Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Videos from Kansas City now up!

New Updates Below:

Wooooo Hooooo!!!!  What a night it was last night in Kansas City, Mo.!!  Casey's set was on fire and the fans were grooving and moving to the beat!!!!  Casey went on at 7:30 last night, with 30 minutes to play instead of the usual 25, and so, he had time for one more song, that we hadn't heard from him before!!  It's a cover of the old Vince Gill favorite, "Liza Jane", but of course with the Caseyness added to it!!  It was a rip-roaring time for the fans, that's for sure!!

The first videos have been added to youtube, and the first one up is "Bulletproof ", and that was the perfect song for the setting, beings it was a bar.  That song was written to sing in a bar, or better yet, a honky tonk!!  Because that song definitely has a honky-tonk feel!!  Great way to loosen up the crowd!!!

Next up is his 'sexy' song.....and a favorite with the ladies, I'm sure!  "Let's Don't Call It A Night"....yep, I can hear this song on the radio.....right now!!  It's those love songs that Casey just makes ladies all over, weak in the knees with.....yep.....

Great Big Thanks going out to our girl Ladonna (pnknut2) for these awesome videos!!!

As the day progresses I'll add video and pics as they come in, so yall check back.....there's more to come!!

Hey yall....sorry it took me so long!!  I had to go to town and it took longer than I thought it would!  I have some more fan pics for ya, and two more videos and some nice shots from the stage!!  Here we go!!

 Amber, Casey and LaDonna  They were being silly, and the look on Casey's face.....priceless!!
Thanks Amber for this fun shot!!

Thanks Amber for this awesome smiling shot of Casey!!  He really looks so happy in this pic!!

Thanks to Crazy Nikki for this great picture!!!  Nice hair shot!!!

Big 'ole Thanks again to Amber for this video of "Drive"!!!  And Casey announces something in the beginning....listen..... :)

I'm gonna head out and try to find more videos!   If I can't find any tonight, well, I'll try again tomorrow!!!  But before I go....Many thanks to Jewel for this breathtaking capture.....

Now that my No Words.....Only Love

Until next time.......


  1. Thank you Glenda for all the great vids and pics. I second that Casey looks very happy in that great big huge Texas size smile :)

  2. Yes, Linda he certainly does!! Thank you hun!!

  3. carolyn Collins@jesssmomMarch 31, 2011 at 2:11 PM

    A double AMEN on the cap under the last pic above! he is such a sweetheart!