Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 Tour-Casey James

Casey talks about what the American Idols Live Tour means to him.....check him out right  HERE 

Top 10 Photo Shoot

Well....this awesome little  Video  just popped up on the web!  It's the Top 10 in their Official Photo Shoot!!   Casey looks really cool in his part of the video.....I think I may go back and look at his part again....he just looks so pure in white....almost angelic....if you will....   Yep, it desrves a second look....go for it!  :)

A New Short but very cool Casey Jammin' video

This just popped up on Facebook and thought I'd share it.  This is  Casey Jammin'  at one of the Idol rehearsals before they left LA.

Magic 105.1 Interviews Casey

Magic 105.1 in Detroit has posted their radio interviews from yesterday! Check it out now!!

Idols crash a Wedding Party in Detroit!! *Fun Times*

Looks like the idols are already making waves in Detroit! These pictures came in today of Casey, Andrew and Mike crashing a Wedding party! Someone saw them and invited them into the party to sing a few songs and they gladly obliged!! What a great wedding present for the bride and groom! These photos are courtesy of Ray Anthony Photography.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey yall....I seem to be having a problem posting links here in the posting area. If anyone knows how I can remedy this, please send me an email @ or just post a comment here. I have never done a blog, so I've run into my first problem. Thanks in Advance!

Hello and Welcome to Caseymania!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my new blog, devoted totally to following Casey James' very first Tour this summer! I will (with a little help from my friends) be keeping up with the Idols Live Tour all Summer long and how Casey is taking to his new 'gig'!! Right now I can say, he is totally excited about what's to come! If any readers would like to share your videos and/or pictures feel free to email them to me, and I will get them on asap!! I probably won't be able to post every single thing, but I will post all that I can. And make sure I know who you are so I can give proper credit for your video or picture!

I'll be back later with some news about what's happening in Michigan!! That is their first stop on the tour.
more later........