Thursday, January 27, 2011

I got word back from that DJ from KSCS!! And it's GOOD!!!

OMG.....OMG.....OMG.....I am so thrilled beyond words right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If yall read my post the other day, I told ya about the night DJ I talked to over at KSCS Country Radio in Ft. Worth?!  Her name is Michelle Rodriquez!  Well....she is loving some Casey James Music herself!!   And she decided to blog about him on her Radio Station Page Blog!!!!!  And then.....she links Caseymania to her page!!!  She said she wants people to be able to go right to here and keep up with what he's doing!!!  OMGaaaaaa  I'm so over the top excited!!  This is very good news!!!  We know we got her support when that new single comes out!! is what Michelle had to say about Casey....(and me)

American Idol Season 10...and a flashback to Season 9

Casey James from Ft Worth. American Idol Season 9

Have you guys been keeping up with the audition this year on American Idol? Oh my, always interesting.  This year as you know, there is no Simon Cowell. Good news for country music, because apparently he wasn’t the biggest fan. This all came from Steven Tyler who said he was no ‘Simon’. And I’ll quote…
“Well, it’s not like that other guy who said, ‘I hate country, That’s the one thing that turned me off about the show was Simon passed on this kid because he goes, ‘Besides which, I hate country. Not my cup of tea.’ If I’m judging music, you don’t judge the genre. Sorry.”
Woohoo Steven Tyler!!

So y’all might remember that Texas guy from Ft. Worth that came in 3rd place and we were all cheering him on and knew he could be numero uno! His name you might remember now, Casey James. Well just the other day I had Glenda call into KSCS and give me a little refresher on his whereabouts. He’s still fine and handsome ladies and apparently with new music coming out soon! He landed himself a record deal, you can read about that here. And he’s landed himself the opening slot for some Sugarland shows this year! I know we’ll be hearing more from him!
Glenda sent me a few links to some of his music he’s done on tour.  She’s got a great blog up about him too where fans unite. Here’s the link to that: CaseyMania

Is that awesome or what????  I love this girl!!!!  We can definitely count her in as a Casey supporter!!  And the DJ is who plays his music, so make as many friends as you can from your local DJ's. 

Ok....I was so excited....I ate a whole bowl of ice cream.....*crap*....there goes the diet this week!  I've only lost 3 lbs. anyway....what-the-hay!!??

Have a great weekend yall.....

Until next time...........


Well, it looks like Sony has released the official announcement that Casey James Band is going to be on the March leg of the Incredible Machine Tour with Sugarland!  And now.....we have all 8 dates that Casey will be with them on!  Here's the official announcement:

NASHVILLE TN – Sony Music Nashville’s Casey James will join the March leg of Sugarland’s 2011 The Incredible Machine Tour opening for the super-duo in 8 cities across the country.

“I am so excited,” exclaimed James. “I think it’s an awesome opportunity to play in front of people that love great music. I can’t wait to get back out there and share new music with the fans.”

James is currently in the studio working on his highly anticipated BNA Records debut album, set for release later this year and will kick-off his opening slot on the Sugarland tour in North Little Rock on March 4th.

Tour Dates and Markets:

3/4 North Little Rock, AR
3/5 Tulsa, OK
3/10 Greenville, SC
3/11 North Charleston, SC
3/12 Jacksonville, FL
3/17 Grand Rapids, MI
3/18 Bloomington, IL
3/19 Sioux City, IA

It looks as if also told about Casey's good fortune!  They were at the Dallas stop of the American Idol Tour as well, taking pictures of fans and talking with people!  It's so good to see the hometown love for Casey!!  See what they had to say   HERE.

As most of you already know, there have been a few writers, some Oscar nomination worthy, that have or will be writing with Casey!!  There is no short supply of good things these writers are saying about him!

Here's a nice (and new) shot of Casey and a few awesome words from the lead singer, Jaren, of the group American Bang.  I put one of their videos up the other day called Whiskey Walk, but this particular song, Wild and Young, has more of a fast country pace to it....and....I'm liking them better all the time!  Check out our long haired Casey.....his hair is longer.....much longer than I thought it would be.....and he's looking great!!

kick Ass day writing with Casey James. Good times! :)

 Wow!!!  I'm so loving all this awesome buzz about Casey!!!  The music world is embracing him and I couldn't be more happy for him!

It also looks as if many hometown fans will be making the trip to Little Rock, including myself.  I think I already told yall, but I am just so excited to see Casey again!!  I'm gonna do all I can to report back to all of you as soon as possible!  I will probably be on twitter most of the day, leading up to the showtime, then I'm going to TRY to do a "livecast" of at least some of the show for all those who are there only in spirit!  But not to worry, there will be loads of photos and video to see afterwards later that night!  I'm putting all mine up when I get back to the hotel and my computer.  Won't take me long, so make sure yall check back here and on twitter and facebook.  In case some of you don't know me on twitter, I'm.... @CEJTxGal and on facebook, just my name.

Ok, I'll update if more news comes through......I'm loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time.........

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

These Songwriters seem to be loving the writing thing with Casey!!

Well....the Casey James news is starting to happen!  Albeit it's slowly happening, but happening just the same!  I couldn't be more happy for him, that he is getting the opportunity to open for such a successful duo as Sugarland!!  They are so popular right now!  They have won numerous awards and are a household name in the music world!!  So opening for them, before he even has a single a huge thing!!  So.....that leads me to believe.....just my opinion......that the single will be out very soon!  I would think that he would have a single released before opening for a group as huge as Sugarland......wouldn't you think??? 

So, hoping that I am right, lets gear up to support that new Casey James song we'll soon be hearing on the radio!!!  I will repost alot of the information I posted back in the summer about how WE as fans.....can help Casey's first single get all the air play possible!  It will be very important to do all we can to get that song heard around the country!!

I got my tickets, as did a lot more Casey fans, to the show in Little Rock, Arkansas!  I and 3 friends are on the 23rd row on the floor, so that is pretty good seats, I guess!!  It seems quite a few of Casey's Texas Fans and friends and maybe family, will be making the trip to Arkansas as well as some Tenn. fans!  I am going to try to do a "LiveCast" of at least part of the show, if my iPhone can handle!  But I have to get some video too, and pictures, so I will be a busy gal!  And, I will be on Twitter doing a play by play for everybody as the time comes for the show to start.  But then, I'll be doing the LiveCast for as long as I can.  I'm sure he will be singing at least some of the songs from his new album, and you can bet your booty there will be video of every song he sings.....guaranteed!!!    I've been told, he will do about 5 or 6 songs, since he is the first opening act, followed by Little Big Town, and then Sugarland! 
I hate to say it, but I might have to sneak out for awhile and try to find Casey, that is, if we can find the buses.  It's a huge arena, holding 18,000 people, and it will be packed for sure, so don't know where the buses will be.  But.....on the upside......ALL those people, who have not had the pleasure of it, will get to experience Casey James' music that night!!!  That is a wonderful thing for Casey!!  So many new fans will come out of this, I'm sure of it!!!  I'm so 

excited for him!!

Ok, now.....there's some really awesome news that has been burning up twitter!!  The news came from  as an Oscar Nominated songwriter named Tom Douglas, who got his nomination for Best Original Song for "Coming Home" from the movie, "Country Strong", had this to say about Casey James:

“I’m working with a new band called Mockingbird Sun, and I’m working tomorrow with Casey James — he came in third on ‘American Idol’ last season. He’s the real deal. He’s a great singer and great guitar player, so I’m looking forward to writing with him.”

"HE's THE REAL DEAL"!!!!  I love that description of Casey!!  He IS the real deal!!!  Alot of us, who have supported him since his audition or Hollywood week, have known this all along!!!!  It's so good to hear such an influential person speak so highly of him!!  I'm just elated!!  
Tom has written for the likes of Martina McBride, Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum!  I will say it again......This is going to be one.....kick ass album!!  Please excuse the expletive!!  I turned into a hillbilly for a second....I'm ok now.....I'm ok..... lol....just very excited for Casey!!!

And that's not the only new person writing with Casey.....seems Jaren Johnston from the group "American Bang" has already written with him!!  This is awesome news!!  They have a Hard Rock/Southern Rock/gritty type sound that Casey would also sound good doing, because we know Casey has "Grit".....not dirt!  :)   I have one of their video's here, and this is a really good song, called "Whiskey Walk".  Although they are a little wild, they are very good at what they do.  Check them out:

 Well, it's late, so I need to get off here tonight, but I will be back real soon with more breaking news.....and I sooooo hope it's news about the new single we are all so anticipating!!!   
Wait a minute.....I can't leave here without some visual of Casey.....

Here ya go......Janita's awesome Montage of Casey!  It still puts chills on me and reminds me fondly, of Casey journey in 2010.  Enjoy.....

Until next time.......

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pre-Sale Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 9:00am for Sugarland Fan Club Members

I wanted to come here and post this information for anyone whose going to the Little Rock, Arkansas show!  As yall know already, The Casey James Band is one of the opening acts for the Sugarland show in Little Rock!  The pre-sale tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9 am for Sugarland Fan Club Members! 

I actually signed up for their Fan Club just last night knowing that they were gonna do this, but didn't know it was so soon!  So, if you're going to the show to see Casey, or any of the others.....just sign up at Sugarland's website>>>>
  and pay the minimal fee (about $19 and some change) and be logged in before 9am to take advantage of this awesome ticket sale! 

I think you are allowed 4 tickets per person.  This is what I'm doing, in hopes of getting a better seat to see Casey up close and get good pictures and videos!

Good luck everybody!!   Leave me a comment if you have any questions or concerns and I'll help you if I can!

First Casey roadtrip, just around the corner!!!

Casey James checks in on Twitter

Yay!!  We finally got another 'yellow note' from Casey!!  It's so good to finally hear something from him!  Read on:

It's so nice to get these yellow notes!!  I was hoping for some tour news, but.....maybe that's coming soon.....hope so!!

I couldn't post today without a few nice photos of our boy, so here is a few fresh shots of him.  The first three are from when he was in studio with Big D and Bubba, the other day.  , I believe they are in Nashville.  And the last one is another of the shots of Casey being part of  "Country Cares", when he was at St. Judes Hospital in Memphis.  He was part of 30 artists who visited with, took pictures with, and signed autographs for the Children of this awesome hospital!

Hopefully more news will be coming through about Casey's participation with the Sugarland Tour.  I did find out from a Sugarland follower, that when a new artist is with them, it's usually 2 weeks or so by month.  So, it looks like Casey's month is March.  Please don't quote me on this, it is heresay from a fan, but she has been following Sugarland for a while, and was pretty much knowledgeable about how things work with them.  Let's just hang on and wait for more official news about what is going on with him.

Will update if more news comes thru....

Until next time......

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Casey James is opening for Sugarland and I'm introducing him to a local DJ


This is the best news I've heard in a long long time!!!!!!  He won't be on the whole tour with them.....but only selected dates....but Sugarland???  Omg....thats top of the line!!!  I only know about one show so far that he's at, and that's Little Rock, Ark. on Friday, March, 4th at the Verizon Arena!  Tickets go on sale January 29th at 10:00 am.  They will be available at Ticketmaster or at the Box Office.  If you are local and can listen, the radio station KSSN 96 will be giving away free listen and find out how you can win your way to a free Casey James Show!!

KSSN 96 Arkansas' Country Station

I just realized something else....this is the first banner with Casey James on it as an opening act!  I'm keeping every banner I can find, throughout his whole career.....(I hope I live that long)!!  :D

Yall let me know if you think you can make this show, because I am absolutely positively going!!

Ok, on to more news....not AS exciting, but very important news just the same.
I called up one of our local radio stations KSCS to inquire about where "The Jeremy Show" went and why was Michelle Rodriquez, who works at the Other big radio station in town,now at KSCS??.....  I was confused, but.....Michelle filled me in on what was going on, and so I thought...... ok, while I got her on the phone, lets just see if she knows who Casey James is.  At first she did not, then......I mentioned American Idol and his 3rd place finish and she knew who he was then!  But had NOT heard any of his music!!  OMG!!  So......I just couldn't stand the thought that a DJ of her caliber had not had the pleasure of hearing his music, so she gave me her email and I went right to work on a nice little introduction package of Casey James' awesomeness!!  Here is what I sent her: 

Hey Michelle....It's Glenda, who talked to you on the phone earlier tonight about Casey James!!  I'm going to send you a few things to get you introduced to him and his music!  The first video is one that I captured at his Homecoming in May at the Key's Lounge in Ft. Worth.  It's called "Drowning on Dry Land", and he makes blues sound currant!  Key's is a small place and too many people were packed in there, and although I got close to the stage, it was still very difficult to get a good video with so much moving around....people were pushing and moving me around everywhere sometimes, but you can hear him very good.  You can see him most of the time, but I just hate when my videos are shaky.  But this is his "Blues" and he certainly makes you feel it when he sings and plays.  Oh yea....he plays all his lead on his songs, and if you ask him, he'll tell you he's a musician......and seems very humble about his singing voice, but it is awesome and he sounds like nobody else in country, with a beautiful vibrato (I heard someone call it a "quiver in his purrr"  that you can hear most of the time.  I will  send you a video or two from the American Idol tour stop this summer in Dallas...... one of his country songs and one of his southern rock songs!  Also I'm including a couple videos by Live Nation, when he did a live show in Malibu right on the ocean!  One's bluesy and one is country.  He's a little bit of many genres all rolled into one beautiful package!!  But believe me.....he fits very well in Country! :) 
Ok, let me know what you think, I would love to hear your feedback!!

Here's a few pictures I also shot in May at the Key's.

"Drowning on Dry Land"
I'm not sure, but I think Buddy Guy was the original artist of this song, I know he sang it, but
he might not have written it.

The original of Satisfied was recorded by Ian Moore. Nice bluesy song.

"Always" Charlie Robison Cover
Casey talks about his motorcycle accident which nearly took his life and his left arm,
which spurred him to learn this very heartfelt and personal song.

I dare you NOT to get chills when Casey sings.....I still do.....his music is just so raw, so real and fresh!!

"Don't" Shania Twain original  This is the country song he did on tour this summer and he was so happy to be back in Texas, the smile on his face says it all!!

"I Got Mine" The Black Keys Original
Now....if you like a little more 'drive' in your music, this song is on the edge of Rock, but I hear it as more Southern Rock and he absolutely WAILS on that guitar and his vocals are so strong!!!  At one point he steps up a couple steps and he and the other lead guitarist in the band do what I call 'guitar wars'.....taking turns doing licks on their guitars and Casey plays with one hand for a few seconds, which I find very cool!!  Who does that???  :)  His music just does something to me that I've not experienced before in my life!! 
Please let me know what you think of Fort Worth's own Casey James!

Thanks for allowing me to take up so much of your time by showing you who Casey is.....

Have a great evening to ya soon!!  :)

PS:  I almost forgot to send the link to the site I do for Casey!  It's called Caseymania.....and Casey told me it was a good way to keep the fans in the loop!!  He thanked me and hugged me in Dallas for the support!!  He's just precious and I hope you fall in love with his music like I and many others have!!  You'll be downloading his music soon!!!  I can't wait to hear him on KSCS!!!!  :)

"Caseymania" A Casey James Fan Blog

Ok.....thats the email I sent to her, now lets see what she thinks of our Casey!!  I will post her response as soon as I get one!!  :)

Thanks to lorrena04&Live Nation for their videos

Until next time........

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In my absence, lots of new Casey James news surfaces!

I want to start by saying Thank You to all of you who sent out your prayers and well wishes to me and my life long friend, (Glenda Lee), and her family, during last week.   I got the tragic news on Saturday, just hours after her youngest son was found dead in his Rio Rancho, N.M. apartment.  He was in his bed when he was found by room mates.  We still don't know what happened to him, at this time it looks as if he died in his sleep, but there is a full investigation going on to find out why Michael, only 22 years old, suddenly died for no apparent reason.  The authorities are looking into the possibility of foul play, and nothing will be ruled out until the toxicology tests come back in a few weeks.  We hope that will tell the story of what happened to this sweet young man.  I will let everyone know what they find out.  His life was over way to soon, and I truly hope they find out what happened to him.

It seems Casey James has been a busy guy here lately.  It's about par, that I leave town on an emergency and something new breaks every day! :)  I probably won't be able to catch up on everything, but I will post all I can.

Next, I will post a couple of videos that I just found of our Casey in a radio station!  He is quite humorous when he wants to be!!  These videos show that side of him, and I think I like it.....hey.....who says a guy can't be totally talented, good looking AND funny!!!  I thought he was the total package on Idol, but now we can add another attribute.....a bit of a comedian as well!!  And I'm loving the way he's handling the Idol questions and the shirtless audition and questions about Kara.....he's beginning to laugh at himself a little about it all now!!:D  Good for him, so glad he's letting it roll off of him, and not being bothered by it!

Here is Casey in the Studio with Big D and Bubba!

Casey in Studio with Big D and Bubba 

Well....never mind, I can't seem to get the video to work, so I took one off, but left the other in hopes it would work for yall.  It will go to the video but seems to never load, then goes on to another artist!!    Yall go ahead and click on it and see if it will work for yall!

Casey was mentioned at "Today's Country Music Videos".....although he doesn't have an official video yet, they were talking about Idol Auditions that have moved toward Country music, and Casey's audition.....along with many many other Idols were shown there.  So if you'd like to see Casey's audition again and many others....(Crystal  I've always said she sounded country to me, but obviously she signed with Jive records.....they're not country......are they??  Anyway.....check out some of the biggest names in Country who got their start on American Idol!

Today's Country Music Videos (Idol Auditions)

And now......some new pictures have surfaced!!!  Yay!!  Check these out!!  These two seemed to be really cutting up!!  Thanks to Russell Torbett for posting these candid shots on Facebook!

I just LOVE that last one!!!  Looking like he's laying his hands on him to 'heal' him!!!  It's always fun to catch Casey doing very cool stuff like this!!  Just reinforces the fact that.....yes....he is a normal guy!!!

I found out a couple days ago that Casey was fortunate enough to get to be involved in a very good Charity, close to mine and alot of people's hearts.....The St. Jude Childrens Hospital.  Singer Randy Owen of the legendary group "Alabama" first met Danny Thomas 20 years ago, and he was very moved to help.
Inspired by a meeting with actor and St. Jude founder Danny Thomas more than 20 years ago, Owen encouraged his fellow country music artists, their fans, and country radio stations to be part of a new effort to raise funds and awareness for St. Jude, an effort that came to be known as “Country Cares” as it got organized. Since 1989, country radio stations have directly raised more that $385 million for the hospital, where patient families incur no out of pocket expenses.

If you would like to join the fight for a cure for childhood cancer and would like to donate, you can make your donation in an artists name.  The bad thing is....we can't make it in Casey's name cause he's not on the list.... :(  But you can donate, just the same if you'd like.

Country Fans Care For St. Jude's Kids

Here are a few more of Casey and the kids at The Memphis St. Judes Hospital.  He's such a gentle and loving soul, I bet all kids just love him.....

American Idol started tonight and I watched all 2 hrs. of it, and nobody jumped out of the screen at me.  Thats because there's not another Casey James anywhere.  I knew as soon as I laid eyes on him and he opened his mouth to sing.....I got chills, and knew I would support this local boy as long as my mind and body will allow!! :) He always gave his all, and he has not let a one of us down, and never will!!  His music will be known around the world, and he will be a huge success....I just know it.
So American Idol was entertaining, especially Steven Tyler....what a hoot he is!!  I especially liked his little rhyme he said.....which they *bleeped* out!!  But I knew the words they bleeped and filled them in at the proper funny!!!  :D

There's more news floating around out there, but I'm still tired and can't figure out how to link it here right now, so I'm gonna take off out of here tonight.....thanks for being a Casey fan and thanks for being a reader....♥

Until next time......

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Casey James articles along with a new official photo!

Hello Everybody!  I tried to post last night but something was wrong with the blogger and wouldn't let me do anything but the title.... but it's working tonight. 
So lets get right to it.....Sony posted a brand new photo of Casey on his official website, and it certainly is beautiful!!!  I like the shirt he has on too!!  See what I mean?

Now what I call a professional shot!!  He had a photo shoot a couple months ago, I wonder if this was one of those shots?  I like it.....he looks angelic!!

Seems the December issue of the Fort Worth Texas magazine had a very nice....and very full article on Casey!!  Hometown is taking care of our boy!!  Here's what all they had to say!  Sorry about the quality, this is how I got starts under the picture....I know, I started reading it where I saw it first too..... lol...

Classic Casey words...."You've got to be thankful for what you do have, even if you have nothing, because there's always somebody who has less than nothing......I try to keep that attitude on a day to day basis"

Those are words to live by right there!!  Now....if I just knew which Goodwill all those clothes went to.....naaaa  just kidding!!!  But it was worth a thought!!!  I wouldn't mind having that lavender shirt from Sinatra week on my wall or that red shirt and black jacket he wore during "Hold On I'm Coming" week!!  But just to know some person is wearing those clothes and don't even know they were Casey's....well it warms my heart.....and I would recognize any one of those clothes in a heartbeat!!!  So....I hope I don't walk past a stranger on the street wearing that black and red shirt he had on during "All Over Now".....or God forbid the White jacket during "Jealous Guy"....I'm afraid of what I might do.....Ha ha ha ha!!  Hold me back.....ahhhh!!  :)

As I'm typing away tonight, I've got Casey's videos from Itunes playing with my headphones on and the volume up to the (almost) max!!  I haven't ever done this before, and it's quite inspiring to be writing about a guy I'm listening to.  And there's just nothing like the sound when you have headphones's all yours.....the only for you at the moment.....gosh......I'm really loving this!! 

Ok.......*snap* back to reality here....goodness!!  There's another article out there about Casey and this one is a place called "Roughstock' to watch for 2011".....ok.....not too excited about the name......but let's roll with it.... They have some really nice things to say about our Texas boy (except where he's from is wrong...) Wasn't he BORN in Princeton??  That's what I'm thinking, and how they might have thought he was from there.  But I am completely and totally with them!!  I'm thinking I'm digging this Rough-stuff!!  :)  He is definitely 'the one' to watch.....because Casey James is just about to take Country by storm.....and they're gonna think Nashville has been hit by a hurricane!!  Read on to see what they said about him:

"Roughstock's, the one to watch in 2011"

I think it would be a great idea if all of us (who can) sign up and leave a nice comment and great big Thank You for believing in our Casey, and tagging him as 'one to watch'!!   We could all let 'em know that they are right on in predicting him as such!!!

Here's some awesome news for yall!!  Casey was  listed in 'Yahoo! Music’s Reality Rocks' column of top "Reality Rocks Moments of 2010":

7. Casey James Gets “Jealous”
– True “wow moments” were sadly few and far between on Season 9, what was arguably the most disappointing season in “American Idol” history. But on Lennon & McCartney Night, third-place contestant Casey’s emotional rendition of John Lennon’s dark and desperate “Jealous Guy” was unexpectedly magical. His voice, possibly due to an authentic lump in his throat, took on a gruff, Eddie Vedder-esque quality during his raw performance, and he seemed genuinely choked up. And so was I by the song’s end. For the first time in weeks, I became legitimately excited about Season 9, and I was grateful that Casey had restored my flagging faith.
I loved what the writer said so much.....I'm going to post "Jealous Guy".... just because.......

This song still brings tears to my eyes!!  I absolutely believe him when he sings's so real....the emotion coming from a place inside him.....and it tears me up every time!  I noticed when I was grabbing the link that this video alone, has 590 comments!!  People from every walk of life loved his version of this song.  And it will go down in A I history as one of the Best performances by a contestant!!!  Just when people were losing hope in AI....Casey gave it back to them.....what a special moment!! :)

A few of us got together last week at the 'now famous' Key's Lounge in Ft. Worth, with the slightest hopes of someone special dropping by in the back of our minds.   Although we had a great time visiting and catching up..... he didn't surprise us.  :(   Oh won't be long now until his schedule will be up and I can start planning my first "Casey Adventure Roadtrip"!!  
A kid named Michael Lee was playing that night, and he got in the picture with us!  He is quite the Blues Musician himself.....with his own great guitar riffs and wailing out some great Blues tunes!!  Here we are.....all of us in all our glory.....what a great bunch of people!!  Thanks yall....had a blast!!!  And a special thanks to Carman for making the trip from Houston!!

 L to R: Rhonda,Carman,Donna,Michaels Drummer,Lynae,Michael,Dawna,Glenda,and Doris.  Thanks Rhonda for sharing this!!

I guess I better scoot on out of here for tonight, it's getting late.  But before I go, just one more video from Casey.  This is his last solo performance on the American Idol Tour before he moved to Nashville to begin living his long sought after dream!!  I love what he says to the audience just before he starts.....Enjoy!

Thanks to ConcertCameraCat for this awesome video!!

Yall have a wonderful day.....TGIF!!!!!  Have a great weekend as well, I'll be back soon!!!!

Until next time...........

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year Casey Fans!!!!   2011 is going to be a FAN-TASTIC YEAR!!!  I can't wait till Casey's 1st single drops and gets the ball rolling for him!!!!!!!  Get ready everybody, cause it's gonna be one wild ride as we all do everything we can to support this awesome guy on his way to the top!!!!  In the next few weeks I'll start posting some stuff about how we are gonna be doing just that!  I've talked about all of it before, but now that the time is nigh it needs to be discussed again, to get it fresh in all our minds.  The way I post will become a little different too, as I will be reminding everybody what to do to help that 1st single shoot to the top of the charts!!!  There'll be different ways of doing it, from requesting it on the radio stations to voting for his video!  I know it's going to be a busy year for all of us, and even more busy for Casey as he embarks on his first "Solo Tewer"!!  I love that spelling of that's just too funny!!!  If I'm right, he will start out doing what is called a radio tour, where he visits radio stations all over the country and plays his new single for them in each studio!  And there'll be pictures and a show in the town where the radio station is.  And of course, we will certainly have Casey Fans at each Tour stop.....right??  And they will have pictures and recaps of's all so exciting, I can hardly wait!!  I was told by a fan tonight on twitter that a radio station in Georgia played one of his songs, so's already happening!!

This is about all I'm gonna say today, but I will start posting more frequently very soon!!  I wish ALL of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  And I'll leave you with this awesome creation by my buddy Jan Humphrey who has an eye for creating the coolest things!!  Thanks Jan!!!


Yall have a great day and don't forget those black eyed peas and cabbage and whatever that other food tradition is on the East Coast, for good luck!!!  I need a comment from an East Coast fan to tell me what the other food  is that they eat on NYD.  We just have Peas and Cabbage!  And I'm having cornbread too....And also....don't forget to make those resolutions!!!

Until next time.......