Monday, February 28, 2011

Interviews, articles, tweets and Casey's mother has a Birthday

I first want to extend my wishes for a 'VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY' TO DEBRA JAMES!  I hope her day is just fabulous!!  She really deserves it!!
So yall don't forget to send her Happy Birthday Wishes for tomorrow March, 1st!! 

Well....hello everybody!  I'm back from vacation, and had to come home to get some rest!!  That city is W...A...Y.... to big for me to be trying to walk around!!  I know I didn't walk more than 3 or 4 blocks from our hotel and was exhausted when I got to where I was going.....Denny's to be exact!  Cheapest place besides McDonalds to eat anywhere close to us!  We checked the price of a hamburger in the hotel we stayed at (The Encore by Wynn) and I almost fell over!!!  I'ts absolute robbery to charge $17 for a hamburger!!!  There's no beef I know of that's worth that much!!  So strolling to Denny's everyday got to be the norm....  I would've chosen McDonalds as a change of pace but hubby don't care for them at it was Denny's.....all week long!  I didn't complain though, they have good food, and a good can have breakfast any time of day!!!!  I love it!!!  :D

While we were there, we saw the Pawn Shop where the show "Pawn Stars" on the History channel is made!  But there were too many people to get in to meet them, but I would have liked to!  But....(jump to Thurs. evening)as we were waiting to get our car, well, I was waiting for the car and hubby was dilly dallying around somewhere when all the sudden to my left......I see a guy that I I'm staring.....and staring.....and staring......trying not to look like a crazy person but trying to authenticate the person's identity I was looking at!!  Yes....its him!!  It's that guy from Pawn Stars....Chumley!!  Nobody looks like they??  Nope, I'm sure it's him, and just as I convinced myself it was him, another guy rolls around the corner and just like that......poooooff....he's gone!!  I was just about to walk over and talk to he'll never know me....whaaaaaa!!!!  LoL!!!!
All in all our vacation was a blast!  The room was absolutely inpecable!!!  And I'm sorry to say I won't ever go there stay.  I just wanted to stay in a 5 * luxury room just one time, and I did, and I'm done!  I'll be glad to stay in my Super 8 or Days Inn from now on!!  LOL!!

Enough about my vacation, I didn't win, but had lots of fun trying and it was a LONG drive home!!  I'm just glad to be home with my dogs!  We actually came home a day early so we would be sure to be there on Saturday before 12 noon to pick them up!  They were so excited to see us and so were we, to see them!  It was a grand reunion!!

There seems to be quite a bit of excitement brewing as we are getting closer and closer to the Little Rock unveiling of Casey James as an opening act to one of the biggest names in the business, Sugarland!!    It will be taking place on Friday, March 4th at the Verizon Arena in Little Rock, Arkansas!!  I am going to this show with 2 tickets.....a seat on row 23 and a Pit Pass, which is directly in front of the stage.....but standing room only!!  I don't care!!!  I'll stand all night to get close to that stage where Casey is singing and playing!! :)  I, and many many others are so stoked about this first show......his first show as an artist.....his first Paying show as an artist!!  Sure he was paid from the AI tour, but.....he wasn't a signed artist yet.....not until August anyway!!
I'm still going to try to do a livecast if I can make it work, of at least the 1st song.  I will tweet the link, if I get it working.  I am going to be tweeting a little too, to keep all the rest of the fans 'in the know' about what's happening all the time!!  And I'm sure a few others will also be tweeting up until showtime at about 7:30 I believe.

In other news, I don't think I've posted this yet, but Aimee Mayo tweeted this a couple weeks ago and I LOVED it!!!!

AimeeMayo: In studio ... Casey is singing our new song ... absolutely- straight- through- the- heart- beautiful. i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!  I couldn't believe it when I read it!!!  That is going to be one awesome song...."straight through the heart beautiful".....omg..... that is quite a strong choice of words there!!  I cannot wait to hear it!!!


"SOUNDSPIKE"  had this to say about our boy Casey James:

Casey James moves from "Idol" to Sugarland support

Published February 25, 2011 09:28 AM

  • s
'American Idol' third-place finisher Casey James can barely compose himself when asked about his March stint opening for the country act Sugarland.  // Tour dates at SoundSpike
"American Idol" third-place finisher Casey James can barely compose himself when asked about his March stint opening for the country act Sugarland.
"It's going to be unbelievable," James told SoundSpike. "I'm excited to get to watch their shows. I'm excited to get to play music and get to do my thing for everybody who's been supporting me, as well as a whole new crowd. On every level, I'm pumped. I'm out of my mind excited to go."
His set list includes songs that he has been writing for possible inclusion on his forthcoming album for Sony Nashville. He is in the middle of penning songs for the record.
"At the very least, there will be songs I've been writing recently," James said. "You don't get a huge amount of time because there are a few different bands playing."
So far, the album does not have a release date, he said.
"That is the question," James said with a laugh. "I would love to say. I would love to have an answer to that, the real truth. I want it to be worthy of all the time and effort that everybody's putting into it--fans included. It needs to be right. That's really what's been going on. It's not going to be too much longer, I'll definitely say that."
One thing he's sure of is fans can expect him to provide an album that combines blues, rock and country, similar to that which he played on "American Idol."
"It'll be like a rockin' bluesy country kind of thing," said James, who as of the interview had not seen an episode of this year's "American Idol." "What I did on the show is a good representation of my style. I'll just be doing material that I write. But it's all country based. It's that format. I don't know how else to say it. I wouldn't necessarily think of Sugarland as country music, really. That's what I love about country. It's the new everyone music."
He was coy about who he's been writing with. However, songwriter Jaren Johnston, vocalist and guitarist for American Bang, revealed on Twitter that he's one of the co-writers, as did Nashville singer-songwriter Patrick Davis.
James said the whole process -- including his stint on "American Idol" -- has been a learning experience.
"I've made it a million miles farther than I ever expected to go," James said. "Everything happens for a reason. I'm going to be thankful for everything that I got from it. I couldn't have asked for more. It was so perfect for me.
"Once again I'm at a whole new starting point. I can either go up or down from here. I'm going to work as hard as I can to go where I want to go with it, which is to continue playing music and to continue to have an opportunity to play for crowds, like I'm about to, opening for Sugarland."
Wow!!  Was he excited or what?!  ewwwww that just makes me want to see him perform even more!!!!  I can't hardly wait!!!!!

Last night, late last night actually, just out of the warning at all, like usual.......a message from the Casey boy!!!  and someone got it on a screencap, and I just borrowed it.....take a look-see!! :)

It's always fun to get these random little notes from him!!!

It looks as though Casey has once again been collaborating with some big time writers in Nashville!  This time it was Shane McAnally, who has been in Nashville writing for 17 years and has earned a name for himself!  And the ironic thing is, Shane is from Mineral Wells, Tx. not far from Cool, Tx.  And we all know Casey is from Cool!!  The Mineral Wells Index has his story, just click on the link.  Here's what Shane said about writing with Casey:

“I have and we’ve written together,” McAnally said of the singer from Cool. “We wrote a song together and had a great time … and I look forward to doing a lot more. I’m... excited about his career.”

“Honestly, us meeting and working together didn’t have anything to do with our hometown connection,” he added. “He didn’t even know that” before they met."
Small world huh???  
I just found some news on twitter about Casey!!  He, along with Jake Owen, will be playing the Official Country Radio Hall of Fame After party at Margaritaville, located at 322 Broadway, in Nashville, Tn.!!!!  Just in case somebody might be in the area and maybe see if they can see or talk to him after his show.  It's all good...... friendly "stwalking" never hurt anyone!! :)   The reason you probably won't get in, is because the dinner is sold out, so I'm assuming the show will be too???  I don't know....maybe not..... It is a public place, so if your in the area, drop on in about 8:30 and see what's happening!!
I'm getting tired, so I'll go for now, and I'll be on the lookout for more new and interesting stuff on Casey!  I'll leave you with this cool picture from a long time ago.....

Many thanks to Debra James for this beautiful picture!!

Ahhhh....I told ya!!!  He was about 2 here and Debra said he looks like he might have just heard what the judges said about him!!  LOL!!!
Until next time.........

Thursday, February 24, 2011

No LiveCast y'all....sorry :(

Well, I tried to get logged on to do a test run of the LiveCast here in Vegas, and I'm sorry to say it's not working... So no LiveCast from Casey's show unless I can figure it out before then. Having s great time in Vegas but also ready to go home! I'll do a post when I get home,I don't have Internet for my computer so all I have is this phone, and can't do much from it! :)
I posted some pictures on my Facebook!

Talk to y'all soon!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vacation time, and a new Picture of Casey!!

Hey everybody!!  There's still not alot of Casey news going on right now, so I'm taking this time to go on vacation!!  We are driving out to Vegas for 5 days and then we have to drive A L L the way back!!! Ughhhh!!!  Anyway, we are leaving tomorrow afternoon for the 1250 mile drive!  We are going to try to make it to Tumcumcari, N.M. before we stop for the night.  That is almost the half way point, so that should put us in Las Vegas about ......6-ish....give or take an hour, on Sunday evening! :)  I'm not sure about internet service in our room at  the Hotel, so that will depend whether or not I get to post anything while I'm out there!  I think you have to pay a fee by the day, so if it's not too much, I'll get it, so I can post pictures and stuff.   Also.....some of you have heard me talking about the possibility of doing a "LiveCast" from Casey's show in Little Rock.....well, I think I will TRY to do a little testing while I'm in Vegas.  I'll let yall know how to get logged on to it and watch it.  I'll post instuctions on here and facebook and twitter.  Actually, I put the link above, so you can click there if you want to check it out.  I may do a little test run at the Belagio fountains!!!  They are beautiful!!!  Then I will know IF it's going to work, or if it's not.

And now.....I have something for you that most of you have probably not seen.  This is a precious picture of Casey and Debra sitting in a chair together! :)  She said he was about 7 at that time!  I think it's so cute that he has his little arm around her neck! :D  And of course....Debra is a always!!

Thanks to Debra James for sharing this awesome picture with us! :)

Well....I really need to go to bed, got a million things to do tomorrow before we can I'll be in touch....yall take care.....

Until next time..........

Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Idol Interview, Website changes, tweets, and other news....


Catching Up with Casey James

Two weeks ago, Season 9’s second runner-up, Casey James, announced that he will be the opening act for super-duo Sugarland’s 2011 The Incredible Machine Tour. We hopped on the phone with Casey to find out more about the tour, his upcoming album, his adorable dogs, and more.
Many of Casey’s Crew wondered if Casey will be performing all new material on the tour. He said, “I’m performing a few covers because people will like to hear something they know, but there will definitely be a lot of new stuff. It will be mostly new music and I’m really excited about it.”
Now residing in Nashville, Casey and the Casey James Band have been laying down tracks for their debut album. “It’s been great,” Casey stated. “We practice every night and we’re working on the music and getting it ready. We have so many things going on all at once. We’re writing, touring, and creating an album. It’s interesting to have it all happening at once, but it’s great.”
Casey performed in many genres on Season 9, and Idol Community member Evilizabeth wondered if his album will be considered country, rock, or blues. Casey said, “Yes, it will be all of that. I think I did a really good job of representing myself—my musical spirit—and voice on the show. If you think I’m bluesy, you’re right. If you think I’m country, you’re right. If you think I’m rock, you’re right. I guess my sound is kind of a Southern rock/blues/country mix. I’m really glad I get to continue representing it.”
Community member Valiece wanted to know more about Casey’s writing inspirations. He revealed some good news: “I’m probably writing or co-writing everything on the album. It’s been really great. I write what I feel. Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason, as long as I’m being honest and believe it, whether it applies to me or someone else. My goal as a writer is to keep it real.”
As you may know, Casey is a dog lover with two basset hounds named Buster and Daisy. Will the pups go on tour with him? “Unfortunately not. I’m going to take them back to Texas so they can stay with my mother or brother. They won’t be alone, so I know they’ll be good, but I won’t be good without them!”
Thanks to text messages, Casey is able to keep up with his Season 9 pals. “I text Andy a lot, or Andrew I should say. I call him Andy. I talked to Tim the other day and Mike. Me and Lee texted back and forth a while ago. Little Aaron lives in town so we had dinner. Pretty much everyone keeps in touch, although the girls have been busy doing their thing lately.”
In honor of Hollywood Week on American Idol, we had Casey share his Hollywood Week tips. “Hopefully they get sleep,” he advised. “Keep calm and carry on is all I can say. It’s a hectic, crazy week that feels like a whole lifetime. Have faith that everything happens for a reason. Do all that you can, work as hard as you can, get as much sleep as you can, and the rest isn’t up to you.”
Of course we ended the call with a message to all of Casey’s fans. “I love them very much,” he shared. “I haven’t been able to get on Twitter as much as I wanted lately, but I’m trying to keep them updated. Once I settle in I’ll keep in touch a lot more. I want them to know I think about them a lot. I’m excited for the tour because I’ve gotten to know some fans and friends, and when I’m the opening act for Sugarland, it will be more calm. That way I’ll be able to visit with them at meet and greets.”

Check out Casey James' Idol Evolution

It's so good to  know he's really excited about everything going on in his life right now! looks like some major changes are in the works for Casey's official websites.  So that means I have to change everything on the sidebar as well....*crap*!    It looks as though the Casey James not the Casey James Band.....anymore!  For reasons unknown at this time, Casey is no longer a *band*....he's just Casey James, like we all found him.  I am secretly happy about this, because Casey is who I spent hours and hours voting for and supporting on American Idol.  And I'm glad it gets to be just his name on the ticket to his shows now!!  Although I did get a Casey James Band T-Shirt made....which I will do what with now???  Just keep it as proof of an early on screw-up on Sony's part??  Naaaa..... lol who knows why it got changed, but it's ok either way, I'm still gonna keep doing what I do for Casey!!  :)   
Click the link for Casey's new official website:

Here was the picture at the Old Site w/ the word Band under Casey's name:

There's been a few tweets firing up the twitter boards this week!!  Check these out

@SirBryanSimpson: just met Casey James from American Idol. Might have creeped him out when the moment I saw him I hollared out, "Casey!"...#Idolizingandidol

Remember Lilly from AI9? She just tweeted this....
Just got off the phone with @CaseyEJames ..... Love that man. Nashville play date!!!!!!! #missyoubro

Just tweeted by @PDMusic ( a songwriter working w/ Casey) :
"Just finished up one hell of a love song/panty dropper with Dallas & @CaseyEJames

 I have to say that last one made me laugh out loud!!!  'A panty dropper?'  All I can say is....."  Casey, release that one first!!! "
Now, yall remember who @PDMusic is right?  Thats Patrick Davis, the cute guy that tweeted that he was writing with Casey the other day!  Sounds like they been having a blast!!  If only I were a fly on the wall.......

Mickey posted on her Casey E James Fan Club page that because of the Teamwork, there is now a way to donate to St. Judes in honor of Casey!!  Follow the link below to read what happened and to donate if you wish:

Casey Added to Country Cares Fan Club Challenge/The Casey James Blog

It seems Sony is posting ads now, trying to find material for their newest project, Casey James!!  I think me likes what me sees!! :)

CONTEMPORARY ROCKIN’ COUNTRY SONGS a la CASEY JAMES needed by the Senior Director of A&R at a Major Nashville Label for a former American Idol finalist in Season 9. This artist is working on his debut CD and looking for songs that are going to help define his sound. He is known for his guitar playing, so give him room to showcase his talent. Your radio-friendly, hit-style, upbeat Country songs must have great hooks and memorable melodies, as well as lyrics that visually reflect meaningful and/or clever storylines. Please submit one to three songs online or per CD, include lyrics.*

It's also reported that Little Big Town, the act who follows Casey's opening act on tour, has a "Homecoming Video" of Casey on 'their' website!!  And it just so happens, it belongs to muah!! cool is that?!  Click below to check it out!!

"Little Big Town-Homepage"

And now.....for your viewing enjoyment.....this is when Casey found out he had made it on American Idol!

This one is from The Stockyards in Ft. Worth, during Homecoming. 

This one is also from the Homecoming, during his show at the Millsap High School Football Field.

And Casey in Nashville, as an Artist.  It took him a year, but he's made it!!

Yall check back often now, cause news is starting to come in all the time, but I just don't always post it at the very minute it surfaces!  If yall find something you think I may not know about feel free to send me an email at or just leave me a comment below!

Thanks, until next time......... ;)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Excitement from Fans as Casey James heads out on tour, more writing colaborations, and more!

As the title says, there's starting to be alot of excitement among the fans as they prepare their roadtrips, hotels and such for the unveiling of The Casey James Band!!  Casey will make his debut appearance with his newly formed band on March 4th in Little Rock, Arkansas!  Alot of fans are meeting up and hopefully there will be group shots from every Tour Stop!  I'm going to stay on top of that for you!  I just last night, purchased (another ticket) a General Admission Pit Pass in order to try and get as close to the stage in Little Rock as possible!  I also said I was going to try to do a LiveCast.  I'm not so sure about the latter though.  If I do that, I won't be able to take pictures or do video at all!  So, I'm leaning towards trashing the idea of that altogether!  I hope I don't let too many of you down.  But I will be getting lots of the other to bring back to you!  Like I said, I'm not exactly certain that I won't do it, just thinking about it.  Then again....I could do like the 1st song and then only pics and video after that!  I'll be thinking about it, and let yall know what I decide.

Once again, Twitter has been exploding with the latest news of Casey's writing adventures!!  Patrick Davis is the one who tweeted the information this time, and here's what he said:

Patrick Davis
Writing today with the pretty @ & the hungover Dallas Davidson... Good songs on the way!

"Pretty Casey James"?  Ok, I like this guy already!!  He definitely knows a good looking man when he sees one!

Patrick is known quite well in Nashville, and has some very impressive writing skills!  Some of his work includes:

Dallas Davidson is no slouch reported on his website, he celebrates a Career-Defining 2010!!  Some of his awesome work includes:

"It's All About Tonight" by Blake Shelton

"That's How Country Boy's Roll" by Billy Currington

"Gimme That Girl" by Joe Nichols

And a number of other top songs of 2010!!  These 2 guys are an awesome duo for Casey to be writing with!!  I am just so excited for him and what this year is going to bring to the table!!!  Writing with guys and gals like he has been, well, it's got to produce some really great material!!  I'm so anxious to hear what comes of all these songwriters and Casey!!

And this is just a short sample of what Patrick and Dallas is capable of!!  I LOVE all these songs....and I had NO idea they were written by these men!!  Well, as a lover of Country Music for years and years now, I am confident that Casey is in the BEST of writers hands!!  Here are some pictures of the two talented songwriters:

Dallas Davidson is on the right in the picture above.

And this is Patrick Davis above.

I know this next paragraph has nothing to do with Patrick Davis' or Dallas Davidson's writing, but I just wanted to throw this in.  I have been a big fan of Jason Michael Carrol's ever since his debut single in October of 2006, "Alyssa Lies".  It took Jason  3 years to write it, because it was so emotionally painful he would get migraines.  That song went on to touch so many people in this world, me included, and some who suspected child abuse, yet did nothing about it.  The song went to #5 on the Billboard Country Charts, but in my opinion, it should have went to #1 and stayed there, for the message it gave.  I have to be honest, if you've never heard it, I ask you to please, click on the title of the song above, and be prepared to have your heart touched in a way it never has been.  If you don't get a lump in your throat and/or teary eyed, well you must have a hard heart is all I can say.
I would absolutely love to see Casey write with Jason.  Maybe one day I'll get to see that!!  Here's JMC....back when he had that beautiful long hair....

Yes, he is quite the looker himself!!  :)

And I almost forgot about another tweeter who had something cool to say about Casey!!!   Emmy award winning Radio/TV producer Curt Miller had this to say the other day about our Casey!!

@CaseyEJames Thanks for hangin' out and bringing lunch today! We had a blast. Good luck on the road! 

Thats a good sign....because Curt works for CMT in Nashville, the video and ect. channel!  And also the Radio Station.....CMT Live with Cody Alan.  Undoubtedly they must have been talking about Casey's first Video, or the exact date he would be on Cody's Live Radio Show!!  I don't know anything for sure, but I would guess that they were talking about those 2 things!   Those of you who are willing to go that extra mile for Casey, will no doubt get to know Cody Alan, because his nightly show is syndicated, meaning it goes out to many country stations across America!  His request line # to call is....1-866-877-4CMT  Or if you would like to visit his's.....  CMT Radio Live with Cody Alan Very soon we will be calling Cody and requesting Casey's first debut single!!  

Here is some favorite photos of Casey taken back in the summer, enjoy!

 I got all these photos from my blog's archive, so I've posted them before here with credits, and I don't have the credits available to me at this time, but if it's your photo, thank you very much!!  I do know Daydreaminmeme made the two posters, thanks girl.

Well, we got to get ready for yet another cold spell here in North Texas, so yall stay safe if your in some bad weather too, and I'll be back soon.....

Until next time.........

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Casey James writing and apparently eating w/Randy Owens, :)

We have a new picture everybody!!  It just came in little more than an hour ago!  I posted the other day that Casey was headed to Alabama with Aimee Mayo and her husband, Chris Lindsey.  They were headed down to write with Alabama's front man, Randy Owens!  Well, it's a couple days later, and this picture shows up....tweeted by Aimee Mayo!!  Thank You Aimeeeee!!!! 
I'm hugging her neck just as soon as I get to meet her.....whenever that is....

Anyway....I don't know if this picture was taken just today or a couple days ago, but's a beautiful picture of the two of them, Casey and Randy, together at the Arby's  restaurant! 
Now....I just wonder how many Arby's Melts Casey can put away!!??  We all know the boy loves food..... :)  But then do many of us, only difference is, he never gains an ounce, and I gain a lb. just looking at an Arby's Melt!!  LoL!! 


Look how happy and content he looks....

I want to thank you Aimee Mayo , for this great picture of Casey' with Randy! 

I'm sure he's thinking.....' I really standing here taking a picture with Randy Owen?'.....cause we ALL know how humble and grateful 

 he is, and how he thinks he may not be in Randy's league yet, but he deserves to be right where he is...... with the Best!!!

Ok, I'll update more in a little bit yall.....

  UPDATE:  TWITTER PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's already over now!!'s some of what happened!  

He was answering questions about the tour and his music and how he feels about writing with such great people!

Here's how it all started:

Hey yall!! :) 

So are yall coming out to see me and the band open up for Sugarland?!

 And with that....hundreds of tweets started flooding the pages of twitter!!  I think there was a tiny explosion due to all the Casey Tweeting going on!!!!  :)

He told one fan to put her twitter name on a sign and he would try to throw her a pick or something!! 
Hmmmm, I'm making a T-shirt with my twitter name on it....along with his, maybe I'll get lucky too!  So, you heard it from the horses mouth.....Either a sign with your twitter name or a T-shirt and he will see you....maybe!  But in order for him to recognize that tweeter.....ummm I mean 'Twitter' you must tweet him regularly so he can recognize it!  I will be tweeting him a few times a day from now until March 4th! 
When asked how awesome was it to work with some great songwriters, he said.....
       "They are better than awesome. It's been a blast so far, and I know its just gonna get better. :)"
When asked if he would be able to visit with the fans after the shows, he responded by saying......
         "I'm sure you will. It should be alot easier for me to hang out since the crowd is there for Sugarland. :)"

Yeeessssss!!!!  Thats what I'm talking about!!!!!   Hopefully I will finally get my picture with him and this time, I will be looking at the camera!  :)  I still LOVE my hugging picture with him tho.... :)

When someone asked him about the music he will be playing for the 8 shows, he had a great answer.....

           "I will definitely be playin some new stuff. Possible album cuts and whatnot. :)

YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want NEW STUFF!!!    I WANT OLD STUFF!!!      I Dont Care......Just SING CASEY SING!!

I wish I could go to all 8 shows, I would DO it!!!   In a heartbeat!!!

And after a few tweets.... 25 to be exact.....He said good night to all of us........

            "Alright, I'm off to bed. Much love! Talk with y'all soon!"

Much Love to you sweet Casey!!!!  We all love you!!!  Oh there a possibility he may read this???  I'm certainly going to make it my life's mission to TRY to see that he does!!!!  Think I'll get off here now and go make 1000 **CASEYMANIA** cards, and make sure he has 4 or 5 of them, I'll just flick them up on stage so he can see them!!!  Does that sound like a plan??  I'll let yall know how it went....K??

I'm still just in awe that we have watched this sweet guy from day one and followed and supported him all the way through one of the biggest and hardest things he'll ever do in his life.....I was there.....I do MANY others!!!  So with that in mind.....since I'm feeling a little nostalgic, I wanted to share this early picture from his (2nd?) week in Hollywood....when he sang "HEAVEN".  And he never looked more like an angel that night!!  I truely believe he was put on this earth to play music and sing and entertain with all his heart and soul.  And that is what he does.....every time.....

Yall, have a good night, I'll post more later.....

Until next time...........

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New facts about Richard Millsap joining the Casey James Band

The news is spreading about Richard being added to the lineup, as a member of the Casey James Band!  One of my favorite places, added this great article about the newest member of the band!

Richard Millsap added to the Casey James Band

Posted 8:40am on Tuesday, Feb. 01, 2011
Late last night, Fort Worth musician Dave Millsap posted the good news on Facebook: His son, Richard, who has drummed with the Dave Millsap Band for the last decade, has joined forces with a fellow Fort Worth musician, Casey James. Richard will be out on the road with Casey during that short run opening for Sugarland later this year.
According to the proud papa, Richard Millsap learned at the knee of one of his long-time musical collaborators, Gonzales "Gonzy" Trevino.
"[I] gotta give credit where its due -- Gonzy was my drummer and close friend for years," Millsap wrote on Facebook this morning. "Gonzy gave Richard his first real drum set. As Richard improved, he replaced Gonzy around 10 years ago when he was 11 years old. When Casey was looking for a drummer last Christmas to join his band, Gonzy told Casey Richard was the one. Richard had to earn it, [he] flew to Nashville and after nine drummers auditioned ... well, as they say, the rest is history."

Here's a glimpse of Richard (and Dave) in action, last year at McDavid Studio.

Thanks to for this story.

I am so glad he won the audition!!  I did not know anything about Gonzy referring  Richard as his pick for the band....that's great, because HE is one of the great drummers, himself!!   And Gonzy is a really cool guy, laughs alot, and jokes around even more!  I had the pleasure of meeting him one night at the Key's Lounge, as I sat in on an interview!
Ok, my opinion is in.....He's a great drummer!!  And he will make a great addition to the CJB!!  Looking forward to it!!

It makes me want to hear Casey's music even more!!!  Think I'll post a video from last Summer!  And for some reason....I don't remember this particular video from the Dallas show!   I thought I'd seen everybody's videos from the whole summer, but this one was posted at a later date, so probably just didn't catch it!  Here's Casey in Dallas Tx on Aug. 9th, cranking out the popular  "All over now"!!

Video Credit: NewYorkDoll100

Ok, yall, I will update if more news comes through....

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First Casey James Band Member Confirmed

Well, well....we finally have the name of the first Casey James Band Member!  And his Richard Millsap....and he's the Drummer!   Hmmm, quite a coincidence that his last name is where Casey went to high school....must be a sign.....a good sign! :)  This information was confirmed by his father, Dave Millsap,on his Facebook page, who Richard has been drumming for since he was 10 yrs old!  What??  Ten yrs. old??  Wow.....he is gifted!!  And Richard has a Myspace page and he's posted under events that he will be with Casey James on his March leg of the Sugarland there we have it folks.....we have a drummer!  He certainly looks young, so I went looking, and found out he IS young!  A mere baby, at the tender age of 21.....barely legal!!  :)  I've been seeing a couple leaks here and there with the name Richard, and that he was joining Casey's band, but....still wasn't sure enough to post it!  But now, at least we have one of the band members confirmed!  Here are a couple pictures of Richard, while doing what he does best.....drumming! :)

 Photo Credit: Scott Carson Ausburn

Richard is on the left in the photo below.

Thanks to Anonomous for this picture.
I'm looking forward to meeting Richard, he looks like a real sweet 'feller'!  :)  and he's cute as a bug in a rug too!   ;)  Welcome to The Casey James Band Richard!!  (Big Wave... from all the fans....)

Casey tweeted the other day too....but nothing about Richard.... Bless his heart, he was so excited about the Sugarland Tour he tweeted the good news!  But little did he know, it was old news to his biggest fans!  Most of us already had our tickets bought and rooms reserved by that time!!  And roadtrips were already in the planning stages!!  He'll figure us out as time goes on.  But I wanted to post his tweet here so those who don't tweet can see it as well!
Here's what Casey tweeted:

This first tweet didn't work, so.....he said:

I'll give the link again for yall. Hang on...

Then he put this link on, and it worked:
Click Here

He was real proud to see this news about himself!  And with good reason....Sugarland is HUGE!!  He was so fortunate to be able to open for such established artists....without even having a single out yet....unheard of!!  But then, we ARE talking about Casey James!  Jennifer and Christian probably took one listen to him, and screamed...."Yes, we want him!!"  Just my speculation, of course, but I wouldn't doubt it! :)

Alot of times, when a bunch like Sugarland, Little Big Town, and Casey are on tour, the last song of the night is a collaboration between everybody!  And believe me, usually it's a really good tune.  It's usually always a cover that everybody can learn relatively easy, and one the audience can relate to and be involved in!  I'm just so excited to see how this tour unfolds!

Ok, one more piece of news before heading out.  It seems that Casey got to write with "Alabama" frontman, Randy Owen, as per a tweet from one of my personal favorite Nashville Songwriters....Aimee Mayo!!  Here's her tweet!

 Aimee Mayo

In car heading to Alabama w/ Casey & @ to write with Randy Owen - I'm excited!!! Play Me Some Mountain Music - woo hoo!

I just love the fact that he seems to be writing a lot with her!!  Ooooohhh  I hope a few of hers and Casey's creations are on this album!!  It's going to be one awesome album, that's all I know!  Oh, and the other her writer-husband, Chris Lindsey!!  He's got quite a good collection under his belt too!

Ok,'s a picture of Casey at Millsap High School during his homecoming.    I'm heading out for the night!  Hopefully more news will start trickling in!

Thanks to Annonomous, for this shot,back in May 2010
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