Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Billy Bobs pictures, videos, news and more!!

Well, I'm here to tell you....Billy Bob's was a H*U*G*E success!!  I would really like to know how many tickets were sold!  It was probably about 1/2 full or more.  Thats 3000 people!  I know it was a killer show and there were fans from 7 or 8 states there in attendance!  Here are some of us now.....
Thanks to Cyndee for her great shot of us!
And I wanted to send out a special "Thank You" to Debra James for stopping by and saying HI to all of us!!  You made a whole bunch of people happy!!  :)

There were about 4 ladies missing, and I'm sorry they didn't get in the photo with us, but if yall send me a pic I'll post it here!  :)   And I won't try to name every person in the picture above, but yall know who you are!!  Haha!  We all had a great time, and it was good to see each and every one of you!!  :)  So glad so many were able to make it back to Texas again!

The night before,  on Thursday, a few of us landed at the "Key's Lounge".  Some of the ladies had not seen it, and I am always on board for the Key's, so we went that night and we had a really good time.  It was Jam Night and there were a nice variety of musicians and singers in the house!!  It was a fun night!

Here is a short clip of what was going on that night at the Key's.....

Jammin' at the Key's Lounge

Here's the group of us that were at the Key's Lounge, but I can't find a pic of us there.....we were all at Billy Bob's in this pic, waiting on our Meet & Greet!  I think this is Cyndee's pic.  Thanks!

In this pic we have....from the back....John, Anthea, Deborah, Cyndee, Shelley, Diana, Kate and me.
Everyone was so nice!  I met 3 new fans....Deborah, Shelley and Diana.  Thank yall for coming to Texas to hang out with us a couple was so fun!!

We haven't gotten our M & G photos back yet so I can't post any of those pics....sorry. 

After listening to the new songs live, I've come away with a new favorite....oh I still love "Womans Touch".... but I think I'm leaning more towards "Run Away" now!!    I just LOVE it!!!  I found myself humming and halfway singing it, and it irritated me so much that I didn't know the words, I decided to try to figure them out.....and I did!!!    I've posted the lyrics to it (with the exception of a couple ?? words) on my Facebook page, and I think on  Caseymania Facebook.   It is a very very radio friendly song!!!  I could see it going a long way!!  And I think everybody has probably thought about just loading the truck up and taking to the highway, flipping a coin to decide which direction to go!!  I know I have!!  Well.....not in a long time.....but in my younger years, when something would go all wrong.....I'd just wanna pack up the truck and just GO!!!  Never looking back.....but I didn't....well, I did sometimes..... :-/ but I always came back!!  Hahaha!!  So what I'm trying to say is....I think most people can relate to the song!!  :)  Don't yall agree?!?!

Speaking of radio friendly songs, it's a good bet that Casey's next single will be "Drive" .  Click the link above and hear Casey and Blaine perform it acoustically at Fox Nashville a couple days ago.  Here are a few photos from the Billy Bob's show, courtesy of Kathy11 & Cyndee.  Thanks so much girls!!  Good job!!  Wooo Hooo!! 

And now, without further ado, here are a couple of the favorite videos from Billy Bob's....
Big Thanks to rjnelson785 for these great videos!!

Run Away....

Woman's Touch....

And here is the link to the rest of Rhonda's awesome videos!!  Click  HERE....  

Just before Casey got back into town for the Billy Bob's show, caught up with Casey and he had only good things to say about us....his Fans!!  Click HERE to read the full article!!
I'm going to close for tonight....but I have more coming, so come on back 

Until then.....

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Casey James songs unveiled last night in Colorado!

Wow!!!  What a surprise to wake up to today!!!  Several new songs were performed last night in Denver, Colorado at the Grizzly Rose, to anxious and surprised fans!!  Back last month when he did several shows in Texas and I was able to go to a few of them, this first song "She's My Girl" is one of them he asked us not to reveal, so I couldn't!!  But I am so glad I can talk about this wonderful bubbly song!!  I immediately loved it....from the catchy melody to the cleverly written lyrics, it was 2 thumbs W-A-Y up for me!!!  This is just another testament to the mad writing skills Casey holds!!  I'm just so proud of him!!  And now, without further ado.....

She's My Girl (Alot of girls fall in this catagory, I think it'll do well on radio!)

Breaking Through the Blue (Gotta love this's got Casey written all over it!)

Falling Too Hard (Nice Country sound to this, love it!!)

Can't Give Up *(the familiar vibrato is back in this song... :) Love it!)*

Run Away (Love it, it makes me wanna go pack my clothes!)  :)

That Girl  (Cute song)

OMGosh!!!! I saved the best for last!!!!!  This song is handsdown the BEST of the evening in Colorado!!!!!!!  As someone said.....this song'll make ya wanna smoke a cigarette, even though you don't smoke.....hahahaha.....get my drift?!?!  Haha!  This is one downright sexy song.....there!! I said it!!!!  Yes, it's s*e*x*y.....and very much so...... ok....gonna go smoke that cigarette..... :D (joking.....hehehe)

A Woman's Touch

Great BIG HUGE THANKS going out to @MichInColo for all 7 of her amazing brand new
song  videos!!!
  Your the BEST!!  :)

I love the bluesy sound to the last really is a very beautiful and soulful song, and I'm so glad he's getting back to his blues....I've missed that about Casey!!  But I'm not saying anything negative about all the other songs.....they are fantastic in their own way as well....beautifully written with catchy, radio friendly melodies.  He can't go wrong with any of these tunes, that's for sure!!!  They are all fantastic songs that are really gonna resonate well with the fans!!!   And I hope all 7 of them make that next album he's working on!!

I guess there's no pictures yet from the show last night, but not complaining when we have 7 new videos to watch over and over!!!!  :)

I'll be back when I have more breaking news!!!!!

Until then.......

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year!! Lots of new info....

Well, Happy New Year to everybody!  Hope you all are happy and healthy starting out your new year!  Casey has been on a bit of a hiatus for a bit, and very much deserved, I would say!  He has literally worked his tail off this year, and so have his dedicated band!  But that don't last forever....and they have their first show of the new year coming up on January 12th, this coming Saturday in Denver, Colorado at the Grizzly Rose.  I've been to that Rose once....quite a while back, in 2009 I think.
Anyway, the next one, which is becoming like a second home for Casey, he's been there so many times..... is Billy Bob's Texas in Ft. Worth, Texas!  He and all the band seem to be in top form when they play this venue!!  And people come from miles and miles around and other countries to see and hear Casey & the band play Billy Bob's!  So come out if you can, the show is Friday, the 18th of January!  Get your tickets  HERE .
Also, we are having a Fan Dinner across the street from Billy Bob's at Cooper's BBQ.  I have the time set for 5pm.  There are gonna be 2 Meet & Greets, but I'm thinking one might be the radio station winners, and the others are the ones who paid for the pass.  Thats just an assumption, I'm not sure yet.  But I got confirmation of the times of the 2 VIP's.... one is at 7:45pm and the other is at 8:20pm.  If you have purchased a VIP pass, you will be getting a confirmation email telling you what time your VIP meeting is.  Then we will know for sure what's going on.  If you want to join us at the dinner, click on the following link and click GOING. 
Casey James Fan Dinner.  I will update you on that Event Page as needed.  :)

While Casey was off, he had some time to sit down and write us a long Yellow Note!

Is that sweet or what???  He is just a doll....hands down.  He makes me proud to be
his fan.
I checked in on the Mediabase charts, and it looks like "Crying on a Suitcase" is holding it's own against all the other artists songs, and coming in at #19 this week.  That's a good thing, lets all keep those requests going out to the radio stations!  By the way, he is actually being played in DFW now.....I'm so glad they came on board!!   Yeee Haaawww!!  :D

Just an FYI! From MGM website: "Country Music's Party of the Year, the 47th ANNUAL ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC AWARDS, hosted by (used to be Reba)  Luke Bryan (he's gonna be missed on Fremont Street!! :-/) and Blake Shelton, honoring country music's best and introducing the industry's hottest emerging talent, will be broadcast LIVE from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Sunday, April 7, 2013."
The all important Fan Jam will be held this year at 'The Orleans'... more about that later.

Before I go, I wanted to show yall these 2 silly crazy funny videos from Casey and the boys.....aboard the bus.  I'm pretty sure these were taken after that last show in Amarillo!  Haha!!  I'm sure they were beat down and ready for a nice break!  So here ya go....

Merry Christmas from Casey James and the Band

Merry Christmas from Casey James and the band
(The Outtakes)

Didn't that just tickle your funny bone!!  I laughed till I cried!!  Literally....  Especially when he opened the door and Blaine was standing there!!  Haha!!  Very funny stuff guys!!  And I appreciate that humor all year round!!

Ok, see yall soon.... I got a few more things to post....maybe in a day or two...

Until then.....