Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Single and Video for Casey James!

Hey yall!  Wow, it has been a long time since I was last here, but I'm back and we are gonna try this again.  I've been going through some personal issues, but I'm in a better place now, and things are happening in Casey's world again.  His 1st single off the sophmore album has been released a month or so ago and they just now finished working on the video last night.  It'll still be a couple weeks to a month before it's released to CMT and GAC.  I hope we get a 'behind the scenes' look at how it all happened.  I just love those videos, there's usually quite a bit of funny favorite!

So, I finally got to go to a Casey show after a year!!  He was only 2 hours from me and I had to make it to this one.  But, when I learned it was for the military and their family and friends, I was excited for them, but my heart sank... and I just knew I couldn't go.  Then I remembered, my neice, Shannon lives right in Killeen, just a couple miles from Fort Hood, where the show was happening, and her hubby is in the military!!  I couldn't wait to ask her to please go & let me go with her!!  Much to my surprise, their family was already going!!  So me and my buddy Suzette, jumped right in with them and headed to the Stadium where the show was happening.  Casey was opening for Trace Atkins!  So we get there pretty early and the gates were opening at 5.  We saw a line of people and I thought.....omg....we will never get to the front of that stage....that HUGE far away!!  So we were looking around and somebody found a shorter line going in on the side, so we all took off and I had already told the young ones, "Run, just as fast as you can and save the old lady, me, a spot!"  So they did and so were other people and I trotted along behind them, being careful not to step in any potholes and land on my face!  Finally I get up there and low and behold, them kids had made it to the front center of the stage!!  I couldn't believe our luck!  So the rest of the family was busy laying down blankets a few feet behind us and in just a little bit we saw some man come to the stage and welcome us, and he introduced some people and then it was time to introduce Casey!!
So I had texted Debra to see if she was there, and within 2 minutes she was right up there hugging and meeting new fans & cheering her baby boy on with all of us!! :)

Nice crowd in Fort Hood!  Casey is just so entertaining!  He is so not the same artist we all came to love from American Idol!  He is SO much better now!  So where is Ellen now??  I bet she can't say "I want to see you entertain more"... because he is such a great entertainer now!!  I told Debra at the show that it's his 

"Casey-isms" that makes him so good!!  He is so unique in a fabulous way! :)

First 3 songs and some Casey banter!

Wow!  I love  it when I can get a 3 song video to upload without waiting 8 hours!  Thank you wi-fi!!

Heres Debra and I just before the show started.  Never mind my big mouth open, I have no idea what I was doing... lol.  But Debra looks lovely as always!  It was great to get to hang out with her, she is always fun!

As a lot of you already know, Casey went to the studio to join the very talented classic group, The Doobie Brothers!  They have composed an album of their biggest hits and a handful of country artists came on board to help them recreate those hits.  Casey got to be one of the artists they chose.  He recorded a song with them that most everyone has heard at one time or another.  He was hoping it would be this song and it was!!  Check out Casey singing "Jesus is just alright" on the newly released album, "Southbound"  Click HERE to get yours!

Here is a picture of them in the studio.Photo: #CaseyJames working in studio with  #TheDoobieBrothers  on the track #JesusIsJustAlright for there album #SouthBound !!

Here is one of the promo shots for the new single, "Fall Apart"

So make sure when you get a chance, get yourself over to iTunes or Amazon and get your copy!!  If you can afford to do so, buy extra copies and give them as gifts to friends and family.  That is a great way to support Casey!
Ok yall, I'm still trying to remember how to do everything around here on this blog, so I'll be back soon.  There was a show in MN last night, so maybe I'll get some pics of that and post a little about a whole group of Casey fans!

Until then...