Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year Casey Fans!!!!   2011 is going to be a FAN-TASTIC YEAR!!!  I can't wait till Casey's 1st single drops and gets the ball rolling for him!!!!!!!  Get ready everybody, cause it's gonna be one wild ride as we all do everything we can to support this awesome guy on his way to the top!!!!  In the next few weeks I'll start posting some stuff about how we are gonna be doing just that!  I've talked about all of it before, but now that the time is nigh it needs to be discussed again, to get it fresh in all our minds.  The way I post will become a little different too, as I will be reminding everybody what to do to help that 1st single shoot to the top of the charts!!!  There'll be different ways of doing it, from requesting it on the radio stations to voting for his video!  I know it's going to be a busy year for all of us, and even more busy for Casey as he embarks on his first "Solo Tewer"!!  I love that spelling of that's just too funny!!!  If I'm right, he will start out doing what is called a radio tour, where he visits radio stations all over the country and plays his new single for them in each studio!  And there'll be pictures and a show in the town where the radio station is.  And of course, we will certainly have Casey Fans at each Tour stop.....right??  And they will have pictures and recaps of's all so exciting, I can hardly wait!!  I was told by a fan tonight on twitter that a radio station in Georgia played one of his songs, so's already happening!!

This is about all I'm gonna say today, but I will start posting more frequently very soon!!  I wish ALL of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  And I'll leave you with this awesome creation by my buddy Jan Humphrey who has an eye for creating the coolest things!!  Thanks Jan!!!


Yall have a great day and don't forget those black eyed peas and cabbage and whatever that other food tradition is on the East Coast, for good luck!!!  I need a comment from an East Coast fan to tell me what the other food  is that they eat on NYD.  We just have Peas and Cabbage!  And I'm having cornbread too....And also....don't forget to make those resolutions!!!

Until next time.......


  1. Blackeyed peas (cashcrop) and something darkgreen leafy..collard or spinach.and definitely cornbread..because it goes good with beans, and greens..yummy:).my favorite color is GREEN today. hoping for a prosperous and healthy year for everyone! and for those who are blessed with prosperity to reach out to those who are not so blessed. I will be watching more closely than ever now, to make sure I don't miss anything here! Happy New Year everyone! carolyn collins on facebook

  2. Thanks girl!! I was thinking it was saurcrout or sausage or something!! Well I'm eating the cabbage and peas and cornbread, so guess I'm good!!

  3. We always have New Years dinner at Momma and Daddy's every year. It's been tradition for many years now and we always have Country style ribs with sour kraut, black-eyed peas and cornbread! I look forward to it every year.... it's SO good it'll make ya tongue slap ya BRAIN!!! lol

    CHEERS to 2011.... may this be the BEST year EVA'!!! I know it will be for Casey, cuz' we WILL help make it happen for HIM!!! <3

    Much love!!!

    P.S. Love the pic you posted.... that Jan Humphrey is one talented CHICK! ;-) lol

  4. Hahaha... Jan!!! Yes she is!!! Very talented indeedy!! LoL!!!!!!!

  5. I'm not sure if it's THE food to eat on New Years on the East Coast, but my uncle always says you're supposed to eat pork (fresh pork, not ham) for good luck on New Years. But, I purposely didn't eat pork last year and had the best year yet, so who knows...

  6. Jen, you're Uncle is correct! That's what I've always heard and my family always puts Hog Jowls in the black-eyed peas. (I'm from TN so we'll eat just about anything... haha) It's funny to watch the kids trying to choke one tiny little piece down, cuz my Daddy tells them they'll have bad luck all year if they don't eat it! lol We had one kid today that ate one tiny hog jowl and one black-eyed pea just to be on the safe side! ;-)

  7. Yea, I thought that was it! It's pork.... but all my family only said peas and cabbage. But then again, my grandma didn't say anything about it, but it was a known fact that she always put a slab of salt pork or a Ham Hock in the peas, but of course I never ate either of them, but since I ate the peas readily, I guess I did get some of the Ham....which is