Friday, July 22, 2011

Casey James at Kodiak Jacks in Petaluma, California!

UPDATED with new videos & pictures!

Casey James kicked off his 1st of 6 shows in California tonight!  Kodiak Jacks, in Petaluma, California, was the place to be, as Casey played 20 songs to a very enthusiastic crowd!!  Some of our twitter girls were there, keeping us updated, and there was a conference call to listen in on!  It was a great show, no doubt, and Casey made some arrangement changes to some of his songs we already know and love!!  He is said to have took "Let's Don't Call It A Night", and gave it a 'funky vibe'!  Ok, I can't wait to hear that version!!  And then with "Drive", he really changed it up and gave it some Blues!!!  What??  Ok, this is gonna be good!!!  :)  At the time of this post, no videos are ready yet, but will be by tomorrow, and I will update this post for you as they come in!!  

Here is the set list and the order in which the songs were performed.

These next 16 songs were with the band:

And this is the actual Set List given to @deesquared777 and signed!!  She must still be doing a happy dance!!!  This one is unique because usually they don't have that many notes on them, but this one is awesome.....with lots of little marks here and there, that only he and the band members know the meaning of.....

Thanks to @deesquared777 for this very cool picture!

Long Tall Texan
Need Some Texas
She's Money
I Lied
Let's Don't Call It A Night
So Sweet
Drowning On Dry Land
Use Me
Green Light Girl
Need Your Love So Bad
Til My Guitar
Shine Your Shoes
Too Sweet For Me
Done Made Up My Mind

The next 4 songs were his encore, and performed by himself with only his acoustic guitar.

Blue Sky
If You Could Only See
Small Town Saturday

Oh my goodness, what an awesome set of songs!!  He never ceases to amaze me!!  I absolutely love "Tonic's" 1997 hit song, "If You Could Only See" has a very special place in my heart, as it was a favorite of someone very special to me, who is no longer with me, so when I heard Casey had sang it....I was overwhelmed with emotion, to say the least!!
And the reason I didn't hear it on the conference call, was because I lost my connection, and just didn't try to get back in.  Now I wish I had. :(  But I can look forward to the video!!  And I can only imagine how beautifully he sings it!!

Here's a couple of the tweets that came through!

by deesquared777
Diane Dailey


  1. Wow, thanks Glenda. What a show it must've been. Can't wait to see Casey playing 20 songs. :) And yeah, can't wait for the videos either :)

  2. Wow! That is just all I have to say! ;)

  3. Thanks girls....videos & some pics coming soon!!!! Check back often!!! :)

  4. Thank you!!!! :) Very, very nice indeed!

  5. Thanks Glenda for the review and all that you do to support Casey. I am so excited about the release of his single. It will great to be active again in his support. Thanks in advance for keeping us informed on how to help. :)

  6. Love your blog Glenda - your such a great fan and review Casey so well! I can't wait to hear what Casey's single is going to be!! :)