Saturday, October 27, 2012

Casey James' 'Crying on a Suitcase' passes 108,000 in sales! Plus videos & pictures....

Hey....I'm back as promised, with some nice photos & videos from the past few days of performances!  I'll tell you where they were taken & who owns them, if I have that info for ya!!

This is Casey and Blaine doing a medley of 'Drive' - Polk Salad Annie & Pipeline' at Mt. Olive NC College, Fall Fest!! Very good!!  Thanks to pjwood67 for this well done video!!

Casey tweeted this one....."North Carolina.... love this place!!"  Well I do too!!  I passed through a corner of it leaving TN & heading to South Carolina one time.  I totally agree, I absolutely love the Carolinas. 

This one is from the Cincinnati show I think.  Big thanks to Tiffany R. for sharing this picture of herself with Casey, Kix Brooks, Craig Morgan and not sure who the guy on the end is...sorry. Nice shot!  :)

Thanks to Sarah M. for this photo!!  :)

Dino at the Merch table in Birmingham, AL.!  Thanks to the BULL radio for this shot!

Thanks to Kath W. for this awesome shot!!

Here's one we don't hear very often!  "Bulletproof "  !! Taken by pjwood67 at Ocean Isle Beach NC
One of my favorites....too bad it didn't make the album....maybe on the 2nd one.

Great big 'ole Thanks to Pam W for all the next few shots from the Oyster Fest in Ocean Isle Beach N.C.  For more of her awesome shots click HERE.

OMG!!  Casey and the band have been working on "So Sweet" and it has a beautiful intro now....oh ..... it is so beautiful!!  Thanks again to Pam W for all her awesome videos!!  Here is the link ----->  "So Sweet"

Here is "Love the way you miss Me"  and "Crying on a Suitcase"  from Mt. Olive College in N.C.,  two more of Ms. Wood's wonderful videos....thank you girl...

And this one is off the beaten path of the usual Casey James stuff, but absolutely beautiful no less!!  This is David Kurrasch on steel guitar playing  'Sleep Walk' , showing exactly how pretty the sound can be coming from a steel and how talented he is....I just love it!!   Great job David!!  :)

Here is a Photo Montage   from the N.C. Oyster Festival and there are several pictures of Casey and the guys!  So click the link from and check 'em out!

Next time you take a flight on U.S. Airways, make sure you check the in flight magazine, because Casey is featured in the November issue!!  Click HERE to read about it!

Recently I told all of you about Casey's online Merchandise Store, and now they have added more pieces to the collection!!  They've added Men's size Casey Picture  T-Shirt, and a "Drive" T-Shirt and a Keychain!!  Click HERE to order your merchandise today!  Here's pictures of the shirts  (<--- --->)  I just LOVE the 'Drive' shirt!!!  Gotta have it, and I'm getting one for hubby for Christmas! :)

You can buy your tickets and VIP upgrades to the Taste of Country Christmas Tour, featuring Casey James right on Facebook now!  Click HERE to do it! :)

Check this out....from usa today, 'Idol' track sales have Casey James' song 'Crying on a Suitcase' listed as passing  100,000  in sales!!!!!!  It's actually at 108,000!!!  Thats awesome news!!!!  Click HERE to read about it!!  :)

Well, it's almost time for me to go to bed, so I'm almost more thing.... Casey's video, 'Crying on a Suitcase' came in at #4 again this week on GAC!!  Yea!!  Ok, let's just keep it up, 2 of the other 3 videos have been on the charts for months, its time for them to move on, very soon and then it'll be Casey against the Pistol Annie's, and Casey will take the reins for a while!!  :)  Good job fans, let's keep it up!!
(UPDATE) I don't know what happened, but Luke Bryan and 'Tay' (Taylor Swift) slipped past Casey, and Carrie's didn't fall back down the charts like I thought she would.  And the Pistol Annies are way behind now...(I think I was still looking at last weeks chart, when I wrote that above.) sorry.... my bad.... :)

Ok yall, take care, I'll be back soon....

Until then.....

Friday, October 26, 2012

Casey James to appear at ACA's!!! Updated with a correction.

UPDATE:  I made a mistake when I said Casey was performing at the ACA's this year.  I misread it, it only says he is 'appearing'... it doesn't say performing..... my mistake, and I appologize, and hope I haven't caused any problems for anyone.  Sorry....

Well, hello .... how is everyone?!  It's cool in Texas.... pun intended, in regards to 'Cool'!!  But yea, it is pretty comfortable right now... 54*... my kind of weather!! 
Anyway, Casey and the guys have been pretty busy lately, but their winding things down now and I expect more than a couple week vacation soon.   Tonight they were in Cincinnati Ohio, and to my knowledge have nothing scheduled until Nov. 8th when they play in Des Moines, Iowa.  Casey even has an invitation for yall, to come on out and see him...check him out....

Hahaha!!  He's such a cutie!  Love those facial could anyone resist, right??  Haha! 

Well, it seems Dino (bass player) is enjoying his travel so much with the band he's documenting where he's been.  This is just the latest, and ummm probably the weirdest of all his pictures.  The sign says.... "Baconade".... ok....scratching my head and still trying to figure this odd drink out....I can't even imagine how that would.... 'ewwww' ..... taste!!!  But Dino was up for the challenge with both thumbs up!  Now, is that his reaction after he has tasted this, or is this enthusiasm at what he is about to do?!?!   Beats still sounds absolutely horribly rank to me!!!   I like my 'ade' I drink at the fair to be 'lemon' ade.....and I'll take my bacon extra crispy on my BLT or along side a plate of eggs.  But absolutely *not* in a drink!!   Hahahahaaa!!!   Sorry.... not hap'nin!  :)  That Dino is a funny guy!!  :D  I think I'll ask him about that drink and how it went down.

The ACA people announced today that Casey James along with other American Idol alum, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are to appear on their Live Show coming up December 10th.
For those of you who are attending the ACA  Awards show in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort, I've been told that the  TICKETS  go on sale to the General public on the 27th of October, tomorrow.  When you get ready to buy, click the link above and get yours when they go on sale,  about 12pm tomorrow.  For those of you (me...) who can not go in person, it will be aired LIVE on FOX, starting at 8pm ET.  As you all know Casey has been nominated for his first award as a new artist for his first video, "Let's Don't Call It A Night".  So remember this is a Fan Voted nomination, please  place your 'Daily Vote' (only 1) for Casey, he deserves this so much!!  What an honor!!

Other places we need to remember to vote are GAC Top 20 Countdown (#4 last week...can we get him to #1 this week???).   CMT Top 20 Countdown ... even though he's not on the countdown, we need to keep voting for his video so we can get him on it.  And CMT Pure 12 Pack.  By the way, Casey's single 'Crying on a Suitcase' was at #21 this week on the Mediabase Billboard chart!!  It's been trickling down closer and closer to that # 20 and below for a few weeks now.  Just hoping it can make it to at least Top 10, so please remember to call your DJ and request Casey's song and use the Mediabase Request Forms I have at the Supporting Casey Tab above.  Thanks yall!!

Thanks to Pam W. for this awesome shot a few days ago...

I have a lot more to post, (really good pictures and videos) but I'm going to do it tomorrow, I'm a bit tired now.  So yall come on back, and I'll have some more posted then!  :)

Until then.....

Friday, October 19, 2012

Casey James has new twitter & verified, along with articles, pics and more...

Hey yall!!  How's it going in your neck o' the woods!?  It's been so comfortable in Texas this year....we didn't even have a bad summer at all!!  And now fall is quickly taking the place of the warm summer sun.  I love Fall....the colors are amazing and believe it or's the only time I really like oranges and yellows and browns!  I like to dress warmer than Texas usually lets me, so I'm hoping for a really *c*o*l*d* winter!!!  :)  I love wearing boots and coats and warm hats (that don't itch my head) but sadly usually don't get to.  :(
Anyway, theres a few things to talk about thats going on, so let's get to it!

Last weekend Casey performed with his full band at the Pinywoods Gala in Bullard, Texas!  I understand that over 900 tickets were sold! :-O  .  I wonder if they sold out?!  LoL!!  I just know I didn't get to make it, but there were some familiar faces there!  My good friends from the U.K. were there to cheer Casey on, as well as some of the Texas guys and gals!  Here are a couple pics.... I thought I saw more than this, but been looking for an hour for pics from that show, so this is all there are for now.  Can't find any videos either....geeezzz yall....can ya help a gal out??  Yall can always post pics on my **CASEYMANIA** Facebook page...I would love that!!  :-)  Remember yall....I can't post it, if yall don't post it.... so come on Casey fans, get those pics and videos posted so all the people who don't know Casey's music, can hear it and see him in pictures!!  :)  Pleeeeeasssee?!?!  lol.....  :)  I'm always handing out cards so people can get themselves familiar with Casey James and his music!!  So thanks in advance!!

Thanks to @CoolCJFan

The other day Casey just up and changed his twitter name all of the sudden, dropping the 'E' in the middle, making it.... @CaseyJames   then today he tweeted this...

I'm officially me. Woop Woop. 💪 #verified

Can't ya just see him now, jumping up and down fist pumping yelling 'Woop Woop'?!?!   Haha....Casey is now officially verified on Twitter!!!!  I've been actually wondering when he was gonna do that!  I saw where my friend Donna said, 'We're officially excited!!'
  Haha!!  Ok, it's time to unlock the Bold print!! duh....

I'm going to gently remind everyone to vote for Casey for his very first nomination (ACA) of his video, "Let's Don't Call It A Night".  If you haven't already, just go HERE and register, (it's real quick) and then click VIDEO at the top and scroll down to the 'Video of the Year for a New Artist' and put your little dot right by Casey's name...... :)  This is strictly fan voted, so we need all Casey fans on board here, doing it every day.  He needs us to win this for him, because you and I both know he certainly has worked long and hard, and totally deserves it!!  Right??!!  Ok, let's do this!!!  :)
And also, while I'm at it,  just a reminder for voting for 'Crying on a Suitcase' on GAC, because his video was #7 this week!!!  Yay Fans...way to go!!!!  Now, we have to stay on this if it's gonna hit #1 and I know we can do it, we just have to make sure to vote once a day, every day, and try to get your friends and family on board as well, with little mentions... We done so well, that Casey's sweet Momma tweeted us saying this...

@GAC @caseyjames #cryingonasuitcase is Number 7 because of his WONDERFUL DEVOTED FANS. Thank you!! Let's keep it up!!" 
'Thank you momma James'...

And one more reminder...I have the tab at the top of this page just under Casey's picture that says Supporting Casey.  I have mediabase links to request Casey's song(s) and have found out they check these forms every day and sometimes twice a day!!!!  That is amazing news...thanks to Lovin' Lyrics for that info!!  So we can feel like we are doing something that is helping him for sure!  I used to feel like it wasn't helping much, but now I know it does, so those of you who can, lets stay on these links and get his music playing in every state!!  (So excited the Dallas/Ft. Worth stations both have his song!!) Finally!!  :-)

GREAT NEWS!!  Starting tomorrow, 10/19/12 fans can now purchase VIP Upgrade Packages for all the shows on the   "Taste of Country Christmas Tour"  VIP Upgrade Packages include a Private Pre-Show Performance, Autographed Limited Edition Poster, Exclusive VIP Laminate, and a Meet & Greet & Photo Op with Casey.

For more info on VIP Upgrade Packages & Tour Dates click

This picture surfaced yesterday, I think, and it's from the recent MADD benefit concert in CT.  One caption said...."and he giggles".... haha!!  His momma said it reminded her of when he was a little guy!!  :)  I think it's just the cutest picture ever!!  (Sorry, I don't know the owner, but thanks!)

I think I'm gonna get on out of here for now.... I'll be back soon, so until then..... don't take no wooden nickles.... haha!!  ;-)


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Casey James nominated for ACA, pictures,videos,articles and more!

Hey everybody.... I've been gone for a good 10 days.  Seems like forever.  Well, now that things are all calmed down, I'll give a brief description of what went on.
We were at the Mud Bogging in Covington last Saturday and a lot of family members were there.  It was my brothers birthday and we were having fun.  He then was just standing by his truck and fell over!  There were people there who saw him fall and ran to him, realized he wasn't breathing and started CPR.  We were across the way when I heard my sister-in-law say, "Oh no, they've run over his legs" and I yelled who and she grabbed her purse and yelled Charlie!  OMG!!  I grabbed mine as well and took off running to where he was laying on the ground, & when we got there we realized he wasn't ran over, he was having a heart attack!!  They kept having to restart his heart over and over, and we thought the ambulance would never get there!  Finally they arrive and by this time he's already went into cardiac arrest 4 different times!  Long story short, the 4 guys who were working on him saved his life that day, and we are eternally grateful to them!!  He was transferred to Harris Methodist in Fort Worth (If that sounds familiar, yes, thats the hospital Casey was in when he had the motorcycle accident) and I felt a big relief, because this is a wonderful hospital.  They put a stint in the main artery that was 85% blocked and gave his life back to him!    He's not going down without a fight, I knew that.  This was a huge wake up call for him and he laid down his 3 pack a day cigarette habit in exchange for his life!  Even though he wasn't a huge drinker, he stopped that too....and is now free of both.  Said he didn't want to do anything that could damage his heart.  He wants to see his grandkids grow up.  He is doing great now, and thanks to all the fans and friends who said a prayer for him, we greatly appreciated it!!

Ok, now....what's been happening with Casey??  Just the greatest thing ever!!!!  Casey has been nominated for a fan voted ACA award, for best music video for a New Artist for Let's Don't Call It A Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can you believe it?!?!  I'm so very excited for him!!!!!!    I predicted over 2 years ago that he would have his first nomination, within 2 years, and I didn't miss it by much!!!  So excited!!!  And it is up to Casey James fans to do what we do for him to win this!!  So go to The ACA's   and register to vote and please get in the habit of voting daily, because we can only vote once per day.  It doesn't take that long to vote one time for him, I don't think we have to vote in any other catagorys if we don't want to.  So just vote and your done till the next day.  This is the only way Casey can win's up to US!!  Casey deserves this award so much, so let's show him how much support he really has!!  The American  Country Awards airs LIVE on Fox on December 10th, 2012 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas!

Casey was very elated to be invited to share the 87th Birthday with all the folks at the Grand Ole' Opry last week!  If you are like me and missed Casey's big moment, not to worry, it will be replaying all month long on GAC as Noteworthy at the Opry.  Here's a write up that I just loved reading....

Grand Ole Opry Continues To Celebrate Turning 87 All Month Long

The Grand Ole Opry celebrated its 87th birthday last weekend with many artists performing including Jason Aldean, Steve Wariner, Ray Stevens, Casey James, Rodney Atkins and others, all sharing the stage with a larger-than-life birthday cake. Casey James also performed a special Opry Plaza Birthday show.

Additionally, Gaylord Entertainment Country 650 WSM-A/ Nashville celebrated its 87th anniversary this past Friday.

The radio station, which originally went on the air on October 5th, 1925 is celebrating with month-long promotional events including special broadcasts, winning Grand Ole Opry tickets for a year and an open house of the station’s broadcast tower, which is now on the National Register Of Historic Places. WSM can be heard in 38 states on 650 AM and worldwide at

The Opry will continue to celebrate throughout the month of October with a schedule full of special shows and events. On Tuesday, October 16th Capitol Nashville artist Darius Rucker will be inducted as the newest member of the Opry, and a portion of the show will air live on “Noteworthy At The Opry,” on GAC-TV at 8p (CT).

On Tuesday, October 23rd the Opry will mark Minnie Pearl’s 100th birthday and on Tuesday, October 30th, the Opry fights breast cancer with Women Who Rock For The Cure. For information and a full schedule of events, visit

Here is a video of  'Drive' at the Opry that night! (Thanks to Cyndee for the video!)

Speaking of articles, The Examiner was on board as well,  with a write-up of Casey having his first nomination!!

"Crying On A Suitcase" singer Casey James, gets first award nomination

And one more article, this one by the people.  Click the link for the story!!  He's just everywhere!! 

Casey was part of a Guitar Pull charity event in Madison WI a couple nights ago, and I couldn't help but notice in the pictures he seemed to be thinking about something.  It was a cancer charity so he may have been thinking about how it has affected his family.  At times he seemed almost in pain, holding his wrist.  And we know it's no secret that Casey lives with pain on a daily basis.  I hope he's ok now.  Here are some pictures.  Thanks to Donna C. for sharing her wonderful photos!

In Sparta, Illinois last week, Radio personnel with 95Q On the Road caught up with Casey on his bus and they had a few things to talk about....

 And last but not least, the fans have done it!!  Casey came in at an impressive #7 on GAC Top 20 Countdown this week!!!!!!!!  I think he was at #13 last week, so he moved up 6 spaces!!!!  Way to go Casey fans!!!!!!  Keep it up!!  Let's get it to #1 for him!!!  Thanks!!  Oh and....
yall remember the other place that always needs votes.... CMT Pure 12 Pack 

Casey makes his way back to Texas, doing a show in Bullard, TX tomorrow Oct 13th for the Pineywoods Cattle Barons Gala at Moore Farms... to aide in the fight against cancer...  For all who are going to this show, have a good time and send me some pictures & video!!

Ok, that's all I have for now, I'm exhausted, yall take care, and get to a show if you can!!

Hugs..... until next time....

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Casey James fires up the Northeast, videos, pics, articles and more

Wow, once again, there is lots of stuff to tell yall about.  But my neck is killing me and I may do a short cut post tonight!  I have put a new page on containing the UPCOMING CONCERTS.  You'll find it on the Home page just under Casey's picture.  Click on it to get all the showS coming up to see if you can get to one!  I will also try to keep it updated, and put the new shows I find on it quickly. 

Casey played 3 shows over the weekend and each one  was great!  They started out at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, MA and there were quite a few fans there and some really great photos and videos!!  Check these out...

Thanks to Derrick Wood

She's Money at Hard Rock
Thanks so much to luvscaseyjames for all of her very clear videos!!  :)

The Good Life 

Crying on a Suitcase (Couldn't get the embedded link to work, just click the link)
 Click HERE

Love the Way you Miss me


Let's dont Call it a Night

The above videos are from all the shows from the weekend, in no particular order.

Anyway the next night at the Mohegan Sun there were quite a few fans there and from the pictures down below, it looks like they all had a blast!!

The Grand Ole Opry has invited Casey back to perform at their Birthday Party!!  Here's a write-up about it I found!

The Grand Ole Opry is turning 87! In commemoration of one of music’s longest-running traditions, the iconic country club has tapped some of Music City’s elite to celebrate the momentous occasion for a two-day concert extravaganza.
The festivities will kick off on Oct.5 with performances from country superstars Steve Wariner and Rodney Atkins, with Jason Aldean, Little Jimmy Dickens and Ray Stevens are also scheduled to perform on the historic stage the evening of Oct. 6. Earlier that afternoon, Ricky Skaggs will headline the Grand Ole Opry Birthday Bash concert, which is scheduled for 1 PM CT.
Country newcomer Casey James will provide entertainment on the Plaza in front of the Opry House immediately after, with games, food and several other performances scheduled for guests of the Birthday Bash.
The Grand Ole Opry debuted as the hour-long ‘WSM Barn Dance’ on Nov. 28, 1925, but was later dubbed the ‘Grand Ole Opry’ on Dec. 10, 1927 when harmonica wizard DeFord Bailey uttered the phrase “for the past hour, we have been listening to music taken largely from Grand Opera. From now on, we will present the ‘Grand Ole Opry’,” a moment in time that would forever change the longest-running tradition in country music. After a series of venue changes in its early years, the Grand Ole Opry planted roots at the historic Ryman Auditorium in 1943.
The popular stage show later found residency at the legendary Opry House  — seasonally splitting its time between the two historic auditoriums for year-round performances. The Grand Ole Opry was forced to uproot in May 2010 after horrific floods damaged the venue. The weekly stage show returned to its home in later that year after extensive remodeling.
The Grand Ole Opry has inducted country music’s elite as members of the freestanding tradition, with Keith Urban as the most recent honoree. The Australian superstar received his place in country music history in April 2012.
The 87th Birthday Bash is slated to continue well into November, with scheduled performances by an all-star line-up, including Martina McBride, Charlie Daniels, Pam Tillis, Lorrie Morgan and Roy Clark. Fans hoping to attend the birthday celebration can click here for more details.

Casey's "Crying on a Suitcase" has moved up to # 25 on Bob Kingsley's Top 40!!  Wow, that is a good move up!!  It's chugging right along and moving right along!!  So keep up the good work fans!!  Request the song at your local radio and feel free to use the "Support Casey" tab to use the Mediabase forms to request even more!!  Click HERE to see the countdown!

The other day "Taste of Country" did something cute....they asked Casey questions, and called it ...... "60 seconds with Casey James".   This is so cute and 2 of the questions surprised me!! 

When Casey, along with Blaine, arrived in CT. to do his show at Mohegan Sun, he was there for a purpose other than to entertain the wazoo out of everyone!!  He was asked to perform at the Fox studios there and talk about the Charity they were doing that night!!  MADD is one of my very favorite Charity's and I'm glad to see he's a supporter too.  Click HERE to watch as the news people talk with Casey about his time during American Idol!  :)

Here are a few pics from the exciting shows in CT. and Boston
Big Thanks to Lisa Nardone for graciously sharing her photos from the weekend with us!!  :)

Since it was Lisa's Birthday, Casey signed her a Happy B-Day pic of himself!!  Great present!!

The sign advertising Casey's arrival!

And here is the Birthday girl, Lisa, getting her hug from Casey!!  :)

  And I have one more to share....this one was from the show the night before at the Charity Auction Event.  They actually auctioned off a full 1 hour (60 minutes!!) visitation with Casey James!!  Wooo!!  I'd like to have been a fly on the wall for that one!!!  These gals won the prize and paid a whopping $650 for his time.  And from what I understand, it was very well worth it.  They said they just talked about music, American Idol, and he would ask them questions, as well.  Even if he didn't say a word....couldn't any one of us just sit there and look at him for an hour.  LoL!!!   Joking of course!!  But that has to be the ultimate prize.  I've always wanted to just sit and talk with him, about nothing in particular, just sit and chat.  I don't know everyone's name, so I won't name them, just know they are the luckiest ladies in the universe right now!!  :)  So glad they got to visit and get to know him a little better.  Congratulaions Ladies!!  :)

Well, folks....thats about all I have tonight.  Be assured more Casey related news will continue pouring in  as other shows are done, more videos and pictures!!

Yall take care....I'll be back soon!!

Until then.....