Friday, September 30, 2011

Internet down

Hey everybody! Sorry about no write-up about the show last night! It poured rain by the buckets (thnx ptb)and although I'm not complaining about the rain, we didn't order all that lightening and wind! :-/
We lost all power for a while and when it came back on, my Internet was dead and still is!! So while I was in town, I thought I'd post at least this with my phone, since I can access the 3G here. My 3G used to work at home, but it quit for some reason a few weeks ago. And the strangest thing happened last nite while the power was off, the 3G worked while I was setting there in the dark, trying to keep all 3 dogs out of my lap!!! They're all scared to death of thunder and lightening! But when the power came back on, the 3G stopped working again! Go figure?!?! If anybody knows what might have caused that, just comment here and I'll read it next time I come to town... lol...or my Internet is fixed, whichever comes first! :)

Thanks y'all...I'll be in contact soon as possible.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Casey James unveils 'New Untitled' Song on Birmingham radio station!

Hey everybody!  I just had to come here and tell yall about this new 'untitled' song that Casey sang and played for 102.5 The Bull  radio station in Birmingham, Alabama!  Why don't we give it the title for him??  Or at least suggest a title!  Let's tweet him with our choice for the title of this awesome new song!!  Thanks to The Bull for putting this song on YouTube for us!!  Remember, we are hearing this song for the first time!!  Leave me a comment and give me your choice for a title of this awesome new song!!  Check it out below!!

Untitled Track Unveiling

Here is the link to their channel so yall can see the rest of the songs he did that day!  Sorry, I usually put all the videos up, but I'm quite busy, so I thought I'd just leave their channel and yall can see them all that way!  :)   >>>> Click Here <<<<

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New shows added, new pics from Minneapolis, and other news.

Hey there Casey fans!  I'm back now, I had to do some family stuff for a couple days.  A family reunion is always fun.   In my family anyway!!  It was a warm day, but a nice one with lots of friendly visitation, horseplay, hugs, lots of awesome food and pictures being taken from every angle!  A fun day, but for some reason, there was not one musician there this year.... :(  Not even a karaoke machine!  Seemed every musician or karaoke person could not make it!  That's odd, because we usually have many musicians & singers!  So....I just had to pull out the phone and turn everybody at the table on to.....yep, you guessed it.....the one and only Casey James!!!  I'm putting links on their FB sites, cause they were interested!!  They especially liked the Blues....and said 'he was tearing up that guitar!!!'  I was ecstatic!!  More Casey fans!!!  :)

There are some new photos that have come in from the last show in Minneapolis the other night.  Those are some very nice shots, I have to say!!  Check 'em out....

Big thanks to Donna Camarata for her fabulous shots!
If you would like to see the rest of her photos click HERE

And one more thing from that show is this 'over the top awesome' video of Casey doing "Done Made Up My Mind".....I've seen him do this song many times in videos and in person, and to this day, I have NEVER heard him do it THIS way!!!!  Put your headphones on and get ready to be WOWED!!  It is awesome!!!

Done Made Up My Mind
many thanks to samboy58 for this most memorable performance video!!!

Ok....after that performance, I'll admit it....I'm a bit weak in the knees!!  I felt like I was right there on the front of that stage rocking out with him!!!  :)

I need to get on with the other news!   There's 2 new shows added recently to Casey's schedule!  One is in Akron, Ohio on October 12th at the Tangier, for 94.9 WQMX's Rising Star Songwriters Showcase.  You can get VIP w/ Meet & Greet for $30 or General Admission for $15.  The procedes will benefit the 'Muffins for Mamagrams'.  Sounds like a great time for a great cause!

The other show is a big treat for the East coast fans!!!  At last, they get a Casey show!!  It will be on October 13th at Red Bank, N.J.  Radio station Thunder 106 will be bringing Casey to The Downtown
located at 10 West Front Street on the Jersey Shore!
I hope many many of Casey's East Coast fans get to go to this!  Sounds like a place you could get up close to the stage and enjoy Casey at his best!!

More and more radio stations are adding Casey's new single every week, there were 3 adds this week and Tuesday, later today, we'll have the stats again on where it is sitting on the charts!!  Just remember we have to get the radio stations to play his single, and if they are not playing it yet, just keep requesting it a few times a week, but if your local station is playing it, you can request it every day!!  The more spins it gets, the faster it moves up the charts, and he's about to break into the Top 40!!!  That's the breaking point, that's where the fun starts.....thats when you know good things are happening for this single!!  Thats when a lot of other stations will pick it up and start playing it, and so on and so forth!  In last weeks publication of Music Row, they reported that Casey's single hit the "On Deck...Soon To Be Charting" list with 133 spins!!  It's only going to get better from here!  It has already hit one's audience impression jumped over one million!!  Wow!!  That's awesome news!!  Just keep calling in those requests and clicking on those links to request his song as much as we can!!

Since we all now know that Casey's video for LDCIAN has already been shot, it's just a matter of time before we hear the announcement it is released to CMT and GAC.  Normally I've seen GAC play a new video before CMT, but....I don't know if this will be the case for Casey, but we'll see.  I just feel that when that video gets out there for the public to see.....that single is just going to fly down to the Top 10!  Believe it or not, not all artists shoot for that #1 record.  If they can get into the Top 10, especially with the 1st single then that is a huge accomplishment, and gets him noticed much more by the media and others!  And if it goes to #1, then it's Party Time!!  But I don't want to get everyone's hopes up and say that it absolutely is going to #1....cause I don't know that.  We can all hope and pray, like I'm sure he does, but there's no guarantee it will make it where it needs to be.  Thats why we have to do everything in our power to help it get there.  I know everybody is doing all they can, and it's so appreciated by Casey!  He loves us fans for what we do, and will always give 110% every time he gets on that stage or walks in that studio....and without us..... well, I think he's already been there.

Ok, I'm outta here folks.....yall have a great week, I may be back tomorrow, just depends on what happens....if there great news....I'll be back!!!   :)

Until next time.....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Casey James surprises fans with a late night twitter party!

Hey yall!!  I was up just doing a little editing here and there, looking at pictures, and listening to the whole 2 hour show recorded at Billy Bobs on July 1st......yep I'm missing seeing him perform front of me.....and I just need a Casey hug..... :(  And fate stepped in with a very loud  *ding* *ding*......OMG.....Casey just tweeted!!!!  I proceeded to jump off the couch and fly across the room to my 'plugged in phone' when I realized it was right beside me.....duh!!!  well.....I did have my headphones on and in my mind I was back at Billy Bobs watching Casey!!!  Talk about getting snapped out of a wide awake dream.....Shooo....I had to hurry, it had been at least 12 seconds since that sound stopped me dead in my tracks and jolted me back to reality!!!  Hahaha!!!   I hurried over to the twitter page, which I actually had just opened earlier because I was looking around........remember??  And sure enough......the blue guitar......where is it???   Oh blue guitar anymore......the Jake Felts picture now.....brown colored......where is it???   Ahhhhh and then I saw it!  :)   It took me all of 2 seconds to read it....and another 10 to open the link he attached!  This was's this beautiful picture we have all been talking about!!!!  I was confused as to the actual owner and 3 people were in my when I read the words he had written.....I answered with the first name that came to mind.....Well.....I'll just post the whole convo down below.  He asked a question and we all came to answer!!

Casey Everett James
Hey y'all, who took this pic?

And I said.....

Glenda Jordon
I thought it was Donna Camarata, not sure though

All this time I'm trying to remember what I had heard about the picture earlier.....then I saw TCJB had answered it....

The Casey James Blog
Jenn Johnston

Then I remembered.....Jenn took the picture with Cyndee's camera!!!  That's it!!  Then more questions came flying off the twitter screen....and Casey was talking!!

Paula Mulgrew
More importantly, when do we get to see that video for your single??

Casey Everett James.
no guarantees. But if the people who make those decisions choose to play it, you will get to see it pretty soon. :)
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<  That was me!!!

Then this question came up....


Great pic!! What song were you singing?

Casey Everett James
looks like I'm playing an E. And if I'm singin that hard, it's prolly "Done Made Up My Mind"

Ok, I'm loving this so far!!!

will you please tell me about "never walk away"? Who wrote it? You. Buster. And daisy?

Casey Everett James
me and Natalie Hemby. She is awesome. We had a blast writing it.
Hmmmm good question....

Tracy Scott
What instruments did you play on LDCIAN? AWESOME MUSIC!!

Casey Everett James
just a tele and a strat. :)

And with this next tweet, he thanked Jenn for the picture....  But I did tell him it was Jenn who took the  picture with Cyndee's camera.

Casey Everett James
Well thanks Jenn for that pic! :)

He answered some good questions tonight!  Thanks to all who participated and got him to find us irresistible enough (*yea...right...*lol*) to chat a while with!!  :)  and with this...... he was gone for the night.

Casey Everett James
I'm off to bed. Goddnight y'all. Sleep tight!

Ok, yall....I'm out of here for the night!!  Just thought I'd do something a little out of left field for me.....something exciting.....hope yall enjoyed the chit chat!!!  :)

Until next time.....

Friday, September 23, 2011

Casey James performed 2 shows in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and... A New Video?

Well, Casey sure enough gave his all in his performance tonight in St. Louis Park, at Toby Keith's 'I love this bar' near Minneapolis, Mn.!!  There was a conference call and the fans were lit up and loud!!!  It was music to my ears as much as Casey's music was!!  Big Thanks to Sandy for the conference call!!  We will have a recording of the show in a little bit, and I'll link yall to it over at the Casey James Blog.  (It's up....Click there >>>  TCJB)

Today Casey performed 2 shows and I wanted to touch on the 1st one before getting to tonights show. One was at the Radio Station KEEY K102 St. Paul/Minneapolis in their Roadhouse earlier this afternoon, for a lucky group of contest winners!  We had some known fans who were lucky enough to win a spot in that show!  K102 have all the meet & greet photos up and you can check out all of them right HEREHere are some wonderful shots of Casey, posted by the radio station!  Thanks K102!! 

You can view more....just click HERE.

He sang only 7 songs, but they are some of the best ones, in my opinion!! :)  (Like there are any bad ones.....Ha!!)
Here are all 7 songs.

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Why I'm Feeling Blue
The Good Life
Shine Your Shoes

Blue Sky
 Thanks to Cyndee for this cool picture!

Wow we haven't heard Blue Sky in a while!!  I love that song!!!  From my understanding, a fan said that the last 2 songs were requests! :)  He's doing requests now??  Alright....this day is getting better all the time!!  He told the listeners & fans that his fans named "Shine your Shoes" and he figured out how to play "Drive" better acoustically!   My friend Cyndee told me about the awesome job he did on Drive, it was even better than we've ever heard, and she had a video of it!!  For now, the audio recording of the show is at TCJB, thanks to Cyndee for that!!   We'll look forward to her video of it tomorrow!!!  I don't expect any videos tonight....but ya never know, so yall check back later.

New Video from the show at the Radio Station!!!  Thanks to Cyndee for this great video of the newly improved "Drive" and Blue Skys!"


Tonights show was quite a bit longer, he took the stage about 9:30 with the full band! The bar had quite a few people there and Cyndee told me that everybody....EVERY PERSON was listening to him and watching him!!  Yay!!!!  I love it when I hear things like this!!  People are gonna be wondering where this guy has been hiding out all this time!!!  :D 

Here's the 14 songs he sang in order they were performed!

Green Light Girl
She's Money
Long Tall Texan
Need Some Texas
So Sweet
I Lied
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Too Sweet For Me

Use Me
Shine Your Shoes
Drowning on Dry Land
Done Made Up My Mind

There are still not a lot of details about tonights show, but there is an audio recording of the Conference Call Sandy did, and I updated and put it up at the top portion of this page.  Click on the TCJB link in the first paragraph.  No videos yet, but there are a few pretty good photos!!  Check 'em out!

 Thanks to @deesquared777

Thanks to @deesquared777
Thanks to Cyndee H. and Jenn J.

 Thanks to @deesquared777

Thanks to @deesquared777

UPDATE: New Videos!!
NEW VIDEOS HAVE BEEN ADDED TODAY 9/26/11 and they are from the show at Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar".

She's Money

Thanks to samboy58


Thanks to donnacamarata

Need Some Texas

Thanks to samboy58

I Lied

Thanks to samboy58

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Thanks to tray070707

Use Me....until you use me up

Thanks to thecaseyjamesblog

Shine your Shoes

Thanks to donnacamarata

So Sweet

Thanks to samboy58

Now....remember I said something about a video??  Aaa-Haaa watch this video from the ACM Honors the other night and listen to what Casey says!!!  Try not to scream out loud.....well.....I did.....but it's AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!  :)  Click HERE to listen in....  :)  :)

Check back for new updates!

Until then.....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

About requesting, New Show, New pictures, & a rave review for Casey James

Well, Casey's radio airplay is picking up a little more all the time.  Here is his song chart, which lists the larger market radio stations playing LDCIAN and how many times and when it's played during the week!  It really breaks it down nicely, and I like that!!  We can see if it's gaining spins or not.  And I said I wasn't going to track all this stuff with the single, but I can do stuff like this, from time to time.  Here's what it looks like on the Mediabase Charts:


CASEY JAMES Let's Don't Call It A Night

lw: Sep 6 - Sep 12   TW: Sep 13 - Sep 19
Station Market Format TW lw Move ovn am mid pm eve Aud
WQMX-FM Akron Country 20 20 0 10 0 1 0 9 0.03
WGNE-FM Jacksonville Country 19 18 1 6 3 4 4 2 0.098
WIWF-FM Charleston, SC Country 16 3 13 10 0 0 1 5 0.009
WSLC-FM Roanoke, VA Country 15 16 -1 8 0 0 0 7 0.021
KEEY-FM Minneapolis Country 11 8 3 6 0 0 1 4 0.116
KRST-FM Albuquerque Country 11 11 0 4 1 2 4 0 0.03
KHKI-FM Des Moines Country 9 0 9 5 0 0 1 3 0.009
WIVK-FM Knoxville Country 9 8 1 9 0 0 0 0 0.023
WCTK-FM Providence Country 9 8 1 2 1 0 0 6 0.041
KUZZ-FM Bakersfield Country 9 13 -4 0 0 3 3 3 0.055
WDSY-FM Pittsburgh Country 8 3 5 0 0 0 0 8 0.038
WRNS-FM Greenville, NC Country 8 1 7 5 0 3 0 0 0.028
KMLE-FM Phoenix Country 7 7 0 7 0 0 0 0 0.014
WDAF-FM Kansas City Country 7 7 0 7 0 0 0 0 0.008
WUSH-FM Norfolk Country 7 7 0 7 0 0 0 0 0.005
KATM-FM Stockton, CA Country 7 6 1 6 0 0 0 1 0.004
KSOP-FM Salt Lake City Country 7 5 2 7 0 0 0 0 0.004
  • TW: Spins this week
  • lw: Spins last week
  • ovn: Overnight
  • Aud: Audience in millions
So, LDCIAN has ended up in the # 49 spot, up 1 from #50 last week!  Hey it's's moving up, that's what matters, anyway!!   So I can't stress enough how imperative  it is for the success of this single, for us to continue dialing those radio station request lines and requesting Casey's song!  We need to do this for Casey!  It's a bit like when we were voting non-stop for him after his performance each week on American Idol.  We did it then, and I have faith that he has a strong and growing fan base that can do it again!  I want to mention something, and I don't want to upset anyone, but I want to let everyone know the importance of one act of support against the other.  Which one is most important, if ya will.  For the last week or so, fans have been really putting out the word to vote on this particular   Although it looks very nice indeed to see Casey in that #1 spot, and yes, he's there, ask yourself....does this help Casey in any way in the music business?!  I'm sorry to tell you, but no, it doesn't.  Nobody sees it but the fans who are on that site doing the voting.  So I'm encouraging all of you to continue your support of Casey by doing something that will definitely help him in the music business....request his single.  If we can put half the energy into requesting that was going into the voting, we could do great things!  You can call it in....and if they don't answer or it's busy, email it in.  Grab those Mediabase request forms (in the Support section tab above) and vote (request) Casey's song on the list of stations already playing it.  Then if you have time start on the list below it.  The radio station FB pages and the polls for the songs (Keep it or drop it) also is a perfect way for ALL of us to do something that is working!  For sure we should 'LIKE' and comment on all the ones other fans post for us.  Thats a great way to help!  And it shows the radio stations he has a strong fan base!
All of this is a learning process, and we will learn the best way to support Casey, a little at a time.   These things help Casey.....the other voting only helps the person who owns the site get 1000's of hits per week.  Casey has the best fans in the world, and I know yall want to do what will really help him.  We got him to #1....on that site....we can now move on to other more important things. :)

Casey was out and about on Monday night, dressed to the nines in a very handsome black on black outfit!!!  He was a guest at the 5th Annual ACM Honors, at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.  It wasn't televised so none of us could watch him as he strolled the red carpet, but we have pictures!!!  For some reason, I can't seem to get the page about this event to load, but here are some pictures that surfaced yesterday! 

I would really like to know who 'dresses him'.  Mmmmm that's a great question, think I'll put it on my list of questions to ask....(if I ever get lucky enough to get an interview w/him)  I learned that term a couple years ago, when I ran into the gal that dresses Bucky in Nashville!  That was really exciting!

Whoever dresses him did a great job....he looks 'dashing' (as his momma put it) in that all black!!!  :)

The Blues Historian Blog has been a very good source of support for Casey for some time now.  So when they got the video of Casey out in Bakersfield Ca. over the weekend, they had great things to say about him.....   "This guy is as blues as it gets.  He can shuffle, slow blues, and blow the doors off the dump like Stevie Ray. "
Click the link above to see the rest of what they had to say and the video!

Casey has a new show coming up on Friday,October 7th, in Camp Pendleton, California!  It will take place at the Mesa Event Center near Oceanside, California.  He will be joined by Kellie Pickler, from American Idol Season 5 in this unplugged performance.  This show is co-sponsored by radio station Go Country 105 (KKGO 105.1) and Operation Gratitude.  To read more about this event click HERE.

Ok, well, I think I'm outta here for now....yall have a good day....

Until next time..... :-)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Casey James performs Acoustic set at Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, Ca.

Casey took the stage tonight, a little after 7 at the Buck Owens Crystal Palace in Bakersfield, California.  He performed an 8 song Acoustic set to a more than enthusiastic crowd!!  There were quite a few of the known 'Casey Fans' there, lining the front of the stage, I'm sure!  That's the most fun place to be at a Casey show!  Here is the set list in order as they were performed.

The Rock
Let's Don't Call It A Night
Shine Your Shoes
Try Not To Look So Pretty
The Good Life

Why I'm Feeling Blue

At this time, there are no pictures or videos available.  I'm sure something will come through by tomorrow and I'll get  them up soon as I can.  One of the fans, Cecil, (thanks girl) did a much appreciated conference call for us.  It was very clear and had no trouble figuring out anything he was saying!     The Casey James Blog has a recording of it, and if you'd like to hear the show, click on the link above and you'll find it there.  Thanks TCJB for the recording!


The Rock

Let's Don't Call It A Night

Shine Your Shoes


Try Not To Look So Pretty

The Good Life

Why I'm feeling Blue


Thanks to MsVerucas (@caseyscrew205) for all the above videos!

Before I post this next video, I wanted to let yall know, this one is Casey, who was invited to set in with the Buckaroos (omg!!! yes...)  anyway, this is The Buckaroos doing a number, then Casey doing one, and I believe everyone will recognize both!!!

 Casey doing his thing with the Buckaroos!!!  So good!!

Thanks to marieleathem1for this awesome video

Earlier today, out of the blue, Casey tweeted with the one I've been waiting on!!  I knew, one day it would happen, and he would tell us about it!!  :-)

Casey Everett James
I just heard me randomly on the radio for the first time!!!! Ahhh haha!!!! What a feeling! 
I'm so happy for him, as was other fans, who tweeted him back with congratulatory words!!

Shortly afterwards, Debra, Casey's momma also had something to say to her son....

THAT'S SO COOL!! I'm SO proud of you! It's been a long time coming hasn't it sweetie.

Yesterday, I forgot to mention that bit about the discussion on twitter with   Debra, as she mentioned Casey making his own genre of music, and Casey talking about it when the radio guy asked him the type of music he played, or something....I can't remember exactly what was said.   But Casey said a mixture between Blues, Rock and Country.....and I believe the name of it ended up being Blocktry! lol.....  That is pretty good!!  A bit strange sounding.....but it's his own!!  :-)
Here are a few pictures that came through from the Portland, Oregon show the other night!  These are some really nice shots!!  Boy, I tell ya, those people know how to capture an artist, on videos and photos!!  Check out the great shots below!
Big Thanks to KUPL radio team for these excellent shots!

See??  I told ya they were really good!!  I love 'em all, but something about this last one, to me, is just breathtaking.....  It may be because I love B&W photos.....there's just something about 'em.....maybe it's the nostalgic look, cause I love nostalgia.  I don't know exactly what it is, but I do love this last one.

Ok, I'm outta here for now, but check back, I'll update this post when new photos and/or videos come in.

Until then.....

UPDATE!!!  Casey Tweeted even MORE!!!

Casey Everett James
What a great time at the Crystal Palace! Thanks for everything. I would've stayed to sign, but I had to catch a plane.

Casey Everett James
This has been an amazing day. And I feel like I've come full circle sitting here at LAX.

Casey Everett James
Here's a little piece of my heart right now...
And with that.....he posted this heartfelt yellow note to us.  I have to tell you....I had tears rolling down my face reading this.... It took me back to the 1st time I seen him at his audition.  He truly has come full circle....thats where it started....and look how far he has come....and how much further he will go.  I'm so proud to be a Casey James fan at this moment!  My heart is full of pride and love for him, and I will always support him!!

He has such a special way with sweet.....just precious!!   And.....I couldn't find the tweet because I was looking for the Blue guitar!!!  He changed his picture!!  I did a picture similar to that....I wonder where he got it!  Anyway....I'm going to bed now....all the excitement has died down some and Casey's on his way to Nashville, I guess. 

Talk to yall later!!  Tootles!!  :)