Saturday, March 30, 2013

Casey James returns to the American Idol Stage!

Yes, you read that right!!!  Casey James has finally been invited back the AI to perform!!  And.... he's debuting his new single on the show!!  It will be aired on next Thursday's results show on 4/4/13 on Fox.  Check your local listings for the time.  We have waited for this, what seems like forever and a day!!  And finally it is here, after 3 long years!!  Casey is so excited as well!!  He tweeted this comment late last night...(actually early this a.m. :))

Im WAY excited to play my new single on next week! So many blessings to get to this point. A little work too. :)

That is so sweet!!  A little work??   Ummm, I beg to differ.... I believe that would be a lot of hard work too, even though you don't count playing music 'working'!!  :D
We know of  a lot of sleepless nights he's had over the last 3 years to get to where he is now.  And he deserves this recognition so much, and he's ready....I do believe he is.  My prediction is the judges are gonna go ga-ga over him!!  Especially Randy Jackson....who was not always in Casey's corner, but was more than the others.  I'm really looking forward to Randy's reaction to Casey now....3 years later.  It's gonna be epic!!!!

I'm gonna be in Vegas when Casey appears on AI, and me, Cyndee & Kate (daughter) will be watching him!!  I cannot wait!!  We were gonna do something else that night, but none of us are willing to miss Casey on AI !!!  No way!!  We've all waited too long for this!!  So I hope everyone gets to see him on that A I stage, it's gonna be an amazing moment for him and the band members as well!  They are all excited!!

The other day these very nice pictures poped up on Facebook and they are just amazing!!!  Thanks to stillsbyBJ  for all these nice shots!!

All those were from the recent show at the Cotillion.  Big thanks to BJ for all those shots!!

Now....before I go, just a quick reminder....Casey's new single, "The Good Life" will be released to radio on Monday, April 1st!!  So start requesting at your local radios!!!

Check out the 2 new ads for the new single!!!  Country Aircheck had a 1/2 page ad of the new single!  Love the cool little note from Tom Hanrahan!!  Too Funny!!   Check it out!!  Click HERE!!

Ok, yall....I'm out of here for a bit.  I will try to do short updates from Vegas if I can.  Still no Casey has been announced.... :(  Vegas is so close to Hollywood, I'm still hoping Casey can come over to the ACM events!!  I'll keep looking for him!!  And hoping he'll surprise us all and be scheduled in!!

See yall later.....take care!

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sold out California run for Casey James!!

Yep, you read that right!!  Casey James is selling out tour stops all over and California is just the latest state to be added to that list!!  I couldn't be happier that this happened to him and the band!!  They are all a bit surprised that it happened there, I think!!  Here is what Dino and Blaine said....

DINO said - Dino Villanueva @Dinobassman
Third straight @caseyjames sell out! Someone pinch me!

Blaine said - Blaine Crews @blainecrews
I always dreamed of playing sold out shows nation wide. I can't believe
it's actually starting to happen. It's incredible to see@caseyjames

another from Blaine - Amazing night in San Bernadino, CA!!  Where are all these fans coming from??

and one more from Blaine -  Grateful to play music for a living.  Great to play with such killer players and guys... @DavidKurrasch @Dinobassman @caseyjames @Jbarbeemusic 

These guys are so happy to be doing what they LOVE and make a living doing it!  It's amazing!!

Since all the Cali shows were a sellout, how about we do something different here!?  You've heard me say time and time again how awesome and talented Casey and the guys are.... well, here are a few tweets from some of the fans of those sold out shows!!  And notice how many are GUYS!!  We have all hoped that Casey would be able to gain 'guy fans' as his career progressed, and I think it's happening now!!  From the cool guy at Temple who held up the sign asking Casey to sing "So Sweet", to these latest shows, Casey is picking up more and more guy fans at every stop!  It was said that Casey, during one of the VIP's said to the guys, after taking a head count, that it was the biggest showing of guys yet, and that he knew why they were there, their girlfriends made them come!  After they all laughed, he then shook hands with all of them, and said "I get why your here!"  Their girlfriends might have drug them there, but they were leaving as Casey James fans! 
Here are just a few of the comments the GUYS had to say after the show!!

@OCDeb44 Tweeted "@Dinobassman @caseyjames You guys were amazing! Such an awesome show! That place was rocking from the moment you hit the stage"
13 March at 02:06 · Like · 1

Mack Boone @MackBoone24 Tweeted:
"The Casey James concert was awesome"
13 March at 02:16 · Like

Corey Hargrave @Chargrave55 Tweeted:
"My girl and I with THE Casey James! He played an awesome show!" with photo:
chargrave55's photo on Instagram
13 March at 02:17 · Like · Remove Preview

Daniel Garcia @DVGARCIA6
"My new favorite country artist has to be Casey James, great concert tonight."
13 March at 02:28 · Like · 1

THE RADIO STATION from last show said:
101.9 The Wolf @1019thewolf
.@caseyjames thank you for coming to play for us tonight! You are an absolutely incredible, talented musician! Can't wait to have you back!

2h Casey James @caseyjames
@1019thewolf thanks for a sold out show! We had a blast! Cant wait to do it again!

Comment from Roseville:
Patrick Flynn @pflynn1
@caseyjames Thanks for a great show! I love the fact that you look like you are really enjoying yourself on stage. Awesome show tonight!

Chris Pupo @Pupo_Speaks
@coreycrowder @caseyjames You guys killed it at Old Opera House last night!

It's amazing isn't it?!?!  Since we all know Casey is just a beautiful person inside and out, we never doubted that he would pack in the female fans, but his hard work and showing the guys he had something for them is bringing in the male fans!!

We have a whole slew of videos from these shows, so I'll post one then the link to many more from the same show.

From the Branding Iron in San Bernadino 3-12-13 (Thanks to RL123ish for their great videos!!)  And now without further ado give it up for the NEW SINGLE hitting radios on April 1st!!! Start Requesting NOW!!!  :)

The Good Life

For more from San Bernadino click HERE

And for a crowd sing-a-long listen to this.....Click HERE for "Crying on a Suitcase"

From Buck Owens Crystal Palace 3/14/13 (Big thanks to MsVerucas for these phenomenal videos!)

Breaking Thru the Blue

Click on the link below to see many more videos like the one above!!

MsVerucas's You Tube Channel

Tonight, Casey and the band are in Fort Collins CO. at the Aggie Theater.  They posted a very good review, almost a bio.... of Casey James!!  Click HERE to read it.  :)  And if you are in the area, go out and see them tonight!!  It'll make your week so much better!!

Ok, until more pictures and videos from the shows come in, this is it for the moment!  I will update when new stuff comes in!!

Until then....

Monday, March 11, 2013

Casey James Pictures and Videos from recent shows + more!

Well, looks like March is coming in like a lion (in Texas anyway....) and I'm hoping it goes out like a lamb....cuz you know what??  I'M SO TIRED OF THIS WIND!!  I know we have to have the wind to spread the seeds that will eventually become May flowers and what not.....but I'm already sick of it!  :)  Can't have a good hair day....that is completely out of the question.  So my hair always looks horrible in March....just so yall know!  :/ lol.... Ok....I feel  better. :)   But I have nothing to complain about when a lot of the country still looks like this.....

Although that looks pretty good....but having to drive in it and shovel it every day....that has to get old.   But snow is still beautiful and I envy those who get it every year.  And I feel bad for them at the same time, when it gets real bad.  Hopefully they've seen the last of the snow storms (who are being named now) and can get on board with me, getting their hair blown to smitherines!!  Haha!

I have a few articles and write ups I want to share before getting to the pics & videos.  I am pretty sure I forgot to post these.... sorry... :-/  They are very interesting and good writing!  And I always love reading what other people think of Casey!!  :)

Reality Rocks Interview

Casey James Clewiston Sugar Festival

Casey James on CMT Hot 20 Countdown 3/9/13

By the way, on the Hot 20 countdown, he came in at #16 this week.

If you have time and can help out, Casey can always use our help on a number of voting places and polls.  Thanks to Casey James Weekly for putting all the voting places together!!  Now just click VOTE right here and they are all right together!!!  Thanks again CJW!! looks like Casey and the guys have been hitting the road pretty hard and getting from San Antonio to Arizona....omg.....I bet all that sand blows everywhere in March!!  Cory Crowder is opening for Casey for the next 3 weeks and it seems he and Casey get along just fine!!  Anyway, got some videos to share from 2 of those shows and some from the Vegas show last night!!  If anyone has anything from the Museum Club in Flagstaff, AZ. I could use a video or two or even a picture would be fine.

San Antonio, Tx. High 5 to one of our best videographers, clwesson....Thanks so much for your always awesome videos!!  :)

  She's Too Sweet

Polk Salad Annie

A Woman's Touch

Mesa, Az.~  Big thanks to Sheri Hunter for sharing her awesome videos!!  :)


She's $Money$

Run Away

Next stop was *Vegas* Baby*!!!  The Santa Fe showroom welcomed Casey and the fans tonight.  Thanks a million to another one of my favorite videographers...... CyndeeMN....your videos are always welcome!!!  And this first one is something very VERY NEW to the Casey James stage.....ya know that new keyboard guy....Justin Barbee....yea, that guy.... He also plays the *&$% out of a trumpet!!!!  Casey invites him to show  his stuff on this song, his bluesy version of  "Need your love so bad", which he's been playing at the last few shows.  This is amazing!!!!  So put your headphones on and click Full don't want to miss this!!!!

Mason Dixon Line (An awesome duet with Casey and Cory)!!!

Wow!!!!!!!!    I LOVE IT!!!!

Breaking through the Blue  Thanks to MadsFavorites for this great video!

Ok....sorry but thats all the videos I have right now.  Here are a few photos from tonight thanks to CyndeeMN again!!  :)

Woo Hooooo  Play that horn Justin!!

This is some of the fans who were there in Vegas!!  I don't know everyones names, but they are from Hawaii, Minnesota, California and Michigan!!  Hey Yall!!!  (waving from Texas)  I know some of you, but I look forward to meeting the rest of you someday!!  Thanks for being a Casey fan!!  :D

Ok, yall.....I'm outta's like 5:00 am and I gotta sleep yall have a great week ahead, and take care of yourselves!  :)

Until next time....