Thursday, January 27, 2011

I got word back from that DJ from KSCS!! And it's GOOD!!!

OMG.....OMG.....OMG.....I am so thrilled beyond words right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If yall read my post the other day, I told ya about the night DJ I talked to over at KSCS Country Radio in Ft. Worth?!  Her name is Michelle Rodriquez!  Well....she is loving some Casey James Music herself!!   And she decided to blog about him on her Radio Station Page Blog!!!!!  And then.....she links Caseymania to her page!!!  She said she wants people to be able to go right to here and keep up with what he's doing!!!  OMGaaaaaa  I'm so over the top excited!!  This is very good news!!!  We know we got her support when that new single comes out!! is what Michelle had to say about Casey....(and me)

American Idol Season 10...and a flashback to Season 9

Casey James from Ft Worth. American Idol Season 9

Have you guys been keeping up with the audition this year on American Idol? Oh my, always interesting.  This year as you know, there is no Simon Cowell. Good news for country music, because apparently he wasn’t the biggest fan. This all came from Steven Tyler who said he was no ‘Simon’. And I’ll quote…
“Well, it’s not like that other guy who said, ‘I hate country, That’s the one thing that turned me off about the show was Simon passed on this kid because he goes, ‘Besides which, I hate country. Not my cup of tea.’ If I’m judging music, you don’t judge the genre. Sorry.”
Woohoo Steven Tyler!!

So y’all might remember that Texas guy from Ft. Worth that came in 3rd place and we were all cheering him on and knew he could be numero uno! His name you might remember now, Casey James. Well just the other day I had Glenda call into KSCS and give me a little refresher on his whereabouts. He’s still fine and handsome ladies and apparently with new music coming out soon! He landed himself a record deal, you can read about that here. And he’s landed himself the opening slot for some Sugarland shows this year! I know we’ll be hearing more from him!
Glenda sent me a few links to some of his music he’s done on tour.  She’s got a great blog up about him too where fans unite. Here’s the link to that: CaseyMania

Is that awesome or what????  I love this girl!!!!  We can definitely count her in as a Casey supporter!!  And the DJ is who plays his music, so make as many friends as you can from your local DJ's. 

Ok....I was so excited....I ate a whole bowl of ice cream.....*crap*....there goes the diet this week!  I've only lost 3 lbs. anyway....what-the-hay!!??

Have a great weekend yall.....

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  1. That is SO awesome for you and for CASEY!!! The more people getting his music and info out there, the better! He's fixin' to take Nashville by storm, I just know it!!!

    EAT that Ice cream girl, it's a great reason to celebrate! :-)

  2. Glenda your so funny girl!!! This is really exciting news!! Can't wait to start hearing Casey on the radio it's going to be so awesome!!! So many more people are going to fall in love with him and his music!!! He is so lucky to have you as such a wonderful supporter of that!! Thanks again for all you do for our amazing Casey!!! Lotsa Love :);)...Chris

  3. Awwww Thank y'all so much!!! I just love that Casey so much and want every person in the world to have the opportunity to hear his breathtaking music and mesmerizing voice!! And the best way to do that is spreading the word on every outlet possible and getting it played on every country radio station in America and abroad!!! I have been so passionate about getting his music heard since the beginning!! Thanks Jan for the ice cream permission, don't feel so bad now!! Lol!
    Chris, you are too kind, thank you for your awesome support!!!

  4. Love the news about the radio show. So much to get excited about. You sure do an awesome job Glenda!