Sunday, April 29, 2012

Casey James in Southington, CT tonight and more.....

Casey is in Southington, CT. tonight performing for the 20th Anniversary of the Cadillac Ranch!!  Tickets are $5 and the doors opened at 3:00pm.  And I see no time for when Casey plays....but get there early so you don't miss it!!  Looks like they got good food too!!  Chicken Wings!!!!  Num Num Casey would say!!!  LoL!!!!  Click the link above and if you need it, there is a phone number included on the page, along with the address!!  Ok, yall have fun and get lots of pics and videos!!

A few days ago, (4-21-12) Casey and his Awesome Band  performed at Coyote Joe's in Charlotte, NC and people are still talking about it!!  Some very good photos are surfacing from that night!!  Seems the club has a personal photographer...(?) because there are some fantastic photos of Casey and the band as they rocked the house that night!!  It was also sponsored by radio 103.7.  Check these out!!

To see more of these photos.....go HERE.

Casey was in studio yesterday at 107.7 WGTY radio station, before his show last night in Harrisburg, PA at the Farm Show Arena.   And he said YES he would ride a bull if he needed to!!!  I thought....omg...Casey....have you lost your mind darlin'?   Then he says.....a baby bull....LoL!!!  Check him out HERE  He's so good in interviews!!  :)  And funny as heck!!!  I'll look for some photos from there later!

Just as a reminder for those of you who are on Facebook......for all the Caseyness you can stand, check out and LIKE this page!!  Casey E James Fan Club (PAGE)

And, for anyone interested in Casey news on Twitter, please come follow **CASEYMANIA** on Twitter! I decided it was time for us to get on twitter as well as Facebook.   Also LIKE **CASEYMANIA** on Facebook to stay up with Casey there as well.  Now, as yall know, it's only me doing the blog, so I can't post everything like I tried to do in the past, but I will try to post the most important.   And hopefully my links from here can be retweeted to help spread the Casey love!!  :)

Thank yall so much....I'll have more later!!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Casey James on Big New Music Weekend on CMT!!

This morning at 6 am CMT began  it's "Big New Music Weekend", featuring 11 world premier videos by some of Country Music's most loved artists!!  Casey's video "Crying On A Suitcase" was aired, but as yall know, I am not a morning person, so I actually missed it.  But there is a video available!!  The New Music Weekend will air from April 27th thru the 29th.  So make sure you catch Casey on this incredible show!!  More about it below....

CMT Big New Music Weekend Begins Friday
Lady Antebellum, Lee Brice and Kix Brooks Will Debut Exclusives
Lady Antebellum
Lady Antebellum
Lady AntebellumLee Brice and Kix Brooks will offer exclusive world premiere music videos during CMT Big New Music Weekend, which begins Friday (April 27) at 6 a.m. ET/PT.

The premieres include Lady Antebellum's "Perfect Day," Lee Brice's "Hard to Love" and Kix Brooks' "New to This Town" (featuring Joe Walsh), as well as a new version of Thompson Square's "Glass," Easton Corbin's "Lovin' You Is Fun" and David Nail's "The Sound of a Million Dreams."

Dustin Lynch's "Cowboys and Angels," Aaron Lewis' "Endless Summer" andJT Hodges' "Goodbyes Made You Mine" will also debut on CMT, along withThomas Rhett's "Something to Do With My Hands," Sonia Leigh's "Bar" and a live version of Casey James' "Cryin' on a Suitcase."

Many of the featured premiere videos will include a personal introduction by the artist.

CMT Big New Music Weekend will also include the newest videos by Carrie UnderwoodMiranda LambertJason AldeanRascal FlattsLuke BryanKelly Clarkson and Eric Church, along with collaborations featuring Taylor Swift and the Civil WarsKenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, and Martina McBride and Train.

"Crying On A Suitcase"

More later.....

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Casey James in Akron Ohio tonight!!


Casey is the special guest in downtown  Akron, Ohio tonight at Musica!!   The concert starts at 8:00 pm and tickets are $10!!
Cindy Wright of The had some really nice things to say about Casey.  "James is not only a great singer, he's also an amazing guitarist with enormous talent, that will continue to propel him in his musical career."  Ok, I think Casey has another fan in Cindy!  If you would like to read the whole article click HERE and read everything she had to say about was ALL good!!

If anybody reading this is going to be at the show tonight, and you would can send me pictures or videos, and I would be happy to post them here for the fans!  You can tweet me (@CEJTxGal) or email me ( and send links if you'd like and I'll get some posted!  Thanks.

Ok....that's nice....I that the very popular man bun.....or the pony tail??  I love a good challenge...we shall find out soon....  :)

ANSWER:  Ok, it's pretty evident that he was sporting the pony last night!!  Picture #4 shows pretty clearly that there is no man bun....sorry ladies.... :(

Big Thanks to Kim S. for her videos & Trish S. for her photo!!

More *W*O*W* shots and these are from Kim S.  Thank you for these incredible photos!!  Oh, and....she wanted to make sure that yall knew that the date is wrong on her camera.....these were not from 2006!  :D

Here's a good shot of the new dobro!  
For more of Kim's amazing photos click HERE

Ok, I didn't know how to get these videos on this website, so I just hillbilly engineered it and voi...laaa... the link just magically appeared here!!!  *Haha*!!  Maybe one day I'll learn to do this the right way and I won't look like a total idiot doing this stuff!!  Well, at least they're here!!  :)  And they are very VERY GOOD!!!  Oh, and I forgot to tell ya.....they are on my Facebook Page....but its the only 2 videos, well actually there is a 3rd one....but it's great too, it's just from Charlotte the other night and you can watch it while your there.....if ya go look, and enjoy 'em!!

The Videos...from Akron, Ohio

I wanted to share something with yall too....last night Casey tweeted this....

THIS is what we do. If you wanna know what I'm about, watch the whole thing. This is just a normal night. Good times :)

So THIS is a normal night???  Well, let me tell you right now.....if that's his normal, I won't be able to stand his Awesome!!!  :)  Wheww.....lord hep' me!!  They were on FIRE!!!
This is actually the video that is also on my Facebook page that I said was number 3....but I wanted to put it here as well as have it on my page, so yall can see how much Casey loves *jammin* songs, by him tweeting it!
Big Thanks to Lisa P. for her extraordinary video!!  :)

Ok, I'll be back!

the redneck/hillbilly  blogger..... he*he*  :-/

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Casey James "Listen Up" interview & CMT Big New Music Weekend, plus more!!

Hey everybody!!  Got some great big news coming your way!!  There is a new interview from CMT's Listen Up!!  And I have to tell ya.....this is one of the cutest interviews I've ever seen him do!!!  He's just so cute with all his expressions and such!!  It's just a great interview, and I know yall are gonna enjoy it!!  Check it out below!!

And..... CMT has just announced their BIG NEW MUSIC WEEKEND beginning FRIDAY, APRIL 27th starting at 6a (ET). The network will debut 12 brand new Country music videos, as well as the biggest recent hits.
Included in the program will also be world premier videos from several artists but the most exciting one for me, is from Casey James 'live'.... "Crying on a Suitcase"!!  

What does this mean, you ask??   Well from where I'm standing it's looking like 'Crying On A Suitcase'  may very well be the next single for Casey James!!  I guess we'll know soon enough!! 

And just between you and me....I really hope it is!!  That song has staying power!!  It has that tough edge to it that makes you want to sing along with him and get every single word right!!  It's a difficult and challenging song for the regular Joe....but Casey is no regular Joe and he sings it with no effort at just rolls off his tongue.   The song builds you up to this amazing chorus that just blows you away!!  And the lyrics...."lose your pride while you can, come on man, be a man!!"  Holy moley!!!  Incredible writing there....sounds exactly like something Casey would write, but unfortunately it is one of the two songs on the album he didn't write....but no wonder he recognized it right away.....somebody read his mind.... It was in there!!  :)  This song is definitely worthy of a single cut, it really is.  I was just looking at the hits on the rehearsal video, and it has 230,000 hits already, and it's not even a single!  And the "Drive" video is not far behind!!  That says a lot to me about how the public will take to this song, as well as "Drive".  And I believe either one could become household words before we know it!!  And Casey's name will be on everybody's lips!!  It's happening.....and it won't be long!!  Check out the video now...."Crying On A Suitcase"....

Casey's face has been in Country Weekly quite a bit, and the most recent, is the nice little write up on the Buzz portion of the magazine!!  The Buzz features 3 different Columnists whose names you will probably recognize, Blair Garner, Cody Alan, and Storme Warren who work on a rotating basis for the magazine.  This particular write-up is by Blair Garner and it's quite interesting where their conversation goes, when the interview starts!!  Check it out below....

Ok, Yall don't forget..... Casey is at the Grand Ole Opry House tonight at 7:00pm.  But before that he will be at the  Opry Shop from 5:30 to 6:30 pm to visit with fans and sign autographs, and he will have CDs there also.  So if you're one of the lucky ones who will be there this afternoon and evening....have a great time, and give Casey a little squeeze from me!!  :)  Click link below for more info.

Calendar of Shows

Just a few days ago, Casey did  a show in Charlotte, NC on 4-21-12 and one of the fans brought back this beautiful photo she captured at the show!!  Thanks a gazillion times to Pamela W. for this breathtaker.....

told ya.... :)

Ok, I'm outta here for now....I'll be back....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Show in Columbia, Mo. a nice aricle & more...

Well, I wanna tell yall, I got to reading about the Country Thunder that Casey just did, opening for Alan Jackson, and that is one big 'ole 4 day 24/7 Party, celebrating Music!!  I may have to slip off to Arizona and attend that party!  Don't you just know that Casey was in hog-heaven at a festival celebrating music...his favorite thing!!  Anyway, here is the link if yall haven't read it HERE

Dan Kane, staff reporter in Canton, Ohio caught up with Casey before his show scheduled for next Thursday, April, 24th.  They talked about the first time he was there and how much Casey enjoyed it and remembered it well.....

Performing solo on a tiny stage at the North Canton Main Street Festival last August, “American Idol” finalist Casey James held the crowd’s rapt attention with his engaging vocals, skillful guitar playing and amusing between-song banter.
“That was a blast, a real fun gig,” James recalls with a chuckle. “I did over an hour on an acoustic guitar, and I played two songs I’d never done before. It was a great crowd. I remember it very well.”
These are heady days for the 29-year-old Texan. His debut CD, “Casey James,” debuted at No. 2 on Billboard’s country album chart in March, and its first single, “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” just hit the country Top 20. He recently performed on “Ellen,” and has been opening shows for the likes of Alan Jackson, Kellie Pickler and Blake Shelton.
At 8 p.m. Thursday, James will appear in concert at Musica in downtown Akron. Tickets are $9.99 at I chatted with him Tuesday afternoon.
Q. You’ve been opening shows for a lot of big-name country people. Have you been well-received?
 The response has been really good. I did a show the other day with Neal McCoy and Craig Morgan, and I literally got embarrassed, the crowd was going so crazy for me. I’m not used to that!
Q. Do a lot of “American Idol” fans come to see you?
 I think the “Idol” thing helps a lot, but honestly I have mixed feelings about it. I’m glad for any fans, but when you get around people who love your music based strictly on hearing your CD, that’s the best feeling of all. Now finally I’m not some guy out there playing shows because he was on a TV show.
Q. Your album debuting at No. 2 had to feel pretty good.
 I don’t put any expectations on any of this, so I’m always blown away when something  happens, no matter what it is. I always feel it’s more than I deserve.
Q. Isn’t country music awfully competitive? It seems like there’s a whole bunch of solo dudes out there.
 It’s competitive, but I feel like there’s enough shine for everybody. Still, I know there’s only a certain amount of space on the radio, and that’s what makes me appreciate it even more when they play me. I guess you hope things land where you want them to. The only thing I have control over is making great music — at least I hope it’s great.

There is a new show coming up in Columbia, Mo. at Whiskey WILD on May 11th 2012.  Tickets are $10 in advance, and $15 on the day of the show.  The website has a scan option if you have a smartphone that knows how to scan stuff.....(I got one but it hasn't told me how to use it, so...) :)  and you can pay for your tickets right there on the website!  Click on the link above to read about it.  Or you can call them at (573) 474-WILD .  So get your tickets early and make sure you have your spot reserved for Casey LIVE in concert!!  :)

I don't know who owns these two beautiful shots of Casey.....but would you please tell me if you know?? And I'll give the photo credit to them.

Ok, I'm out of here for tonight.... more coming soon....

Until then....

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hey Everybody!  How's it been going?  I've been taking a little breather for a few weeks....but I thought it was a good time for something to go out on Caseymania!  So here we go!!

First off....Casey has been invited to sing at the Grand Ole Opry again!  This is 3 times now!  They must really like him!  I'm so glad to see this happening for him.  It's awesome!  He will be there on 4-24-12 from 5:30 to 6:30 signing autographs and his new CD.  Then at 7:00 the show starts.  All this is taking place at the Grand Ole Opry House there in Nashville.  Click on the link above to get tickets to both events.

Well, it seems Yahoo Music has Casey pictures on their Country Covers article  Click HERE to see some very nice photos of Casey!!

Well....the votes are all in and tallied and guess who stood out above all??  A certain blonde guy was recently named  "Hottest Man In Country Music"!!!!!!  Casey beat out America's usual hearthrobs, George, Keith, Tim, and all the other mega stars who have their name and face on everything!!  That is amazing, coming from a newcomer!!  Casey fans are the best ever fans!!  Way to go!!!  We are so very dedicated to whatever it is we are doing for Casey!!  And I love that Casey's Manager @BryanFrasher says..... in all his 25 years of being in the music business he has never seen the level of support Casey James fans have!!  Makes a gal want to work even harder don't it??  LoL!!!  :)  See pic below....and Thanks Debbie I for this winning page! :)

There was a few fans at the Patchogue, NY show and I was SOOOO excited to hear about this next song!!! I don't know the story about how he came to start playing this, but maybe I'll know soon, I just know I want to post it for you!!!!!    Here it is......the 1st time hearing it since American Idol....."Jealous Guy".....

She's $$Money$$

Love the Way you Miss me

Working On It

Polk Salad Annie

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Why I'm feeling Blue

So Sweet

Thanks to luvcaseyjames for all these wonderful videos!!

I'm gonna be putting on a couple new shows on the left sidebar, and will announce them soon.

Well, I had more to post, but my computer is trying to act up I will shut it down for tonight, and maybe I can do something tomorrow night.
Until next time....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter today!  Mine was nice and quiet, and just a little rain.  I had a lot of time to think and it was nice to do that....just stop and think about whatever.....with nothing to stop you. 
So I thought I'd write up a post, since I've been absent for a bit.  Well, I worked for 3 hours on a post and once again, the page went white and wouldn't load while putting pictures, or trying to.....and when it came back up, there was absolutely nothing was gone.  So I thought ok, there's the edit posts option, so I go there and click on the heading I had.....and nothing.....absolutely nothing!!  I was like....ok, where did it go???  It's just gone, and I got mad for a minute, then I use in getting mad.....can't cry over spilled is....what it is.  Nothing!  So  I will just let yall know that I just posted on the Left Sidebar 12 more shows.  And they are all over the U.S.!!  And 4 of them are in Texas!  Yea!!!  I had such a good post for sorry it was lost, but can't do anything about it now.  I will get another one done soon....I will.

Until next time....