Saturday, July 16, 2011

Casey James opens for Sugarland again, this time in Calgary Canada....

Casey's Canadian fans no longer had to wait for him to come to their neck 'o the woods....tonight he once again opened for Sugarland on their Incredible Machine Tour!!!  It all took place at the Scotiabank, Saddledome, and Casey's set began at 7:30!!  Not a lot has come through tonight, but tomorrow is another day!!!  There has been a few nice photos and some tweets!!!  Obviously people who had not heard Casey's music were busy tweeting about it!!  Here's what a few of them said:

: Thank you #Texas for sending @caseyejames to Calgary

Lisa Wilton:  American Idol finalist Casey James put a pretty solid show opening for Sugarland tonight. I’m impressed. #yyc

: Casey James! You rocked @calgarystampede! Great warm up for @Sugarlandmusic!

Wow!!  That's some really positive feedback from the crowd!!!  I'm so glad to see that!!  Hopefully all those who saw him perform tonight, are loving them some Casey music now!!!!!  How could they not....right???

Ok, here are some really nice shots and I thought they were from tonights show, but.....they may not be.   But I'm going to go ahead and leave 'em cuz they are just so darn good!!   And from the looks of them, somebody was in the SugarPitt!! :)

Thanks to Heather Brooks and Ana for all these great shots! :)


There'll be more photos tomorrow, and if these are the wrong ones, well at least they are good ones....and I hadn't seen them covering my  %$#  here!!  :)

After it was all over tonight, guess what happened???  Any guesses???   Ok, I'll 

tell ya.....Casey tweeted!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yes he did!!!!  Here's what he said about our northern neighbors!!!

Casey Everett James
Alberta, Alberta. :) Good times. Just played a great gig. Thanks for having me out! Stampede was a blast. I'm off to sleep.

I'm so glad to hear he's getting some rest....I just left him a supportive tweet and went on my way, so he could get some shut-eye.  I know that traveling is hard on him....  Bless his heart.....

Ok, folks....thats it for tonight!!!!  I think that'll hold yall over till we can find some videos out there!!!

Yall take care now......

until tomorrow.....

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