Thursday, January 20, 2011

In my absence, lots of new Casey James news surfaces!

I want to start by saying Thank You to all of you who sent out your prayers and well wishes to me and my life long friend, (Glenda Lee), and her family, during last week.   I got the tragic news on Saturday, just hours after her youngest son was found dead in his Rio Rancho, N.M. apartment.  He was in his bed when he was found by room mates.  We still don't know what happened to him, at this time it looks as if he died in his sleep, but there is a full investigation going on to find out why Michael, only 22 years old, suddenly died for no apparent reason.  The authorities are looking into the possibility of foul play, and nothing will be ruled out until the toxicology tests come back in a few weeks.  We hope that will tell the story of what happened to this sweet young man.  I will let everyone know what they find out.  His life was over way to soon, and I truly hope they find out what happened to him.

It seems Casey James has been a busy guy here lately.  It's about par, that I leave town on an emergency and something new breaks every day! :)  I probably won't be able to catch up on everything, but I will post all I can.

Next, I will post a couple of videos that I just found of our Casey in a radio station!  He is quite humorous when he wants to be!!  These videos show that side of him, and I think I like it.....hey.....who says a guy can't be totally talented, good looking AND funny!!!  I thought he was the total package on Idol, but now we can add another attribute.....a bit of a comedian as well!!  And I'm loving the way he's handling the Idol questions and the shirtless audition and questions about Kara.....he's beginning to laugh at himself a little about it all now!!:D  Good for him, so glad he's letting it roll off of him, and not being bothered by it!

Here is Casey in the Studio with Big D and Bubba!

Casey in Studio with Big D and Bubba 

Well....never mind, I can't seem to get the video to work, so I took one off, but left the other in hopes it would work for yall.  It will go to the video but seems to never load, then goes on to another artist!!    Yall go ahead and click on it and see if it will work for yall!

Casey was mentioned at "Today's Country Music Videos".....although he doesn't have an official video yet, they were talking about Idol Auditions that have moved toward Country music, and Casey's audition.....along with many many other Idols were shown there.  So if you'd like to see Casey's audition again and many others....(Crystal  I've always said she sounded country to me, but obviously she signed with Jive records.....they're not country......are they??  Anyway.....check out some of the biggest names in Country who got their start on American Idol!

Today's Country Music Videos (Idol Auditions)

And now......some new pictures have surfaced!!!  Yay!!  Check these out!!  These two seemed to be really cutting up!!  Thanks to Russell Torbett for posting these candid shots on Facebook!

I just LOVE that last one!!!  Looking like he's laying his hands on him to 'heal' him!!!  It's always fun to catch Casey doing very cool stuff like this!!  Just reinforces the fact that.....yes....he is a normal guy!!!

I found out a couple days ago that Casey was fortunate enough to get to be involved in a very good Charity, close to mine and alot of people's hearts.....The St. Jude Childrens Hospital.  Singer Randy Owen of the legendary group "Alabama" first met Danny Thomas 20 years ago, and he was very moved to help.
Inspired by a meeting with actor and St. Jude founder Danny Thomas more than 20 years ago, Owen encouraged his fellow country music artists, their fans, and country radio stations to be part of a new effort to raise funds and awareness for St. Jude, an effort that came to be known as “Country Cares” as it got organized. Since 1989, country radio stations have directly raised more that $385 million for the hospital, where patient families incur no out of pocket expenses.

If you would like to join the fight for a cure for childhood cancer and would like to donate, you can make your donation in an artists name.  The bad thing is....we can't make it in Casey's name cause he's not on the list.... :(  But you can donate, just the same if you'd like.

Country Fans Care For St. Jude's Kids

Here are a few more of Casey and the kids at The Memphis St. Judes Hospital.  He's such a gentle and loving soul, I bet all kids just love him.....

American Idol started tonight and I watched all 2 hrs. of it, and nobody jumped out of the screen at me.  Thats because there's not another Casey James anywhere.  I knew as soon as I laid eyes on him and he opened his mouth to sing.....I got chills, and knew I would support this local boy as long as my mind and body will allow!! :) He always gave his all, and he has not let a one of us down, and never will!!  His music will be known around the world, and he will be a huge success....I just know it.
So American Idol was entertaining, especially Steven Tyler....what a hoot he is!!  I especially liked his little rhyme he said.....which they *bleeped* out!!  But I knew the words they bleeped and filled them in at the proper funny!!!  :D

There's more news floating around out there, but I'm still tired and can't figure out how to link it here right now, so I'm gonna take off out of here tonight.....thanks for being a Casey fan and thanks for being a reader....♥

Until next time......


  1. Thanks for getting all this together. I know you had a lot to catch up on. I will make one suggestion about giving to St. Judes.... if you go to their website, you can give a donation and put it in honor of someone. This is one way we can donate and let them know that it is in honor of Casey. Just a suggestion! Welcome back! Love you and missed you!

  2. So glad you're back--sorry about your recent sadness. I live in NM and have heard about the tradegy. I am so excited about Casey's recent news items--at last something's happening!

    I also watched Idol last night and noone impressed me (high school talent). Genilu

  3. Thanks for continuing to post updates even at this sad time. Sorry.

  4. Thanks y'all!! Mickey, I haven't clicked on the site just yet, because I don't have the money yet, but I didnt know a person could donate in honor of someone, I knew we could donate in an artists name. Ok, if we can donate in Casey's name, then yes absolutely, we should donate in his name!! :). That's what I'll be doing!! Thanks girl!!

  5. Thanks, Glenda! All good stuff on usual!!!!


  6. Thanks Jackie, so glad to see you posting comments again! I've missed your beautiful words of support!