Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Single headed to radio this week for Casey James!! IMPORTANT UPDATE!!

Attention:  New update.....Casey's new single will be played on Philadelphia's Country station, WXTU, at 6:10ET....5:10CT!!!  This is a historic moment for Casey, hope everyone can take part in this!!!  Some of the fans are gathering on 'The Casey E James Fan Club' on Facebook, to listen together!!  Please show your support for Casey and stream this station and hear his song the first time on the radio!!  Click>>>>>>>>"HERE"

Here is a picture of the radio station's copy of Casey's single....looky!!! >>> Click  HERE 

And here is a recording of the whole thing, if you somehow missed it!! click>>>> HERE

This is the news we've all been waiting for, for so many months now.....Casey's first single, "Let's Don't Call It A Night", is headed to radio this week!!!  He surprised us all late last night/early this morning with a tweet, that indeed his first single was about to hit the radio airwaves!!

That is the stuff that turns this gal into a teary eyed's another one of the firsts that I love so!  I can only imagine how he is feeling right now....from his words it's apparent it was an emotional message for him as well!!  Here's what USA Today/Idol Chatter had to say about Casey's debut single:

More than 14 months after his season of American Idol ended, 2010 third-place finisher Casey James is ready to release some music. Casey has been telling audiences that Let's Don't Call It a Night will be his first single. The track goes for radio adds on August 15.
Casey wrote the song with Brice Long and Terry McBride. Long co-write Gary Alan's No. 1 country hit Nothing on But the Radio and Randy Houser's debut single, Anything Goes. McBride, who fronted the country trio McBride & the Ride, has co-written several hits for Brooks & Dunn, including Play Something Country and the If You See Him/If You See Her "tri-et" with Reba McEntire. McBride also co-write Josh Gracin's 2005 single Stay With Me (Brass Bed).
Here are the lyrics to the song's chorus:
Baby let's don't call it a night          
Love the way you're holdin' me tight
When you're next to me
There's no place I'd rather be
Everything is feelin' so right
So baby let's don't call it a night

It's our job now, as fans, to get this song played on the radio as many times as's all about the spins.  The more it's played, the closer he gets to a #1 song!!  Sounds simple enough, right??  Wrong.....  It's our job to make sure we get his song played without alienating the DJ's.  Requesting too much can have adverse effects!  I think it's alright to request once a day.  And if you think about it, if there are 100 different people requesting it once a day, at that same station, thats alot of requests for this song, and you've only requested once, not alienating the DJ at all.  Just because we request a song, does not mean it will get played.  If it is not on the playlist, the DJ's have to go through a series of paperwork, to take one song off and put another on.  We want that DJ to love Casey's song enough to want to put it on!!  Believe me, those DJ's learn your voice, and if you bother him/her a lot, or are rude to them, then you may fail.  And by all means.....never call a DJ back and tell them, they didn't play your request!!!  They really don't like that!!   After it's on the playlist, it's a lot easier to get it played!  The more requests for the song, the more likely it is to get played!

Also, a lot of the country radio stations do a little contest of sorts, with new releases, and they call them all kinds of things...."cat fights", "dog fights", "country rumbles", "download or delete"......and many more.  The DJ will play one new single, then the other new single.  You call in to the # he gives you, and vote for your favorite!!  You never know who Casey is going to be up against in these little games, so voting for him is very important.  The winner will then go up against a new song the next day, and so on, and so forth.  You don't have to be listening to your radio station on a radio, you can always 'stream' it, or listen online.....just like a lot of us do with Nixa Country.  If you don't know how to find it, here is a Radio Locator List  to find yours.  Identify your local radio station, go to their website, and read up on all the different things they do, like the above mentioned.  Those new single contests are always on at the same time on your station, usually in the afternoon, or evening, and will give a toll free number to call and vote for your favorite!  It's so much fun to see how it plays out, and usually.....the DJ puts a few of the fans on air with their answer!!
If, by some chance, your local radio stations does not do this sort of thing, you can always broaden your listening to other stations, stream them, and play along.  Radio stations love it when people stream their stations from other locations anyway!

Ok, I'm going to be back in a little while....break time for me!  I will be back to update on this post, about the Greek Theater show, and other news soon!

I'm sorry yall.....once again....this blogger logged out somehow losing all my work, and I'm just too tired to do it all over......3 hours or more worth......of my back killing me while I'm trying to get something out to yall.  Sorry, guess it is not happening tonight, I'm so upset.....

And I had so much to say..... :(

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