Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Casey James acoustic show at Lexington, Ky. more interviews & a new show!

Tonight, Casey is at the Tin Roof in Lexington, Ky. for an acoustic show, and there's a few of our known fans out there to cheer him on!  My friend, Danna, who was going to go, is not going to make it after all.... :(  Seems work got in the way.  But there will be lots of coverage out there, so keep checking back for updates from this show tonight! The Casey James Blog has set up a conference call, and if you'd like to be in on it, just call  1-712-432-0075 and then put in the code 654945#

Casey even tweeted about his show tonight!

Casey Everett James

Here's a couple of the first photos to come in...

 Thanks to Jen Lloyd

Thanks to @lespaulleslie

For those of you that would like to listen to a recording of the whole show, The Casey James Blog has it on their page.  Just click on the link and scroll down and you'll see it!

Ok....this has to be my favorite picture of the night!!  This is Casey, only 4 songs in, putting a new string on his guitar after busting it on the song, "Big Boss Man!"  Now....my question is....who got that busted string??  I know somebody did.....yall let me know!  :D  Those are very difficult to come by, because it doesn't happen often.

Thanks to Jenn Lloyd for this great shot!
Below is his set list, in the order in which they were sang. And he was bantering back and forth with the fans from the stage!!  I just L*O*V*E the way his personality is coming out on stage!!  I know....I say this nearly every time....but you gotta remember, I've been following Casey since the audition for American Idol, and this is not, by any means, the same Casey I saw back then.  He was much more reserved, but he's getting more comfortable, I think, with the fact that people are 'actually listening' to him, and loving what they're hearing!  :)

Small Town Saturday Night
I Lied-He said "HI" to the twitter fans listening in on Conf. Call
Big Boss Man-He broke a string on this song! :-/  oops!
Everybody Thinks You're Still Mine
So Sweet
Polk Salad Annie
Why I'm Feeling Blue
Shine Your Shoes
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Old Love
The Good Life

Ok, this was a 13 song set....has he done that number of songs before??  I can't remember....hmmm

Ok, well, I can look that up in a little bit.  Below, you'll find a few more pictures that were posted by the radio station that was sponsoring this show, KBUL 93.1.  If I'm not mistaken they are one of the 4 stations this week that added Casey's song to their playlist!  It's getting spins across the country, but mostly at the smaller market stations.  A few larger market ones have added it as well, but they would rather wait until a new song is at least in the Top 20 or Top 10.  It's strictly up to the program directer of each station.  It's just been released 15 days, it's got plenty of time to climb the charts. 

Thanks to @kathwilliams2 for this shot.

And....since we know for a fact that there will be a video for this song....when that gets added to CMT and GAC, then you will see a huge climb in numbers as it makes it's way into the Top 10 and beyond!!  Speaking of CMT and GAC, when the video is added to the pages of those TV shows, we will have to diligently vote for it every day we can.  Lots of votes have to be in to allow it to 'debut' on their Top 20 countdown each week.  And until we see it on the countdown, we won't know where it will land, the first time out, but lots of votes will help it to debut, (or land) in a good spot....say....top 10 or better!!  Best I remember, CMT only allows one vote per day, and GAC let's you vote multiple times for one video.  And don't worry, once people (mostly ladies, I'm sure) get a look at him, there won't be a problem getting that video to the top!!  :)  His 'purdy' face is definitely going to help it.  And.....it'll help get him more fans!!

Well, at post time, there were still no videos showing up on YouTube of tonights show.....so I'll be back and update tomorrow, when some come through.

And now.....on to other news.....a while back, when Casey played at the Greek Theater, opening for Sugarland, Blair Garner, a well known syndicated overnight radio host caught up with Casey, and sat down for a little one on one convo with our boy.  I learned some more things about Casey from this little video.....and congrats going out to the Casey James Blog for the shout out from Casey!   Yall enjoy!

Blair Garner interview with Casey

In a new interview by Taste of Country, Casey discusses many things, including his move to Nashville, the possibility of selling his Texas home, advice from the veteran singers, and whether or not he's going to cut that hair!!  Click the link above to read the interview in it's entirety. 

I totally hope he never cuts it really short, although he looks so good with it, I just love those golden curls of his!!  (just sayin'... :) )


This just in:  Casey has just been added to the lineup at The CountryFest sponsored by KSON 97.3 in Lakeside, California!  The show will be held at the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds.  It is located near San Diego.  Tickets are on sale now, and it's only $15 to see all this great talent!  Click on the CountryFest link above to purchase yours!!   Along with Casey, other performers will include Steve Holy, The Dirt Drifters, and headlining is Montgomery Gentry!  Thats a good line up!  Steve Holy is my favorite, behind Casey of course....  LOVE Steve Holy!!  And M-G are pretty good too, just not my thing, they seem like a more redneck type duo.  But I do like some of their songs.

Ok, yall check back tomorrow for those videos, I'll post 'em if they're out there!!  Take care.....

Until next time......

Monday, August 29, 2011

Casey James wowed the crowd in Alexandria, Ky. & new photos

UPDATED WITH NEW VIDEOS.....Scroll down....

Casey took the stage at about 6:20 before a large crowd at the 1st Annual Kickoff Celebration in Alexandrea, Ky.!   I still don't have a lot of information coming in from this show, but there are a few pictures and seemed as though the crowd there was enjoying themselves very much!!  I did listen in via conference call, on about 3/4 of the show, and the audience seemed to be very loud and lots of applause!  It sounded good to me!!  And as usual he really rocked the people!!!  Here is a list of the songs he sang, in the order they were performed.  
He was the opening act for Lonestar, and Danny Gokey took the stage after him.

Oh, and I've noticed his choice of songs seem to change an awful lot.  He must be matching up the songs with the predicted type of audience he will have?  I know a lot of song choices has to do with the type of show it is, acoustic or with the band, and how long his set is, whether he's opening for a bigger act, or headlining his own show.  It's always a different group of songs, no matter what.  But that is super cool, I think, the way he's changing it up often!
Ok, here are the songs he sang tonight!

1. Need some Texas

2. Bulletproof

3. She's Money

4. I Lied

5. Let's Don't Call It A Night

6. So Sweet

7. Drowning on Dry Land

8. Drive

9. Done Made up my Mind

When I was listening in on the conference call, I thought I noticed some slight changes in some of the music tonight.  It seemed to me that "So Sweet" was a bit slower and more seductive than usual......and "Drive.....He seemed to be tearing it up even more than usual!  It could have just been my imagination from hearing it from a call, but I liked what I 'think' I might have heard.  :)


"So Sweet"
Many thanks to spinnyjb1 for all her fantastic videos!!

"Ya Need Some Texas"

"Let's Don't Call It A Night"

"I Lied"

"Done Made Up My Mind"

"Bulletproof "


"She's Money"

"Drowning On Dry Land"


Below, are a few pictures that were shared on twitter.  No videos have made it to the social networks yet, but when they do, I will update and put them in for yall!!

Thanks to @kathwilliams2

Thanks to @lespaulleslie

Thanks again to @lespaulleslie

It seems that Lee Powell, a DJ at KNON 89.3 in Fort Worth, played Casey's new single on the air!!  I did not get to hear it, because I was not online at the time.  But several people did get to hear it, including Debra, Casey's momma, who had not gotten to hear it on the air even once yet.  Everyone was very excited to hear it, but I seem to be having problems that I haven't figured out yet, so I haven't heard it yet!  But have been hearing people talk about it!  Here is the link for it>>>>> HERE

Well, I'm out of here for tonight, and I'll update when the videos start rolling in!

Until next time......

New Casey James reviews, interviews, shows coming up & more......

Hey yall!!  I'm finally back with yall!  I realize just how much I love my wireless router, now that it has choked up and died on me!!  I couldn't tell if that was the problem, because sometimes I could get online and other times I couldn't, and after checking every wire and every connection, I did come to the conclusion that the router was going out, a little at a time.  I couldn't find the connecting cord, and after looking and looking I realized it was on my hubby's computer!  And I wasn't about to take his cord.  So I just waited and finally got to town to get a new one.  
And ta-daaaa I'm baaaaack!!

I'm so glad to know all our friends out on the East Coast are safe after a harrowing night with a gal named Irene!!  She was pretty bad, even as a catagory 1, carrying just massive amounts of rain and pouring it on our friends all up and down that East Coast!  There are some flooding issues among some, and hopefully the water will recede quickly, so people can start the process of rebuilding their lives and getting things back to normal.

There's some really cool stuff going on lately, so let's get started!

First of all, @markjanese who is a Sony Nashville guy working with Casey, took this roadside picture and posted it on twitter with this message: 
@markjanese This boy just keeps getting bigger!  
Now I like the way this guy thinks!! :)

And since we are smiling and maybe even laughing a little, let's continue with more of the same.....except this is really, really good!!!  Casey has become the weather man (for the moment) at this radio station 97.3 the Hawk in De Moines, Iowa!!  He follows directions quite well, even though they throw curve balls at him!!  Ha ha ha!!!  I got quite a kick out of this!!  Click here and get ready to be entertained!!!  Lots of the Casey laugh too!!

There is an interview from Country Music prideCAST....and Casey touches on a couple things we didn't know about!  Click the link above and listen in for some exciting news!!

I really love the fact that at least our local DFW.com is showing the hometown love for Casey!  The radio stations aren't quite on board yet.....(except for 1 DJ, we'll talk about that later).  They did a very nice little article on him releasing his first single.....and I had to laugh out loud ....when I read this very first line.....

The audible sigh of relief you heard a couple weeks back, was the Casey James fan base, relieved that the singer/songwriter/American Idol finalist's first single,"Let's Don't Call It A Night, had finally seen the light of day.  :)  To read the rest of the story.....click HERE.

Yall don't forget, Casey has 2 shows coming up Monday, the 29th and Tuesday, the 30th.  On Monday, (tonight) you can catch Casey at the Alexandria Fairgrounds, in Alexandria, Kentucky.  He and fellow Idol alum, Danny Gokey will start the show at 6:00pm, and Lonestar takes the stage at about 8:00pm.  For all information about directions, tickets, VIP or anything else, click HERE
There is also an Event Page for this show on Facebook, and if you are on FB then please go to the page and let them know if you are attending or not.  It's a good way to connect  with other fans!

And then, the next day, August 30th, Casey will be headlining his own show in Lexington, Kentucky at the Tin Roof .  This is a smaller, more intimate setting, and yall know how much we love these smaller venues!  We always get the best videos and pictures at these kinds of places!  Most of them will let the fans stand right up against the stage, right in front of Casey!!  I have a close friend, Danna, who is suppose to go to this show, and she said she may be able to do a conference call, but is not yet sure about the reception she will get, once inside.  But she will get good videos and pictures, because she always gets to the venues real early so she can be by the stage!  And she hasn't seen this new, and improved Casey yet!!!  She's been so busy with school and work, she hasn't been able to keep up with him, and is eager to see Casey and hear all the new songs!!  There is also an Event Page for this show as well on Facebook, so if you're planning to go, let others know you'll be there!  And everyone have a great time!!

Here's yall a nice shot by Cyndee H. (thanks) from the recent show in Las Vegas.  Gotta love the lip bite....now if we could get one of those shoulder-rolley things..... :)

I said earlier that there was some love for the hometown boy at one of the radio stations, right?  My favorite DJ, Michelle, from 96.3 KSCS has shown more support of our boy!!  She's a fan as well!  Click here to see what Michelle has said in her blog, about his recent visit to her radio station!

Also, while I was offline, I also heard that Casey's single has landed on the Billboards Hot Country songs, debuting at #57!!  That is really good, I'm so glad to hear that!!  Yall just keep calling those radio stations and requesting Casey's song, so they don't forget who he is!!  We have to keep showing interest in his music, even if you know they will not play the song right now, request it anyway, I do, every day, when I can get through, which is not every day.  But if the radio DJ's keep hearing his name, soon enough it will climb the charts and it will be added to their playlist....so let's don't get frustrated and give up.  Casey needs us all right now.  He is on his radio tour, visting the stations with his BNA rep, and they are pushing the single out to radio, doing their part, let's do our part, and keep requesting, ok?

I just found this!  It's the photographer, Jake Felts blog!  It has a nice writeup, along with photos from Casey's recent performance at the KSCS radio station!!  Check it out HERE!

Ok, I'm outta here yall....take care.....I'll check in, in a day or two!

until next time.....

Friday, August 26, 2011

A pocast interview & Casey on Iowa radio station

Sorry y'all, I'm on my phone because my Internet is messing up again! This time I'm thinking it could be my wireless router. So as soon as I can find my long cable to connect that way, I'll be back in business! :)

Anyway, wanted to share a couple things with you!
First, is a podcast of a nice interview with Casey and he tells us a few new facts we didn't know! Check it out HERE

Ok, I don't know if this is gonna work or not. So I'm gonna have to publish after every link so I can make sure it's working.

Be back with more soon!!

Ok, well, it's not working, right now anyway, becuz my phone needs to be updated! Just when I thought I was gaining some ground! Ok, y'all, just check back,right now it's dead.... so after it's charged I'll try to update it and finish this post! :). Well, it's not gonna let me do much, I keep losing my 3G signal! So I'll come back after I get back online, ok? See y'all later!! ;)

Girls night out was a hit with their guest....Casey James! Reviews and more pics...

Well, it seems that last nights show in Albuquerque, N.M. was a big hit with the ladies!!  It was called "Girls Night Out", sponsored by 92.3 KRST radio station!  The only way in, was to WIN!!  Well, obviously no one I knew won one of those golden tickets for this intimate little performance!  But the radio station did post a couple of pictures to give you the idea of what Casey saw, as he sang!  And I have to say....don't believe I've ever seen a stage quite like that.....

Thanks KRST 92.3 for your awesome pictures

Is that not the coolest stage ever!!!!  They really know how to showcase an artists huh?  I love the mural on the wall.....seems to me to be depicting 'blues'?  What do yall think?

I would love to visit that place some time or another!  It's beautiful!!  I bet Casey liked it too!!  :)

There has been a few media mentions and radio mentions, and what-not and I'll just post 'em all here for yall....one link after the other......enjoy!! 

Country Music Tattle Tale
  had a nice review, calling Casey
"good, real good".

Lovin' Lyrics mentioned Casey when he made his appearance at the Fort Worth, Tx. radio station....KSCS.  And they have a link to his new single on the sidebar of their blog!  I really love these guys....they are all about helping these artists get heard!!

Bobby Bare from b93 radio station said this about Casey.....
"Casey James has a hit on his hands, check out his new single!"then he put the link to Casey's song!

Here are a few more pictures from the North Canton, Ohio show a few nights ago.

Thanks going out to Suarez Corporation Industries for these really nice shots.

I especially like this one......it shows the stage from Casey's point of view!!!  I even see a couple of familiar faces in the crowd!!  :)

KAT 103 in Omaha, Nebraska, had Casey in the studio today.  He performed in their Listening Lounge for contest winners and air staff.   Only got this one picture though, that I could find, anyway!  Somebody commented...."hmmmm it's all girls at the Listeners Lounge, I wonder why???"  LoL!!!  Somebody noticed his 'looks'.....imagine that!!!  Sometimes I forget how 'purdy' he is.....I love his music so much, it's about all I concentrate on anymore!!  :)

I just want to take a minute to say to all my east coast friends...."Yall take care of yourselves....don't be brave and have a hurricane party like they do in Galveston and Louisiana....(lol)....you are not gonna beat the crap outta Irene!!  She is a strong Cat 3 and many people have died from the wrath of a Cat 3, so just load up your family, don't argue, and just go west......and keep going till you hear she's died and gone."  I think the world of all my Casey family and other online family and I just want each and everyone of you to be safe....not sorry!!

I'll see yall in a day or two....

Until next time.....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Show added, and Casey James visits hometown radio stations and more....

Casey was in his hometown today visiting the radio stations that will soon be playing his music!   KSCS 96.3 New Country  had a private party for him today at 4:00 at the studio.  Some of his family were there to welcome him home, as well as some fans.  He has a million $$$ smile when he's in Texas!!  I always notice that about him!  At this time, I don't have but one picture that I can show you, I haven't received permission at the time of this post, for others.  But when I do, I'll get them on here for you.  I listened to the station all day on my computer, (no radio in the house) but they never played Casey's song....  :(   I thought for sure they would, but they didn't.  Hopefully, now that he's been there they will add him to their playlist!  

The other DFW radio station, KPLX 99.5 The Wolf  did post one picture!!  It's one of Casey and the Program Director, Mark Phillips.  Here's what Mark put as the caption to the photo:
Casey James stopped by to play some new music and laugh at my hair....

New Video from the Private show at KSCS yesterday.

Thanks to thecaseyjamesblog for this awesome video!!

A new show has been added to Casey's schedule!  He will be replacing Steve Azar at "Taste of Country" sponsored by 99.5 KWDQ radio in Henderson, Ky. on Saturday, September 10th at 7:30pm.  Here's what the radio station's Eric Cornish had to say....

When we found out that Steve Azar wouldn’t be able to play at our Taste of Country Concert, September 10th, we looked for a replacement that would rock the house, and we have found just that person.  Casey James, who made it all the way to the final three of American Idol, season nine will bring his bluesey-country sound to the stage at Ellis Park. He will join Josh Turner, Josh Thompson, Glen Templeton, and local favorites Straight Laced in what promises to be an awesome show.  Casey wowed the AI audience with his unique sound and he also wowed former judge Kara Dioguardi by taking off his shirt at the auditions.  I can’t promise the shirt will come off at Taste of Country, but you will see an awesome show.  Take a look at one of his awesome performances on American Idol, then take a listen to his very first country single that was just released, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night.”

Buy your Taste of Country Tickets for just $25!

Haven’t got your tickets yet for Taste of Country?
Taste of Country : Saturday, September 10, 7:30PM at Ellis Park Race Course, 3300 US Highway 41 North, Henderson, KY. Ticket Prices are $25 (General Admission) plus applicable taxes and fees and $100 (Best Seats in the House) ; tickets can be purchased at eventbrite.com and at the WKDQ studio located here or WBKR studio located here.

A new review was spotted on Lunch Network.  There were a couple of sentences I could have lived without, but all in all it's a good review.  The writer said .....the song is soulful, catchy and smooth.  The Texas native's first single is a welcome blend of sensual vocals, similar to a mix of Josh Turner's "Your Man", or Chris Young's "Little Black Dress".  To read the whole story, click HERE
And please, if you can, leave a comment in support of Casey so the writer knows he still has fans from when he was on American Idol that have supported him since then and still do! :)

There was a new article, which I've been waiting to find, in Country Aircheck!  They keep up with all the music debuting and where it lands on the charts and stuff.  I used to read them all the time, and I'm going to get back into it.  But anyway, they posted this yesterday, it's a very cool interview with a nice, and different set of questions!!  Check it out!!

Off the Record: Casey James

19/BNA’s Casey James puts an industry
spin on the artist interview:

What station did you grow up listening
I grew up listening to about seven
stations. A few were Dallas-Ft. Worth stations
KTFW, KZPS, KEGL and KDGE. I listen to
everything and switch it up all the time.

Has a part of the country blown you
I’ve wanted to see the country all
my life and never really had the chance to
travel as much as I have in the last couple years. The Northeast
was so beautiful, and I was never expecting that. I thought it
would be extremely packed with people and crowded, but even
those places are cool. The California coast is breathtaking.

How do you adjust to all the travel on the road?
I don’t mind  the travel at all. The only thing that bothers me is being away
from my Basset Hounds Buster Douglas James and Daisy Mae
James. The ladies who take care of them are really good about
sending me pictures and updates.

What is your go-to food stop?
Depends on the part of the country. I’m a big fan of Chik-Fil-A and Panera. I try to eat
relatively healthy.

What nasty truck stop food tempts you?
99% of the time, none of it. But the other day, Chester’s fried chicken looked really good,
and it really wasn’t. Maybe it had been under the heat lamps for
a minute.

Which of your reps is the worst driver?
Chris Waters is hectic. I try to zone out, but if they want to drive 100 mph, we’ll just get
there much sooner.

Which is the best driver?
They all have good personalities and
good iPods.

If you had to get stuck in any city other than home, which would
it be and why?
Depends on what home is. If home is Ft. Worth,
then I’d rather be stuck in Nashville than anywhere else. If home is
Nashville, I’d rather get stuck in Ft. Worth. One of those two.

Are you a prankster?
Not generally, but if somebody starts stuff,
I’ll find a way to teach them a lesson.

Who have you seen live lately who you’ve tried to emulate?
I take everything I can from every show I see. It’s always good to
keep your mind open to anything you can learn and anything
you like, my mind's a sponge.

Well, thats all I have, for tonight.  Maybe tomorrow some pictures or videos will come through of Casey's visit to the DFW radio stations!!

Until next time......

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Casey James in North Canton, Ohio....new songs, new videos...

Casey was obviously feeling good tonight, despite the fact that he hadn't eaten all day!  I know, crazy right??  That guy loves food, how could he not eat?  Well, I guess he was busy, getting there and all.  He said he was on a plane and when he got there, he hadn't eaten all day, so he had drank a Red Bull to give him some energy, and he said he was shaky!  Even telling the audience members the words may not have been correct on the 1st song, but if they weren't, they were to act as if they were!!  HaHa!!  See what I mean???  Ha Ha!!  Yep, that Red Bull had him chattering like a teenage girl!!  HaHa!!  And that was only with the first song!!  He continued to banter and joke and interact with the audience, sometimes saying,  "I love you too" back to a fan, as he sang one song after the other 'all by himself '....as he put it!  This was an acoustic show, but he told the audience to 'act' as if there were drums and electric guitar and all that stuff!!  He really was in rare form!!!  Well, he did quite a bit of it at Billy Bobs, but I'm pretty sure he was even more entertaining tonight!  I just love that he's coming out of his shell and really learning, quite well, how to entertain people, besides ripping up his guitar and belting out all those beautiful songs with his pristine vocals!  He is becoming an entertainer!!  And I couldn't be more proud of him!

There was a conference call from the show, thanks to @bethshep for doing this for the fans!!   It was so clear!!  I, unfortunately forgot about the time change and got on it just in time to hear the last song....crap!!!  He did a nice long set and gave the fans 16 songs that jumped genres from time to time, but mostly the set had the 'country' feel to it!  Here is a list of them as they were performed:

Small Town Saturday Night
I Lied
Crazy Tonight (New Casey Original :))
She's Money
So Sweet
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Big Boss Man
Everybody Thinks Your Still Mine
Polk Salad Annie
Promise Me ?? (New Casey Original)
Why I'm Feelin' Blue
Leave Me Alone
Shine Your Shoes
The Good Life (New Casey Original)

Ok....were yall counting??  Yes!!!  That's 3....count 'em THREE new, unheard, original songs from Casey tonight!!  I do believe that is a record!!  I'm just wondering....how many more of these gifts is he gonna give us??  Love 'em all....he's such a great songwriter and performer!!  

He also told the crowd that he wrote the lyrics and the melody at the same time with "Shine Your Shoes".  That was one of my questions on my list!!  And....that's exactly the way I write songs....not that I've written very many, but every one was written exactly that way!!  He said he writes songs different ways....sometimes Lyrics first, then melody, sometimes melody first, then lyrics.....then sometimes they just come together at the same time!!  :)

As our good luck would have it, somebody has recorded the entire show and here is the audio, and it's so very clear!!  I had to link it to The Casey James Blog, (thanks yall) since it was easier......so you have to scroll down somewhat, and it's just below the list of songs.  Enjoy!

Click here to listen to Casey LIVE from Ohio tonight 

He was definitely in a mood tonight, that's for sure, and I'm so glad he was!  He sounds like he's enjoying himself more and more with every show!!  Congrats to all the folks in Ohio who got to witness this awesome show!!

Guess what???  Casey just tweeted!!  Here ya go.....

Here are a few pictures that have come through tonight!
Thanks to @Jeff_Stoll for these great shots!

Here's the first video that's came through, and it's one of the new songs!

"Crazy Tonight"(a new original)
Thanks to Choderman

More to come tomorrow, I'm sure!!  But I'm going to bed now.....well, in a few minutes!

:  New Videos!!

Thanks to luvcaseyjames for all of her awesome videos below!!

Small Town Saturday Night

I Lied


So Sweet

Everybody thinks that your still mine

You'll Never Walk Away (New Original)


The Good Life (New Original)

Wow, what a great bunch of videos!!!  I don't know if she has more, but if she does, I'll post 'em here for yall!!!  Enjoy!!
Oh yea....just want to say for the record....."The Good Life" to me, has a very strong radio appeal!!  It just has that sound....can't explain it, but it just does, and I LOVE it!!!  Favorite of the new ones tonight!! 

One of the very newest fans of Casey just posted a nice recap on her blog.....!!  I think you'll find her words comforting....it'll prove to you that Casey's music is bringing in new fans (who saw thru him on Idol) who might have otherwise never known Casey and his music like all of us 'long timers' do.  Check it out.....I think you'll like what she has to say.  Thanks to her for this recap.

Silver42a's Recap

Don't forget to request Casey's new single at your local radio station!!!  Thanks!!

 Yall have a great night.....

until next time.....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Casey James answers Fans questions...Fans artwork, & Casey's in Ohio...

Hey everyone!!  Not a lot going on, but I wanted to share a couple things with yall!!  First of all....Casey has a show tonight in North Canton, Ohio!  It's the 15th annual  North Canton Main Street Festival.  And....he's headlining this show, which is scheduled to start at 8:00pm.  It is an acoustic show and he's been set to play almost an hour and a half!!  Lots of good Casey tunes in the allotted time!!!  So, who ever is going, if you can or would like to be of help for us poor souls who can't be there, by doing a conference call or tweeting us pictures or videos, that would just be awesome!!  You can send me stuff on twitter @CEJTxgal or go to  The Casey James Blog  for how to do the conference call or anything else you may need to know, or to send something to them.  They will be on twitter and in the chat room of the blog.  Click HERE for more information.
Casey will meet with fans and sign autographs as soon as his set is over!!  He will probably tell you where to go, or look for his merchandise booth!!  Have fun if you're headed out there!!

The other day I promised an interview when it was finished from Country Music Is Love.  Well, they posted it today, and the interview was fans questions, being sent in to them.  They picked the best ones, and I have to say.....I know a few of 'em!  :)  There were some really good questions that were asked, and Casey answered......well.....most of them....you'll see what I mean!! :)

Casey James Answers Fan Questions

You Asked.....He Answered!

We recently had the chance to chat with 19 Recordings/BNA Records’ (and former “American Idol” contestant) Casey James! During our conversation, Casey took time to answer a few questions submitted by you, the fans, via CountryMusicIsLove on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you heard “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” on the radio yet? – Casey E. James Facebook Fan Club

I have not and I’m really, really excited about it. I can’t wait ‘til it happens. I’ve just been wanting to hear it- flipping stations and scrolling, but I haven’t got to it yet, but it’s just hitting the radio. [When I do hear it] I’ll probably call into the station and make a fool out of myself screaming like a little baby that they just played my song!

Are you going to get back to interacting with your fans on Twitter anytime soon? -Paula
You know, I can be tweeting or I can be working on the songs, so I imagine, I would hope that [my fans are] wanting me to do what I do and do best. I’m here to play music and make music, not tweet. But eventually, I will get back on there and hook up with everybody and let them know what’s going on and all that. Just right now things are extremely slammed and I just honestly don’t have the physical time.

If you could record a duet with anyone, male or female, who would it be? -Cyndee 

Wow. You know, I don’t like this ‘cause here’s the deal, if things go well and I get a chance to do this, I don’t want to jinx it. There’s a few people that I would want to get together with, but I always answer with ‘I can’t answer that.’

What’s the last song you downloaded? -Amber

“Homeboy.” (Eric Church)

What have you had to adjust to most since being on ‘Idol?’ -Carol

Demands of time I guess. There’s a lot of people in my life now that need to interact with me and it’s all been official, but it’s difficult to draw that line in saying “OK, now I’m off work” and I like to pet my dogs or take a ride on my bike down the street and get some exercise or read a book. It’s a difficult thing to do to switch off and it’s an important thing. I’m still learning how to do it, so that would probably be the most difficult.
Casey’s debut single, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night,” is available HERE on iTunes. Stay tuned to CountryMusicIsLove for more on Casey James.

That was fun wasn't it??  I just love questions and answers.....you should see my list of questions.....if I ever get to interview him!!  I got some crazy questions!!  No....not (sexy) ones either....get your minds outta the gutter!! lol... Silly girls!!!  No, but really, I got some questions like.... "Do you collect anything besides guitars?"  or  "Can you swim?.....prefer the lake, river or pool?"  And my favorite.........."Can you ice skate?.....or roller blade??   Yep, I could go on and on....got all kinds of silly questions.  I was gonna ask him "Bread or Biscuits", but I figured he'd say "Both"....lol....so I left that one off!   I'm sure he probably gets tired of answering some of the same questions some of the past interviewers seem to ask, (thank goodness they're over the Kara thing!) so I just put a list of my own together!  And it wasn't all at one time.....oh no.....it was over a period of about 6 months.....I would put a question on my notepad on my iPhone every time I thought of one. :)  Maybe one day.....just maybe......my time will come.... :-/

I want to share with yall some of the artistic projects some of our sister Casey Fans have done.  There's some pretty good looking stuff here too!!  Casey would be proud, I am!!  These are in one of the many folders of awesome Photos at the Casey E James Fan Club (Page)

Ane for those who may still be wondering what's going on here....Yes, there are 2 with the same name, but one (above) is a Page, that you only have to "like".  The other is a 'Group' that you have to become a member of.  And we're losing numbers by the day on the Group, so if your not already a member of the other one....join up now....there's lots of support and chat and Casey stuff with other Casey Fans.    To join click there>>>> Casey E James Fan Club (Group)

By Joy Cabaltera

By Bos Jerseygirl

By Bos Jerseygirl

By Jan Humphrey

By Teija Hurtta

We certainly have some talented people in the Casey fan world!!!  These are some of my favorites!!  Thank you all for your wonderful talent and allowing us to share in the beauty of them!!  :)

Ok yall....I'm outta here for now....yall have a good weekend!!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

New shows added, requesting tips, and sites talking about Casey James' new single

Hey... have you gotten your copy of Casey's new single??  You know, you can gift somebody with a copy?  Thats what I'm doing!  I've bought a few copies as gifts already and I will buy more through the year.  It helps Casey's numbers go up and of course he makes more $$$!  You can get your copy at iTunes and Amazon

Here's what some people are saying about Casey's new single.....

Steve Warren is a guy who reviews music for Country Radio Program Directors, and he has a whole bunch 'o good words about Casey's new single......

Let’s Don’t Call It A Night-Casey James (BNA)

When I reviewed this one in the last edition, I was musing about how this is the way Country songs should be arranged when they get a bit rocky. I’ve heard it a bunch more in the last two weeks and, silly me, it’s actually more of a R&B record. I could hear any of a number of the Blues masters from the 60′s cuttin’ down with this one. And/or several of the R&B influenced Southern Rockers of the 70′s. Elvin Bishop, maybe. And certainly Delbert will add this to his set before much longer, I ‘spect. It is seductive and so very sexy.

Ok....I love the way this guy thinks!

 Nashville's New Country said "We love it, and think it has a Kid Rock feel to it!"    Ok, I don't feel the same thing they do....but it's a good comment!!   I think he has an 'everybody' feel to his music....lol

There is a couple new shows added to Casey's schedule, and it looks like one of them is radio station 92.3 KRST in Albuquerque, New Mexico!  They are throwing an annual private party, August 24th and Casey has been invited to be their guest!  Here's what they had to say on their website a couple days ago:

It’s Another Girls Night Out… starring CASEY JAMES!
You remember Casey from season 9 of American Idol and you’ve heard his new song “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night” on KRST. Now you get to MEET him! Wednesday night August 24th at Thunder Road inside Route 66 Casino Hotel.
As always it’s a private party and the ONLY way in is to WIN! Listen all day for your chance to get on Albuquerque’s Most Exclusive Guest List!

Click HERE for more information about how to win your way in to this awesome event!!

And  HERE is a recording of the commercial on their website!  I love it!!  And you will too!!
Thanks to Shari G. for finding this little commercial clip!!

The other show added to his schedule is in Omaha, Nebraska on August 25th, and looks to be another private, winners only, concert!  It's all taking place at the KAT 103 KXKT Shadow Lake Listeners Lounge.  Click HERE for more information about how to sign up to win this intimate show of Casey and meet him!

I want to take a minute to thank 2 of the internet radio stations who have given Casey some tremendous support and are playing his music on their stations....a....lot!!!  Thanks to NIXA radio and WIZARD Radio  for their support, and promotion of Casey's music!!  We fans really appreciate them!!  Feel free to listen in online and make your request for Casey's new song!! 

Here is another radio doing the music play off between 2 songs!  Froggy 100.9.com  from Barre,Vermont!!  Click HERE to put your vote in!

Now, before I get out of here, I wanted to share with yall some very interesting news I got last night from a radio insider.  This person knows exactly what they are talking about.  I was told the listening audience, (local) is who they pay attention to, as far as requesting goes.  They pay close attention to the telephone numbers to make sure that person is in their listening range.  I was also told, if the person you're requesting is a new artist and this is their breakout single, there are radio stations that won't play it until it's in the top 10.  One of my local stations is that way.  But don't let it discourage you, they still need to hear people requesting Casey. 
Something that really surprised me, was that I was told to call the radio stations during the 3 dayshifts, Morning, Mid day, and Afternoon.  For some reason, maybe because the program director is there and can actually see the requests for Casey's song, it is the best to call during those shifts.  So, rally your family, friends and whoever you can to call your local radio station and request LDCIAN. Do it on different phones if you have them.  I'm gonna use my cell phone, my hubbys cell, and our house phone.  Then my sister in law has already said she'd call as well. Those local listeners at each station, is what counts!  Also I was told to call every day, and keep trying back until you actually get through and talk to a DJ.  Once you've gotten through your done.  Only 1 request a day from each person that can do it!  And you may not hear your request, about 1/2 the time you won't, right now, anyway.  So don't call them back up and fuss at them, or get angry and say...."You haven't played my request, and I been waiting for 2 hours for it!!"  or anything similar....don't.....that will hurt your chances of ever getting it played!  It is the program director's decision as to weather or not it gets played at all or even added to the playlist.
And it's not only us, the fans, that help get it on the radio....it's the BNA reps. job to contact the program directors and put pressure on them to add their artist's song to their playlist.  That is something I had no idea about.  But it makes sense.
The only time that the fans really should ALL call the same radio station to request, is when it's a syndicated station.  I have most of them listed on the left sidebar, and you can call them every night as well.  They too, do the 2 songs against each other and accept calls from all over the U.S.  And when one of them have Casey on their show as a guest, we'll all need to either listen locally or online and call in requesting and talking about the song, or sometimes they'll even let you ask the artist a question!  I know, I just talked about this, but I can't stress enough how important it is for Casey's new single and it's success!  We are the driving force behind that single!!  I always said, when his single comes out, thats when our work really begins!  He needs us now, more than ever to get his song out to the public, so lets all do our part to help him.
And when you purchase his song from iTunes or Amazon, make sure you always leave a comment!! 
Thanks yall!!

Ok, everybody, I gotta get out here for tonight, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or you can send me a message on Facebook

Take care.....

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