Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What are your 3 favorite original Casey James Songs? and more....


As you can see, I've added a poll to the left sidebar at the top.  For some reason the question is posted twice....and I don't know how to get it off....oh well....!!  It's not important anyway.  The thing is, I want as many fans as possible to  vote and let your voice be heard!  Feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this post telling me which are your favorites, or just what ever you want to say!  If you are new to the site, and don't already know this, there is a tab above that says Casey's on that and all videos of his original music are listed there if you need to listen, or if you just Want to's fine by me!! :)

The other day our boy Casey was mentioned in the Rolling Stone Magazine!!!  Can you believe it???  That is a good sign!!!  The article is about "American Idol, Winners and Losers" and where they are now!!  As long as it's positive, it's ALL good!!!!!!!  And in this piece, he's obviously the winner!!! :)

The Winners and Losers of 'American Idol'

Where Are They Now?

Casey James and Michael Lynche
Micelotta / PictureGroup for FOX (James), Becker / PictureGroup for FOX (Lynche)
29 of 35

Casey James and Michael Lynche

Who? Season Nine's third- and fourth-place finishers: James is a little bit country; Lynche is a little bit rock ’n’ soul.
Peak James went on to open for Sugarland on the March leg of the band’s 2011 tour; Lynche laid low after finishing the Idol national tour.
Low: A smooth ride for James so far but the opposite for Lynche, who was briefly disqualified from Idol after his dad revealed to a newspaper that his son made it into the final 24.
Currently: James signed with Sony Music Nashville and has a debut album due out this year. Lynche is still missing in action.

I don't remember that little scandal associated with Michael Lynche!!  Wonder how I missed that?!  :) 

Here's a nice photo for ya, from Waaaaaayyyy back when!!!   If you know where this picture was taken leave me a comment and let me know!!   I know.....I just wanna know if yall know......hehehe!!!   Awwww tired Casey.....

I'll be back tomorrow and edit this post with a Fan Orchestrated project that you can get in on!!  It sounds like a lot of fun!!  And sweet.....

I'll tell yall all about it tomorrow!!

Talk to yall later.....

Until then.....

EDIT: Here's the information about the project I was telling you about!  Read on....

One of Casey's biggest fan's, Cindy Hodges has come up with a great idea as a gift item for Casey from his fans!!  I'm just going to copy and paste her message to me, right here!  If you have any questions, or concerns, you can contact Cindy on twitter at @sweetshadows17  or by email, which she has included below.  Thanks to Cindy for putting together this awesome gift idea!!  Please join in, if you can do so!!

Casey James fans, guys & gals.... Please send in a story of how Casey has inspired you in any way.  Send stories to :   I am putting all stories into a book & will be sending it through mail to him via the Millsap,Tx. address.I am needing stories ASAP & also will be asking the stories to be in no later than end of November, in order to give me time to get all stories into Book & sent to Casey. I'm looking at Casey receiving this book from his fans by Christmas. Thanks Glenda for posting about this Book,  I too believe it's an wonderful idea & also believe Casey would enjoy reading the stories that will be from his fans. He has inspired all of us in some way or another. I think Casey needs to know that he hasn't just had great success in his musical career but also has done so much for his fans as well as other organizations. Thanks a MILLION! Love Ya! (Hugs)

Thank you Cindy, for putting this together, I know it's going to be quite a task!!   But so much love and appreciation will be in that Book, I just know Casey will love it, and be humbled by how much he has affected so many lives in such a positive way!!  I know he's had a huge impact on my life!!

Ok yall....I'm outta here for tonight!!  I'll be back soon with lots of Casey concert news!!  He has a long run of shows coming up, starting the 15th on Friday!  He'll be in Canada, so I sure hope all our fans there get to go see him live!!  If anybody reading this goes to a show, you can let me know you have pics or videos, and I'll be happy to post them for the other fans to see and hear!!  You can email me at with anything you may like to share!!  Thanks everyone....

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  1. I remember the Michael "scandal" because his father is from St. Petersburg, FL, and it was in our local paper. I'll see if I can find something in the archives.


    I did find the article, lets see if this link works.

  3. The photo of Casey resting on the couch is from the short-lived reality show If I Can Dream house - it was a gathering of the Top Ten Idols after the finale and following their appearance on Larry King. I can understand why Casey was so tired!

    Love Caseymania Glenda - you do a fabulous job!!

  4. Thanks for the link Mickey! Guess it wasn't big enough news to make it to our DFW stations! lol... are exactly right!!! I wish I had a prize for ya!!! Answering questions like that tells me exactly how long you've been following Casey!!! Good job girl!!! And thank you so much Laura, I appreciate the support girl!! :)

  5. caroyn collins/jesssmomJuly 16, 2011 at 3:33 PM

    hope a lot of people noticed the clip in Rolling Stone and know that Casey is coming out with a cd they can be looking for it! and my favorite songs, 'so sweet', 'need some texas'..(because we all do!).. hold on, bullet proof, shine your shoes. and all the rest of them in a big ball of awsome musical sound. i never get tired of hearing Casey play his gutars either:) have a great day Glenda!

  6. Glenda, you do such an amazing job keeping us up to date on Casey & his career!!! You always have the greatest pictures, too!

    I think Cindy's idea is just awesome & I sent her my story as soon as I read about what she plans to do for Casey. I've wanted to let him know for so long now how his life story has inspired and helped me, but didn't know how to accomplish that. Now, thanks to Cindy & you, I can let him know!!! Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

  7. @Carolyn...I do too!! He is getting a lot of attention from the when that first single comes out his name will have already been in their ears and they will recognize his name and listen to his music, and hopefully have a new fan!!! Everybody don't watch A I and have not idea who he is, until they hear something from the media about him. I'm hoping "So Sweet" is the first single, it's just got that appeal to it, that draws people in and makes 'em want to sing it!! Ya know what I mean?? I think all his music is Album worthy, and a few are single worthy, but "So Sweet" just has that extra something that I definitely could hear on the radio right now!!!

    @daydreaminmeme Awwwww girl, you made a tear come to my eyes cause I KNOW what you've been through this past year!!! And I know how Casey, as a person and his music could inspire you to push harder to beat the crap out of that cancer!!!! Bless your heart, I've thought and prayed for you all along hoping you would beat this thing, and you sound wonderful!!! I always have good thoughts for you girl!!! Stay positive!!!

    And thanks to everyone for reading my little pride and joy site for Casey!!! :)