Saturday, January 22, 2011

Casey James is opening for Sugarland and I'm introducing him to a local DJ


This is the best news I've heard in a long long time!!!!!!  He won't be on the whole tour with them.....but only selected dates....but Sugarland???  Omg....thats top of the line!!!  I only know about one show so far that he's at, and that's Little Rock, Ark. on Friday, March, 4th at the Verizon Arena!  Tickets go on sale January 29th at 10:00 am.  They will be available at Ticketmaster or at the Box Office.  If you are local and can listen, the radio station KSSN 96 will be giving away free listen and find out how you can win your way to a free Casey James Show!!

KSSN 96 Arkansas' Country Station

I just realized something else....this is the first banner with Casey James on it as an opening act!  I'm keeping every banner I can find, throughout his whole career.....(I hope I live that long)!!  :D

Yall let me know if you think you can make this show, because I am absolutely positively going!!

Ok, on to more news....not AS exciting, but very important news just the same.
I called up one of our local radio stations KSCS to inquire about where "The Jeremy Show" went and why was Michelle Rodriquez, who works at the Other big radio station in town,now at KSCS??.....  I was confused, but.....Michelle filled me in on what was going on, and so I thought...... ok, while I got her on the phone, lets just see if she knows who Casey James is.  At first she did not, then......I mentioned American Idol and his 3rd place finish and she knew who he was then!  But had NOT heard any of his music!!  OMG!!  So......I just couldn't stand the thought that a DJ of her caliber had not had the pleasure of hearing his music, so she gave me her email and I went right to work on a nice little introduction package of Casey James' awesomeness!!  Here is what I sent her: 

Hey Michelle....It's Glenda, who talked to you on the phone earlier tonight about Casey James!!  I'm going to send you a few things to get you introduced to him and his music!  The first video is one that I captured at his Homecoming in May at the Key's Lounge in Ft. Worth.  It's called "Drowning on Dry Land", and he makes blues sound currant!  Key's is a small place and too many people were packed in there, and although I got close to the stage, it was still very difficult to get a good video with so much moving around....people were pushing and moving me around everywhere sometimes, but you can hear him very good.  You can see him most of the time, but I just hate when my videos are shaky.  But this is his "Blues" and he certainly makes you feel it when he sings and plays.  Oh yea....he plays all his lead on his songs, and if you ask him, he'll tell you he's a musician......and seems very humble about his singing voice, but it is awesome and he sounds like nobody else in country, with a beautiful vibrato (I heard someone call it a "quiver in his purrr"  that you can hear most of the time.  I will  send you a video or two from the American Idol tour stop this summer in Dallas...... one of his country songs and one of his southern rock songs!  Also I'm including a couple videos by Live Nation, when he did a live show in Malibu right on the ocean!  One's bluesy and one is country.  He's a little bit of many genres all rolled into one beautiful package!!  But believe me.....he fits very well in Country! :) 
Ok, let me know what you think, I would love to hear your feedback!!

Here's a few pictures I also shot in May at the Key's.

"Drowning on Dry Land"
I'm not sure, but I think Buddy Guy was the original artist of this song, I know he sang it, but
he might not have written it.

The original of Satisfied was recorded by Ian Moore. Nice bluesy song.

"Always" Charlie Robison Cover
Casey talks about his motorcycle accident which nearly took his life and his left arm,
which spurred him to learn this very heartfelt and personal song.

I dare you NOT to get chills when Casey sings.....I still do.....his music is just so raw, so real and fresh!!

"Don't" Shania Twain original  This is the country song he did on tour this summer and he was so happy to be back in Texas, the smile on his face says it all!!

"I Got Mine" The Black Keys Original
Now....if you like a little more 'drive' in your music, this song is on the edge of Rock, but I hear it as more Southern Rock and he absolutely WAILS on that guitar and his vocals are so strong!!!  At one point he steps up a couple steps and he and the other lead guitarist in the band do what I call 'guitar wars'.....taking turns doing licks on their guitars and Casey plays with one hand for a few seconds, which I find very cool!!  Who does that???  :)  His music just does something to me that I've not experienced before in my life!! 
Please let me know what you think of Fort Worth's own Casey James!

Thanks for allowing me to take up so much of your time by showing you who Casey is.....

Have a great evening to ya soon!!  :)

PS:  I almost forgot to send the link to the site I do for Casey!  It's called Caseymania.....and Casey told me it was a good way to keep the fans in the loop!!  He thanked me and hugged me in Dallas for the support!!  He's just precious and I hope you fall in love with his music like I and many others have!!  You'll be downloading his music soon!!!  I can't wait to hear him on KSCS!!!!  :)

"Caseymania" A Casey James Fan Blog

Ok.....thats the email I sent to her, now lets see what she thinks of our Casey!!  I will post her response as soon as I get one!!  :)

Thanks to lorrena04&Live Nation for their videos

Until next time........


  1. Love your blog and i check it often for Casey news. Just wanted you to know the background color is so hard to read with the black against the dark green!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice to see someone promote someone Casey as much as you do. You are one of bestest CJB fan, keep it up Glenda :)

  3. Nice to see someone promote someone Casey as much as you do. You are one of bestest CJB fan, keep it up Glenda :)

  4. Well Glenda, you have done it again, GREAT VIDEOS!!! Some of my very favorites. These videos should wake up,the Pope.(no offence to anyone)But man, i got my thrill for the day. One thing about watching Caseys videos, you can't just watch them once. No matter how many times anyone has seen them. Your post is ALWAYS so very professional, you are the best.Thank you so much Glenda

  5. Oh by the way , for some reason, i can't view the pics you posted.

  6. Once again... GREAT JOB GIRL!!! Him opening for Sugarland is HUGE! I am SO excited to see how quickly Casey's career takes off and YES I will be at the Little Rock show! Nothing could keep me away from seeing him for the first time with his new band!!! NO Words.... Only Much LOVE <3

  7. Haha! Thanks y'all, but I just realized I didn't put 2 videos from LiveNation like I thought I did....ooops!! Oh well, hopefully it was the only mistake I made!! Yikes!! Also, sorry about the dark background, it was late and the original email I sent her was white lettering on a blue background and when I copied and pasted it on here, it didn't show up on my white background, and I didn't feel like re-typing the whole thing in black, so I just changed the background, I'll fix it soon!! Thanks for all the love y'all!!

  8. @Linda hmmm are you on a phone viewing this page?? I'm on my phone now and cannot see the pictures either, but I can see them on my computer.....I don't know why they don't show on the phone. Sorry girl....I don't know

  9. No i'm not on my phone, there are some internet towers down , maybe that has something to do with it , maybe i will go on my phone, its just some empty squares. DARN, but thats some awesome videos.

  10. Sugarland are mega-superstars! Casey opening for them is quite the feather in his cap. I'm a country fan and they are VERY BIG in the country music industry. YAY, Casey!!! Wow, I'm getting SO excited for the release of his first single, followed by his album. Glenda, thanks for all the awesome info!!


  11. Karen Smith from HillsboroJanuary 22, 2011 at 5:08 PM

    SONY NEEDS TO HIRE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Sugarland will be in Bloomington, IL (70 miles from me) on March 18 but no mention of who will be with them. Thanks again for a great job.

  12. How can we find out what other sugarland shows casey will be opening up for???

  13. I've been reading up on that very thing, and right now there is no way to tell which ones he is in on with them. But....a Sugarland Fan said that when they have the smaller acts opening for them, they usually do it for about 2 weeks or so, and it looks like Casey is in the first part of March, but still not sure which shows in March he will be a part of except.....the one Little Rock show. Hopefully more news will come thru at HIS site! They should have already posted news of this anyway!! Yes...Karen, I think Sony needs to hire me too!! Ha ha!! I would definitely keep the fans in the loop!! I would be on it as soon as it was confirmed!! And that could very well be the thing that is holding them up, they may not have all the details hammered out yet, so they haven't posted yet!! Soon......I hope!! I will get it posted on here as soon as I get the official word which shows he will be with them on!! Thank yall so much for hanging in there with me during the slow news times! There's still not a lot of news as yet, but I'm trying to keep Caseymania interesting, to say the least!! Yall hang in here with me, it won't be long till news is flying everywhere!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  14. Karen Smith from HillsboroJanuary 23, 2011 at 7:11 AM

    I thought it was so interesting when they asked Casey in that last radio interview when his first single would be out, he looked over his shoulder, and said he hoped he didn't get shot by a tranquilizer dart. Made me think his PR group has control over what he can say and do. Go "git-em", Glenda. I know you can drag it out of them. It's obvious Casey is not allowed to share with us, or I think he would. I refuse to believe Casey has forgotten about us.

  15. Glenda, what a great thing you have done! I'm certain we are all so excited! I definitely plan to be at that Little Rock show so I'll keep you posted on that as I hope we can meet in person!! I am slightly concerned that the poster says Saturday, March 4th and March 4th, 2011 is actually a Friday. I hope we can get some clarification on that soon!!! Either way, I'm very excited!!!

  16. @Karen, yes, I will do everything in my power to bring news to yall as soon as I can dig it up!! Yall have a right to know what's going on!! Also, I know that his PR team only allows him to say certain things, and they shut him down on some, more hush-hush stuff. I don't know why they do that, we all have a right to know what's going on with him. It's frustrating when nobody will say anything about him, and I don't want him to lose any fans over their obvious secrecy about things. But I don't know all their reasons for keeping things so secret, it's just something we have to accept. They'll tell us in due time, I guess!!

    @Darla....absolutely girl....I am 'for sure' going, I even joined Sugarland's fan club hoping to get a better seat, because the fan club members get to purchase tickets before everyone else....I think they call it pre-sale?! Anyway, it will possibly get me a better seat at the show. I couldn't afford the VIP package, it was 250 something dollars....whew.....a bit over my budget, but at least I may get a good seat. If any others are going, and want a better seat, fan club members get the jump on the general public, so join if you can, it's 19 something really. Sugarland's fan club is called "Sugarpass" and it re-launched just this year into this all new fan club, so if anybody wants to check it out, go to
    Thanks yall....hope to see a bunch of yall there!!

  17. @Darla...I forgot to address your concern over the date....I'm sure it was just a typo...they just got the day of the week wrong. It is actually Friday the 4th of March. If something more comes of it, I'll definitely let yall know!!

    @Karen....never fear sweetie....Casey has not forgotten about us, and never will, because it is WE who put him in the position he now is in!! Us....we did it with all out support and nonstop voting to get him that 3rd place finish!! I think he is a bit overwhelmed with the whole 'fame' thing, because I think he is a private person, and doesn't like everything he's doing out there in the public. I understand that, to a point. He needs some privacy, but in the business he's in, those private times are going to become fewer as time goes on. Maybe on his tour bus, or in a private jet will be his most private times. I don't know anything for sure. I think he will eventually have to embrace the fact that he is a big star and just roll with it. But right now, I think he's still trying to get used to the idea of it all.

  18. Dear Glenda,you are so active and great !!!Here are "Lotsa words and Lotsa Love" as ever! Thank you so much - "Much love.And only a few words." What a wonderful quotes from Casey James !!!God bless you always.

  19. Thank you Inta! I love those Casey Quotes as well!! Lotsa words Lotsa love!! Gotta love him!! :)