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More from the Canada show, some redneck fun, and more....

Hey everybody!  Sorry I got a little behind, but I forgot I had to do an outdoor event on Saturday and I didn't get home until about 11:30pm, so I didn't get to do any posting yesterday!  But I sure did have fun!!!  I know that probably the event I went to is mostly a southern thing, but I can't help but love it!!  I'm talking about Muddin'!!  It's trucks with big tires and hot rod engines and a long wide mud pit!  And the trucks run through the pit to see how far they can make it, before the mud stops them in their tracks!  And if your lucky, you make it all the way through it!   That don't happen very often though, because there were about 30 trucks or so, and only 2 made it through all the way and came out on the other side!!!  I got lots of videos and pictures, and after I get finished talking about Casey, then I'll post a video or two and a picture at the bottom!!  And the most exciting part is, my (step) Son has a truck and he did very good yesterday!!!

There was not just a whole lot of pictures and talk coming out of Canada.  But at least one fan, @barbiecanada,  did supply us with some pictures and feedback about what the people around her were saying!  She was directly in front of the pit or 'Sugarpit' as Sugarland likes to call it....which made for some close up shots.  It's always difficult to get really excellent shots at a concert unless you have a very expensive camera like a professional photographer has.  But hers are not bad, they are pretty good considering all the lighting everywhere!!  They are better than the ones my camera!!

Thanks to @barbiecanada for her shots!

She said that the audience of about 9000 were cheering wildly after each performance!!  That's so good to hear!!!!  She said she heard comment such as, "Who is this guy?"....."Whats the name of his Album"....and "Wow, he's really good, I'm so impressed!"  And there were a couple more tweets that had the same reaction....

Cassieriabko: I just got to hug Casey James!!! Best moment ever!!!

vistadeck@CaseyEJames opened for Sugarland here in #yyc Calgary last night, my highlight was when his band brought genuine blues to the Saddledome

Oh my goodness!!!  I'm so glad to hear that last statement, coming from a relatively new fan, and that it was a hightlight of their night!!!!   Woo Hoo!!!  More people love the blues than what we know!!!!   Wouldn't it be just awesome if Casey alone, could bring the popularity of the Blues back to mainstream????  I would love that!!!!  But I know it is a longshot....  but as long as he keeps it in his shows, more and more people are going to be introduced to it, who may have never heard the blues.....the younger folks, ya know?!

The Calgary Sun, although little was said about Casey, seemed to like what they saw and heard as well.....

Opener Casey James had his work cut out for him playing to a smaller crowd unfamiliar with his music.

Judging by the loud cheers at the end of his 40-minute set, the 29-year-old American Idol finalist managed to win over new fans.

Ok, that was short but sweet!!!   But any media attention at all, is better than nothing!!  So thanks to the Calgary Sun!!

The Calgary Herald also had a review, and it was a little more lengthy than the other.  Here's what Eric Volmers had to say about Casey:

Casey James, a pretty-boy Texan, opened the show with reasonably good songs, but muffled acoustics that made him sound like he was being piped in from another planet.

Even for an opening act, the stage presentation was underwhelming. Which was too bad. Because, for an American Idol cast-off, his rock, R&B and blues hybrid is far more soulful than it has any right to be.

Well, he wasn't sugary nice about Casey....but ok, I guess.  I would've liked a little more positive comments though.  But all in all it wasn't bad.  Like I said before, as long as he's getting media attention, it's all good!!  :)

Casey had a longer set this time around, than he had in his first few opening shows for Sugarland!!  He had a 40 minute set and performed 9 songs, in this order:


Need Some Texas
She's Money
I Lied
Let's Don't Call it a Night

Drowning on Dry land
So Sweet
Done Made Up My Mind

There's still not really anything on the other Canada show, so I'll wait and see if something comes up.

One of the fans, Carol M.  posted this on Facebook, and I think it's a wonderful idea at Casey's shows, especially the ones that he's opening for someone else!!  Here is what she came up with:

Was thinking that maybe all of Casey's twitter and fan club fans might start wearing blue glow stick necklaces to his evening concerts so that he can look into the mostly dark crowd and see who is specifically there to see him. It would also help us to identify each other for those who don't have a Casey shirt yet. Plus they only cost a dollar so everyone can afford them. What do y'all think?

I think it's a great idea!!!  That way he could see us better!!!  Thank you Carol for this awesome suggestion!!  I'm definitely going to do it!!  Who's with me?!

We only have a couple days left on the poll at the top of the page!  Make sure you get your votes in for your 3 favorite songs before the deadline on Tuesday!

Now, here's a video of my boy's run in the Muddin' event!!  He took 2nd place and we are so proud of him!  Now how we have fun down south....and is a redneck thing....there....I said it!!!  But it's a lot of fun, and the people are very friendly and fun as well!!  The girl beside me took a bite of a burger from her boyfriend and it had a big hot jalapeno in the bite and you will laugh at her as she is realizing her mouth is on fire!!  LOL!!  Enjoy!!


And here is a picture I got at the very beginning!  I thought it looked very cool with the mud flying like that!   I don't know who this is, but I just thought the picture looked very cool!!!  I got a lot of video & pictures if yall would like to see more, let me know!

Ok, I'm outta here, yall have a great day!!

Until next time.....

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