Monday, July 25, 2011

More from the Cal. State Fair, a new show added, plus much more!

There's still so much that happened yesterday, I decided to just do a new post!  We have new pictures, a video with some dancing girls while Casey's singing, and tweets, a yellow note, and.....oh yea.....That Single he talked about!!!!

First off, here's a few really nice shots of Casey!

Thanks to Marie L. for her beautiful shot before the show!

Thanks to Cicil Aniston for this cute shot!
Thanks to Debra for this one, taken during the sound check.

And's the video of Casey announcing to the crowd his new single....then he performs it!

Thanks to Polina for her awesome video, and catching this historic moment for his fans!

Here are a couple of the tweets that came through about what the crowd was thinking about Casey!!

@jcareyarts:  You were amazing last night in Sacramento. Thanks for always being so patient & accommodating to all of us :)

  Loving the show in Sacramento!

And the most important tweet of the day, came before he took the stage!  He just HAD to get our hopes up, and then he delivered!!  Yep, he sent us a much anticipated yellow note!!!

That was the best news we could have gotten....literally!!  We have all been waiting on a single, which he said would be out by October at Billy Bobs, and 23 days later he gets to share it's release information!!  It's coming out the middle of August!!!  I'll be posting here on Caseymania, information about calling your radio stations, when, and how often.  By the way, it's a good idea to go ahead and call your local station, any time of day or night, but the night DJ's tend to be more able to talk a bit to you about it.  Just let them know the single is coming out, and you would love to hear it on that station....(say the name of the station).  Don't act too overly fan-girly, and never say the word "Street Team" no no.....for some reason, they don't like the street teaming efforts, and tend to ignore your requests.  What is a Street Team, you ask????  We'll be talking about that later on.  Just let them know you saw him at a show, really liked his music, and would like to hear it!  Thats about all we can do, is let them know he has fans awaiting his music.

A new show has been added to Casey's ever dwindling schedule.....On 8/29/11 he will be in Alexandria, Kentucky, at the Alexandria Fairgrounds opening for "Lonestar" and fellow AI alumni, "Danny Gokey"!  I've added it to the sidebar with all his other shows. 

That should be one great show right there!!  Would love to make that one, as I love Lonestar, have for years!!  And just haven't heard a lot of Danny's music, but what I have heard, is very good!  I like him!! 
So if any fans are planning on going to that show....(Danna?) please let me know, so I can make arrangements to get pictures and videos from you, if you'd like to share, and....if someone would be so kind as to do a conference call, that would be great!!!  You can email me at with anything you'd like to share!!

Casey was once again opening for Sugarland tonight, this time at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles, Ca.  He will again open for them tomorrow night at the same venue.  There's not a lot of information on the show tonight, but if something come through, I will update for yall!!  There was a conference call, but I didn't get to listen in..... :(    But I understand Shari, from The Casey James Blog has recorded it, and it will be posted on her site.  I will get it from her when she does.

And one more very cool thing, before I head out for the night!!  My friend, Sheryl Clark, who is an amazing writer, has outdone herself time and time again!!  Maybe some of you didn't see it when it was printed back in September of last year, but she has an article on Casey in the Southwest Blues Magazine!!!  She is awesome!!!  Click the link below, and read this very detailed review!!

"Southwest Blues Magazine Article by Sheryl Clark"

Wheeewwww!!  I am so exhausted....I think this melting heat in Texas is just taking it out of me.....don't know how much more I can take....I wanna live in Alaska....or at least have a summer home there.....I'd live there every summer!!   That's the first thing I'm buying when I win the lottery!!  :)

Until next time.....


  1. I know, I know... It's all about the music but Dear Lord he's beautiful!!! Still trying to recover from that first picture! And the second one...

  2. HaHaHa!!! I know, he is such a pretty boy....but I remain professional anymore....or I try to most of the time.....He reads this blog, so I've toned down my fan-girly attitude down somewhat! But yall can say whatever ya want!! :D

  3. OK Glenda I will say it for everyone thinkin' it That's a whole lotta man talent!!!!!!!!!!
    HOT too!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ok. Just in case Casey reads this...Casey, if you were just another pretty face without your incredible gift for music and your beautiful heart we would have lost interest long ago. It's because of who and what you are that we all so desperately want to see you suceed in something you love so much. You've been you long enough to know how any female with a pulse will
    react to you but be sure that our love and admiration goes much deeper.

  5. Casey saw you last night at the Greek.. Going to The Mint on Thursday and to Vegas on the 30th...Can't wait to hear you play live again!!! Love ya..God Bless

    P.S. Met your mom, Debra last night, she is so sweet, love her!!