Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well, it looks like Sony has released the official announcement that Casey James Band is going to be on the March leg of the Incredible Machine Tour with Sugarland!  And now.....we have all 8 dates that Casey will be with them on!  Here's the official announcement:

NASHVILLE TN – Sony Music Nashville’s Casey James will join the March leg of Sugarland’s 2011 The Incredible Machine Tour opening for the super-duo in 8 cities across the country.

“I am so excited,” exclaimed James. “I think it’s an awesome opportunity to play in front of people that love great music. I can’t wait to get back out there and share new music with the fans.”

James is currently in the studio working on his highly anticipated BNA Records debut album, set for release later this year and will kick-off his opening slot on the Sugarland tour in North Little Rock on March 4th.

Tour Dates and Markets:

3/4 North Little Rock, AR
3/5 Tulsa, OK
3/10 Greenville, SC
3/11 North Charleston, SC
3/12 Jacksonville, FL
3/17 Grand Rapids, MI
3/18 Bloomington, IL
3/19 Sioux City, IA

It looks as if also told about Casey's good fortune!  They were at the Dallas stop of the American Idol Tour as well, taking pictures of fans and talking with people!  It's so good to see the hometown love for Casey!!  See what they had to say   HERE.

As most of you already know, there have been a few writers, some Oscar nomination worthy, that have or will be writing with Casey!!  There is no short supply of good things these writers are saying about him!

Here's a nice (and new) shot of Casey and a few awesome words from the lead singer, Jaren, of the group American Bang.  I put one of their videos up the other day called Whiskey Walk, but this particular song, Wild and Young, has more of a fast country pace to it....and....I'm liking them better all the time!  Check out our long haired Casey.....his hair is longer.....much longer than I thought it would be.....and he's looking great!!

kick Ass day writing with Casey James. Good times! :)

 Wow!!!  I'm so loving all this awesome buzz about Casey!!!  The music world is embracing him and I couldn't be more happy for him!

It also looks as if many hometown fans will be making the trip to Little Rock, including myself.  I think I already told yall, but I am just so excited to see Casey again!!  I'm gonna do all I can to report back to all of you as soon as possible!  I will probably be on twitter most of the day, leading up to the showtime, then I'm going to TRY to do a "livecast" of at least some of the show for all those who are there only in spirit!  But not to worry, there will be loads of photos and video to see afterwards later that night!  I'm putting all mine up when I get back to the hotel and my computer.  Won't take me long, so make sure yall check back here and on twitter and facebook.  In case some of you don't know me on twitter, I'm.... @CEJTxGal and on facebook, just my name.

Ok, I'll update if more news comes through......I'm loving this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time.........


  1. now i'm sad he's not coming to houston.but i will buy his album as soon as it's released.

  2. Boy his hair grows fast, im with you Glenda i LOVE it. 8 chances to see Casey and i can't make any of them, i'm so hurt. but i know you'll be posting some goooood videos. Thank you so very much for this blog, and all the hard work and time you put in it, i am so thankfull. I'm going to make one of Caseys concerts or something ,this year, i will get my HUG, I'll probably dye of heart failure,when i do, but it will be worth it.!!!! All this news is so exciting, i can't wait for Caseys first CD. I,m going to get several coppies,because i,m going to ware the first one out in a couple of hours,LOL But really ,i am !!!!

  3. All wonderful news. He sure does look great in long hair. So happy to hear he's back on the road again! Nothing's up for Connecticut, but I'm waiting on the album and until we get lucky enough, will just keep enjoying his music. So happy for him and his band.