Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The ACM Awards & Fan Jam live in Las Vegas this weekend & new Casey Pictures!!

Hey yall!!  Who's excited for this BIG weekend and all the Casey love coming to you LIVE from Las Vegas!!!???  It's gonna be one great BIG party!!!  As most of you know, but I'll remind you again.....Casey has been invited to be a part of the very 1st  American Country Music (ACM) Fan Jam, taking place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center,in Las Vegas on Sunday evening, April 3rd, starting at 8pm live ET/ delayed PT on the CBS Network!!  For tickets and more information click "Here"

Not only is Casey a part of this phenomenal,  inaugural event, but he is also performing Live on Friday, April 1st, in downtown Vegas at the ACM Weekend on Fremont Street Experience!!!  It will feature newcomer category nominees, special guests and headliner, Sara Evans!!  All the free music will be taking place on 2 stages downtown, and Casey will be on Stage 1 at 7:00pm!  The next day, will also feature a host of new and upcoming artists, with Ronny Dunn finishing off the night as Saturday's headliner!!

As it turns out, I am so very fortunate to be able to be a part of  this whole event!! (at the last minute I might add)  I was not expecting to go to this at all, and suddenly fate stepped in, and made things fall into place, so I could!!  So, I'm going to try to be on the front of the stage at the Fremont Street Live Shows, so I can get some nice photos, and hopefully videos of Casey performing!!  I plan on using mostly my phone this time, because I can immediately post the pics and video to Twitter and Facebook!!  Giving those of you at home a sense of what it's like to be there!!  I am thinking about making 2 different signs so Casey can see them, since he seems to like the signs, and enjoys them from the stage!!!  I'm turning into a real fangirl!!!  The only thing left to do is Squeeeeeeeee!!!!  :-D

Up next, I'm sorry this is a bit late, but I finally got it together and I have a couple of Fan Pics and a recap from Kansas City, Mo. last Friday, and.......some unbelievable shots from the show!!  Many thanks to my friend LaPaula for all her awesome shots!!

The 1st one is Karen and Casey.  Thanks for the conference call, and your wonderful recap!!  Next is Linda (L) Casey and Karen.  Great pics!!

And here is Karen's very interesting and detailed recap from her eyes!!  Enjoy!

Just got back from Kansas City. I met ncountrygirl and artistatheart as soon as we got to the hotel, two beautiful souls I might add. The doors were to open at 5:30 but Casey was still in soundcheck so the line grew and we were finally allowed to enter at around 6:00. I got to give LDG-lildrummergirl (LaDonna) those hugs I promised, met Amber, Jen Lloyd and Kellie James and had visited with Kraina (Kathy) outside while we were waiting. By the time I found our reserved table and got me and my scooter (for my cast) settled, it was 6:20. I knew I needed to call Shari for the audio-cast at 6:30. I wanted so badly to get Casey to come on and say hi to his twitter family. We spotted him in the back playing pool and since I was immobile, my friend Linda went back to take some pictures and she asked his manager, Todd, if Casey could come to the table to talk on the phone. Please forgive us, Shari, but we did a little name-dropping. Linda told him that I was on the phone with you and could not get around because of my cast. She asked Casey if he would come say hi, at least, and he said “Absolutely”. By that time they were whisking him up to perform so I was a little disappointed. After his set, he started signing autographs and taking pictures. So I asked Linda if she would take the Christmas card I had designed for Glenda’s card exchange up to have him sign it. She went up and got in the back of the line and Todd spotted her and told her how sorry he was that Casey could not make it to our table while I was on the conference call but that he would make sure that Casey came to see me. We sat another couple of hours and I had given up all hope of getting that hug. The crowd was shoulder to shoulder and out of nowhere, through the crowd, appears Todd and Casey, right up to our table. I gave him the biggest hug and told him how much I loved him, sobbing like a baby..and I couldn’t thank Todd enough. We chatted a minute and Casey commented on my cast and signed my card with “Thank you so much and get well soon”. We got our pictures and by that time, the people around us started realizing who he was so everyone was wanting pictures. The price of fame must be overwhelming. You’ve heard this over and over…he is younger looking and more beautiful in person than any picture can capture. He is as sweet and humble as you would imagine. I will never EVER forget that meeting. Thank you, Shari. If Linda had not mentioned your name, it may have never happened.

Ok, thats all I have right now.....yall don't forget about the ACM Awards this Sunday Night!!  If you can't watch it live.....set those DVR's, cause you don't want to miss this!!!  :)

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  1. Karen Smith from HillsboroMarch 30, 2011 at 7:50 AM

    Thanks, Glenda, for posting my comments on our Kansas City adventure. All of us who have followed Casey from the first glimpse of him walking down the street with his guitar on Idol have grown to know him and his character. But I just wanted to remind his new fans of his dedication to his fans, young or old. His talent and appearance are apparent, but it's his kindness to complete strangers that is definitely Idol worthy. Thank you, Glenda, Shari, and Mickey for your endless hours of research and giving us a forum to share Casey news and our stories.

  2. Awwwwww you warm my heart darlin'!!! Thank you!!! And you are very welcome!! To me, it is time spent wisely!! Thank you for realizing what a big job it is to keep these blogs and pages updated!! But I love every minute of it!! :)

  3. Thank you Karen for your "Casey experience" what a great moment for you!!! Casey is definitely all around AMAZING!!

    @Glenda, my dear friend, have a BLAST in Vegas! Be in the moment and enjoy it...don't worry too much about getting photos and videos posted...although we will all love them! But, I want you to be able to relax and just enjoy seeing "our Idol"!! But mostly just thanks for all that you do and for being exactly who you are!!! :) Talk to you soon!!!

  4. Thank you Glenda! So happy for you, you get to see Casey again and share the joy with us. :)

  5. I can't believe you are going, Glenda!! Give Casey a hug for me!! I am just can't wait until i get to meet him! Have a blast!!

  6. Hope you get to meet Casey again. Have fun in Las Vegas. Please tell him that we hope that Hold On will be on his album. I love that song and can't stop singing it,can't believe that they wrote and performed it in a matter of hours! From all the pictures it looks like he is still the same humble guy that he was on the Idol tour, what a talent he has become and how unjustly he was treated by last years panel!

  7. Casey please make your first single a fast upbeat song,i know that gets my attention when i hear a new artist for the first time.believe it or not there are some people that have never heard you sing.please just make it fast and fun!save "hold on"to put on your album.

  8. Thanks yall, for everything!! I will have a great time....I promise!! And I'll give hugs for all!!
    I too, think a faster song should be the 1st single! And I think that Sony may be thinking the same, because I've noticed they have showcased the song "Drive" twice now....that tells me they could be thinking of that one as a single, and with good reason!! Everybody can relate to driving around and wasting gas....well not so much anymore with the price going up, but still, it's the feeling of freedom, driving down a two lane road with the windows down and the radio blaring!! It's a feel good hopping little summer song!! But my choice would be,Bulletproof!! I love that song!! Well, I love all of 'em but breaking them down and figuring out which one would be a good one "Now"....I do think Bulletproof, or Drive. But I totally think they should do a studio version of Hold On and put it on itunes for sale and the proceeds go to help the earthquake and tsunami victims. And....it should definitely go on the album. But since we've only heard it once, who knows what will happen to it. I just hope they run with it!! I too find myself humming and singing it quite a bit! Thank yall for the feedback...I appreciate yall!! :)

  9. carolyn collins@jesssmomMarch 31, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    Karen and Linda, i am so happy for you that you got to be there and hear Casey play. So happy for the moment you had to meet Casey in person. no one can really explain him in words. we try, but words can't hit the mark. i'm sure all of us will always treasure that precious moment . Casey..just in case you didn't know it:0..WE LOVE YOU! and we love you too Glenda!

  10. Can't wait for you to share your Las Vegas experience, what a fun thing to do and sharing it with us keeps it all going. Don't forget Done Made up My Mind as a single, it rocks and plays in my head too. It will be so fun to see him on the TV on Sunday. Have a GREAT time, wish I was free to go.

  11. Admire you from a distance, girl :) Bet u could just follow the music to find Casey onstage that night at Fremont...