Sunday, July 24, 2011

Casey James to play the California State Fair tonight....and more.....BIG NEWS!!!

Our trusty little fans, Diane and Marie are there at the California State Fair, and have already seen Casey do a sound check!!  They will keep us informed as soon as they can.  For those who can't be there, there is a conference call, thanks to Shari, and one of the fans there!   
In just a few hours, Casey will take the stage at 8:00pm PDT and the number to call to get in on the live call is: 

1-712-432-0075 then enter the code:  654945#

If you would like to also join the live chat room then click the link and join in!

Here's a couple of shots of the sound check!  Thanks girls!

In other news....there's a new interview! And I love this DJ, she is pretty hilarious, and obviously a huge fan, herself!!  She's Susan Brown of my 92.5 radio station!

"I TRIED to get an in-person interview with Casey but that pesky restraining order keeps getting in the way!  Shucks!  So, instead we got him on the PHONE to talk about his show at the California State Fair this Sunday, July 24th, his upcoming album, and whether he remembers sneaking me into the party last year…?"

See what I mean??  Click HERE to hear that very cute and quite funny phone interview!!

As of now, we still don't have anything from the La Jolla, Ca. show.  It was a show he opened for Sugarland, so his set probably only contained 5 or 6 songs, since he doesn't have as much time, when he opens for them!  But if something at all comes through, I will put it in a new post!

Ok, thats all I have for right now..... I will update with new material when it comes in!!

Here's a nice picture of Casey, from a few shows back. 
Thanks to Jenn Johnston and Cyndee for this awesome edited shot!!  That could be an album
Ok, it's official!!!!  Casey just announced at his show at the California State Fair, that the new single is......

"Let's Don't Call It A Night!!"

He said we could start requesting it next week, that it would be out in about 2 to 3 weeks time!!!  This is so exciting I can hardly contain myself!!!!  Finally, we get to help him have his first hit single!!!!  We are going to have to be doing a few things every day to assure that he gets his rightful place in the Billboard countdowns!!  Very soon too, we will get a new video for the song, in which we will need to vote for daily to get him in the Top 20 Countdown every week, at CMT and GAC.
This is so very exciting!!!!!  More coming soon....

As the show started tonight, some of our girls were there to get pictures, videos, and do a conference call.  I listened in until my phone died.... :(  Then toward the end, someone on twitter asked if I was listening, that I needed to listen, they've gone to get somebody....ok, I'm curious now, so I called back in after a little charge time, and within seconds I heard this one man saying some things, (found out later it was Billy, the Keyboard guy) and then I heard Casey saying Hello?  I was suppose to say Hi to somebody!  Thats what I thought I heard, but maybe not.  Somebody said he said...."hope yall enjoyed the show tonight" and thanked us....then he was gone.  I tried to say Hi, but I don't know if he heard me or not.  Anyway, thanks to Diane, who made that happen for us!!!  It was awesome!!!!  :)  this night was just filled with surprises!!!
And here is the finished recording of the whole concert, for those who were not able to listen in, and it's pretty clear!!  Thanks Shari, Marie and Diane!!  Just click below!

Casey's Concert at the California State Fair

Here are the songs he did, in order they were sang.

Long Tall Texan

Need Some Texas>>>He informed the crowd that Kristian Bush had written this with him!! :)

She's Money
I Lied

LETS DON'T CALL IT A NIGHT>>>>>New Single!!!!!!
So Sweet
Drowning on Dry Land
Use Me

Green Light Girl
Til' My Guitar
Shine Your Shoes
Too Sweet For Me
Done Made Up My Mind

ENCORE~~With his Mom, Debra joining him for the duet of....
Why I'm Feeling Blue

The crowd seemed to be lapping up everything Casey gave them!!  He was getting great responses from the crowd, and even had a little group of dancing girls up front....and I mean little they cute are they???  Even the kids can't stay still around his music!!!  lol!!!
 Thanks to @rjnelson785 for this adorable picture!!!

Here are a couple of Casey, but this is all I have for now.  I will put more on tomorrow afternoon, when the girls get them uploaded.  And that goes for videos too!!  Tomorrow evening probably....I've got to be gone for awhile tomorrow.  So nothing until I get back.

Thanks to kriscoachman and tinamwills for their shots of Casey tonight!!


Ok yall....I'm out of here for tonight!!  I'm extremely tired and my back hurts....I'll be back tomorrow night with new check back!!

Until then.....

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  1. Thanks Glenda!!! The California shows seem like so much fun! Hope everyone is enjoying them!!! The interview was awesome!!! Thanks for posting!!! xoxoxoxoxo