Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Casey James to rock the South, new merchandise store, new twitter name, pics, videos and more!

Hey everybody....how's it going?!  I've been working on some fall cleaning so I've been gone much longer than I anticipated!  But I'm back now and do we have some great stuff to talk about today!!  There's so much going on with Casey, I'm afraid I'm going to have to start posting every couple days, or else just pic out the most important, and post it.  I remember a while back saying I would be glad when there was so much news I had to pick and choose what was the most important because I wouldn't be able to keep up with all of it!  Haha!!  Well, I'm happy to report....it's getting there....he's getting to be a hot item all over the country, and he is gaining new fans every day!!

I need to tell everyone first, that Casey has changed his twitter name from @CaseyEJames TO @caseyjames .  So if you are a new fan and ya want to follow Casey on twitter, that is the new twitter name.   He operates his own twitter, and randomly tweets with the fans, whenever the urge strikes him.  So don't be afraid to ask him a question or comment him on something on twitter.  He tends to have "twitter parties", and if you ask him something or comment then, you will have a better chance to make sure he sees your tweet, although he has told us many times, he reads every one of his tweets we send him.

Last week Casey was on the syndicated TV show called Better TV, and we now have a video of the performance and the interview, in two seperate videos!  :)  check them out below....

Casey James Performs

Casey James Interview

Casey James hung out in the PEOPLE studios last week and chatted about his new single and his favorite fans.  And he was meditating while at the People studios..... hmmm he looks very serious, and peaceful :-)  .....  ...... Maybe this will help him rest better when he goes to bed ..... Ok moving on.....

Casey James talks with People Country

 Here is an article from the Tampa Bay's radio station WQYK 99.5 titled "The real reason Casey James has long hair."  Click HERE to read it.  Grab some tissue.....

We got some  very exciting news the other day from "Taste of Country", when they announced that Casey would be headlining the "2012 Taste of Country Christmas Tour"  Joining him on this southern states, 11 stop sweep will be another Texas band " JB & The Moonshine Band  "  Ok....I really did giggle a little the first time I read the name of that band..... Let me guess......ummmm they must be a Hillbilly group....no, a pop group......no....of course....they are a Bluegrass band!!  :-)  Actually I'm just joking around, but they are good, I listened to some of their music, which has a little side of country/bluegrass/lite rock sound....with some nice guitar licks and banjo picking throughout....very nice indeed.  Click their name above to go to their channel to hear some of their music.  Here is the list of cities and states where all this fun is taking place!!  I don't think they've released the venues of each one yet, but I'll update yall as soon as I know!  Come on Southern people, let's fill these venues up and show Casey how much we care!!

11/15 – Abilene, Texas
11/16 – Wichita Falls, Texas
11/17 – Lawton, Okla.
11/29 – Lafayette, La.
11/30 – Shreveport, La.
12/1 – Texarkana, Ark.
12/6 – Victoria, Texas
12/7 – Lufkin, Texas
12/13 – Lubbock, Texas
12/14 – San Angelo, Texas
12/15 – Amarillo, Texas

Well, finally, it's Here!!!   Casey's "Online Merchandise Store"  has now opened!!  Click the link and take a look at all the Goodies and get yourself something ordered before your next Casey show!!  :)  All orders are FREE SHIPPING 'TILL OCTOBER 1ST!!  So hurry and get yours now, before time runs out!!

There is another interview, and this one is with "Taste of Country".... and he dishes on several things!  Click the link and check it out!!  Very good interview!
Ok, yall....I saved the best for last!!  Everybody is talking about how "awesome", how "incredible", how "fantastic", how "amazing" the show in Marietta, Georgia was over the weekend!!  I sure wish I could have been there, because I love it when a bunch of fans are together supporting Casey in an incredible way!!!  Casey had family there as well,  his Momma, Debra, and his Aunt Sherry were there for this awesome show!!  Casey did something I don't think he's ever done before, that I've seen!!  He pulled his momma up on stage with him, to not only introduce her to his fans, but to also let her play his McPherson Guitar and sing a duet with her!!  And there were several videos of this as it happened!!!  :)

Here is a beautiful version, big THANKS to rjnelson785 for this awesome video!!
"Angel From Montgomery...."

Another song that got the crowd all excited, was "Georgia"!!!  And of course, he's IN Georgia, so that was a gimme!!  And did he EVER tear it up!!!  Woooo Hooo!!  I love it when Casey does the Blues.....man.....there ain't nothing better!!!  And I'll thank rjnelson785 again for her fabulous videos!


Here are a few pictures captured from that show as well!!  Very good ones too!!  I know some belong to North Georgia State Fair, so thanks so much to them.
This first picture is a little boy named Marcus.  Marcus is blind, and loves Casey James music.  He is the grandson of one of our biggest Casey fan sista's....Cindy Hodges, who is from Georgia.  She was just so proud to have Marcus meet Casey.  And it was one of those moments.....tissue please..... Here is Cindy's heartfelt story that will have you in tears, so like I said.....better get those tissues.....

I want to Thank You so very much for posting the write up of Casey meeting with marcus and giving him Special attention. this was the best night of Marcus's life and He will never forget it!Marcus hasn't stopped smileing since that night and talks about meeting Casey James with every breath he takes every day! Each day he smiles when he talks to me about Casey ;When he starts talking about Casey first words out of his mouth is: I LOVE CASEY JAMES so very very much! Glenda if you thought the pic's of this meeting and reading the write up about how marcus sees differently than we do because he's blind and he got to see Casey by touching his hair and face brought tears to your eyes; Then I would Like to share a piece of Marcus's evening with you now, so get out the tissue's again because when I heard about this from family members that was sitting with him tears rolled from my own eyes.Marcus's favorite song from Casey's CD is "Let's Don't Call It A Night" ...OMG! tears Gal! get the tissue ready!! Here we go.. when Casey started Playing and singing that song Marcus got up and was getting down big time Danceing and singing every word of the song along with Casey. It brought a smile to his family's face to see Marcus so happy and having so much energy to dance and sing the song as Casey was singing it! I don't know about you but; this is what I like to call the Icing on top of the cake!!! :) . I also would like to Thank @CyndeeMN for taking these pic's and Gail for shareing this special meeting with you and all the fans. It's so sweet and very loving to see how not only Casey and his Momma are with his fans but; to see the warm Love shinning and shared from the fans for them and each other in special times like this. It's been said many times from us fans this is the kind of Love we saw from Casey from day one and these pictures of Casey with Marcus says it all and it shows HAPPINESS & THE LOVE! This is why we love and support Casey, not only a man with Awesome God given talent but a man with a heart of gold. Marcus is a Casey James Fan for LIFE! alot of blessings was given out that night from Casey and Momma J as well as Marcus blessed their hearts and all the fans that got to witness this special meeting. Once again Thank You for posting such a sweet and loving write up and pic's on this night. It was a very magicial evening and Georgia really got Blessed that night.

This next picture belongs to Gail V. and she wrote the following paragraph about the picture.  Thanks so much Gail, this brought tears to my eyes, and probably many others, because this is just the sweetest thing ever....just beautiful.  Thank you...

This is so precious. It is my friend Cindy Mccoy Hodges grandson Marcus "seeing" Casey James for the first time. Marcus see's differently than we do because Marcus is blind....It was also his first time to hear Casey live and Casey took the time to give Marcus some special attention..... it is also one of the many reasons that we love and promote Casey... ♥

Oh my.....after that,  theres not a dry eye on my face....this is just precious!

Those were some very nice shots, right there!!   Well, I'm having trouble posting the videos, so I will just try back in a little bit, I have to go to the pharmacy.  Be back soon to fix it!!
Yall keep on calling those radio stations and request Casey single, "Crying on a Suitcase", it's nearing the Top 20's!!  :)

I will update with more videos, I'm having problems right now.

Ok, Yall have a good one!!  I'll be back soon!!

Until Then.......

Monday, September 17, 2012

Casey James headed to Ca. this week, single moving up, new articles and more...

 Hey everybody!  Hope all is well with yall!  I think it's almost time for Fall weather.  It's been very comfortable and drizzling rain here in Texas.  Love this weather, it just makes me wanna eat and sleep, and be lazy, so thats why this post didn't get done a couple days ago!!  LoL!!

First things first..... "Crying on a Suitcase" , Casey's newest single is moving a little faster up those charts now!!!  Coming in at a smooth #30 on All Access and #25 on Mediabase charts!!!!  So keep the requesting and voting going fans, it's working!!  Oh, and the Video is #10 on GAC this week!!  Good work fans!!!

Casey and the Band have been criss-crossing the U. S. all summer, spreading their beautiful music to all who are in their presence!!  I would just like to know exactly how many new fans have come on board just this last month?!  The name Casey James is soon to be a household name!
They are headed to California this week, doing a show in San Jose on Wednesday and Fresno on Thursday!  So if you are in Cali, and would like your chance to see Casey live....this is your chance.  The information link is on the left sidebar here on the home page.

Last week, Casey made his way to NYC for some promotional appearances, and one of them was a Live Stream & Chat Session that all the fans got to join in on!!  That was very exciting....and some really great questions were asked by the fans and some beautiful photos were taken!  But if you missed it, I just happen to have a copy of it right here!!  Haha!!  And some of those gorgeous pictures that were taken!!  Big THANKS to LIVE STREAM for bringing us this one on one time with Casey and Blaine!!  It felt like a couple of friends had dropped by, and we were drinking a big 'ole glass of 'sweet tea' and chattin' & singing!!   I hope everybody felt that way, because it was great!!  Click the "livestream" link above and see for yourself just how *good* this was, it's all there!!  Or if you were in on it and just want to 'relive' the experience....just do it!!!  It's worth seeing a few times!  And congratulations to those who got their questions answered....mine did not.... maybe I could be a bit more serious with my questions next time.... Haha!!  :D 

Big Thanks to the Live Stream folks!!

Another thing Casey got to do in NYC was to see the video of his chart climbing single on the Sony Big Screen in Times Square!!!!  Oh I can only imagine his pride in his face.....one of those moments that you want to savor forever!!   BIG Thanks to @BlaineCrews for catching this moment for all to see, even if it is the back of his head.....it's beautiful!!!!  :)

I'm looking over Casey's left shoulder at the only person besides he and Blaine who actually looks like he's paying attention to Casey's Video....I just want to scream...."Wake up people...Casey James is standing right there, and his video is playing right NOW!!"    It's a good thing the cop shop is across the street, what with all those people clamoring for his attention!!   Geeezzz people!!  :-D    I just wonder if the lady there to the right is asleep or what's going on there??   lol....

Casey stopped by the People offices in New York to play his new  single for them!

Casey and Blaine were really busy while they were in NY!!  They also made a television appearance on VH1 Big Morning Buzz!!  Spreading the new music love!!!

Casey James performing COAS for VH1 Big Morning Buzz

and here's Blaine's   'Behind the Scenes'   at VH1....

Here is a cool and very happy picture taken last week at one of the shows by @amyesmith.  Just thought it was so sweet to see that kind of happieness coming from 2 people....thanks!!

Here is 5 things you didn't kow about Casey James
!!  (Actually I knew some but others may not have)  :-)

Well, it's official, Casey has been invited back to the Opry, yet again, and this time to celebrate the 87th birthday of this legendary venue!  It takes place on October 6th for him!  What an honor for Casey to be invited to perform at this great celebration!!  Check HERE for information.

Casey James makes a Hairy and Heartwarming Confession...via The Boot

Casey James will appear on Meredith Corp.’s syndicated television show “Better” on Tuesday, September 18th. He is expected to perform his current single, “Cryin’ On A Suitcase.” James revealed to “All Access” that he is a big supporter of the non-profit organization “Locks Of Love.”  To read more about this article, click HERE.

I'm really loving all this positive feedback and buzz about Casey!!

There is a new show that surfaced recently!!  And I'm excited to say I might get to go to this one....maybe!!  It's gonna be in Little Rock, Arkansas at the 2012 Arkansas State Fair on the 18th of October!!  It should be comfortably cool by then.  :)  Click HERE to check it out!

Ok, I think I've gotten the most important links and news out to yall!!  If I find more, I may come back and update.

Here is a really nice photo, that bosjerseygirl worked on, and I just really like it, thanks so much girl!!

Ok, thats all I have for right now....yall take care, and if your getting rain, be thankful, as long as it's not too much!!  :-D 

See yall next time!

Monday, September 10, 2012

All kinds of random Casey James information .....

Hey everybody!!  Who is liking all this cooler weather!!??  I know I do!!  I'm just hoping that summer is drawing to a close and we can start dressing in our fall clothing.... I love Fall....the colors are just beautiful!!   Anyway, I don't have time to talk about the weather, first things first today!!

 Starting at 5:00PM on Monday, 9/10/12, Casey is scheduled to do a livestream and chat.  You have to get an email notification when it begins, so click HERE to get signed up and take part in this Livestream!!  Be thinking of questions, because I believe there will be questions and answers as well as a performance.  That should be lots of fun!!  Hope to see a bunch of you there!!

When asked by Mark Franklin from Idol Chatter, what his thoughts were on a replacement judge for American Idol this year, Casey said  "Just off the top of the my head, someone I appreciate and admire in the country world is Keith Urban,” ......READ MORE about what Casey had to say about Keith Urban joining the team this year!  (I secretly want to see them together on one stage doing their guitar thang!!)  Come on Idol, invite Casey back so he and Keith can show everyone just how to play guitar!!  And sing.....of course.... Hahahaa!!      :)

Here is the write up from Idol Chatter's Shannon Prusak, about Sunday's show at York, PA. at the York Fair!!  And it's complete with a gallery of very nice pictures!!  Big Thanks to Idol Chatter and their team for coming up with these great shots!!  (see below...) Click HERE to enjoy the rest of this!!

Wow!!!  Idol Chatter has really been writing a lot about Casey, I found another, and much longer article, by Mark Franklin!!  This is what Casey tweeted the other day along with the message....."This article says quite a bit. Really enjoyed getting this info out there."
And I agree with him.....this is a really great bunch of information!!  READ all about it.

I think thats all the Idol Chatter articles for now, but hey, wasn't that fun!?!  I always love finding interviews and articles about him.

I wanted to post the airtimes for Casey's new video, COAS for the next couple days, so as many as possible can see it!!  Oh, and don't forget to VOTE on GAC for his video every day!!  Let's see how long we can keep it on the Top 20 Countdown!!  It's #12 this week!!!!  Oh look, they're still playing LDCIAN too!!

Upcoming video airtimes for "casey james" for Monday September 10
Approx. Air TimeTitleArtist
02:45 AMCrying On A SuitcaseCasey James
01:36 PMCrying On A SuitcaseCasey James
05:46 PMLet's Don't Call It A NightCasey James
Upcoming video airtimes for "casey james" for Tuesday September 11
Approx. Air TimeTitleArtist
08:14 AMCrying On A SuitcaseCasey James
03:15 PMCrying On A SuitcaseCasey James

Found one picture from the Montgomery IN. show on 9-8-12 so far.... This nice shot belongs to @xHollyj Thanks girl....we love that Casey smile!!  Looks like a meet and greet!!

Here it is!!  I been looking for this recording for days.....and I finally found it again!!   This is Casey being interviewed by Tampa Bay's radio station US 103.5 and he answers 5 Questions.  Click HERE to watch it!!  :)  Enjoy!!!

Oh look, I don't think I remembered to ever post this here, so here it is.....  "Crying On A Suitcase....Behind the Scenes"

And I want to just post this cuz I'm just loving his witty personality he's showing all of us!!  He tweeted this earlier.....   " No need to buy soap for the rest of the tour. I got this!!!!!"  Hahahaaa!!!

If you are not already following Casey on Twitter, please do so, you won't be sorry, he sometimes has little twitter partys, and then he just says things like this.....randomly.....  So follow Casey on twitter at


Well, this is about all  for me..... I may post some more pics and videos from the concerts this past weekend, if I can find them!!  Yall send me some good stuff on Facebook Caseymania if you get a chance!!  Help a gal out!!!

Yall take care....until next time....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Full Playlist from Casey James & band in Rockford, Illinois!!

Well, I decided not to update the last post again.  I'll just start a new one to post all these awesome videos of Casey and the band in Rockford, Illinois!  I've been hearing that they all 'rocked Rockford'!!!  So let's get started on all these great videos brought to us by the very talented @everydayisa10!!

So Sweet (Get ready to be wowed by this beautiful piece of work)

For some reason the embedded code is disabled, so I will just post the links.

Working On It

Crying on a Suitcase

The Good Life

I will just place the link for the entire playlist here so you can hear all 15 videos she so graciously brought back for the Casey fans!!  Thanks so much @everydayisa10!!

Casey James Full Playlist from Rockford, Illinois 9-1-12

This lovely shot was captured by Chasity Collett, and it's from one of the shows from last weekend, just not sure which one lol..... She said he flashed that smile at her daughter when he saw her sign!!  Thanks so much!!

There has been a few questions as to the management position of Casey and if Bryan Frasher was still the one.  Well he confirmed earlier today that he in fact is still Casey's manager but has joined another management team.  Click HERE to check out the full story.

Ok, it's about time for some of you to wake up and get ready for work, so have a great day yall, and I have to go cook some breakfast for my hubby, see yall soon!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

UPDATED!! Casey James has full Labor Day weekend of shows with pics, videos & more!

When Casey and the boys did their little roadtripping around Florida, he talked to radio stations as he usually does, and  97.3 KISS Country does something they call  Summer Concert Series, and the interviews are so awesome....

"One constant between the up-tempo charmers and sad or sexy love songs is the presence of James’ guitar. If you saw him on Idol, you know that he doesn’t leave home without it, professionally speaking. Judge Jennifer Lopez was even moved at one point that this was a singing contest, not a multi-talent competition, as if James bringing along his trusty axe constituted some kind of newly officially sanctioned cheating. But for him, playing guitar while he sings is no more a “choice” than being country."
To read the entire interview.... click HERE.

Did the person doing this interview just say "Jennifer Lopez" by accident, because to the best of my knowledge, Jennifer wasn't there that year.....Kara DioGuardi was.  But I don't want to cause a fuss, just wanted to bring it to the attention of any new fans who may be reading this, that Jennifer was not a judge the year Casey was on American Idol Season 9....

According to Mediabase at All Access, "Crying on a Suitcase" is sitting at #27 but without a bullet, and he's lost 20 spins this week, so we really need to call those radio stations and keep requesting it!!

This is the Top 40 Country songs according to Taste of Country Music site
Top 40 Country Songs – September 2012:Just look who is sitting at the #30 spot!!

40. Darius Rucker, ‘True Believers’
39. Colt Ford, ‘Back’ (With Jake Owen)
38. Kristen Kelly, ‘Ex-Old Man’
37. Chris Cagle, ‘Let There Be Cowgirls’
36. Maggie Rose, ‘I Ain’t Your Mama’
35. Eli Young Band, ‘Say Goodnight’
34. Greg Bates, ‘Did It for the Girl’
33. Randy Houser, ‘How Country Feels’
32. Dierks Bentley, ‘Tip It on Back’
31. Edens Edge, ‘Too Good to Be True’
30. Casey James, ‘Crying on a Suitcase’
29. Lady Antebellum, ‘Wanted You More’
28. Kenny Chesney, ‘Come Over’
27. Toby Keith, ‘I Like Girls That Drink Beer’
26. Justin Moore, ”Til My Last Day’
25. Kip Moore, ‘Beer Money’
24. Big and Rich, ‘That’s Why I Pray’
23. Jerrod Niemann, ‘Shinin’ on Me’
22. Easton Corbin, ‘Lovin’ You Is Fun’
21. Luke Bryan, ‘Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye’
20. Eric Church, ‘Creepin”
19. Brantley Gilbert, ‘Kick It in the Sticks’
18. Rascal Flatts, ‘Come Wake Me Up’
17. Jake Owen, ‘The One That Got Away’
16. Florida Georgia Line, ‘Cruise’
15. Zac Brown Band, ‘The Wind’
14. Miranda Lambert, ‘Fastest Girl in Town’
13. Keith Urban, ‘For You’
12. Love and Theft, ‘Angel Eyes’
11. Blake Shelton, ‘Over’
10. Lee Brice, ‘Hard to Love’
9. Tim McGraw, ‘Truck Yeah’
8. Josh Turner, ‘Time Is Love’
7. Jana Kramer, ‘Why Ya Wanna’
6. Dustin Lynch, ‘Cowboys and Angels’
5. Carrie Underwood, ‘Blown Away’
4. Taylor Swift, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’
3. Jason Aldean, ‘Take a Little Ride’
2. Hunter Hayes, ‘Wanted’
1. LIttle Big Town, ‘Pontoon’

Above you'll see a really nice shot of Casey, and Here are some more of these gorgeous photos from one of the shows a few days back in Davies FL. on 8/23/12!  Thanks to the South Florida Country Music for these great shots!!

Here are some pics & video from this weekends shows in Walla Walla, Rockford and Winchester.... Enjoy!!

Thanks to Diane D for these 2 from Walla Walla.

From Rockford Illinois .... Blue Sky
thanks caseyjamesweekly

From Winchester, Ky. He was really jamming out!!  I wonder if it was 'Drive'?  lol!!
Thanks to Chasity Collette


Thanks to Laren Mink we have more very nice photos from the Winchester, Ky. show! 
We haven't seen that look on Casey.....have we?  It looks like he's lost in thought!  *his thoughts being, 'I hope we don't get rained on'* hehehe!!

And you can find more of Lauren's pics HERE  Thanks girl!!

 Country Music is Love is a very well recieved country site that I enjoy going to and they usually always have the best articles!!  Well, thats the case this week, as Casey takes the #1 spot for their most popular story for August 2012!!  Click HERE to check out this article!!   I hope all the big stars are looking around saying....."who is this Casey James guy getting all the attention lately?!"  I want HIM on MY tour next year!!  (are you listening Brad Paisley or Jason Aldean, or Miranda??)

USA Today's Brian Mansfield has always been a Casey supporter, and he has a little rundown from Idol Chatter about what Idol is where on the music charts!!  Click HERE to see the whole article and where Casey sits on this chart!!

This is Casey's first time to perform this song Live!   A big Casey fan caught this performance on Casey's recent Florida run!!   It's off the album and it's called

"Tough Love" (Thanks to luvcaseyjames)

I will update some more tomorrow, I'm just not very organized since the long weekend and all!!  so I'll be back soon....  If yall have some pics or videos you'd like posted here, feel free to contact me on twitter  @CaseymaniaBlog) or Facebook   **CASEYMANIA**

I will try to put some videos up tomorrow!!

Thanks yall!!