Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Review from Sioux City, Ia. tonight & pics of Casey & Kristian

Earlier this week, Bruce Miller, of the Sioux City Journal, had done a nice article on Casey, which I've already posted.  And tonight, he had some remarkable things to say about Casey and his set!!  For the whole story click on the link below:

Bruce Miller's Review


These 2 shots were tweeted late tonight and it's Casey and Kristian when they did their song they had wrote together yesterday, named "Hold On"!!  Many thanks to Callan07 for these awesome shots from the front of the sugarpit!!  We have reports that the song is an awesome song, a slow ballad is what people are saying and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!   We actually do have someone with a video of the song, but she couldn't get it to load tonight!  So she will have it in the morning, or afternoon.  We'll have it sometime tomorrow anyway!!  I'm very anxious to hear it, as are many many others!!

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  1. This is so exciting! Watching Casey's career take off! Genilu