good right now.  It will obviously break in to the Top 40 this week, and if you'd like to listen in, Bob Kingsley has a fantastic show on Sundays that airs at different times and different radio stations.  On his page you'll find a link to find the nearest station to you that is carrying the syndicated show.  Click HERE to go to his page.

First up, there is a  new show that has been added recently.   Casey is the opening act in  Mount Olive, North Carolina  for their 2012 Fall Fest, taking place on October 12th at Mount Olive College!!  Headlining this show is the band, Gloriana.  To find out more about it, check out their Facebook Page HERE.

To the right, you'll see a recent picture tweeted by Blaine of he and Dino at the June 29th show at Summerfest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!  Don't they look like they're having the time of their lives???  And don't you just love those huge instruments behind them!!  LoL!!!  I do!!  :D

Spotlight Country's Jill Wilderman catches us up on the country music scene and this week, she talks about Casey!!  Check out the video below and see what she has to say about Casey!  :)

Thanks to McPherson Guitar's  for honoring Casey as their featured artist of the month!!   This video is just so nice and it shows Casey in a very relaxed state, giving kudos to the McPherson Guitars and talking about himself as a musician!!! And of course, theres some playing and singing!  :)  Check it out..... it's awesome!!!

When I read this next heading, Casey James Freaks while seeing a UFO.......I this the OTHER Casey James???   I read on, not knowing what to expect.....  But as I read, I totally realized it was about our Casey!!  :)  I absolutely believe in this stuff, so reading and listening to his story just gave me cold chills!!!   Click the link above to read the story and look right below where the story ends and you will see a little speaker, and an arrow, click there and listen to the conversation about's hilarious!!!  :D

Here's a couple of shots from the recent show at Bonefish grill for 97.3 K Country!  It was an acoustic set with Blaine.

Well, thanks for stopping by yall....take care in this heat, and everybody have a very safe and fun

Independence day celebration!!    :)  :D

Until next time.....