Thursday, March 17, 2011

Casey James at Grand Rapids, MI tonight......

Hey everybody!  Well, it looks like Casey is about to do the last 3 tour dates on this leg of the Incredible Machine Tour with Sugarland!  He'll be in Grand Rapids, MI tonight at the Van Andel Arena.  He goes on at 7:30.  I sure hope Casey decides to unleash another 'new' song on the Grand Rapids crowd!  I am so looking forward to hearing more of his new stuff!!

I am hoping more fans decide to tweet or stay in contact with the other fans by some means.  It's always so fun to 'watch' all the fun taking place with the fans as it happens!!

I have a very detailed recap from the Jacksonville show the other day and it's done by the Casey E James Fan Club creator, Mickey Fay.  And I'm here to tell you she leaves nothing to the imagination!!  You know exactly what happens from start to finish!!!  I love that kind of recaps!!  So, if any of you would like to read about her awesome experience click >>>>>>> "HERE"

At a site called there were some awesome shots of Casey from the Jacksonville show!!  But....the thing is....we can look all we want but they have them protected against people taking them....shucks!!!  So....we can all take a look at them, but we can't touch them!   If you would like to take a look, click on the link below! Pictures

Casey was interviewed by the Sioux City Journal in advance of their show Sat:

Thanks to Carman W for her excellent shot at Little Rock, Ark.

Bruce Miller from the Sioux City Journal recently spoke with Casey James for an upcoming interview. Miller had this to say that he  posted on his facebook:  
Talked with Casey James (the third place “American Idol” finisher) and he says he’s not cutting his hair — just yet. Fans expect him to look the same. So when he comes out with a new country CD this fall, they’ll feel right at home. Look for the full story in Friday’s A&E section in the Journal.
       Casey has been trying out new music in a six song set, opening for Sugarland on select dates of the  Country band's North American Tour.

The Fall??  I certainly hope not, because all the big stars usually put their new albums out in the fall.  It's just a bad time because a lot of albums are dropping at that time.  And we didn't want to wait that we?  What happened to early summer??  Oh well, I guess we just have to accept whatever happens, because there's nothing we can do about it!  I guess they want to make sure the 1st single has enough time on the charts before dropping the album.  I personally think that first single is going to skyrocket to #1 and then they have to release another single.  The one thing we can look forward to in the not too distant future is that first single.  When it is released, then I'd say usually about a month later, the new video for that single will be released to Country Music Television (CMT) and Great American Country (GAC).  And that will bring alot of work for us fans!  Both have a Top 20 Weekly Countdown and we'll need to vote for Casey's video to get it to #1 on their countdowns!!  That's always so much fun, because it lasts for months, if we have a lot of fans voting with us.

I have already posted this video, but I'm posting it agian...just because.... :-)  This is quickly becoming my favorite song....I know, I keep changing my mind don't I??? :)  Here it is, from right on the front of the stage and to the left!! Different angle....I like it!!!!

"Bulletproof" at Jacksonville, Florida

Great big thanks to luvscaseyjames for this great video!!

And since I'm at it, I think I'll post all of the other songs from different venues!!  Here we go!!

"Drive" at N. Charleston

Thanks to BobbysBest2011 for this great video!

"Long Tall Texan" from Greenville, S.C.

Big thanks to CharmeSDesign1 for her incredible video!!

"Done Made Up My Mind" in Little Rock, Arkansas

Thanks to amcaro10 for this nice close up video!!

Well, it's a shame, I can't find anything from Tulsa.....although we had fans there, I believe they were pretty far back in the arena.  So I know they didn't get any videos that I'm aware of.  So I'll just stop here, because we have no more videos from different venues, well, because he hasn't played any more venues  I'm beginning to think I'm tired, and this was a silly idea, because he hasn't got enough videos yet to do this!!  What was I thinking??  (*slaps self on head*)  Anyway.....guess I'm getting ahead of myself, I'm just so excited for his tour and stuff!!

I think I better go to bed before I do something else Night All.....or Good morning.....however you wanna look at it!  :-)

until next time......


  1. CarolynCollins@jesssmomMarch 19, 2011 at 10:06 PM

    Glenda another awesome post. here i am up reading everything Casey. have to get up for a long very hard day at 5. i don;t drink or do drugs. Casey and his music are my drug of choice:) makes my heart happy. happy to see so many good things happening for him1 thank you so much for all you do in sharing these things with all of us!

  2. Your welcome Carolyn!!! Thank you for being a reader and a Casey Fan!!! He makes my heart happy too!!!