Friday, March 25, 2011

Casey James celebrates Craig Morgans Birthday tonight in Kansas City, Mo.

Well, sorry guys, this little gig just caught me off guard!!  I heard about this about a week or two ago, but forgot to come back and post the info about it till now!!!   So.....I apologize for that!!  So, if you live in or around the Kansas City, Mo. area and would love to see Casey tonight, he's opening for Craig Morgan at  "THE WHISKEY TANGO" nightclub!!  This is a radio event sponsored by Q104.  The website says it starts at 7:30, and looks like the doors open at 5:30/6:00.  So if you want and can....this is a great place to g0 see him!!  For more information click the link above!!

There is at least 6 or 7  people going that are big Casey fans!  So we will probably be seeing some pictures and/or video later on tonight!  So, I'll be back later with updates......yall check back!!!

Just got word there is a conference call tonight!  But in order to access it you need to go to the  Casey James Blog  and log in!!  If your interested click on the link above and the directions should be there!!  Thanks Shari for setting this up!

More later.....

This new interview came through twitter just a little bit ago.....Thanks to the Hollywood Reporter for catching up with Casey after the American Idol show in LA last night!!!  When asked questions about the release of his debut album, Casey had this to say....

THR: If it were up to you, when would the record come out? 
James: When it's right. I know a lot of people are anxious to hear it, and I could have absolutely had a record out by now, but you know what? I want it to be deserving of the fans that put me in this position. I want it to be worth their money. I want to be able to look back on it and be proud of it. So if it takes me another six months, then OK. But it's going to be really soon. There's something going to radio, so start listening out for my stuff.

THR: Word is you’ve written every song on the album, what has been inspiring you lyrically?
James: I'm at an interesting place in my life. Everything is great, but I'm also in a new place where I'm alone a lot -- just me and the dogs. So you pull from that, from all the good and the bad of your experiences in life. It's writing like I've always done but now I'm lucky enough to be working with some amazing songwriters that live in Nashville. They really know the craft and they help me. I might be a word away, and they’ll say, "Well, why don't you try this?" And I go, "Yep, that's it! Thank you!" So it's really a privilege and it just helps my game.

Read all the awesome questions and answers  "HERE"

As you know there was a conference call tonight, and I listened was the BEST one I think I've ever heard!!  Very clear through the whole concert!!  And here is the audio here for anyone who might have missed it>>>  "Audio"
Big thanks to Shari, Karen, Linda, Marie, and anybody else who helped pull this together!!!   It was awesome!!!

I only have a few pictures, and they are a fan with Casey!!  I just love these!!  These pictures are courtesy of LaDonna D. and she even has captions!!   Thanks a bunch girl!!!

Here's your HUGS!!!! :D

Here's my last hug after he signed the drum stick which his drummer Nir threw out in the audience and I got it!!! ;)

One more!!!

And there's her pretty face!!!!  Thanks alot LaDonna, (@LDG_lildrumgirl) these are some fun shots!!!

Ok, yall.....that's all I've got for tonight.....with promises of many many more to come tomorrow!!!  Can't wait to see what all comes in then!!!

Until then........


  1. Those pictures are great LaDonna!! What an awesome venue to get to see our boy!!!

  2. What fabulous pictures LaDonna!!! Casey must have felt like he was getting hugged to death - you are one lucky gal!!! You're both beautiful and it looks like a ton of fun.

    I really can't wait to see Casey in some music videos - he's a natural.