Friday, April 29, 2011

Casey James tweets!! New music coming, and a show tomorrow!!

You read it right!!  Casey has tweeted the fans at last!!  We have been waiting for any news from Casey about what has been happening since all the media attention in Las Vegas at the ACM Awards Show and Fan Jam earlier this month!  He first sent this tweet as a teaser that the 'yellow note', as it's become known, was on it's way....

Alright y'all. I'm writing a yellow note. Might take me all night. Check back in the next 24 hours to catch up with me. Love you all!

That sent the fans into a tizzy, waiting and watching for the ever popular 'yellow note' to arrive!  And approximately 24 hours later, as promised, the 'yellow note' arrived.... Here's what Casey had to say to his fans:

Here's the original link, if you want to read it from there, or save it.......just click "HERE"

I am not tech savvy enough to enlarge this any more than it I'm sorry if the print is small!   It's as large as I can get it, here, with the controls I have to work with. 

Don't you just love the black background??  He went out of his way to put that behind the note, for us!!  Such a sweetheart, that Casey!  And Casey, if you drop by, I just want to thank you so much for letting us know how you are, really, we all appreciate the yellow notes so much!

And now.....just a reminder for those who may be able to make it, Casey has a show tomorrow at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the "BEST BUY COUNTRY MUSIC EXPO"!!   Doors open at 10:00am.....He will go on at 12:45, and as he said in the Yellow Note, he will be doing an acoustic show.  Then, he will do a questions and answer from the stage.  So fans, get all your good questions ready and find out some more information for us!!  I want to know if he's going to be performing at the CMA fest and if he will drop by Hot Shotz at 11am on Saturday, June 11th, for a little Fan Club Party that's being set up by the internet radio station, "NIXA COUNTRY"   in downtown Nashville across from the Wildhorse Saloon!  And.....of course we need the fans to video any new music tomorrow!!  We want to hear his whole set, if possible, so everybody who's going, try to get all of it if you can!! :)
After his set and the Q&A, he will be signing for the fans at 2:00pm at the Best Buy Music Lounge.  So, I hope everyone gets a picture with Casey, some chat time, and a signed item!!  I hope everyone has a fantastic time, and represent well for those of us who can't be there!!  We're counting on YOU!!!

I'll leave you with one of my all time favorite Casey pictures......

Until next time......


This just came in, so I had to post it!!  Such a gorgeous picture!!  And for those of us who border on being.....ummm... *risky*.....the link below is for you!!
Another UPDATE:
That is actually an old photo, from some time during the Idol show.  Sorry, thought I'd seen everything! lol...

only click here if you're a risk taker......>>>>innocent little clip<<<<
Thanks to you for finding this little know who you are.... :)

Ok, I'll update if more news comes in....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Casey James's secret to beautiful hair??? And pictures, pictures and more....

A very humorous Casey divulges his secret to his lovely golden locks!!!  To read to whole story, from Taste of Country, click below!! :)

Casey James discusses keeping his hair dirty? and staying off the road after accident

There's not a lot of news happening right now, so I'm just posting this and that until things start happening again!! 

I just cannot get enough of this bluesy tune....

And now, I'm just gonna post a few of my all time favorite 'Caseyness'  photos!!  thanks to all who have lent their pictures to the internet for use!

Ok, I better stop, but just so ya know......this is just the beginning of my favorite pictures of Casey!  He's just so photogenic I have 100's of favorites!

I'll be back when there's more to talk about.....

Until next time......

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Show coming up, my creation, and other stuff...

Hey everybody!  I'm gonna try it again.....and if you don't know what I'm talking about, well, I completed a full post a few nights ago, and it takes a while to do one.....and something went wrong when I clicked on publish post, and suddenly everything I had been working on for hours....was gone....just like that!!   Ok, I'm usually pretty calm, don't let things get to me much, but I'm here to tell ya,  that unraveled me right quick!!!  So I had to shut my computer down for a couple days!  I actually got over it pretty quick, because while I was still steaming.....Casey came on Nixa Country, (which I was listening to this whole time) and was singing "Hold On I'm Coming"!!  How appropriate and perfectly timed was that?!?!  I felt a calm come over me, that was just awesome!!!  I started singing along with it, and for the moment, forgot about what had just happened.  But soon I put my computer away and turned off the radio and just had to go to bed.  I was drained.

Here's a fantastic poster done by a very talented gal we like to call daydreaminmeme   

She has a fantastic eye for detail, and I wanted to honor her by posting one of her best posters ever!!!  Hmmm, I'll go so far as to say this could very easily become an album cover!!   Are ya getting all this Sony/BNA???   Thank you are so awesome!!

I haven't felt like writing anything until now, so here I am!! :)  And in a much better mood, as I watch the bottom of the screen as I'm typing and it's saying...... saving draft....every few seconds.  I don't think it was doing that the other night!  At least I feel safe now.... :)

I came across one of the best (if not the best) group of videos of Casey during his Homecoming last year, and I actually forgot about this guy's professional videos!  They are crystal clear and up close and the audio is so awesome, you can hear every little hum from Casey!!  If you are a new fan, and may have not had the pleasure of seeing Casey last year during his homecoming visit to Fort Worth, Texas, then let me show you what you're missing!  I hadn't seen this particular video in a while, and it made me cry, as it always does, but it just felt so good to listen to is again and see the  pride in his face as he sings to his Hometown people of Millsap, Tx.  

Please....allow me to introduce you to Casey James, if you are new.....and if not, watch this video again, and watch his face....then watch it again, but this time put on headphones and close your eyes, and just lay back and will bring you to tears!

"Blue Sky"

Big Thanks to tony90265 for this superb video!
And now that I'm through reminiscing, Casey has a show coming up!!  He will be playing the Country Music Expo at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.  I'm not sure if he will be playing at the Blue Ribbon Pavilion or the Champions Pavilion, it doesn't say, but I think it's one of them.  He goes on at 12:45pm  to perform and will do something quite different.  He will have a Q and A from the stage, after the performance.   They also say that Casey will also be signing for the fans after his show, so if you are going to this show, you're in for a big treat!!  The doors open at 10 am and for more information click HERE.  If you're planning to go, have a great time and take lots of pictures and videos.... and that Q & A for us! :)

A new picture has surfaced....and   I don't know who actually owns this picture, but it came from Sara, who lives in Florida, and it's from the Seattle show back during the Idol Tour.  I must post a warning with this one.....look at your own risk!  :)



This next photo was just me playing with my apps on my IPhone.  And this is what I came up with!  Think I may play some more!  :)

I've been busy putting the names together of the Casey Fans who are attending the CMA fest this year!!  The Fest takes place in downtown Nashville, Tn. every year the 2nd week of June!  Everybody who's anybody will be performing there, over 400 artists!!  Some new some old, some that are Hot right now, will all be performing on different stages at different times of the day and night!!  It's a country/southern rock/country rock 4 days of nonstop music!!  There's bound to be something you like, so if you are interested in attending just go to the>>> CMA fest website <<<< and check it all out!!  Hope to see you there!!  And if your going, leave me a comment here and let me know, cause I want to meet YOU!!!

And now.....for the GREAT news!!!!  There is going to be an UN-official Casey James Fan Club Party being held on Saturday at 11:00am at Hot Shotz, located at 2nd and Broadway, across from the Wildhorse Saloon!  This awesome party is being brought to us by Val Jean Nixa (@ValJean_NIXA) of Nixa Internet Country Radio (@NixaCountry)!!  And we THANK HER so very much for putting this party together for us!!!!   There is no confirmation that Casey will be there, but I'm sure he's being invited!!  And if he IS there....oh wow.....we will be in for a treat!!!  But if not, we will all still be excited to meet one another and get to visit with other Casey Fans from all over!!  

Also, at this time, Casey has not yet been added to the lineup of artists performing at the CMA fest, but there's still time to get him in there.  I'm not worried.  I will absolutely be shocked if he is not scheduled to be there!!  That would just be wrong!!

I don't know if I've said this before or not, (you'll notice in the future I'll be repeating myself a lot!) but we are suppose to be getting a new single out by mid-May!!!  But as some of you may not know, those dates and estimations of the drop of a single can, and do, get pushed back, for whatever reason.  But hopefully it will be out soon and we can start spreading the word about it!! 
And the video for the first single.....I've thought about that a lot!!  How good can Casey act??  I do hope he can, cause if he's starring in his own video, which we all hope he does, he's gonna have to do a little of it!  I think he'll be fine as long as they don't try to make him dance!!  :D  LOL!!

It will be out shortly after the first single is released.  It will be played on  GAC (Great American Country) TV and CMT (Country Music Television) TV stations. 
I think CMT is part of the basic packages of most cable and satellite TV.  But you have to get a bigger package to get the GAC chanel.  GAC is really a great music and artist channel, because they have shows like, Backstory, which is short storys about artists and who they were before we knew them as singers.  I can't wait to see Casey's Backstory on it!  And both CMT and GAC have a Top 20 Countdown, which counts down the weeks best videos!  So we get to vote for Casey's video every week....on both of them!!  One, lets you vote multiple times and the other only once per day, and right now, I can't remember which one does what....sorry.  I should know this, but I haven't had a video to vote for in a while, so....forgive me!  :)

Ok, I'm gonna leave yall with another old video from last year, of Casey, just because I'm feeling a bit bluesy and  nostalgic right now..... enjoy....

Yall take care.....Until next time....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!!

I have no idea why this stupid blogger just did this to me, but I just did a big post, I worked 4 hrs on, and it deleted every bit of it, with one I never did it!   When I hit publish, it had done this before, saying conflicting edits....which I have no idea what means.....but it always said to hit the back button and try again..... I did....and it was all gone....everything!!  So....I'm so mad right now, I'm literally bawling like a baby, so before I throw this computer across the room and cost myself 1400 dollars, I'm gonna shut it down, I really am livid right now, and I'm glad I'm by myself!!!!  Think I'll go outside and scream as loud as humanly possible!!!  I'm sorry yall, this has never happened, it has never ever taken my whole write up and deleted it.  So, I don't know what else to do, but say Happy Easter everybody, and as soon as I can cool off, I'll be back. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

We have a winner....more interviews, videos, and some changes going on....

Ok....I don't know about yall.....but I think I'm suffering from Casey withdrawals after all the media attention and videos and pictures!!  It seems like I'll never get everything posted for yall, but I do, and then.....just like that *snaps fingers*  its over!!  There's been very little new information coming in since Las Vegas!  So it leaves us all drowning in our withdrawal symptoms, hoping for more news or pictures, or a video being posted late.....Hey!!  I do have a video that was posted late!!!  :)  And it's mine!!! I'll post it in a few minutes!

I'm undergoing a bit of maintenance here at the site as we go from a Blogger to a domain name of our own.  The new address will be     But that address won't work yet, so you can keep using the other for now.  And when the .com address is working, it will redirect any clicks that come through.  Right now, everything is still in the changing over mode, so if things look a little off or you can't post a comment, just try again later, it will work.  I just thought it was time to embark on our own....time to change.

First I want to talk a minute about Casey's new music he's been singing for us!  As you can see, the poll is over and it's been taken down.  The song the fans chose as their choice for Casey's 1st single was.....(*drumroll please*)  DRIVE!!!  Good choice everybody!!!  Here's how all the percentages broke down:

"HOLD ON"-19%


It really surprises me that Bulletproof didn't do better, cause I just LOVE that one!!  Ok, here I go again....I LOVE all of them, but that one is up close to the top of the list for me!!!  But this poll was not about  favorite, but which song you thought should be the 1st single.  Gotta love that rowdy, honky tonkin' sound of Bulletproof though!!!  I've always been a fan of the honky tonk sounds anyway, like that of Dwight Yoakam!!!  Good dancing and moving music!! :)  I guess I'm like my friend Mickey.....she said it depends on the mood she's to which song is her favorite....and us women are known for our moods.....aren't we?! :)  And I mean that in a good way, of course!!  Yea, I think that's what it is with me mood reflects my favorite song of the day....or week! :)  But again....this poll was not about favorites, but the one we think would go over well on the radio and make the biggest impact on radio!  And we did that!  Thanks for all who participated in the poll, maybe Casey or Todd will come by and read the results.  I sure hope so!!  :)

Ok, it's not the best quality, but I was just so thrilled I could finally upload, (I had a modem go out on me)  I uploaded this 3/4 video of "Done Made Up My Mind", at Fremont Street in Vegas.  The only reason the full song is not there is because my memory card filled up....can you believe that??  Only one other time in all my years of videoing has that ever happened!!  I was upset with myself....I almost slapped my own head....*Slap*.....geeeezzzzz  what was I thinking not taking some stuff off or at least checking it?!  Anyway, here's the video....enjoy....  :)

And....just because I LOVE it.....and I love Casey's's "Drowning On Dry Land"  back during his homecoming last May!  Enjoy....

There's a couple more interviews that has showed up since my last post.  This first one is by a Las Vegas Local Fox affiliate KVVU Fox 5.  It was done on the Red Carpet at the ACM Awards Show a couple weeks ago.  And the news anchors have nothing but good things to say about our sweet boy!  Click the link below to check it out!

Fox 5 Interview in Las Vegas on the Red Carpet

And from  411 Music....a great review and video of and about Casey!!

411 Music.....Casey James

I knew he loved watching us sing his songs back to him!!!  I knew it!!!!!  And I can tell they are from his heart....anything that good, has got to be from his heart!!!

Many thanks to Bruce Miller from the Sioux City Journal for these rockin' concert shots of Casey while on his stop in Sioux City, Iowa back in March, with the Incredible Machine Tour!!

I just wanted to remind everyone right quick about the CMA fest Fan List I'm putting together!!  If you are going, please get a message to me either here, by comment, or My FaceBook or my My Twitter
Well, guess I better get on out of here my's getting late, and I need to go to bed.   Yall have a great night and better tomorrow!!

Until next time...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Casey James back in interview, CMA fest and more...

Well hello again everybody!!  I see there's quite a bit of voting going on at the sidebar here!!  Thanks to all who have been voting, and it's quite clear who the winner is gonna be, taking nearly 50% of the votes is, "Drive"!!  I do think that is an excellent choice for his 1st single, although.....and this may sound is not my favorite song....or second favorite....maybe third. :)  But it just makes sense to release that one with summer coming on and all!!  But which ever one they decide to release....or they may go with a completely different one, one we've not heard, but I just know it will do very well for Casey.... Especially having US as fans..... lol!!  It's gonna be fun!!!

Well, it looks as though 'Mr. Pretty'....(*I* love* that*) is back in Texas.....or was, he may be gone now, I don't know.  He showed up Sunday night unannounced at  The Key's Lounge
and set in with Mace Maben, the Mabenettes, and Group Therapy!!   I never seem to get the call when he's in town....oh well, I was waaaaayyyy to busy to make a trip to Ft. Worth anyway.....*fans self*..... lol....NOT!!  I would've been there in a heartbeat!  But thats ok, I'll catch him someday....I'm not gonna fret it!  It'll happen when it happens! :)  He's probably catching up with family, friends and all anyway.  I know Casey is good friends with those he played with Sunday night, so we know he caught up with some of his friends....and I couldn't be more pleased!!  And of course most of you know about his precious PaPaw being sick with the cancer.   I'm sure he got to visit him while he was in town.  Bless his heart, he runs himself ragged when he's out and about, and I'm sure he's not getting enough rest, seeing as he played the ACM Fan Jam on 1 hour of sleep.....yea.....thats what I thought.....he really needs to try to get more rest, or this business is gonna make an old man out of him quick!!  But I bet he'll still have beautiful blonde wavy hair!!  :) hehe....

Here's a picture of Casey at the Key's Sunday night.  Thanks to the Key's Lounge for this awesome picture! From L to R
  Bobby Counts, Casey, and Tone Sommer

Shari Geller is doing something quite fun on her blog.....she's got a Map of Casey James Fans!  All you have to do is add where you are from and your in!!  It's so fun to see Casey has fans all over the world!  Thanks Shari, this was a great idea!!  To add yours go to:

 Map of Casey's Fans

Also, there was another interview from Las Vegas that popped up!  Linda Lee of Detroits Country radio 99.5 WYCD says she discovered a 'dirty little secret' about Casey!  Now before you all get in an's not what you think....and although it's just audio, I dare you to not get a kick out of Casey's humor on this!!!  I'm just gonna link the page below and click and scroll down to the audio to listen!!

Audio Interview from Las Vegas

Now, I found a few more of those professional shots from Vegas, so I just have to post them for yall!!  Enjoy!!

This is another shot from the Red Carpet.....yowza!!!  Looking  good there Casey!!!
But I didn't realize his beard was that thick!! :)

And what about this one.....

And these.....

It's obvious he was doing an interview, I guess with the ACM people, thats what the Mic says.  I also don't know if these are screen caps or somebody's professional pictures, but.....whoever owns these, Thank You and I'm giving you credit now!

Ok, it's about time to start talking about CMA fest in Nashville again.  Alot of you may already know, but it is the biggest thing to happen to Nashville every June!  There are around 400 Country Stars who play the CMA fest somewhere on some stage on one of the Music Packed 4 days!  There's bound to be somebody that rocks your world!!  There's a lot of Casey fans making their plans, buying their 4 day ticket, booking flights and rental cars, and hotels!!  It's going to be a 'Great Big Casey fest'!!!  (*I just made that up, lol....  :D  lol....*) If any of you are planning to go, please leave me a comment, in the comment section below, or a message on my facebook page, so I can add you to the list.  We need to get a good idea of how many are coming, because we are going to get together for a Fan Party!  So we need to get a count of everybody and their phone # if possible.  But don't put your # here in the comments, you can send me a message on FB or twitter privately.  It would be a good idea to have everybody's # so we can make sure everybody gets to the right place at the right time!  In case someone doesn't know who my other aka's are.....on Facebook, I'm just me....Glenda Vaughn Jordon and on twitter I'm CEJTxGal.  So yall get in touch with me, so we can get this list going!!
For those of you who want to purchase a CMA fest ticket and join us, click on the link below!

Also, if anyone has any questions, you can comment here or on Facebook or twitter and I will get back with you ASAP!!!  We want as many Casey Fans as possible to show up and be a part of something that is going to be awesome for all of us!!
And I wanted to sneak this in at the end.....GAC, while in Vegas for the ACM's got a fantastic picture of Casey, and it's on their page!!!   So just click the link below....and get ready to be WOWED!!  Some of the comments are awesome as well!!!  :)
I've had a bit of a battle with allergies this week, and have not been feeling worth a flip!  But finally I was feeling a bit better today, and got out of the house to do some shopping!  But it's not gone yet..... I'm starting to sneeze yall take care, and remember to let me know if you are going to CMA fest!!
Until then......

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm going to post all of Casey's new songs here, in case some of you new fans haven't heard all of them.  So the voting will be fair.


Til' My Guitar

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Done Made Up My Mind

Hold On


Ok, that's all 6 of the new ones, and I want to thank jewelroman and hodgenjb for their awesome videos!!  Ok, lets get some votes in and see which one will be the winner!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Recap Part 2 , articles, interviews and video from Vegas

Hey's time for part 2!!  It's gonna take me awhile, so it may not be finished until late tonight! 

The next day was Saturday and just a day for me to relax and try and catch up on some sleep....and that I did!!  Just mostly hung around the hotel, went to eat and back to my room, with John and Anthea and a big 'ole margarita in tow!!!  Now...for those of you who don't know, I'm not a big drinker, I'm.....eehhh....a social sometimes drinker.  So John had bought Anthea and I this huge keepsake glass full of frozen margarita with an extra shot of tequila in it!!  We were just gonna hang out and visit in the room.  So, me being a smoker went out on the balcony to have a smoke, and Anthea came out and we just couldn't stop talking.....pulling chairs out through the glass sliding door and leaving poor John alone in the room....we were headlong into the 'girl chat mode' and laughing louder the more of the drink we had!  I realized when I got up that I was definitely  buzzing.....which I am so not used to!!  :)  But it was so much fun just to relax and visit with my friend from across the pond!!  We had to make the most of our time we had to visit together, because before we knew it, it was going to be over, and we would be headed home.  So that we did!!  It was a very nice time and very relaxing!  I slept like a baby that night!

So....the next day is here, and it's ACM Fan Jam day!!  Just hung around the hotel till it was time to get ready, then Cyndee came and we took a cab to the Mandalay Bay and met John and Anthea there.  We went to the line to go in, although we were early.  We then decided to go get a little bite to eat cause we were gonna be in there a long time!  Cyndee stayed in line while the rest of us took off.   And sure enough the line started moving while we were gone!  I called Cyndee and she was already in and saving a seat for me on the first row.  We had GA and if you get in there soon enough you can get a place to sit!  So we had our seats.  I finally got in there and visited with Cyndee a little bit.  John and Anthea were in a completely different spot.  So we are there and in a bit the radio celebrity Blair Garner started talking and getting us ready for the first thing.  I don't remember how long it actually was before the show started, I just know I was so excited!!  Then it started and that first song with Carrie Underwood and then Steven me on my feet!!!  It was awesome!!!  Then as the show progressed every time somebody I liked, (which was most of them) came to the side stage or front stage I would take off yelling.....they are my favorite!!  Cyndee got a kick out of me doing that!!  I was just trying to get some good pictures!!  And I was dissapointed that once again I didn't get any real good pictures.  I want a new, real big, nice camera for Christmas!!  These little dinky things I have are not made for taking pictures at a concert with all the lights going off and on!!  They just turn out bad.
I was very pleased that my Texas girl, Miranda took home a bundle of awards!!  I've always loved her music!  And Blake and Reba just killed it with their comedy!!  I've always loved Reba too, and Blake as well, since way back when!!
It was such a great feeling to be witnessing something I thought I never would!!  The whole thing was just great!!!  But to be honest with you.....I was waiting on my Texas boy to take the stage the whole night, and when they announced that the last award was given and the ACM Awards show was over, they told everybody in the building to come on down to the GA area and enjoy the rest of the show, which was the Fan Jam.  Of course it was not televised, but thats when I thought, ok, gotta go.  So Cyndee and I headed toward the stage.  One act after the other sang a couple songs, and every time a person would move in front of me, I'd inch up a little more, with Cyn on my tail.  And we kept on inching till we were 3 back from the left side of the stage!!!  A great spot to see our boy.  Act after act played and left, and my feet and legs and back were killing me, and I thought many times.....can I do this?  Cyn also said her feet were huring.  But we soldiered on and hung on, with every fiber of our being.  We had come too close to back out now. was time for Casey, and that Laura Bell Bundy introduced him 5 minutes before he even came out!!  I thought....what??  Where is he??  Then Kristian Bush and Casey casually walked on the stage and Kristian introduced Casey!!  Casey then fooled around with this and that on the stage and made some motions to someone, told the bass girl something, then told the sound guy....'more monitor', and after a little more dilly dallying it looked as though he through his arms up in disgust and just started singing!  But I could tell something was terribly wrong!!  The sound was not right for him, I'm assuming, although I thought it sounded great.....but I'm no professional either.  And another thing....his band was not there, it was Sugarland's band that was playing with him.  He went ahead and sang though, and then Kristian came out and sang the second song with him, "Liza Jane" and it sounded great and the crowd really got into it!!  As soon as he was through singing, he hugged Kristian and off the stage he went....and out of that crowd of people....I went....with Cyn right along with me!!  These two 'ole gals were exhaused!!  I thought my back was gonna break in half, and my legs felt almost numb from standing around 2 to 2 1/2 hrs.  And my "dawgs were barking", is what I told Anthea when I seen her!!   She said...."You can hear them from here?"!!  But of course she was joking, she knew I meant that my feet were killing me!!   But we were not going to give up and miss him!!  And we didn't!!  So after finding a bathroom, I think I sat there at least 5 minutes!!  LOL!!!  Doing absolutely nothing!!  And I was thinking...."Casey....if you only knew what us mature women go through just to see you sing and play"......then I remembered I was on the toilet....not a good place to be thinking about him!!  LOL!!  And Casey, if your reading this.....please don't remind me of it next time you see me!!  I'd die of humiliation!! :)  (Changing the subject now....)  Here's a couple of nice pictures of Casey, one from the Red Carpet for People Country!!  And isn't he looking dapper in that black outfit!?

And this one from Ram Country Music down on Fremont Street!!

Thanks to Polina for her awesome capture of Casey at the Fan Jam!!   It was so nice to meet you too, in case I forgot to tell you!! :)

I can't seem to find any video of "Liza Jane" from the Fan Jam, maybe something will come through tomorrow.....since MINE won't load.....And mine weren't too bad, because I was close to the stage, but I can't for the life of me get it to upload!!  So maybe something will come through later on!

Many thanks to Polina for bringing us this video!!

I'm going to paste a few links of some of Casey's interviews he had while in Vegas, and there were many!!!  I love all this media attention he got!!

2 Space Casey James performs at ACM Fan Jam

Casey James reveals his gambling style

Casey James Photostream

ACM Fremont St. Experience-Day 1

Casey talks about Idol Judges and Sugarland

Casey James Pictures-PEOPLE Country invites you to celebrate Nashville in Vegas- Zimbio

Tony find out why Casey feels so close to his fans

Froggie TV: Danger interviews Casey James in Vegas during ACM Weekend

2011 ACM Awards, Red Carpet Pictures-Taste of Country-Casey is 14 & 15

Getty Images-Search Casey James

 99 KISS Country has a 48 second clip of Casey titled 'By popular demand, more Casey'

Country Music Series- Awesome Video 

Casey James Interview 92.5 XTU Philidelphia's Country Station ACM Week 4-11

WoW!!!  Thats alot of interviewing!!!!  And of course, there are a couple of picture links.  But I'm so happy he is getting alot of attention in the country music world!!!!  It's awesome!!!!

And in one of the interviews he said, a song he couldn't get out of his head is "The Band Perry's......If I Die Young"......omg.....a man after my own heart!!!!   I LOVE The Band Perry!!!!  I was so excited to get to see them again and to watch them win their first award!!!!!  Love those kids, they are very talented!!!
I had often wondered if he knew of their music and if he liked them.....I found out about them last February 2010 when I went to a Bucky show in Birmingham Alabama, and they were opening for Bucky at a small little theater, held about 200 people!!  Nobody knew who they were, but me and another Bucky fan stood right in front of the stage and supported them while they did their set, even though we had never heard of them!!  And she and I were the only 2 people there.  I wonder if they remember that?  I just loved them right away, and wondered if they had a single out, and 2 days later I heard it on the radio...."Hip To My Heart"!!  Here's the picture from their website!  I'm so thrilled Casey loves their music!  If anyone wants to check them out here's their website>>>>The Band Perry

Isn't Kimberly a little cutie?!  And so are her brothers!!

Well, I think I'm about to fall over.....this has been a long post....

If yall don't mind, could you leave me some feedback in the comments section on Casey's new music and your favorite for the single and why.  Since Casey is dropping by to read this page, I would like to share with him what his fans are wanting for the first single!!  I think he's counting on us to help him decide!!  so come on yall....what is your favorite new music??

Have a good one everybody, think I'll take off tomorrow, unless something huge comes I'll see yall in a day or two!!

Until then.......

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Casey James in Las Vegas and my recap of the whole weekend!

Well, well, well.....what a most exciting weekend it was in Las Vegas, there's so much to tell....I think I may have to do it in shifts!! lol.... I want to just start by saying.....IT WAS~HANDS DOWN THE MOST EXCITING THING THAT'S EVER HAPPENED IN MY LIFE!!!!  As yall know, I've always been a huge fan of country music, so seeing all my favorites in one spot, was just over the top for me!!!  And seeing all of them winning and accepting their awards was so great to see!!!!  Cyndee said she got tickled at me at the Fan Jam, because every time a new person or group would go to the side stage or front stage, I would hop up and run with camera in hand, squeeling....."Oh, he's/she's/they are my favorite!!!"  I felt like a kid in a candy store!!
Wait a minute......I'm not starting in the I?  Ok, let me start from there!
First off, most of you know that I'm a night owl.....nocturnal from birth.....I just love nights!!!  My flight was leaving DFW airport at 7-ish Friday morning!!  That means, I had to get UP at 3am, which is the time I usually turn trying to turn my clock around was sheer torture to my body!!  I thought I had turned it around pretty much, but....couldn't go to sleep Thursday night and only 3 hours sleep on Wednesday after only 4 hrs. rest, I was up again.....but I was excited this time!!  I got to the airport on time, and landed in Vegas at 8:20 I think.  John and Anthea, (my English friends) picked me up at the airport, then we headed to the Golden Nugget to meet Cyndee and Dale.  They were great people from the very beginning!!  Instant connections and lots of chit chat about this, that and the other.....oh and of course Casey!!  I thanked Dale for the ticket that he so graciously handed over to me, so Cyndee and I could be closer to all the action!!  And...I might add, Cyndee's honey is a bit of a comedian!  Anthea and I laughed until we cried at a comment he said to Cyndee....

She had ordered poached eggs and they were under a cover staying warm as we continued to chat away for about another 30 minutes.  Suddenly Dale told Cyndee.... "You better eat those eggs, before they turn into chickens!"  CLOL!!  We laughed so hard we had tears flowing down our face!!  Everybody in the place probably thought we were drunk or something!! lol....

Here we are... L to R.... Cyndee, Anthea, and me

We then walked around and looked at the stage area, and we finally found somebody who told John, Casey would do sound check around 3.  So it was now nap time for me....
I woke up to Cyndee answering the phone, and saying something about Casey being on stage doing sound check!  So I jumped off the bed and started trying to undo the damage, the lack of sleep had done to my face!  I did not succeed, because I did not look good when I flew downstairs to the stage area!  But I didn't care, I just wanted to see Casey at any cost!  I got there and he was already doing the soundcheck and I got videos!  I couldn't believe how decent they turned out with my phone!  You will probably have to turn down the's a little distorted if it's up too high. 

"I Need Your Love So Bad

"Let's Don't Call it a Night"

"Part of Done Made Up My Mind"

I just found this other video during his soundcheck that day, much better than mine!!  Thanks to Poluska for this one!

When he was done, he came over and began talking with us!  He talked to Cyndee first, who had a picture for him to sign....not for her, but for a girl named Martha, who had lived in Venezuela, and had sent a box of Venezuelan chocolates to Cyndee to give to him at the Minnesota show she went to during the Idol Tour.  She ended up having to give the gift to a security guard to give to Casey, because he was sick and didn't come out at that show.  The guard later assured her that he had given the gift to Casey.  So Cyndee told him about Martha's situation, living in a country that was quickly becoming communists.  She and her family wanted out, and the only reason they were even allowed to leave the country was because her husband was born in another country, Italy, I think.  She did not want her son being raised in a communist country, so she and her husband were trying desperately to leave when he became ill, which delayed their departure even more.  During this trying and stressful time, she said Casey's music is what literally saved her life every day!  She don't know what she would have done without it! Long story short....Martha and her family did flee Venezuela and are now living comfortably in Costa Rica!!  ok....I'm tearing up here....this was such a moving story!!  

When Cyn. told Casey about the chocolates, he said he did remember that!!  So he signed a special picture Cyn had Jake Felts sent her from Texas!  And here's what Casey said to her:

Whewwww!!!  Ok, drying my eyes now so I can go on with the rest of what happened!

We girls, down at the sound check, got together for a group picture..... from L to R....

Sheryl, Glenda (me), Anthea, Rhonda, Polina, and Cyndee

We all represented very well!!  Casey could see us singing the words to his songs, so I hope he liked it!!

Then it was my turn, and I hugged him big!!   Then I reminded him of who I was, and he told me he was just over at Caseymania, looking around!!!  I said, Are you serious?  He said yea!!  Ok, I sorta 'fan girled out' at that time, lol.....and I'm trying desperately here, to remember what all was said!  lol.....But the highlight was that!!   Then I pulled out our Little Rock pic for him to sign, and as he had his pen in hand, he was looking at it for a second, not doing anything.....then he timidly said......Sorry....what was your name again?  He just looked so pitiful because he couldn't remember.  And I totally understand him not, he meets a lot of people!  So while he was signing it, I said, ok, Casey, I'll help you remember who I am!!  I said, you know the wizard of oz movie....remember Glenda the good witch?  He looked up at me and said...."I'll never forget it again".....with a sweet smile!!  I just wanted to help him remember if possible.  And if he don't remember my name next be it!!!  It won't bother me a bit!!! :)

 Thanks to Cyndee for the cute photo above....waving I think! Or was he about to throw a pick?

 And this is my pic, just before I talked to him.  Unfortunately I didn't have the fan list or my gift to him with me, but I gave them to him later that night, along with a hug, as he was leaving the stage after his performance!!!  They were rushing him along, so it was quick!

So I moved on to let other fans in, and at some point a few of us were passing out the Casey fans that Cyndee had gotten made!  People all around, and there were quite a few, were raising their hands for a fan!!  That was fun to see!!  People really enjoyed his sound check!  And some were saying...."Who is that?"  Well of course, we had to tell them!!  But some were saying, "Isn't that the guy from AI??"  So he WAS being recognized!!

So we moved on and decided to go to the room and get ready for the night's big show!!  I looked, and felt, much better after a shower and fresh makeup!

So we went down about 6:40 I think to get ready for his show, and when we stepped out, I couldn't believe my eyes!!  People were everywhere!!  And I was like....oh no.....where's the rest of our group?  After looking around a bit, I spotted them and we headed to the side where a security guard was standing by a barricade, and said...."My group is right there, we need to get to them!!"  He then opened the gate and let us go right to the front of the other barricade with the others!  It wasn't long, before Casey appeared on stage!  He began his set, and started with "Bulletproof" to get the crowd going!  Then he sang "Til' My Guitar", then "Let's Don't Call it a Night"......then he went all out with "Drive", and "Done made up my Mind"!!  And I have to say.....the crowd was loving it!!!!  He was rocking Fremont Street!!!

Here's just 'some' of Ethan Miller's captures!

 Wooo Hooo!!!  Is that some great shots or what??  And here's some more courtesy of Frazer Harrison....

And of course, these guys are the band.....L to R.... Nir, Casey, Billy, and David!

So reviewed all the artists performances and they had this to say about Casey!!
James, a former American Idol contestant, stayed away from boring covers, instead delivering a surprisingly soulful set of fresh material, enhanced by a little growl in his voice.

Here's a phenominal shot!!!  Just breathtaking! 

 Big thanks to AP Photo/ Chris Pizzello  Great shot!!!

Here's one of my videos, it's not great, but it'll do.  Sorry about all the bad quality!


Here is all of Polina's videos from Freemont Street that night!  enjoy!!  Thanks for these videos Polina!


Til' My Guitar

Let's Don't Call It A Night


Done Made Up My Mind the time Casey's show was over, I was so totally wiped out!!  I think I died a little when I laid down that night!!  
I forgot to mention what a great gal Cyndee is!!  She let me stay in her room with her at the Golden Nugget that night.  We had a great time together!!  
When we got up it was not as much stress on Saturday, because we could do what we wanted, because the ACM Fan Jam wasn't until Sunday.  So we had a day to recooperate!  
It was so good to hang out again with all the Casey Fans there, that I already knew, and the ones I just met as well......everybody is just so nice!!  
I'm really tired right now, so I think I will do part 2 of the recap tomorrow.

Yall take care......see ya then.........

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just a message from me from Las Vegas!!

Hey yall!!!  I'm having a great time out here in Vegas!!!  And I haven't actually had the time I need to put together a nice post for yall, but I am on FB doing some posting of videos and pictures from Sound Check on Friday!  I just want to thank everyone who has wished me a good time out here, and I am..... so Thank You!!!  I was so glad I got to finally talk to Casey for a few minutes!  I had to remind him who I am again, which I didn't mind at all, because I know he meets alot of people.  But I told him my name and it was me who does the Caseymania site, and his response literally nearly floored me!!!!!  He said.....and I quote him......" Yea, we over there earlier looking around!!"  I was like....."Are you serious?"  He said "Yea"!  I couldn't believe it!  So I gotta keep in mind that he does visit it and I won't be posting anything I don't want him to read!  Well, I don't think I have anyway, but I'll be even more careful to not turn into a fan girl on here!!!! 
Anyway, I handed my picture from Little Rock to him to sign, and he, almost embarrassingly, said....."What was your name again....I'm sorry?"  I told him and then said....."Ok, I'm gonna help you remember my remember Wizard of Oz and Glenda the Goodwitch??"  And he immediately pointed his
finger at me, and rather quickly said...."I'll never forget it again" and smiled his sweet smile!!!  I thought....ok....or actually I think I did say it out loud!!  But kinda!!!  lol!!!  I was so happy to be in that moment!!  What a great guy!!!
Then.....a little later....I saw Todd, and went over to him and intro'd myself, and told him I'm the one who does the Caseymania site, and he said almost the same exact words that Casey did!!!!!  Can you believe it??!!  Then, of course I said...."Yea, that's what Casey was telling me"  THANK YOU!!!!!! 
I could have died right then, and been a happy woman with a smile on my face!!!!  LOL!!

Ok, yall, I'm gonna put my favorite picture up and then I gotta get some sleep, tomorrow is a BIG day!!!!!  I'll do a full post as soon as I can!!

And I wanted to thank ALL of Casey's Fans and friends, for helping me to get the pictures and videos out so all could see them!!  I really appreciated all the help!!!!!  Yall Rock!!!!

I'll be back soon.....