Friday, January 7, 2011

New Casey James articles along with a new official photo!

Hello Everybody!  I tried to post last night but something was wrong with the blogger and wouldn't let me do anything but the title.... but it's working tonight. 
So lets get right to it.....Sony posted a brand new photo of Casey on his official website, and it certainly is beautiful!!!  I like the shirt he has on too!!  See what I mean?

Now what I call a professional shot!!  He had a photo shoot a couple months ago, I wonder if this was one of those shots?  I like it.....he looks angelic!!

Seems the December issue of the Fort Worth Texas magazine had a very nice....and very full article on Casey!!  Hometown is taking care of our boy!!  Here's what all they had to say!  Sorry about the quality, this is how I got starts under the picture....I know, I started reading it where I saw it first too..... lol...

Classic Casey words...."You've got to be thankful for what you do have, even if you have nothing, because there's always somebody who has less than nothing......I try to keep that attitude on a day to day basis"

Those are words to live by right there!!  Now....if I just knew which Goodwill all those clothes went to.....naaaa  just kidding!!!  But it was worth a thought!!!  I wouldn't mind having that lavender shirt from Sinatra week on my wall or that red shirt and black jacket he wore during "Hold On I'm Coming" week!!  But just to know some person is wearing those clothes and don't even know they were Casey's....well it warms my heart.....and I would recognize any one of those clothes in a heartbeat!!!  So....I hope I don't walk past a stranger on the street wearing that black and red shirt he had on during "All Over Now".....or God forbid the White jacket during "Jealous Guy"....I'm afraid of what I might do.....Ha ha ha ha!!  Hold me back.....ahhhh!!  :)

As I'm typing away tonight, I've got Casey's videos from Itunes playing with my headphones on and the volume up to the (almost) max!!  I haven't ever done this before, and it's quite inspiring to be writing about a guy I'm listening to.  And there's just nothing like the sound when you have headphones's all yours.....the only for you at the moment.....gosh......I'm really loving this!! 

Ok.......*snap* back to reality here....goodness!!  There's another article out there about Casey and this one is a place called "Roughstock' to watch for 2011".....ok.....not too excited about the name......but let's roll with it.... They have some really nice things to say about our Texas boy (except where he's from is wrong...) Wasn't he BORN in Princeton??  That's what I'm thinking, and how they might have thought he was from there.  But I am completely and totally with them!!  I'm thinking I'm digging this Rough-stuff!!  :)  He is definitely 'the one' to watch.....because Casey James is just about to take Country by storm.....and they're gonna think Nashville has been hit by a hurricane!!  Read on to see what they said about him:

"Roughstock's, the one to watch in 2011"

I think it would be a great idea if all of us (who can) sign up and leave a nice comment and great big Thank You for believing in our Casey, and tagging him as 'one to watch'!!   We could all let 'em know that they are right on in predicting him as such!!!

Here's some awesome news for yall!!  Casey was  listed in 'Yahoo! Music’s Reality Rocks' column of top "Reality Rocks Moments of 2010":

7. Casey James Gets “Jealous”
– True “wow moments” were sadly few and far between on Season 9, what was arguably the most disappointing season in “American Idol” history. But on Lennon & McCartney Night, third-place contestant Casey’s emotional rendition of John Lennon’s dark and desperate “Jealous Guy” was unexpectedly magical. His voice, possibly due to an authentic lump in his throat, took on a gruff, Eddie Vedder-esque quality during his raw performance, and he seemed genuinely choked up. And so was I by the song’s end. For the first time in weeks, I became legitimately excited about Season 9, and I was grateful that Casey had restored my flagging faith.
I loved what the writer said so much.....I'm going to post "Jealous Guy".... just because.......

This song still brings tears to my eyes!!  I absolutely believe him when he sings's so real....the emotion coming from a place inside him.....and it tears me up every time!  I noticed when I was grabbing the link that this video alone, has 590 comments!!  People from every walk of life loved his version of this song.  And it will go down in A I history as one of the Best performances by a contestant!!!  Just when people were losing hope in AI....Casey gave it back to them.....what a special moment!! :)

A few of us got together last week at the 'now famous' Key's Lounge in Ft. Worth, with the slightest hopes of someone special dropping by in the back of our minds.   Although we had a great time visiting and catching up..... he didn't surprise us.  :(   Oh won't be long now until his schedule will be up and I can start planning my first "Casey Adventure Roadtrip"!!  
A kid named Michael Lee was playing that night, and he got in the picture with us!  He is quite the Blues Musician himself.....with his own great guitar riffs and wailing out some great Blues tunes!!  Here we are.....all of us in all our glory.....what a great bunch of people!!  Thanks yall....had a blast!!!  And a special thanks to Carman for making the trip from Houston!!

 L to R: Rhonda,Carman,Donna,Michaels Drummer,Lynae,Michael,Dawna,Glenda,and Doris.  Thanks Rhonda for sharing this!!

I guess I better scoot on out of here for tonight, it's getting late.  But before I go, just one more video from Casey.  This is his last solo performance on the American Idol Tour before he moved to Nashville to begin living his long sought after dream!!  I love what he says to the audience just before he starts.....Enjoy!

Thanks to ConcertCameraCat for this awesome video!!

Yall have a wonderful day.....TGIF!!!!!  Have a great weekend as well, I'll be back soon!!!!

Until next time...........


  1. Karen Smith from HillsboroJanuary 7, 2011 at 7:52 AM

    Oh, Glenda, you crack me up. I can see you chasing down some poor guy and tackling him to the ground for one of those shirts! Great article as usual. Goodwill is a great organization but just think what we could have made on E-bay for charity if we'd had the chance to bid on some of those things. Casey still has no idea how huge he is going to be. I'm putting him right up there with Alan Jackson and George gimmicks, no frills, just pure country gentleman. Thanks again.

  2. Glenda, I was starving for some good Casey news. This was better than breakfast! I love that they put in caps that Casey gives all credit to God.What more can you wish someone who already knows how to live with whatever life hands him. I wish God's blessings to continue in his life. ..and Thank God for giving us the awesome pleasure of enjoying the gift of music that He gave Mr. Casey James. and for the lessons we learn by seeing things from Casey's perspective:) Love you Glenda for doing these blogs!!!

  3. Great blog, Glenda! I am with Karen, I can see you chasing some poor guy and tackling him to get one of Casey's shirts! Too funny!!! But I know you'd give the guy a big hug after you ripped the shirt off of him :) As always, you make me feel like I am talking with you in your living room when I read your blog. Miss you gir!

  4. Great job ,Glenda. Finally ,starting to get some action around about Casey. Just think what its going to be like when he cuts his album and starts to make a lot of shows on TV and videos, oh my gosh im getting excited. Love your Blog,you just keep getting better and better. Thanks so much.P.S. id settle for a pair of his old holy dirty socks,you know the ones in that pic. That was so Casey. Linda

  5. Love your latest blog - as always you're a riot. As a frugal person myself I was surprised that Casey gave away the "fancy" Idol clothes. He's free to do whatever he wishes but I thought those clothes where fabulous and he looked amazing in them. I know, he's probably wanting to distance himself from the Idol image.

    Am I the only one who actually went to the English Laundry website and bought the same blue/white flowered shirt that Casey wore for the Dallas performance? I love that shirt!

    Thanks again Glenda for all you do!

  6. Paula (@PaulaMxx on Twitter)January 7, 2011 at 11:42 AM

    I want to be in a picture at the Keys Lounge!!!!

  7. Thanks Yall!!! I'm glad I can entertain yall a little from time to time!! Linda, you're right, it won't be long till theres gonna be so much CJB news I'll actually get to pick and choose the best of the best news for yall!!

    I was imagining myself running into someone on the street and how the conversation would go..."Excuse me sir...did you... by any chance buy that shirt your wearing at a local goodwill?" And the gentleman saying...."why yes...I did....lovely isn't it?" And I'm like "Get it off, I'll give your 3 times what you paid for it!!" "I have to have that shirt" I'm ripping the buttons from it trying to tear it from his body! I grab one arm and take off running spinning the guy in a circle as I run with the shirt trailing behind me, and grabbing a $20 from my purse to throw back at him, yelling "thank you so much!" "Yay....I just bought Casey James's shirt off of some man's back!!!" Ha ha ha!!

    With my luck I'd only get started and the cops would show up thinking I'm trying to hurt him and end up in jail!! LOL!!!

    @Paula...girl...I WANT you in a picture at the Keys Lounge!! When are you gonna get here??

    To all those who thank're so welcome....thank you for reading and inspiring me to keep on doing this!

  8. Thanks Mickey.....I miss you too!!! Yea, I would hug him after getting it off of him, then throw a 20 dollar bill as I'm running down the street with the shirt trailing behind me!!! Ha ha ha!! Miss you too girlie!!!! June ain't that far now!!! At least we're in the same year now!!

  9. I just realized I said "miss you too" twice in the comment to Mickey....oh well....guess I'm missing you twice as much as I thought!!!! Ha ha

  10. Great stuff, Glenda! Thanks for keeping us in the know!! I love ANY Casey news!!


  11. Thank you Glenda. It's so good to hear all the wonderful news about Casey. Seeing the videos of Casey singing "Jealous Guy" and "It's All Over Now" reminds me how he never fails to amaze me how talented he is in changing up a song so uniquely and beautifully that it truly becomes his own. I'm very excited to hear his new cd will be coming out soon!

  12. Dear Glenda, I get so much pleasure reading your blogs about Casey. Every so often I get a link here from my Google Alerts about him. I live in England and like so many of you all in the United States, feel starved of Casey news till I get here. He is SUCH a beautiful soul inside and can any guy be just SO wonderful? I know that American Idol is about to start soon for you......and I'm just praying that they will have Casey back as a guest. We usually get the show on Thursdays and right now I will purely be watching to see if Casey is on as I can't imagine ANYONE grabbing my heart as Casey did (biased or what? !!!) I still love the show though. Looking forward to any more news you have and love the two new pics of Casey on his website. XXX

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