Thursday, March 24, 2011

Casey James on Idol?? New video, and new shows coming up!

Hey everybody!  I've been recooping for a few days after all this Caseyness for the past month!!  My back is still hurting!!  But it's time to get back on it again and get some more news out to yall!!
I was watching Idol tonight and on twitter rating the contestants, when this tweet came through....

NO WAY!! Look who just walked in our door..... @CaseyEJames!! What the what?! Total surprise!!

And with it, came this very different picture of Casey.....

Exactly what was he doing in this picture, is my burning question???  His hands are in his pockets, he's wearing a coat and a scarf....which I might add he looks so very nice in..... and it looks  to me as if he could be chewing.....maybe eating??  I just have never seen this look, and I'm a bit curious!!  And my next question is......why is he backstage at American Idol???  We all watched, tweeting and asking them to show Casey on one of the cameras, and of course, they didn't. :(  So....this much we know....Sugarland is gonna be on Idol tomorrow night, but......was told that Sugarland is actually taping their part of the show, tonight!  So....the question still remains.....why is Casey at American Idol, with Sugarland and nobody's talking??  I think.....and this is just my opinion's possible that Casey may be Sugarlands special guest singing with them!!  And maybe the point show the Idol contestants that they do not have to win to have a good career.  And of course, then they would tell them that Casey has been opening for them for the whole month of March.  Or....maybe they want to make a point to American Idol producers what a huge mistake they made by dissing Casey last year....and we know they did (with a diva attitude there)!!  I don't know what's going on, but we will know tomorrow night for sure, why Casey was in LA tonight!  We are hoping that he will be singing!!

Speaking of Sugarland and Casey......Sugarland Music  posted the cutest video ever!!  It seems Kristian and Jennifer are a bit nervous about appearing on Idol and so.....they go to an expert.....Casey James!   Watch, as Casey tells them how to shake off the nerves and do their thing!!  lol.... too funny!!!  :D

This next information just came in a little bit ago!!  For those of you who live in and around Indiana.....there's a Casey James Treat for you coming up!!!   Casey is part of the "Best Buy Country Music Expo"  this year!!  Looks like it's sponsered by WFMS 95.5 radio.  It's located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, on April 30th & May 1st.  It doesn't say which day Casey will be performing, but if I find out, I will post it here for you!!  So if your in the area and looking for a fun family day, don't miss it!!  More info below or click the link above for more information!

Gold Circle Reserved Seats can be purchased for $70 both days or $35 for one day.  Gold Circle Reserved Seating will be on sale Friday, March 25th at 10am to the general public . Tickets are available through ISF box office and , or by phone at 1-800-745-3000

I think it may be time for some Mr. Pretty.....let me see.....(going thru my pics) we go.... 
This lovely photo was captured at the North Charleston show, just a few days ago! thanks to Matt Auclair for this very nice shot!

Looks like Sony is finally getting on board about letting Casey's fans know, at least a little of what he's doing!!  They posted this awesome little video of Casey and the band, rehearsing at Soundcheck Studios in Nashville!!  Thank you very much Sony!!!  And the song he is practicing, although a little teaser, we all know it's "Drive".  So....I'm just wondering.....this is twice they have showcased this it possible, that this is Sony's choice for a single??  could's fine by me, it would be a favorite with all the Nascar fans, I bet!!  And of course Casey's fans would love it!!!  It doesn't matter to us what song is released, as long as we get one!!!  Right?? ya go....

And last but certainly not least.....Casey is going to Las Vegas!!!!  Yep, he's going to be part of the FREE entertainment at Fremont Street in downtown Vegas on April 1st at 7:00 pm AND.....he is going to be part of the Fan Jam on April 3rd, hosted by none other guessed it....Sugarland!!  The Fan Jam will be going on at the Mandalay Bay at the same time the 46th annual ACM show is going on just across the street at the MGM Grand.  So if you havn't gotten your tickets to this awesome event, here is all the information you will need!!  Casey James twice in one weekend!!!  Wow!!!!  Get yourself there if you can!!!  It's gonna be loads of fun!!!

ACM Awards-Fremont St. Experience Lineup Announced- Country Music Fever

Ok yall, I'm a bit tired, think "I'll call it a night"

Good night all....until next time.....


  1. i'm sure alotta people will disagree with me but that's not one of my favorite pictures of Casey.

  2. carolyn collins@jesssmomMarch 24, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    Casey likes to play. we had so much fun watching the starwars fun. Casey and his light saber. i don't know what he's doing but as long as he's happy, i'm good. :))gotta love him! he always makes me smile:))

  3. Love the video with Kristian & Jennifer. Wouldn't it be funny if AI showed this little clip before Sugarland sings Stuck on You. BAM, there it is.

  4. I agree with you Anon#1. It had to eventually happen - after hundreds of photos of Casey, this one isn't flattering. I always blame the lighting! We know he's drop-dead gorgeous!!!

  5. Casey looks like he is being silly here! :)
    I hope that he is at least mentioned on the show tonight!

  6. Do you really think he'll be on the show tonight, why else would he be in L.A.? Have you seen anything else? Sure would be great to see him. It looks like he's teasing in that picture.

  7. I agree about Casey's picture. He was fooling around, trying to be funny.

  8. I know he was just playing around,it's just that i'm not use to seeing a less flattering picture of him.btw i didn't see him in the audience did anyone else?gosh what an awesome show it was tonight.i was so thrilled they are keeping all 11 for the tour.i'm sure when they did the save on Casey had to be going through all of there minds.i really don't care that much who gets voted off now as long as my favs make the tour.

  9. Yea, I think Casey was either fooling around or chewing gum or something and they caught him in 'mid-chew'!! lol...But he still looks good to me, I even like his 'guitar faces' and they do look weird!! lol.... He's just a cutie patootie, no matter what face he's making! LOL!!!

    I'm a bit PO'd at Idol....with Casey being there and in the audience they could have recognized him...they recognize everybody else....why not him?? It just makes me so angry the way they treat him....even still!!! They are gonna be sorry they tried so hard to get rid of him, last year!! And they are gonna wish they had pimped him, because I know in my heart, he is going to be a huge success!!! AI is going to lose all that money!! I truly believe he's going to be right up there with Carrie Underwood as one of the most successful AI alumni ever!!! So, let them treat him like day they will be sorry.
    The only thing I thank Idol for is keeping him in the competition until we could start voting for him. Without that, his music would not have ever been heard by millions!!
    Does anyone else feel the same way about this??

  10. Sweet Glenda, don't get your knickers in a knot! AI is a machine - nothing personal. Casey got his huge break with them and now he's free!! AI churns out "flavour of the month" and doesn't look back.

    We all know Casey will do his thing and be gracious about it. We should not have "expectations" about what others should do. AI could have acknowledged Casey in the crowd but really at this stage it doesn't matter.

    Hope that helps - luv ya Glenda!

  11. I think he was there to tape a performance. Maybe he is booked elsewhere spreading his magic and couldn't be there live.

  12. Yea, Laura, I need to keep that in is just a machine. But they still don't have to diss him the way they do. And he is not free of Idol. He still has to give them a percentage of his earnings from his record sales. But he was free to make the choice of where he wanted to land after it all. I apologize for being a bit 'bent out of shape' over this. I'm now just trying to put it out of my head and know he is going to succeed and that's all thats important.
    Now that it's over, I'm with Anon 8:14, I'm thinking maybe he was there to tape a performance....or a meeting of some kind....Guess we'll know soon enough.
    I just love him like my child and I get upset when I feel he's being wronged in some way. Ok, I'm over's done with.....time to move on!! Thanks yall....I guess I just needed to vent!! :)