Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Casey James at Billy Bob's Texas to celebrate his CD release!!!

Thanks to Darla for the beautiful Texas sign

What a great time everybody had at Billy Bobs Texas!!  It was Casey's CD release party and we were all ready for the party!!  We started out at Cooper's BBQ across the street from BB's and had a nice dinner and conversation with all the fans!  I had brought name tags, and I think most everybody got theirs.  I was excited that my hubby, the son and his fiance got to come out for this big event!  It was their first time to see Casey LIVE!!  And I was excited about it!!  It was good to see a lot of my Casey friends and fans there.  I was trying to count up how many different states all the fans came from, and I gave up at 15.  It was at least that many states, but I think maybe even more!  And of course, we had our English friends from across the pond, the Brownriggs.
I know it looked very packed in Billy Bob's to me!

So everyone takes their seats and anticipation builds as it comes closer to the moment when Casey and the band will take the stage and blow us all away!!  Suddenly screams rang out and they were walking on stage in the dim lights!  But we knew every one by name as they each positioned themselves and their instruments in their spot on the stage.  Then we saw him.....there he was, his golden tresses practically glowing as he took his place on the stage after picking up a guitar.  Then the lights flashed on and the screams got louder as everyone welcomed Casey James back to the Billy Bob's Stage for a 2nd time!!!  If you remember, his first time was last July 1st.  He asked how we were doing and we couldn't be better!!  I had a seat almost in the center, about 1/2 way down the table, about 6 or 7 seats away from the stage.  I was close enough to see very well!  He seemed very happy and excited about his album and reminded us a couple times, he had one now and it was also for sale at the merchandise booth.  :)
I really liked what DFW.com's Robert Philpot had to say about Casey's band..... "they're best as a unit, one that's so tight, it's almost like they have ESP"!!  HaHa!!  Thats exactly the way I feel about this instant band Casey came up with!  :)  If you want to read the whole review, click HERE.  
Oh I'm sure they've been working on that album, learning every song exactly as it is, so as to reproduce it LIVE!!  I remember hearing something about that....I believe Casey did say that to them.  So, looks like they did it!!  I love 'em, they are a perfect fit for Casey!!

Here is his setlist and the order in which he sang each one!

The Good Life
You Need Some Texas
She's Money

Crying on a Suitcase
So Sweet
The Apt. Song

Crazy Tonight
Working On It
So High

Let's Don't Call It A Night
Love the Way you Miss Me
Long Tall Texan
Polk Salad Annie

Then Casey said good night and he and the band exited the stage as the lights went down.  Then.....after a few minutes of people slamming hands on the tables and stomping their feet, they all walked back on stage for a 4 song Encore!!!

Why I'm Feeling Blue
Done Made up My Mind

And what an encore it was!!  So much energy was on that stage, and Casey gave us all he had that night!!!  It was felt in every strum of his guitar, every toss of his head, and every note that he sang!!!  It was all there, all adding up to a phenominal, one of a kind show from Casey James!!  If you were fortunate enough to be in the audience, you know exactly what I'm talking about!!  He was amazing!!!  And so was his wonderful band!!
I'm always left with a feeling of wanting more....every time!  :)

Here are some pictures and videos from that fantastic night!!  This first one is the whole gang of us at Coopers before Casey's show.  I'm so glad we got this picture, it's such a good one, and I think most of the fans are in it!  Quite a good looking group.  :)

 Thanks to Barbara B. for her awesome shots!

Big Thanks to Sara M. for her very clear pictures!

The Good Life

Crying on a Suitcase

So Sweet

Crazy Tonight

Thanks to Donna C and Beth for their awesome videos!  I will post more later.

After the show ended, and it ended with a big bang.....I headed as quickly as I could to the line to get in it so I could get a couple autographs for some international fans.  Wow!!!  The line was already very very long!!  I thought....Oh my....I'll never get to him....  But planted myself at the end of it, determined I was gonna try.  While standing there with Casey's present in a big 'ole bag and my purse, I struck up a conversation with two young girls that were just adorable!!  Had the biggest crush on Casey!!  :)  So we talked and stood still for the most part and people seemed to be cutting in line, but I refused to complain, I was happy just to be in a line to see and talk to him for a minute.  So me and these little gals are talking and I told them about this site and gave them the address to get here and my email.  Well, they sent me some photos, and I want to share one with yall now!  This is Brittini and Kelsey with me and my hubby Richard.  He finally found me!!  LoL!!!  Thanks girls!!  Yall were a ton of fun for this 'ole gal!!  :)

Ok .....I gotta get out of here for now.....  I will be back soon, I have to post some new shows for yall!!  Don't want any of you Casey fans missing any shows!!  Yall take care.....

Until next time.....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Casey James' debut album released today!! And media buzz....

As this day winds down to an end, in just a mere few hours....Casey's debut album will be in stores for everyone to buy!!  It's actually 3 hours and 42minutes,but who's counting, right?!?!  I think we ALL were!!  :)  And now it's almost here....and I for one am absolutely over the Moon excited!!!!!!  :D  There are so many people who helped get Casey to this point, and the main person was himself!!  If he hadn't had the sheer determination and passion to play his music and have it heard all over the world, I'm pretty sure, all the fans in world could not have made this happen.  Yes, we were very instrumental in his climb....but he was the one who had to give the most to get what he wanted.  And he did.
Countless times, through out the last two years, Casey has tried to make a secret out of performing very sick.  More times than I can count, he has gone on stage and put on a beautiful, high energy show, never once looking back, never once complaining!!  All the time being sick as he could be!!  He just has a drive within him that does not let him 'give up'.  He practically lives by the term..."The Show Must Go On".  And does it ever for Casey!!?!!
"No doubt, I'm right where I belong"....those words tell me that Casey is exactly where he belongs....and no part of this road feels wrong, backs it up!!  I feel his journey is about to take another direction, on a highway speeding along so much, I won't be able to keep up with all the "Casey talk"!!  Hahaha!!  But I'll always have something to say, or share with yall....just not every little bit of info out there on him.  Just what I deem to be the most important.  Casey's career is about to explode, and he will be a super-star in just a short amount of time.  I figure in about 2 years, Casey James will be a household name.  And although the fans or he probably won't need this website, I'm gonna keep it open and post just what I feel needs to be posted!  I will stay on top of his shows, where he's gonna be and when and what time.....that won't change.  And so many things will remain the same.  I will update when needed on different things, like his music, shows, or appearances.

I'm just so proud of him right now, my heart is just swelled with  love for him, he has finally seen his dream come true!!  And I can only imagine how he must be feeling right now....choked up probably!!  :)  I would really like it if I could get some comments from you, the fans to let me know how you are feeling on this triumphant achievement Casey has gotten to!!!  Please, comment below.  And thanks!

Ok, I'm going on now.....

Last Friday, Casey was a guest on the GAC Top 20 Countdown with Nan Kelley.  Very good indeed!  See the video below.

Wow, there's all kinds of talk going on about the album and Casey.  To save time, I will just post a link to whats being said, ok!? 

Tuesday- 3/20/12- CD Release Day!!
GAC TV On the Streets

Taping The Ellen show at 5:00pm PDT

After Midnight w/ Blair Garner


The Ellen Show  airs Check your local listings for the time.


The Today Show  In the 4th hour, check your local listings.


Fox 17 Tennessee Mornings Interview Airs

Hometown CD Release Party!!!  Billy Bob's Texas

Busy busy week for Casey!!  I hope he finds time to rest somewhere in amidst all this going!!!

On Friday, the 16th Casey returned to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.  He sang only a 2 song set, but made it count with these 2 awesome songs!!

Let's Don't Call It A Night

The Good Life

Thanks to Christy B. for her nice shots!!

I'm glad to see he did the single and an upbeat happy song.   Well, he don't have any sad songs, per sae but glad he chose The Good Life instead of Drive.  I really love Drive, but I was ready for another song.  :)  Above are some really cool photos that were took that night!  And from what I gather there were 7 fans there, as Casey stood in the historic circle and sang his heart out!!  :)

Casey was so good to send us all a Yellow Note, and we all know how important those yellow notes are.  :)  He wanted to catch us up on what he'd been up to and what was about to happen!!

How sweet is that??  I do believe this is the longest Yellow Note ever!!!  And I love it when he does this!!

Then like a day or so later, he discovered what the hashtag (#) was for on Twitter.  He noticed a lot of women were wearing 'stretchy pants' at the airport and started a conversation about it.  And having a bit of a twitter party he used the hashtag & retweeted people quite frequently!!  See what I mean?  Read from the bottom up so it makes since to you.

I cant seem to stop...this is how it starts....oh no.....��
 i wanna be comfortable too! But i dont show up in my undies!! Hahaha!

He never ceases to tickle me to death!!  Just love his humor!!

Ok, yall.....I'm outta here, yall enjoy the first day of listening to Casey's CD over and over....I know I am!!!!

Until next time....