Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a sad day for me...virus...again

Ok y'all, I was working on a really nice post with lots of reading and links to what's going on since news broke yesterday about Casey's new single!! People have nothing bad to say about it!!! Except the trolls, of course! Don't pay them any mind, they're just looking for attention! Anyway, about an hour into my work on the post, suddenly everything just shut down on my laptop, like it did before! I knew immediate what it was! So once again I'm on my phone typing this to y'all, so you know what's up! I'm so sorry, I'm gonna miss all the excitement of writing about all this!!! It just breaks my heart... :(
I'm gonna try to get the virus or Trojans, whatever they are, off as quickly as possible and get back to what I love the most!! Writing about Caseys career!!

I will be back soon as I can y'all, and until then I'll just be on facebook and twitter!

Take care everybody!

Until next time.....


  1. Those darn virus' and trojans! Good luck with your laptop Glenda and we'll see you here when your computer's all better! :)

  2. Thank you hunny!! I was hoping more people will let me know they have read this, well hopefully I will be back soon!!

  3. AVG antivirus is a very good program to keep such
    incidents happening. I use it on my computer.

  4. I meant it keeps such incidents from happening. Sorry.

  5. Get yourself all fixed up love! We can wait!! I have been so busy...tonight is the first time I've had time to look around. Love ya!