Wednesday, January 26, 2011

These Songwriters seem to be loving the writing thing with Casey!!

Well....the Casey James news is starting to happen!  Albeit it's slowly happening, but happening just the same!  I couldn't be more happy for him, that he is getting the opportunity to open for such a successful duo as Sugarland!!  They are so popular right now!  They have won numerous awards and are a household name in the music world!!  So opening for them, before he even has a single a huge thing!!  So.....that leads me to believe.....just my opinion......that the single will be out very soon!  I would think that he would have a single released before opening for a group as huge as Sugarland......wouldn't you think??? 

So, hoping that I am right, lets gear up to support that new Casey James song we'll soon be hearing on the radio!!!  I will repost alot of the information I posted back in the summer about how WE as fans.....can help Casey's first single get all the air play possible!  It will be very important to do all we can to get that song heard around the country!!

I got my tickets, as did a lot more Casey fans, to the show in Little Rock, Arkansas!  I and 3 friends are on the 23rd row on the floor, so that is pretty good seats, I guess!!  It seems quite a few of Casey's Texas Fans and friends and maybe family, will be making the trip to Arkansas as well as some Tenn. fans!  I am going to try to do a "LiveCast" of at least part of the show, if my iPhone can handle!  But I have to get some video too, and pictures, so I will be a busy gal!  And, I will be on Twitter doing a play by play for everybody as the time comes for the show to start.  But then, I'll be doing the LiveCast for as long as I can.  I'm sure he will be singing at least some of the songs from his new album, and you can bet your booty there will be video of every song he sings.....guaranteed!!!    I've been told, he will do about 5 or 6 songs, since he is the first opening act, followed by Little Big Town, and then Sugarland! 
I hate to say it, but I might have to sneak out for awhile and try to find Casey, that is, if we can find the buses.  It's a huge arena, holding 18,000 people, and it will be packed for sure, so don't know where the buses will be.  But.....on the upside......ALL those people, who have not had the pleasure of it, will get to experience Casey James' music that night!!!  That is a wonderful thing for Casey!!  So many new fans will come out of this, I'm sure of it!!!  I'm so 

excited for him!!

Ok, now.....there's some really awesome news that has been burning up twitter!!  The news came from  as an Oscar Nominated songwriter named Tom Douglas, who got his nomination for Best Original Song for "Coming Home" from the movie, "Country Strong", had this to say about Casey James:

“I’m working with a new band called Mockingbird Sun, and I’m working tomorrow with Casey James — he came in third on ‘American Idol’ last season. He’s the real deal. He’s a great singer and great guitar player, so I’m looking forward to writing with him.”

"HE's THE REAL DEAL"!!!!  I love that description of Casey!!  He IS the real deal!!!  Alot of us, who have supported him since his audition or Hollywood week, have known this all along!!!!  It's so good to hear such an influential person speak so highly of him!!  I'm just elated!!  
Tom has written for the likes of Martina McBride, Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum!  I will say it again......This is going to be one.....kick ass album!!  Please excuse the expletive!!  I turned into a hillbilly for a second....I'm ok now.....I'm ok..... lol....just very excited for Casey!!!

And that's not the only new person writing with Casey.....seems Jaren Johnston from the group "American Bang" has already written with him!!  This is awesome news!!  They have a Hard Rock/Southern Rock/gritty type sound that Casey would also sound good doing, because we know Casey has "Grit".....not dirt!  :)   I have one of their video's here, and this is a really good song, called "Whiskey Walk".  Although they are a little wild, they are very good at what they do.  Check them out:

 Well, it's late, so I need to get off here tonight, but I will be back real soon with more breaking news.....and I sooooo hope it's news about the new single we are all so anticipating!!!   
Wait a minute.....I can't leave here without some visual of Casey.....

Here ya go......Janita's awesome Montage of Casey!  It still puts chills on me and reminds me fondly, of Casey journey in 2010.  Enjoy.....

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  1. There just ain't enough adjectives to describe how excited I am for CASEY!!! He is probably like a kid in a candy store, working with all these incredible writers/musicians... it just puts a HUGE smile on my face! I know when his album comes out, it will be everything he promised it would be and well worth the wait! I just don't know how much longer I CAN WAIT!!! lol.... I'm nawin' at the BIT!!!

    Another great post Glenda... much love!

  2. I know girl.... me too!!! I'm going to buy multiple Copys and challenge everyone who can do it, to do something called random act of kindness day....where Casey's fans buy extra copies of the CD and randomly give them out to people who might not hear his music otherwise!! And with the CD comes a short bio of him, and tack on a post-it note with all of Casey's official sites, so they can research him and his music!! What do you think?

  3. Oh, I forgot to say Thank You!!!!! :)

  4. This is like planting a seed, having it take root, grow and now it's going to Bloom!! Genilu

  5. I just finished watching Idol and I do like some of the newbies...but certainly no Casey James in the lot that I can see...Thanks for all the terrific your site!

  6. Karen Smith from HillsboroJanuary 27, 2011 at 6:52 AM

    I'll definitely buy extra copies for family and friends. Random Act of Kindness "Play" It Forward Day. I'm in.

  7. Just beautiful.. no words can explain.. a star is born.

  8. Thanks everybody! Karen....I really like the sound of that, maybe we'll call it that!! Sounds better every time I say it!! So Thanks!!!

  9. @Genilu I it, and love that description!!

    @Anon 9:09 Nope, uh uh, not anyone close to what Casey has going on. The talent is good though....and there have been some that I'm keeping my eye on, but like you
    Casey James in the bunch!! I'm not voting this year either by the way....not going to get invested that much!! :)

  10. Melanie Santana In MemphisJanuary 27, 2011 at 7:30 PM


  11. There's so much good news on this site recently that I just keep getting lifted higher and higher! Janita's incredible montage is such a beautiful tribute to Casey, and the selected songs he sang and great pics are a wonderful part of my memory. Beautiful job.