Saturday, July 31, 2010

Idols in Lexington, Ky. tonight

Happy Saturday folks!  I hope everyone is either getting ready to see Casey (and the other Idols too) at Lexington, Ky. tonight, or just resting and relaxing!  It's been a long week and glad it's over, everybody's working for the weekend anyway right??  Did I just take a line from a song???  I believe I did....but the title of it has left me....oh well!
I was gladly able to speak with Debra, Casey's mom, breifly last night on twitter and she's gonna help me out with some pre-idol pictures I'm posting on Fridays, for the newest addition to Caseymania....."Flash from the Past Friday"!  I believe it shall be shortened to...... FFTPF.  So if you see that acronym you will know what it stands for...ok??
Ok...the picture above was a nice shot of how big the audience was at Knoxville, the other night!  I'd say it looks pretty impressive to me....right?  I just love seeing those venues packed in like sardines!!

Now....I don't know why I never found anything from Virginia Beach....but nothing from the show came in...  We got the Cheesecake factory video, but not one thing could I find from the show in VB.  So, if you were there and have pictures, videos or anything else you'd like to share,  please forward it to me here so I can get it posted.

Just to give yall a little idea of how hot it was in Charlotte the other's a couple shots of Casey working hard and sweating alot during his awesome set the other night!!

And for him to get that soaked in just 4 really must have been an oven in there!!

Thanks to piccollector for these great shots!!

Breaking News:  And the American Idol plot thickens.....Do American Idol producers have any Judges left??  Another judge almost bit the dust too!  Read about Randy Jackson nearly being an AI casualty!!  For the full story click  " Here "

And your thinking it couldn't get any does!!!  Check out what AI has done here>>>> " Here "

More it comes in....

Friday, July 30, 2010

Flash from the past Friday/Idols Off today/Lexington, Ky. tomorrow

Hello everybody and TGIF!!  There's not going to be alot of news today, probably because I posted so late last night on yesterdays blog....but hey, we got a FFTP Friday and that means a picture of Casey in his pre-idol days!  Here ya go, I really love this one, because The Key's Lounge, as most of you know, was Casey's favorite place to play his music, before Idol!  Onstage from left is: Casey...Bobby Counts....Danny Ross and I don't know the drummers name if anyone knows, can you let me know?  Thanks yall!!  ....enjoy!!  UPDATE:  The drummers name is Gonzy Trivino!  Thanks to poloprincess for the info!!

Breaking news:  Kara DioGuardi is FIRED FROM AMERICAN IDOL  I'm usually not ever happy to hear news of this sort....because it's someones livelihood, and it means they don't have a job any longer! But in this case....I am overjoyed that she no longer can be the immature, mean-spirited hag that nearly cost Casey his chance to progress into the competition.  I am glad she can't repeat her babbling no good judging antics on anyone else trying to live their dream!  And I apologise if I'm stepping on toes here, but this is just my opinion and this is the nice version!  If you would like to read all about it....check it out " Here "

And this is just so cute here.....I wanted to post it for all of you to see!  Evidently it's a professional making comments on all of Casey's Hairstyles..... to see what they say about  " Here "

And here are just a few random shots taken by fans at recent shows!

Thanks to some great fans shots....Luciana, Mickey, KarenDW046, and daydreaminmeme and an anonymous.

Ok yall....not much news floating around right now, but if something comes in, I'll be back to post it!  There was a message on Twitter a little bit ago from Michael Lynch, saying that they needed something to do in Lexington, sounds to me like they may be bored and looking for a strangers house to go visit

Thanks alot to the anonymous who sent me this awesome link of a 'Behind the Scene's Look' at the show in gives us all a look at what the Idols do before and after their shows!!  Enjoy....I did!!!

" Behind the Scene's Look at Idols "

And one more gracious ananymous send me this as well.....another cheesecake factory interview.....this one is graced with 'Caseyness'!!

"Caseyness Interview"

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Columbus, Knoxville goodies, Idols in Virginia Beach, Va. tonight!

Good Day Casey Fans and everybody else too!  Hope your day is going well!  I have been out searching and digging and have come up with some pretty cool stuff!!  First off....I just couldn't help but post this absolutely breathtaking shot of Casey as he is in his 'moment'....just he and his red guitar!  You can almost 'feel' him playing through this picture!!  It's amazing how he touches each of us in his own unique way....through his music!!  Don't quote me on this, but I 'think' this was taken at the Columbus show a couple days back.  I just know I love it, wherever it was taken!
Thanks to lundey for this terrific shot!

Next up, I have a very sweet interview of Casey as he talks about how kind and considerate his fans are, particularly at one show....check him out  " Here "

Big Thanks to our Scottish girl, Paula, and Castromusicfreak for putting together these MP3 & MP4's for us!  If you would like your very own.....just click on this link and go for it!!>>>>            MP3 & MP4 of Casey's Music

I read something from a Fan, and I do believe I heard it in a video as well, but when Casey was in Columbus, Oh. and onstage, he was quoted as saying..... "My whole life's changed...I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to give music back to you"!! why Casey James is going to be a household name in the not so distant future!!  I just don't believe there is another artists who takes his music as serious as Casey does!!  He wants to give back so much.....and he does!!
 For now, I will post this, and go get the rest of the days goodies ready, and I'll leave you with this.....absolutely terrific shot of Casey in Knoxville, Tn. last night!!

Thanks to Paula for finding this shot, but I don't know who the original owner is, but thanks to Anonymous for it!

Oh Wow!!  Look what I found!  I love this!  It's an interview in N.J. and I love how he explains a few things and tells in his own words about some subjects that have been left by the wayside, he dealt with his sickness on the show, and how he came up with his 4 selected tunes for his 'Idol's Live' set!!  Just a bunch of good information here so kudos to the interviewer for those great questions!!  And.....he ends the video with the now famous....Casey laugh!!!  Enjoy it yall.......

" Awesome Interview from N.J. "

I have EDITED and fixed the above link....sorry guys!!!
Big Thanks going out to "Something Pitchy Backstage" with Andrew Scott!

And now.....on a more serious seems everybody doesn't find the humor most of us do in The name of a popular Facebook page called  "The Casey James Cougar Club", fondly referred to by it's many members as simply "CJCC".  The creator and my friend, Mickey, went on the defense for CJCC and you can leave your comment as well, if you would like to.  For more on this, click here on this link>>>>>

Ok, some nice videos are coming in from Knoxville, Tn. last night!  And I'll start you off with these nice, clear and close videos of Casey doing....." It's All Over Now "and...." Don't "
Enjoy!!!! :)Thanks to kwhite6420 and macfae for their awesome videos!

more to come later.....

Hey yall....if you live in the DFW area, you could win tickets to see Casey at American Airlines Center when the Idol's Live Tour rolls into Dallas on August 9th!  I wish this were for anyone, but it states you have to live in the DFW you do, go to

" DFW . Com " to sign up....for your chance to win tickets to the show!!

This just in:  I almost didn't believe my eyes when I came across this!  It seems the newest judge on the American Idol panel will be leaving her post as well!  Read  all about it  " Here "

The Idols celebrate National Cheesecake Day in Virgina Beach, Va.  Read all about the adventure as 'most' of the Idols get to sample the newest cheesecake flavor!  And we know of at least a few Idols who love food, Casey being one of them....but he's suppose to be eating all healthy....but what do you want to bet he was first in line for that  " Here "  for the whole story.

Well, it looks like a replacement judge has been chosen for the retiring Ellen, and you won't believe who it is!!!  Check the whole story out  " Here "

I'm going to close out tonight with a couple awesome shots of our boy in action and the Awesome Casey James Marquee!!!  Don't you know he is still looking at that and thinking...."Is this really happening?"  It has to be surreal to see his name in lights after all his hard work.....and I believe no one deserves it more than Casey James!  
Later Yall........

Big thanks to Mickey and vwxcaseyjamesmrds for their awesome shots!!

I know I've already shut down for tonight, but I just had to come back and post this!!  We have been missing our "LateNightSandwich" segments for a few days now, and we got this one in just a few minutes ago on twitter and Casey is BACK in this one!!!  And he looks just fine, as he puts his special ingredient into the sandwich....."love"..... :D  So watch and marvel at the genius's making this there >>>>>  "Late Night Sandwich-Cheesecake Factory Edition"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Columbus yesterday & Knoxville,Tn. today

Good day everybody!  It's raining in Texas today!  Not complaining a bit....rain is good thing!  Keeps the temperature down some!  It's obvious this heat wave is affecting most of the U.S. as it was in Charlotte, a couple days ago!  I haven't heard if Columbus, Oh. was that hot, but it probably was!  That is Crystal's part of the country, so I'm sure she had a large amount of people show up for her!
We're starting off today with Casey's radio debut in the Philippines !!  Yes!!  We got this awesome fan video of the whole thing happening live!!  The song is "Jealous Guy", the studio version and the Philippines loves Casey!!  This is just the beginning, and I'm so excited about this!!  Thank goodness Casey has fans from around the world, that are willing to go that extra mile by bugging the radio stations until they played Casey!!  Thanks to all of them!!
And now.....Casey's radio debut
It seems this should be the next thing posted....because this, my friends, is where Casey is headed.....without a doubt....enjoy!!
Great BIG Thanks going out to Joy Samson Cabaltera and Philippines radio for this awesome news!!

Thanks going out to KarenDWO46 & Lucy Myrle for this great creation!

Here is a very good article about Casey and alot of quotes!  This is from the Pittsburgh Tribune, and a very nice write up.  I don't think I've seen this, and it's a few days old, but....who cares right??  As long as it's something positive about out's worth reposting, even if I have done so already!  

For the full review click  " Here"

As is a detailed recap from one of Casey's biggest fans and my friend who created the CJCC on Facebook....Mickey!   Thanks so much for your awesome recap girl!!  Loved it!!!!
To see Mickey's full recap click right  " Here "

So far today, I haven't run into all the Columbus goodies.....but I'm just getting started on the searching, so I'm sure something else will come through!  I did find a good video of the Group Finale, with lots of Casey closeups....from Columbus, so I'll be back later with more!  Enjoy and click  " Here " 
to watch it now!

Thanks to Mickey and GermanPrincessLar for these two wonderful shots!!!

Ok, I'm gonna head out and try to find more goodies....I'll leave ya with these great shots!!   yall check back later!!

Thanks going out to lundeymicron, daydreaminmeme and an anonymous for these 2 cool looking shots!!

Well, folks, I can't find anything else tonight to post, so I'm closing up shop, have a great night and a better tomorrow!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Idols in Columbus, Ohio today and off day yesterday!!

Hello and welcome to Caseymania
Your one stop source for all things Casey James!!

Hello everybody!  Is this not one of the sweetest faces ever??  I love the closeups more than anything.  I'm a little late getting started today, but I'm here now!  We got a little rain and cooled things off drastically!  So I'm really enjoying the spring-like weather today!

As most of you know, the Idols were off yesterday, so I'll be posting what I can find about their off day and what they, (mainly Casey) did with it!
Thanks to anaperfonico and cc373 for these great shots!

Here is the recap of a fan from the Newark Show a few days ago.  thanks to mshepnj for sharing your experience with us!!

"The music started thundering through the building as Casey James got ready to perform. I waited to see his number 3 and his name and face crawl across the jumbotron, but either it happened too fast and I missed it somehow or it didn't happen. It was odd and a bit disappointing because that moment builds excitement and gets the audience cheering and I felt a little deprived. Anyway, the lights came up and there he was, rocking vocals and wailing on that blue electric guitar. "I Got Mine" got everybody on their feet and got my heart pounding. Casey's guitar duel with the lead guitarist from the band was phenomenal and I love to watch what he does with his hands across those strings... I may have made some... exclamations not quite appropriate for such a public setting, but you know, I like to feel the music and sometimes the music just moves me. Bringing it down with a sweet, plaintive acoustic vibe, I love Casey's version of "Don't" to show off his country style with a little grit and a whole lot of soul. Then Mike was back for "the 8 minute version" (tm-@Jambajim) of "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman". Confession: When I heard they were going to do the duet on the tour, I was disappointed because I wanted more new music and more solos from Casey. But I have to say there is something very moving about these two men playing and singing together. Casey's guitar and whiskey baritone blends so nicely with Mike's smooth, honeyed tenor. To cap off the set, was Casey's fantastic slide guitar and killer bluesy vocals on "It's All Over Now" which left me a very happy Casey fan. This is exactly the kind of music I like to listen to and I cannot wait to buy Casey's album. The only thing that could have made it better was if Casey had worn that blue t-shirt that he had on in Hershey. Today he was wearing one of his many light blue western-style shirts... not that he doesn't look great in those western shirts, just sayin.

My favorite Casey performance: "It's All Over Now" (slide guitar and red dirt bluesy vocals get me every time)
I was going to link that recap, but there was no link, that I could I had to improvise and just posted the whole thing here.  It was such an awesome review, I just had to get it out there for yall to read too!! 

Debra was tweeting with us the other night and somebody  asked the all important question I kept forgetting to ask.... when is yours and Billy's Birthday??  And she told us!!!  Debra's is March 1st and Billy's is  November 16th !!!  So now all of us can send out birthday cards to each of the James family when their B-day comes around!  And just in case there are newer people reading can send that and letters and whatever to the Fan Mail Address located on the right hand sidebar.

More to come later.....check back often!

Ok, I ran into a 3 phase latenightsandwich segment and thought yall would like to see them.  Bad thing is....the love is missing.... :(

Late Night Sandwich-1 Ohio Edition

Late Night Sandwich-2

Late Night Sandwich-3 Trifecta 

These late night sandwich segments are just not as much fun without our Casey there..... :(   There was no love at all in these LNS segments.....I'd like to know where he was....oh wait.... I think I know!  I don't think Casey is on real good terms with one of the other tourmates in the house, and thats just my opinion.....just saying..... 

I got my new IPhone today, so I'm gonna play with it for a while and get it activated and just see what I've gotten myself into..... :)  Wish me luck, yall.....I hope I can operate this scary the first time with new phones!

More coming later.....stay tuned and check back!!  :)

I just hit something just absolutely wonderful!!!  Here's a video of   " Don't "    in Charlotte on Sunday night and it a good one!!!  Take a peek and see what ya think!!
I found the other 3 videos from this same person!   Here's "All Over Now"

And  "I Got Mine"
And last but not least....  "Have You Really Ever Loved A Woman"

This is the first time I've actually gotten all 4 of Casey's songs at 1 show by the same person!!!!!   I'm so stoked, and they are all Amazingly Good!!!!!!!!
These videos are of the utmost quality....very clear and still....just awesome job on the videoing!!!
Great BIG Thanks going out to castromusicfreak for these fresh and breathtaking videos!!!!!

"American Idols Live hit Charlotte"
This is a nice review from Chris in Charlotte, N.C.  Just a little mention of Casey, and stumbled a bit on how many songs Casey sang....

I still have not found anything on what the Idols (Casey)  did on their (his) day off, but hopefully something will come through in the next day or so!

More later.....if I can find it!!  :D

Well, the only thing I was able to uncover about the Idols day off, was....Mike and Andrew end up in a strangers house every time they have a day off, and Casey goes MIA every time he has a day there ya have it.....absolutely.....not much!!  
I've got another recap, and it's from the Charlotte show this time!!  I'll be posting that in tomorrows look for it!  Untill then.....nighty nite my friends!!  SCD to all!! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lots of goodies from Charlotte N.C. & Idols are off today!

I'm not gonna do alot of talking right now, because I'm actually starting Mondays post in the wee hours of the morning, so I can get a jump on things!  Anyway, several fans are uploading pics as we speak, and I've gotten a few from them, but there's gonna be more later on today, so if you check this blog in the mornings, make sure ya come back later on in the evening, cause I post sometimes till 12:00 midnight!
Also, I just wanted to do a shout-out to Debra...."Mama James" as most call her!!  She had a little twitter party with us and said she checks my page every day and she really likes it and said thank you to me for doing it!!!  I was beyond happy to know she keeps up with her baby's tour through my page!  But that's what it's here for, to keep up with all things Casey while he's on tour this whole summer!  I'm sure they talk on the phone alot and he tells her how things are going....but at least she can come here and see for herself, how things are going.   Oh no, now I'm babbling... but I was just so happy to know that!  So....Thank you Debra, for making my day much better....I owe ya one!!  Maybe we should do lunch one day?!?!  lol....  yea right, like she has time to eat with me, but I would definitely do it in a heartbeat!! 
Ok, on to the pictures from Charlotte, N.C.

This is the Casey how cool is that???  I wanna be a fangirl too!!!  Where's mine?? CLOL!!

I don't know what it is about these last 2 pictures....but they scream total awesomeness!! Love it!!
Thanks to cc373 and pjwood67 for their great shots!! 

More coming later......check back!!

Well, as I predicted, more stuff is rolling in from Charlotte, N.C. last night!  I'll start off with an awesome and clear video of Casey singing...... ALL OVER NOW
Many thanks going out to cookiefan09 for sharing this video! 
It appears the photos I've been waiting on are finally up and are absolutely stunning in quality, for the most part!!  All these are from the Manchester, NH show nearly 2 weeks ago!!  But let me tell you.....they were worth the wait!  I will start you off with a couple of my favs and then let you click on a link for the rest of them!

Here is the link to the rest of his shots.....enjoy......MJs Photos

Big thanks to MJsBigBlog for all these awesome shots!!!

Here are a couple videos of Casey being such a sweetie towards the fans.....what a great guy he is to try and get to everybody, so nobody is left out!! 

Click "Here"

and  "Here"

I'm not exactly sure about the video credit for the above, but it looks like it's 

from  @thelastshow.  If I am not right please someone tell me if I need to change it!

Ok.....More later!!

Here is a video I just came across and it's a good one!  Here's Casey from last night in Charlotte singing  "I Got Mine" 

And here's the same song from a different angle and somewhat closer.... " I Got Mine "
Thanks to pjwood67 and cookiefan09
Well, it's nearly time to say goodnight, I can't write if my eyelids are yall have a great rest of the night and a wonderful tomorrow....

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baltimore Md. yesterday and Charlotte NC today!

Happy Sunday Everybody!!  I hope your day is going great and everybody out and about at the swimming holes, pools or mainly people at the Charlotte N.C. show tonight,are taking all precautions in this heat!!   I have some personal friends attending this show, and hopefully one of them will tweet for us and keep us in the know as the Concert unfolds!

I've got a few links that are good reads, and at least one or more is in Baltimore last night!

This first one is something near and dear to all our hearts, I'm sure... Some of Casey's Fans have put together a fundraiser with bracelets that you can buy.  The money will go into a fund set up for The James Family travel expenses to go see Casey!  If, in fact the funds are not needed by the James family, the money raised will go to The American Cancer Society.  What a great effort on these women's part!  If you would like to donate and get your own bracelet or read more about it, just click on this link right here >>>

This next link is an interview from last nights show in Baltimore, Md.  And I must say, he is really good at these interviews and always seems to be so cool and collected under pressure from the interviewer!  He talks about Texas heat and looking forward to being home in a couple see the full interview, please click "Here"

It's time for a picture or two.....and this one is very nice indeed!  He's showing off those beautiful blue eyes of his....  I think they are the color of his own eyes, meaning I don't think he wears colored contacts.....but that blue is almost mesmerizing.  I've never heard anything at all about the possibility of contacts, so I'm assuming that No, he doesn't wear them.....a good question though, for future questions at a twitter party or that AT&T chat thing that's happening on the 17 of August.  I will update in a little bit and post that AT&T link on here again 
You gotta love the fedora....he's looking sweet in it!!  And we need hair down too, and I'm so glad he's wearing it different ways....shows his versatilitie in fashion too!  Who told Casey he didn't have a good sence of fashion....he looks great at every show!  And he probably thinks not....knowing his humble self...ha ha ha

Thanks to cameracat and margherita for these two shots above!
And I made the banner with the help of Margherita's photo! thanks!

More to come, later on......check back!  And just in case some of you didn't know, I update from the bottom of the page, so any new stuff will be toward the bottom of the  page!  :)

Once again, we've been given a Song Of The Day (SOTD), from Casey and for some reason....and I'll let you all come to your own conclusions on the 2nd..... White Liar....but there are 2 new SOTD for us!!  Just so you know....Miranda is signed with Capital, the very label that I have predicted will sign Casey soon!!  Here are both of them right do your homework....everybody!  :D

" the Cranberries"

"White Liar-Miranda Lambert"

I just found this Fan-Created awesome tribute to Casey!!  You won't want to miss this!!   It is Great!!!  So click the link below to see this wonderful Tribute!

Awesome Tribute to Casey

 Many thanks to pjwood67 for sharing her cool skills with us!!!

I just ran across some really great photos!!  Whew!!!  I'm pretty sure the first 2 are from last nights show in Baltimore, but not sure about the other 2...... Let me warn  you.....these are really really GOOD!!!!

See what I mean??  And I thought the one with Casey and Mike was so fabulous!!!

Big thanks to KarenDWO46 and KarenWatson for sharing their excellent photos!!!!

I just came across these Awesome videos!  The sound is really cool and you can hear Casey changing the songs up a little at each venue!  I love the way he's doing that!  Enjoy, these are nice, a bit far away, but still good.

"It's All Over Now"

"I Got Mine" 

Thanks going out to guitarrockerszj for these great videos!

More later......

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bristow, Va. info and Baltimore, Md tonight

Hi Everyone!  It's Saturday and a scorcher outside even though the temperature gage outside says 95 it feels like 99 with high humidity!  It's like a sauna when it rains a few drops!  Anyway, most of the country  is suffering from this major heat wave we've got going on!  But like Casey says...."Be happy in your situation, it could always be worse"!  So I try not to complain too at least my house is cooler!

Now on to more important things....Casey!  The Idols were in Bristow, Va. last night and a few bits of 'Caseyness' has rolled into my hands....

First off.....we have a nice interview from MyFoxdc, and CASEY is at about 1:58  So click   'here'     to read the article, and watch the video.

Here are a couple shots from the show last night in Bristow, Va.  The second shot shows Casey playing that awesome blue guitar with ONE hand!  I love watching's amazing to see it!!!!  What a great talent he is....and we probably haven't seen the 1/2 of what he's capable of!  Thats why I'm so stoked to follow him from the very beginning so I can watch his progression from a boy playing gigs in little smokey bars to National fame!! more....this one is so full of's fantastic!!

Many thanks to GermanPrincessLar and itzmerenee  for these beautiful shots!!

If you would like to see her other great shots from GermanPrincessLar, then here they are.....  just click  'here'

And now, I am a sucker for good videos.....and I'm not sure if this has been posted, but if it has....I guess I'll be posting again!  It's never a bad thing to repost the Great stuff!!!  This was in Albany, NY.

"Casey & Big Mike Have you really ever loved a woman"
 Thanks to puckfan80 for this wonderful video!
Since I'm posting the duet, here's another from Mansfield, Ma. and it is really clear and there's some enjoy!  I'm pretty sure I've posted this one too, but I love it as well!!

Casey & BigMike singing their duet

And now.....I promised you some of Paula's shots from her Newark show....well, here's one....and my goodness.....what a close up and nice view of Casey's hair!  He has the most beautiful hair I believe I've ever seen on a far!!

And here's another of Paula's.  I don't think she got too many, but these are 2 of my favorites!

I finally found some videos from Bristow, Va.  Here's Casey with  "I Got Mine"

And here's  "Don't"
also from Bristow, Va. last night!
Thanks to Mvalliere5 for these nice but short videos!

I wanted to share something with all of you, but this has not been confirmed, so please don't quote me on this....but there's a not so good thing going on over at Twitter about some comment that Siobhan and Crystal made about Casey having a girlfriend.  From what I can tell, this was a joke on the girls part, but it has created quite a stir from people.  So.....I will try to dig up some more info on this subject and get back with ya!   Also....I just read on the Casey James Cougar Club on Facebook that there WILL be a twitter party with Casey tonight!  Ok, a designated time has not been released, and this has not been confirmed, but if you are on twitter, just log in about the time the show is ending and we should know something some time after that!

More to come later.
I am back to confirm the mess that happened on Twitter earlier.  As it turns out, the two girls were playing a not so cool joke on him by announcing to the twitter world that a girl was seen coming from
Casey's room.  That is not never happened, and if it did, it wouldn't be any of our business to say anything.  But the fact is....Casey is not that kind of person, I truly believe he has way more class than that.  So here's two quotes from him:

"I don't have any gfs. some people just have a different sense of humor I guess;"
"I just don't want people to be misinformed or confused about me, it's up to yall"

That is what Casey tweeted today in response to the many questions that were being asked of him.  So I think it's safe to say, Casey has no girlfriends, and therefore, there was no one coming from his room.  It was just all a bad joke by the they should have known better than to do.  And that's my opinion.  Yall just remember, Casey is an honest, stand up person, and he has no reason to say something that is not true....he just wouldn't do it....and I know that!  So, hopefully this will just fall by the wayside....and nothing else will come up about it.

Casey did not have a twitter party tonight and he had actually tweeted that....There is a long drive tonight after the show...twitter party!!  See ya there!

But, I got a feeling, he may have had his belly full of twitter today and maybe decided not to tweet afterall.  I do wish he could just let us know when he can't.  But I'm sure he's busy, and don't have time to do alot of that right now.  So there was no late night sandwich segment either.  I'm about to go on to bed, so if something comes through in the middle of the night, I'll post it on tomorrow's page.  Good night yall....

In closing, here is a nice shot of Casey at Bristow, Va.
Thanks going out to GermanPrincessLar for her great shot!